Dom Whiting DnB bike rave Bournemouth 2022

Social media has brought many people together, helping introduce musicians to new listeners and fans worldwide. One 2021 live stream began as a DJ riding his bike alone while spinning drum and bass (DnB). It has since snowballed into quite the social media sensation.

We only have a few bike raves in the U.S., so he caught the attention of Stateside DnB fans for his unconventional events across the pond. Dom Whiting, also known as “The DJ on a Bike,” has become the next viral sensation.

Dom Whiting: Who is he?

Whiting, 27, is from High Wycombe in the U.K. While he is known for spinning DnB, he has also performed several techno and house sets. He has made appearances on BBC, both on television and on Pete Tong’s Radio 1. When he isn’t riding his bike, he is a gearhead who owns an auto service and repair business. 

How did the Bike Raves start?

In an interview with Love That Bass, Whiting mentions that he began streaming but wanted to stand out and be different. His friend suggested the idea one night out at the pub, and he took it to the next level. After finding a standard bike and modifying it to fit his needs, he debuted his prototype for the first ride. The rest is history.

With some guerilla marketing on Facebook Live, Whiting’s one-person rave has grown to over 1,000 participants. His operation has expanded from just doing local rides within the U.K. to now riding across several countries, including Spain and Ireland.

He’s even gone as far as getting seven lanes of traffic shut down during his Barcelona ride. His viewership has grown, drawing over 1 million video views. He also has partnered with big brands like Samsung on his rides. His raves also helped the community, as he did a Christmas Charity stream in 2021.

Where are the Bike Raves headed next?

A new year brings new destinations. On Whiting’s Facebook, a video mentions he’ll hit all of his previous stops again in 2023 and has some new places in the works. This writer hopes that one of those unique places will be on our side of the pond.

If you want to follow Whiting’s journey, you can head to his Linktree. There you’ll find links to all previous “DNB on a Bike” streams and those his side projects including “Techno on a Bike.” 

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