With a looming threat of the pandemic, anybody can have their plans cancelled in just a moment’s notice. The afternoon before the show, Malaa shared a tweet explaining that he was unable to make it into the country due to certain restrictions that were out of his control. Although concert goers were told that Malaa would not be able to appear for a back to back set with DJ Snake as planned, that didn’t stop the venue from filling up with thousands of people who were starving for house music. A hunger that would soon be satiated over the next four and a half hours.

Representing for Colorado

First on the line up was Colorado native, Freddy Rule. This talented bass house producer was able to string together a slew of tracks to form a strong and cohesive listening experience for fans. The energy in the crowd was soaring right from the start as Freddy Rule went from playing tech house to bass house and everywhere in between. Staying true to his slogan ‘Do Cool Sh*t With Your Friends’ Freddy Rule brought friend and fellow producer, Amstar, on stage to play a new song they have been working on together. Of course, the crowd really seemed to respond to it, throwing a sea of hands high up in the air. With his recent EP “Push It” and his new track “The Game”, Freddy Rule is sure to keep the fans attention. Don’t sleep on Ghetto Ghetto records.

The House of Wax

Wax Motif was next up on the decks, shaking the walls of Mission Ballroom with his wonderful sound design. Wax Motif has released three songs this year with well respected artists in the music community. His latest song with ALRT and Nessly titled “Hard Street” is a chest thumping house track in contrast to his other song, featuring Jaxon Rose, titled “Thrills,” which is a smooth ride for the soul. Furthermore, his thumping track with Phlegmatic Dogs titled “Need You” perfectly blends beauty with power. After his set, it’s clear that Wax Motif has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

No B2B, No Problem

Every stage light comes to life. DJ Snake approaches and assures the crowd that although he will not be performing with Malaa as scheduled, he still plans to bring the house down. He did not disappoint. Gone but not forgotten was Malaa as DJ Snake played their song “Ring the Alarm.” The crowd was in a full roar for most of the night while DJ Snake poured immaculate sounds onto the waves of dancing fans. It’s not always about the heavy hitters though. His newest song “You Are My High,” has a stunning melody and his recently released song with Selena Gomez titled “Selfish Love” has already garnered over 50 million plays on Spotify. 

Be Like the Crowd at Mission Ballroom

Things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes you do everything right only to be held back by some unforeseen circumstance. It’s important to keep moving forward and not get held up on things we can’t control. The crowd who came to Mission Ballroom is a perfect example of taking what you have and making the most of it. Why spend time thinking about what we missed rather than what we have? Don’t sweat it. Keep going. Be like the crowd at Mission Ballroom.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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