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Disclosure’s Deep Night at Red Rocks

Disclosure’s Deep Night at Red Rocks

Samantha Williams

May 30th, 2019

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Deep house parties are often accompanied by dark, secluded venues, with nothing but silhouettes and strobes to catch the eye. Well on Monday, May 27th, Black/Tuesday, DJ Seinfeld, Leon Vynehall, Axel Boman, Four Tet, and Disclosure were able to do what may seem wrong so incredibly right. As the night progressed, the crowd at Red Rocks Amphitheater was scattered with individuals ready for house music; there was even a fan with a suitable “Make House Deep Again” cap. Needless to say, Memorial Day on the rocks fulfilled their wishes.

Disclosure – Red Rocks – 5/27

The night started off with sets from Black/Tuesday, DJ Seinfeld, and Leon Vynehall b2b Axel Boman, and it was — weird. It was the good type of weird that sparks someone’s interest, and makes them want to listen for more.Black/Tuesday opened the night with an experimental and edgy production, while DJ Seinfeld brought classic UK house. Axel Boman and Leon Vynehall then introduced free-form house music that was undoubtedly creative and undeniably funky.

The sun was setting on the front range, and the mood transformed from experimental to purely outrageous. Four Tet took the stage to show Morrison just how vibrant electronic music can be. He combined vibey melodies with cutting bass, creating an alternative and eclectic atmosphere. One might expect subtlety from Four Tet; however, the seasoned artist was able to infuse intense instrumental and synthetic sounds in his set. His dazzling skills are not for the light-hearted, and they perpetuated an attitude of discovery that kept the crowd bouncing and ready for Disclosure.

Four Tet left the masses burning for something more, and then Disclosure struck a match. They opened with one of their most idealized tracks “When a Fire Starts to Burn,” off of their Grammy nominated album Settle. The crowd exploded with an unparalleled energy, indicating that fans were there to absorb deep sounds that Disclosure is known to exude. They were able to unwind the crowd through club-like beats and reel them back in with soulful lyrics in the songs “Latch,” “Holding On,” and “Help Me Lose My Mind.” The dynamic house show was full of euphoric and emotional highs and lows, creating an atmosphere comprised of two essential moods: funk and love. And to end the night, a famous and heart wrenching remix of the duo was featured: Flume’s remix of “You and Me.”

Disclosure and their company made it clear that it’s not just the music that matters at a concert — it’s the fans too. Without people to value the music that artists produce, the beautiful connection made through sound is lost. May 27th, 2019 is a date that will never be taken for granted when it comes to Red Rocks, and there’s doubt it’ll be forgotten. For now, many people in the Denver area — and even farther — wait for Disclosure, Four Tet, Axel Boman, Leon Vynehall, DJ Seinfeld, and Black/Tuesday to return to Denver to enjoy more house parties to come.

Disclosure – Red Rocks – 5/27

Photos by Gustav Solis

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