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Detox Unit and Friends at Cervantes’

Detox Unit and Friends at Cervantes’

Richard Mosko

December 18th, 2019

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Detox Unit returned to Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom last Saturday, sharing a lot of unheard original music in what this writer describes as his unique “meticulously spacey, glitch swamp hoppin” DJ style.  The show was sold out long before the doors opened, showing a large desire to see this music blasted on high quality Funktion One Audio.

Glitch Hop Vibes

Joe Roberts (Detox Unit) has been producing music since 2012 and was invited to perform his first Tipper and Friends set in 2016.  His intricacy shines through both his beat production and mixing skills. This writer loves to listen to Detox Unit through many life situations, from yoga and hiking, to painting and spinning poi, the progressive Glitch Hop vibe definitely inspires a flow state. His latest releases can be found on his Bandcamp and SoundCloud, some of which were featured in his set off the album, Deviate. Fractaled Visions provided the mesmerizing visuals for the Detox Unit set. His expert level visuals have been seen at many other Future Bass shows, including the Coalesce event at the end of last year.

Future Glitch Hop Bass Scapes

Thought Process opened up the show with his own relaxing yet stimulating Future Glitch Hop Bass scapes.  Joseph Rich (Thought Process) has been making delightful waves in the underground Bass community this year and has been producing his own music for almost two years.  In the words of his manager, Ally Grimm:

In one year, Joe has gone from a local DJ to playing festivals and shows coast to coast with his biggest heroes. He has built a nationwide following and grown as an artist and as a person while maintaining his genuine spirit. Every day, I see Joe walk taller, smile bigger, and deliver more impactful performances.

Ally also mentioned, “For 2020 Joe wants to push his project even further, taking time to refine his sound and explore the audio-visual possibilities with OZWVLD.” Find nine albums from Thought Process on his Bandcamp, and more music on SoundCloud.

Record-Scratching Glitch Hop

Navigatorz followed the Thought Process set with a similar sound, though distinctly different through the amount of record scratching in the mix.  The group, composed of Vinja and Sortof-Vague, flowed exquisitely with the chill Glitch Hop sound of the show as a whole. Their individual projects have done wonders in shaping our underground Bass community. Check out Sortof-Vague‘s set from Arise festival this year to get a feel for his Drum and Bass side. Vinja also spun a basstastic roller skating party earlier this year that many of us enjoyed heavily. Check out Navigatorz on SoundCloud and their Bandcamp to buy/hear music and get ready for upcoming shows.

Mickman took the stage with a soothing sub-filled soundscape. Cameron Ingraham (Mickman) has been a producer since 2012. If you’ve been around the underground Bass scene enough, you’ve most likely found him amongst the likes of Keota, Deez and Tsimba. His set offered a delicate yet bouncy lead up to the Detox Unit set. Super grateful to have caught this Mickman set, and look forward to more in our area in the near future.

All the artist brought this show together with a bang! Thank you all so much!

Photos by Julien Deroeux

Detox Unit with visuals by Fractaled Visions

Openers included:

Thought Process with visuals by OZWVLD

Navigatorz (Vinja and Sortof-Vague) with visuals by Mezmer

Mickman with visuals by Cullen Hassell

Detox Unit

Thought Process & Mickman

Funktion One array by Awaken the Night

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