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Denver’s LUNAR HORIZON Tells A Story Of The Universe

Denver’s LUNAR HORIZON Tells A Story Of The Universe

Kierstin Rounsefell

January 18th, 2021

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LUNAR HORIZON is an electronic music duo made up of two Colorado natives, Matt and Jake. Throughout 2020, these skilled melodic producers have made significant strides within the music industry. Last November, they released their latest track, “Rise Up“.

Party Guru Productions recently got the chance to speak with the groundbreaking duo. We learned so much about LUNAR HORIZON including how they started, what keeps them going, and what’s to come in 2021.

Introducing: LUNAR HORIZON

Matt grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. In fact, he has lived there up until a few months ago when he moved to Denver. Before LUNAR HORIZON, he operated under his own independent project, VIZION. Matt said that VIZION focused on “more future bass, and experimental bass stuff.” Furthermore, he focused more on DJ-ing than producing in the past. “If I thought something was cool I’d just release it on SoundCloud,” he said.

Jake has been involved with music his entire life. He’s always listened to a variety of music, and he was involved in band in middle school. Within the past few years, he’s really honed in on the business side of the music industry. “It was only a few years ago I started researching, networking, and learning all the aspects of this growing industry,” said Jake. He’s researched and learned a lot over the course of the past year, which he’s rightfully proud of.

Matt and Jake came together through mutual friends. When they finally met up and made a track together, everything fell into place. Both their individual goals and passion for creating music fit seamlessly with each other. Jake said, “I knew that if we pursued this together and combined our talent, our drive and our strengths, we would change lives, and make an impact on the world.”

So far, they’ve begun to do just that.

Colorado Roots

Growing up in Colorado has definitely had an influence on LUNAR HORIZON. Both Matt and Jake have noticed how the unique environment and atmosphere have fueled their creativity throughout their lifetimes.

Matt was largely influenced by Pretty Lights. “My first show was the Pretty Lights NYE show 2011/2012 and I was only like 14 at the time, and it was life changing. I went to pretty much every PL show in CO up until his last at the 10 yr red rocks anniversary,” he said. Since then, he’s loved exploring the different sub-genres within EDM and attending different shows. “For producing I think it just pushes us to make something new and unheard of all the time, especially in Colorado with how the EDM scene is here,” Matt elaborated.

Jake didn’t grow up listening to large quantities of electronic music. Instead, he spent his time listening to rock and country music. “It wasn’t until high school I got introduced to electronic music from a friend, and immediately I was like ‘this is exactly what I’m missing in my life’. Then I saw my first show and I knew this is what I was meant to do,” said Jake. He went on to explain how supportive the Colorado environment is. Furthermore, he’s always been inspired by the sunsets and mountains. Who isn’t!?

A Story Of The Universe

LUNAR HORIZON brings their audience a unique and transformative take on music. A story of the universe is sewn together through each new track that they release. This duo utilizes the language of music to take listeners through space and time. With each new release, the universal story continues to develop, leaving listeners hungry for more.

If you haven’t yet heard one of LUNAR HORIZON’s breathtaking tracks, they recommend that you listen to “WANT ME” first. “It definitely gives a good layout of who we are and our mission with our music style. I think the intense drop leading into a very atmospheric bridge in ‘WANT ME’ really expresses LUNAR HORIZON.”

While producing, LUNAR HORIZON draws inspiration from a few well-known artists. These include “LSDREAM, REZZ, ODESZA, and Seven Lions.” They also like to keep their studio space tidy and relaxed. “Some studio must-haves would probably have to be just having a clean space, and definitely our plants,” they explained. Outside of producing, they listen to a wide variety of genres. “It just depends on what we’re feeling at that time,” they said.

When asked what artists they would like to work with, local or other, this duo has big ideas. “If we’re shooting for the stars we think it would be insane to work with Virtual Riot, INZO, Flume, and for sure Sumthin Sumthin,” they said.

Coming Up

2020 was a “blessing in disguise” according to LUNAR HORIZON. Even though it was a tough year for these producers, it allowed them time to learn more about each other and strengthen their friendship. They were able to take the time to really focus on what they want to express in their music. As a result, they’ll most definitely be prepared when shows return.

Their strong, driven mentality is already carrying through to 2021. Next month, they are releasing their next single, “LONELY”. When asked about this upcoming track, LUNAR HORIZON explained that the theme of their style “is oriented from the perspective of looking back at Earth/home from the moon, traveling to new horizons. Lonely is about being lost in space, literally and metaphorically. It’s about not letting go but it’s okay to move on.”

2021 will hold many more releases from these two producers. They hope to consistently release more tracks than they did last year. “Stay looking out each month,” they say. Fans of LUNAR HORIZON as well as anyone that loves innovative, melodic music should be excited for what’s to come.


LUNAR HORIZON is yet another Colorado-based electronic music duo that is absolutely killing the game. Their first official releases in 2020 have captured the attention of many by telling a connected story of the universe. Listeners of their music will dance, feel new emotions, and most definitely look forward to the future of LUNAR HORIZON.

“We’ve been working super hard and finally feel like we’re in a good place to really get our music moving. Follow us on Insta if you like what you hear because we announce pretty much everything coming on there! Each release is essentially a chapter to the story, so a new one unfolds every release.”







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