FUSE Let's Kick It Floor Plan

Not long ago, Denver techno/house DJ and producer SWEEPR launched his very record label, Kick Drum Therapy. On August 12th, the fledgling imprint will host its inaugural event, FUSE: Let’s Kick It at Void Studios in South Denver.

Topping the bill of the nighttime gathering are local DJs Ecotek and Housewife. SWEEPR (real name James Lenhart) will also perform himself, as will local acts Mark Bene and Tony Snacks. Lenhart plans to differentiate FUSE parties from other local house and techno events by emphasizing hospitality, production value, and networking opportunities.

“Every party/event/festival that Kick Drum Therapy operates will incorporate at least one artist from the collective,” Lenhart told Party Guru Press in an email. “Since we are new, we decided to focus on our immediate Denver community. I believe the music fans in Denver are craving something like this that is specific to house and techno lovers.”

“It’s really twofold,” he went on. “Give the artists on the label a platform to perform and grow at a high-quality event with well known names on the lineup, and give Denver something special.”

Seeking Kick Drum Therapy

Lenhart told Westword that his idea for Kick Drum Therapy came about when a techno record label shelved one of his SWEEPR releases, meaning that they claimed the rights but did very little to push it. He decided to launch his own imprint in order to give artists more control over their catalog.

“I waited to execute until I could develop a proper unique value proposal, because there’s no sense in adding to the noise in my opinion,” he told Party Guru Press. “Part of what makes Kick Drum Therapy unique is our artist affiliate program and how we don’t take any of the rights for the songs from artists. I wasn’t interested in spending time on building up a portfolio of song copyrights as I believe there’s much more lucrative avenues to explore.”

Fuse: Let’s Kick It looks like the beginning of a long and illustrious party series for Kick Drum Therapy. Find tickets and other information on Eventbrite.

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