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Denver Comes Together To Feed The Frontlines

Denver Comes Together To Feed The Frontlines

Kierstin Rounsefell

December 21st, 2020

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A World Of Change

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, an infinite amount of things have changed. Access to everyone’s work, hobbies, and time with others has been altered in one way or another. This is all due to safety protocols and restrictions regarding COVID-19.

Apart from the live music and entertainment industry, the restaurant industry has also been hit extremely hard. Regulations for these establishments seem to change every few months. Take-out only suddenly switches to allow indoor dining at a limited capacity, then switches right back to take-out only. These employees rely on a high volume of customers and tips to pay their bills. However, many waiters, bartenders, hosts, and more have been unemployed or receiving minimal pay since March.

Additionally, medical workers have become completely mentally and physically drained while dealing with the strain that COVID-19 has brought upon them. Frontline workers include anyone directly dealing with COVID-19 patients, emergency room and intensive care unit workers, anyone in emergency care services, and so many more. These heroes have been working extremely long hours and sacrificed seeing family or friends. All of the work that they are putting in is to save the lives of countless individuals.

Feeding The Frontlines

This is where Nathan Schweid and Aviva Sonenreich come in. They have joined forces to provide safe restaurant made meals to frontline workers that need them the most. This helps both local restaurants in the Denver area and hospital workers.

Feed The Frontlines – Denver was originally started by Biscuits and Berries Catering. The overall goal is to raise money to feed Colorado’s frontline medical workers. The money raised allows for safe meals to be produced in a commercial kitchen space with great ingredients and resources. If meals aren’t made in the catering space, Feed The Frontlines – Denver teams up with various favorite local restaurants to provide the meals.

Currently, indoor dining is closed in Denver. Local restaurants are struggling to make ends meet by having to rely on takeout orders as well as outdoor dining if they have adequate resources. Feed The Frontlines – Denver is able to help these restaurants financially so that they can stay afloat along with their employees.

So far, Feed The Frontlines – Denver has provided over 1,450 meals at 30 separate hospitals and shelters for first responders. In fact, they had a massively successful Thanksgiving event where countless workers were able to have a tasty Thanksgiving dinner. It is amazing that these people are able to receive healthy meals during their shifts from a physical health standpoint. Furthermore, it greatly benefits their mental health as well. Helping to lift the spirits of these healthcare workers is something so important that everyone can help out with.

Donate If You Can!

This year has been immensely difficult for everyone. However, the frontline responders have been carrying an unimaginable burden caring for patients that are sick with COVID-19.

If you are financially able to donate even a small amount to Feed The Frontlines – Denver, they would greatly appreciate your help! This money goes directly towards providing high-quality meals for those that have put their lives on the line every single day during the pandemic.

$15 – 1 meal for a Colorado Frontline worker
$150 – 10 meals for Colorado Frontline workers
$600 – 40 meals for Colorado Frontline workers  
$1,500 – 100 meals for Colorado Frontline workers

Donate via Donorbox

You can choose your own amount to donate, or select from a few options with pre-chosen amounts. Then, you can decide if it will be a one-time donation or reoccurring (weekly or monthly). As of the time of writing, they are only $820 away from reaching their goal of $25,000!

Donate via Facebook Fundraisers

When donating through Facebook Fundraisers, Facebook Pay is used. You can choose your own amount to donate and then pay with a card. Additionally, you can pay with PayPal. You will be emailed a receipt. As of the time of writing, they are $27,441 away from reaching their goal of $50,000.

Donate via Venmo

If you don’t already have a Venmo account, you’ll need to create one for free. Venmo can be accessed online on their website or on their smartphone app. Link your bank account with Venmo in order to send or receive money. Then, when sending money, add Feed The Frontlines – Denver @FeedTheFrontline.

Donate via Writing A Check

Write a check out to “Feed The Frontlines” with your desired donation amount. Contact Aviva Sonenreich for their office address.


This holiday season, let’s all come together for our healthcare heroes. If you have $5 or $100 that you can spare to donate, this is a great cause! Feed The Frontlines – Denver benefits thousands of healthcare workers along with a bunch of local restaurants. If you can’t afford to donate anything, we encourage you to like their Facebook and Instagram pages and share a post or two to spread the word.

One of their upcoming goals is to raise money to provide as many frontline workers as possible with a Christmas Eve Dinner. Denver, let’s Feed The Frontlines!

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