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Rising to the status of a local headliner poses a challenge in any electronic music scene. Within the vibrant wonder of Denver’s dance music landscape, this feat becomes even more daunting.

Denver stands proud as the epicenter of one of the nation’s most saturated bass music ecosystems, offering a dynamic array of venues and a kaleidoscope of genres that paint the city’s nightlife with unmatched vibrancy. In this bustling city, where the pulse of music beats fervently every night, Mport emerges as a rising star, swiftly ascending to the pinnacle of the Denver local scene amid a myriad paths and tribulations.

Stepping into the limelight beyond Denver’s local circuit often begins with a headline performance at one of the city’s premier venues, nestled along the “Colfax Corridor.” From the iconic stages of The Ogden Theatre to the intimate ambiance of the Bluebird, these venues serve as launching pads for aspiring artists to propel themselves to greater heights.

Reflecting on the meteoric rise of talents like Illenium, whose career ignited after a headline show at the Bluebird, or the transformative impact of GRiZ and Pretty Lights that began at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in 2011 and 2009, respectively, it’s evident how these stages have reshaped the musical landscape locally and beyond. Now, on April 26th, it’s Mport’s turn to ascend from Denver’s vibrant scene and soar to new horizons.

Known for his wonky, resonant, and meme-clipped hooks, Mport (real name Marc Mount) has been a hilarious and entertaining artist on the rise. His latest releases include an official remix of LSDream’s “SPACESHIP” and a ridiculously catchy remix of The Beatles’ “Day Tripper.” The latter has taken off on social media and streaming platforms, reaching upwards of 80,000 plays in January alone. When asked about his project’s moniker, Marc said the name came around from his constant importing of audio and video files into editors and DAWs. “I’m always ‘Mporting’ stuff everywhere,” he explained.

Mport’s main source of attention outside of his heavy-hitting music has always been his presence on social media. He takes the time to record and edit insanely hilarious videos to announce shows, new music, and even merchandise. Even if the show announced isn’t in your area, you can’t help but check it out to see his creative presentation style. During our conversation, I asked why he chose this method, and what inspired his choices on his video editing style.

“I’ve been making silly videos my whole life, to be honest,” he said. “Lots of my home videos are me as a kid acting out skits and whatnot. I’ve always loved the Vine style of videos growing up, too. I remember watching Dillon Francis on Snapchat. His stories were always so fun to watch; I wanted to do the same.”

“As the platforms evolve I try to stay on top of them and I enjoy it!” he continued. “I got TikTok the month it came out and was on top of Reels when Instagram started it. It can be very overwhelming, but I find a way to have fun with it all while staying consistent.”

Immersing himself in the realm of audio engineering — as well as the vibrant pulse of numerous clubs — Mport embarked on a quest to refine his musical palate. Clocking in 4-6 nights a week across diverse venues over four years, he was enveloped in a symphony of genres, each contributing to the rich tapestry of sounds he has eagerly embraced. Since then, he has meticulously infused these auditory experiences into his compositions and performances, presenting an unparalleled spectrum of sonic landscapes to explore.

Anticipation for his forthcoming headline show at the Bluebird is palpable. With eager curiosity, I probed to uncover what awaits attendees at this highly anticipated event. Marc exuded excitement as he expressed gratitude for the audience’s willingness to immerse themselves in the creative realms he has conjured. He aims to craft enduring memories for all in attendance, emphasizing that the show will be a celebration of exquisite sound.

By introducing a full Hennessy Sound system, he seeks to accentuate the profound depths of the bass music journey he has meticulously curated. Prepare to be swept away into a realm of rhythmic jiggles, infectious giggles, and an immersive journey that will elevate you to Level 9 by night’s end, ensuring that Mport’s bass music spectacle becomes an indelible chapter in Denver’s musical legacy. Join us on April 26th for a night of Denver’s best local bass music.

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