Balloons fall above a crowd as New Year's strikes at Decadence Colorado

There will be warmth in the frigid cold of the Denver winter as Global Dance has dropped the hottest lineup of the season for their annual New Year’s Eve party, Decadence. Held annually at the Colorado Convention Center, the gathering is an annual celebration of the city’s ever-growing electronic music scene.

The 5,000-capacity venue brings in revelers from across the country to dance along with some of the top talent across the dance music landscape. Balancing its lineup every year with dubstep, house mid-tempo bass music and more, Decadence brings genre-hopping talent to appease every ear in attendance.

The Insane Decadence Lineup

This year’s lineup comes full circle from two of the biggest dance music shows in Colorado history. Following a record-breaking “Trilogy” show at Mile High Stadium, Illenium returns to cap off the 2023 calendar for a performance on December 30th. Skrillex, coming off an insane, five-hour Red Rocks performance this summer, will ring in the New Year with a countdown set between the pillar-lined stages of Decadence. These two goliaths and their strong fan bases will be sure to pack the venue as they take center stage in the Mile High City.

When discussing massive fan bases, I would be remiss to leave out the dubstep virtuosos of Subtronics and Ganja White Night. In The Digital City of Decadence, the dubstep scene makes its presence felt. After delivering an incredible set last year, Ganja White Night is trading in their ball drop set for a time slot of pure bass drops as the duo set out to unleash destruction upon the city.

The dubstep doesn’t stop with there. HE$H, HOL!, Ray Volpe, and Brondo will bring bass that measures up with the best of them. The endlessly memed “Country Riddim” will ring through the concrete-covered Convention Center along with the 2022 mega hit “Laserbeam” by Ray Volpe. Dubstep is a staple of the Denver music scene. There will be a plentiful supply come December’s end.

House fans will be trading in the snow boots for their shuffling shoes after braving the winter while they groove to the bouncing bass lines at Decadence. Red Rocks just wasn’t enough for John Summit, as he will find his way back to Denver for New Years. We will be there to join in celebrating the year that 2023 was alongside the king of benders, who previously released the song of the year with “Where You Are.”

You can catch us “Losing It” with the return of FISHER to Decadence when we’re not vibing to the tech house remixes and catchy tunes produced by Justin Jay. House heads coexist in the Digital City with a well balanced lineup and stage layout. The masked French producer Malaa will take them to the darkest side of the genre as his reverberated synth leads punch through the speakers. Mega duo Sidepiece are the masters of the funky disco bass lines bound to unleash a dance party for citizens of Decadence. Lovers of four on the floor will surely rejoice at being so welcomed into the city this year.

Returning for their biannual Denver stop, Zeds Dead are set to bring the house down on New Year’s Eve. Carrying their traditions of both Dead Rocks weekend in July and a quick Decadence stop, the boys show their love to the city of Denver and are showered in support in return. Their genre-hopping sets never seem to repeat in the slightest. They’re a big reason fans catch their set a set every time they perform in the Mile High City. Zeds Dead’s creativity and reimagined originals keep things lively with every performance.

Lights, Camera, Party

Big-name artists just aren’t enough to deliver the perfect experience. Year after year, Decadence delivers some of the best production possible to push its top-tier lineup over the edge. Full-width visual production binds the ends of the two main stages along with glowing digital art above the crowd. The moving production pieces over the attendees at each stage give extra levels of visual stimulation the further back you stand. With video boards distributed all the way back, there isn’t a bad spot in the crowd.

Between the two main stages rests the silent disco and further art installations. Lighting up the pathways around the dimly lit Convention Center are trees, archways, and flowers radiating around the venue. From the moment you enter the doors, the visual stimulation takes over the darkened showrooms.

Central Dowtown Denver is the perfect spot to find yourself this New Year’s Eve. We’ve curated the gargantuan artist mix below to help you find your favorite acts while anticipating the largest lineup in Decadence history. With top-of-the-line artists, production, and atmosphere, the only thing missing from celebration is you. Find tickets and additional information on the Decadence website.

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