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DeadRocks Left Colorado Feeling Alive.

DeadRocks Left Colorado Feeling Alive.


July 6th, 2019

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Two days of DeadRocks hosted by Zeds Dead at the infamous Red Rocks was absolutely bonkers, to say the least. For the last six years Zeds Dead has continued to bring the heat to the most beautiful venues. Having openers like VAMPA and Liquid Stranger kicking off day one, and absolutely shredding it to 1788-L and Lick dropping the heavy wubs we know and love from them on day two. Being a sold out show we were not disappointed and still had plenty of room to get down and dirty. 

VAMPA was the first to start the absolutely killer show, and her premiere Red Rocks set. VAMPA lead us into some other funky beats played by Pax Impera, who absolutely set the crowd up to boogie. Next up was Jeanga who dropped our personal favorite original, “Gravity”. Liquid Stranger has and will never disappoint. Liquid Stranger dropped many of his top hits, including “Spaceboss” and “Don’t Stop.” Zeds Dead absolutely murdered, but that was to be expected. The boys dropped absolute bangers, including some of their famous tracks like “Frontlines” and “Where the Wild Things Are.” They ended the night the perfect way with a beautiful display of fireworks, which is very rare at Red Rocks.

Day two was a whole different ball game. Lick was one of the first openers and did not disappoint. Lick was very anticipated and you could see and feel his energy throughout the whole venue, making his set one of the stand out sets of the whole night. Mersiv brought some of the trippiest sounds we’ve ever heard him play, which was definitely proper for the occasion. 1788-L was one that we were most excited to see, as his music career has blown up so quickly for obvious reasons. 1788-L did not come to play and absolutely destroyed the crowd from the visuals to his wobbly beats. Zeds Dead opened the night with “In the Beginning,” which couldn’t have been a more perfect start to one of the best sets we think they have ever played. They gave us the whole works, from phenomenal lasers to outstanding visuals, and of course another round of the very rare fireworks. We could not have asked for anything more because they gave us it all.

DeadRocks is one of our most anticipated shows of the year, and for a good reason. Year after year they continue to one up themselves and we can’t wait to see what they have for us next year. If you ever have the opportunity to catch Zeds Dead or any of the openers they hosted, you must take the opportunity. To see any future shows the boys are playing click here!

Day One:

Photos by JT Van Winkle

Day Two:

Photos by Julien Deroeux

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