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DeadBeats 4th of July Backyard Jamboree; Proof That Nature is Healing

DeadBeats 4th of July Backyard Jamboree; Proof That Nature is Healing

Kyle Brim

July 8th, 2021

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This 4th of July weekend was an absolute blessing for Zeds Dead fans. With 4 shows packed into just 3 days, concert goers would be forgiven for feeling like they just left a massive weekend festival. During the 4th of July Jamboree however, the energy levels were soaring as high as the human figures at Sculpture Park. For the first time that weekend, die hard fans finally had the chance to be in a more intimate setting with the Deadbeats crew and you could clearly see that appreciation from the crowd translated, as they flocked to the stage and danced the blistering sunlight away.

Who is HEYZ?

First up on the decks was HEYZ, a fairly new member to the Deadbeats family. Recently, HEYZ found himself garnering a lot of attention from the popular social media platform, TikTok, using eccentric characters with hilarious voices for each one. While he has enjoyed the fame from TikTok, his true passion is music, and it really shows in his debut EP, Who Is HEYZ? Party Guru was given the chance to sit with the hilarious personality to find out.

PARTY GURU: “Wonderful to meet you today. First off, your TikToks are hilarious.”

HEYZ: “Thank you. It’s (Heyz’s TikTok) almost broken up marriages I think. People tell me ‘My wife or husband can’t stand you’ and then they torture each other with my stuff.”

PG: “Congratulations on your new EP, Who is HEYZ. Fans especially like the final track “Just Friends” with vocals from Taylor Ravenna. What was it like working together with Taylor as a vocalist on your track?”

HEYZ: “It was really quick and easy, which is rare. I’m one of those people who likes to just get started and get going on a project, so, I emailed her and she said ‘Give me a couple of days’. She came up with something we kinda liked, so we tweaked it a little and then she just nailed it. She also had a buddy that she’s done work with in the past do some mixing on her vocals and that just sort of made it all come together. That’s the best when that happens.”

PG: “Who’s next for you as far as collaboration projects go?”

HEYZ: “Jauz did a remix for me that’s coming out on the 22nd (of July). This is the first single from Bite This, his 100 release compilation. I also did a remix of “Super Hott” for him and Dubloadz. Then AFK did a remix of my song “Castaway King.” It’s crazy too how the Jauz remix happened because he asked me for the stems, didn’t say why or what he was gonna do with it and then I just saw a video from his sold out show in LA and he’s playing the remix of my song that he finished.”

PG: “Who is your dream collaboration with?”

HEYZ: “Oh, Zeds Dead, for sure. I hope it’s coming, but it’s like, When do I shoot my shot, you know? I’ll maybe wait until they come to me. They’re my hero’s, man. These red rocks shows have brought back so many memories that I forgot I had.”

PG: “You did a few songs with Mau5trap in the past. Now that you are with Deadbeats, does it feel more like home to you?”

HEYZ: “Oh, Absolutely. When I was with Mou5trap, I was brand new. I started making music 3 months before I got signed on with them. The reason I made techno, No shade to techno producers, was because I thought it would be easier and just more straightforward. DeadMou5 was one of my favorite artists ever so I was like, ‘let me try to make something in this lane.’ But then I started playing shows and my energy doesn’t match with techno shows. Like, I’d go play local shows and just rinse bass music and I had way more fun doing that so I decided, ‘Okay, I need to make a switch.'”

PG: “How has the TikTok fame impacted your music career? Is it hurting or helping?”

HEYZ: “Well, for me, it was EDM first. Then, I got popular with TikTok and now it’s going back into EDM. So, I blew up on TikTok, but everybody over there knows me by my comedy. I don’t want it to be a distraction, I want it to be an aid. So now, I’m sort of trying to teach people what I actually do. I didn’t mean to blow up on TikTok, it just happened. I think it’s all aiding me though. People know my personality, they know my sets are gonna be funny and loose, so they want to see it.”

PG: “Is comedy going to be something you incorporate more into your music or live performances?”

HEYZ: “Not intentionally. That’s just who I am. I love pointing out people in the crowd and just saying something funny. I like to break down the barrier between the performer and the people watching and I like to be relatable. Maybe people are like ‘Man this guy needs to shut up on the mic.’ but to me it’s like, why not?”

PG: “What’s next for HEYZ?”

HEYZ: “I’m doing some collabs, a bunch of remixes. I’m working on some insane records. I’ll be releasing at least one more song with Deadbeats by the end of the year. My next show is in Charlotte, North Carolina, with Wreckno and Buku. That’s a cast of characters right there. That green room is gonna be a mess.”

The line Up

Jessica Audiffred @ Deadbeats 4th of July Backyard Jamboree

HEYZ and the sun weren’t the only ones bringing some heat to the jamboree. Musical artist A Hundred Drums had the crowd moving to sounds from her new EP, titled Enough is Enough. An album she says is about life experience and being a black woman in America.

Don’t sleep on Jessica Audiffred. Her newest tracks are making waves in the EDM scene. Her song “Trippin” is a fun ride with astonishing vocals from ATRIX!.

DREZO @ Deadbeats 4th of July Backyard Jamboree

DREZO @ Deadbeats 4th of July BackYard Jamboree

DNMO stepped up and took the party for a ride. Back in 2019 he was catapulted into the limelight with the release of his 4 track EP, titled Definition Forbidden. His newest track, “Without You Near”, is a sample of what’s to come for the growing artist.

Drezo hit the stage and the mood shifted quickly. The crowd is suddenly entranced with deep house sounds, thumping like the speakers had a heart beat. Drezo released “Afterlife” back in 2019 and more recently “Sinister” which is a great follow up. The two tracks work well together setting a deep, electric tone over the crowd. The crowd seemed to be basking in the glory of it. 

Habstrakt @ Deadbeats 4th of July Backyard Jamboree

Habstrakt was next on the docket. He made sure to play his debut Deadbeats release “The Sound”. When the crowed finally heard it live on those immaculate stage speakers they couldn’t help but dance the entire track out, smiles all around.

Zeds Dead @ Deadbeats 4th of July Backyard Jamboree

Finally, the boys themselves, Zeds Dead, prepare to take center stage. The excitement in the crowd is palpable as they wait anxiously for the music to begin. “Alive”, Zeds Dead’s new song with MKLA, begins to play and the crowd presses forward towards the rail as the stage lights up and the show begins.

Zeds Dead played, for the third time that weekend mind you, another unique and unforgettable set. The crowed really reacted hearing nostalgic tracks flipped by the duo. Everything from “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine to “In The Air” by Phil Collins. So far, the Jamboree was looking like the best way for die hard fans to celebrate this 4th of July weekend.


This weekend was the biggest musical event since the pandemic regulations have been more lenient. It’s almost strange, but for the first time in a long time, things finally seem to be going back to normal. Some concert goers were nice enough to give Party Guru their input. 

Long time raver, Deanna Carter, said, “There was a hilarious hot dog eating contest earlier. What a perfect way to celebrate America’s birthday.”

Lovebirds, Delaney Flynn and Derek Hall who said, respectively, “I loved how casual and open the venue was. It’s (Sculpture park) a good spot.” and “This is exactly what I hoped it would be. I loved every second of it! Also, Zed’s Dead dropping old school Skrilly (Skrillex, “RuffNeck”) was sick!

Another gentleman simply shouted, “I LOVE THIS!” but failed to give his name as he rushed into the crowd wearing light up LED gloves during the middle of the day.

It would seem that it’s safe to say, nature is healing. Rave culture is coming back fast and this weekend, (Dead Rocks night 1 & 2, Deadbeats 4th of July Backyard Jamboree and the Mission Ballroom after party) is solid proof of that. Don’t just take our word for it, ask the Deadbeats.

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Photos by Dru Cook

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