Day One is the longest-running New Years party in Denver. This year’s edition — dubbed Day One: Villainous — boasts 79 artists across seven rooms for 17 hours of entertainment. Somehow, that only scratches the surface of what makes the gathering special.

At 7:00 AM on January 1st, 2024, the Milk Bar entrance of Bar Standard will open and partygoers from all walks will start to trickle in. Some will still be awake from New Years Eve, but all will come ready for what members of Denver’s underground dance music scene call “The best party of the year, every year.” Over the next few hours, more and more rooms will open up until the building transforms into a vast, interconnected nightlife labyrinth of sorts.

Day One’s organizers adopt a different theme each year. Motifs like Derailed in 2019 and Regretaverse in 2023 spoke to the hard-partying, no-fucks-given attitude of the average attendee. This year’s Villainous theme takes it a step further, inviting all present to let their inner bad guy or girl out to play.

Speaking of playing, a veritable who’s who of the Denver underground will be on DJ duties. Longtime scene fixtures like Brian Ess, Danny Marin, Brett Starr, and Two Commas will perform, as will newer house and techno talent like Flaming Olive, Emyli Dahlia, and The Bordas Brothers. Topping the bill is Christian Martin, a favorite of the annual gathering.

Drum and bass has a loving home at Day One as well. Headlining the Brick Room is Reid Speed, with support by L.E.F., Evasive, Solid, and S2PS, among others.

Day One debuted in the year 2000 as the brainchild of DJ and promoter Chris Irvin, who also plays the main room this year. At the time, Y2K panic deterred most organizers from planning an event on the first of the year. Day One dared to go against the grain. That renegade spirit has guided its evolution from a scrappy, rag-tag after party to the bonafide scene staple currently planned and executed by Kenton “Nutmeg” Schawe and Preston Douglas.

A lot can be said about Day One, but you must experience it for yourself to truly understand. Buy your tickets now and get in touch with your shadow self alongside the best of Denver’s worst.

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