Thursday night at the Mission Ballroom in Colorado, a diverse crowd of old and new music enthusiasts gathered for an extraordinary occasion: the 30th-anniversary celebration of Cypress Hill’s iconic album, Black Sunday. This wasn’t just any anniversary show, however. It was a truly classy and memorable event featuring a unique collaboration with the Colorado Symphony.

As the audience settled into their seats, the unmistakable aroma of cannabis smoke filled the air, setting the stage for an authentic Cypress Hill experience. The lights dimmed, and the members of the Colorado Symphony gracefully took their places on stage, hinting at the extraordinary musical journey that was about to unfold.

Cypress Hill and the Colorado Symphony

Cypress Hill in the House

Then, amidst much anticipation and excitement, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived. Cypress Hill, dressed impeccably in sharp, three-piece suits, walked onto the stage, looking fresh and ready to take us all the way back.

The show commenced with a fitting and humorous tribute to the vision behind the concert: a The Simpsons skit. B-Real, one of Cypress Hill’s frontmen, was on stage, elegantly smoking a blunt before launching into the first track of the night, “I Wanna Get High.” The pairing of the band’s classic hip-hop sound with the refined orchestral arrangements from the Colorado Symphony was an absolute treat for the senses. They made it immediately clear that this would be a night to remember.

Love for Their Fans

Cypress Hill’s evident love for their supporters and genuine care for the audience made the performance even more exceptional. When B-Real spotted a distressed fan in the crowd, he ensured they received help and delivered a heartfelt reminder that they were all part of a family. This touching moment resonated with everyone in attendance.

History of Black Sunday – Untold

As the evening progressed, the band continued to captivate the audience with more timeless hits, including “When S*** Goes Down,” showcasing the perfect harmony between their powerful vocals and the symphony’s dynamic instrumentation.

Interestingly, we learned that songs like “A to the K” were added to Black Sunday last minute — a behind-the-scenes revelation that added another layer of intrigue to the event. The song’s inclusion, originally featured on the movie soundtrack for “White Men Can’t Jump,” demonstrated Cypress Hill’s versatility and ability to make every moment count.

The Pinnacle of Cypress Hill

For many in the crowd, the evening reached its pinnacle with the unforgettable renditions of “Insane in the Brain” and “Dr. Greenthumb.” The fusion of Cypress Hill’s signature sound with the grandeur of the Colorado Symphony created an unparalleled and enchanting musical experience that was nothing short of breathtaking.

Cypress Hill + Colorado Symphony = Mind Blown

Cypress Hill and their Black Sunday 30th Anniversary Celebration with the Colorado Symphony was an absolute triumph, a classy hip-hop event that seamlessly bridged the gap between generations of fans. Whether you were a longtime follower or newcomer to their music, the night was a testament to Cypress Hill’s enduring artistry and ability to create timeless music that transcends time and genre.

The fusion of classic hip-hop with the elegance of a symphony orchestra made for an extraordinary and unforgettable night, leaving everyone in awe of the musical journey they had just witnessed. This event was not only a celebration of Cypress Hill’s legacy but also a testament to the power of music to bring people together in a shared, uplifting experience.

Photos by Jake Duesterhoft

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