Recently, we got the chance to sit down (virtually) with Fabe of City Roots TV. As the owner and founder of “Denver’s #1 news source for urban news,” Fabe has many stories and plans for growing the already booming business. The CRTV team has had the chance to work with some amazing talent both on set and behind the scenes. Recently, the team has been busy working with hit acts like Kayla Rae and Sean Love, as well as upcoming acts like Ahren Emily. They have had special guests behind the scenes such as Thomas Adams, of Uno Media and Patrik Essy of Party Guru Productions and X3P. City Roots TV is rapidly expanding to feature more genres and also working on new non-musical content like a video series. One of our members at Party Guru Press had a chance to sit down with Fabe to ask him a few questions. Down below all bolded questions were asked by PGP member Thomas Adams and all responses are from Fabe of City Roots TV.

Tell me a bit about yourself

Fabe: I was born in London, UK and moved to the US when I was nine years old for a better life with my mother and brother. In my early years I fell in love with basketball. I went on to play in the NCAA in Southern California. I enjoy morning meditation and long walks and everything dealing with nature.

How did City Roots get its start?

City Roots TV was inspired by my father after he passed away from lung and brain cancer. After he was diagnosed, I was forced to leave school and come home. His last words to me were, “Create something that will last forever, even after you’re gone.” Shortly after, I created City Roots TV-For the city, by the city.

What is the process for choosing new acts?

I get a lot of submissions from local and global artists, but I’m always on YouTube and Instagram searching hashtags that can lock me in on new talent. One of my recent photographers at City Roots TV connected with me through LinkedIn–which is actually a great tool for connecting with people. Perrie, our Creative Director and Head of Musical A & R, had this to say about searching for new acts. “I look for vintage looks. I’ve always been intrigued by vintage shots. One of my favorite ways to shoot is through Kodak in motion shots. I love when the eyes are looking directly into my camera, but I love shots that are avant garde, capturing the vibrant moment in real time.”

What is one of your favorite or most memorable shoots?

One of my favorite shoots was with Kayla Rae. She’s a global artist that has some big things lined up for 2021. She came down to City Roots and laid down a fire live session. Another shoot that was a lot of fun for me was with Sean Love. He is also a global artist that is becoming very recognizable on a broad scale.

What are your plans for City Roots in the future?

My plans for City Roots TV in the near future are to branch out to Los Angeles. I have recently connected with a theatre called Tiger Lab Studios. It is similar to the one we have here in Denver. Ideally, we will be going global in the near future. Ultimately, I want to see everyone on the City Roots TV team aspire to and achieve their own personal goals as well as contribute to the well being of CRTV.

Photos and Interview By Thomas Adams

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