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Cherub Takes Over The Fox Theatre With Gibbz

Cherub Takes Over The Fox Theatre With Gibbz

Emma Rojo

November 7th, 2019

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Cherub - The Fox Theatre - 11/2/2019
Cherub – The Fox Theatre – 11/2/2019

On November 2nd, Cherub kicked off the new month at the Fox Theatre for one of their Baby Angels tour stops. It was certainly an electrifying end to Spooky season, and the perfect start to November. Gibbz, a solo artist based out of Brooklyn, opened up the show with an incredible live performance. He is undoubtedly a man of many talents, looping catchy beats, playing his keyboard, riffing his guitar, and singing his heart out effortlessly during his set. Following Gibbz‘s set, stagehands prepared for Cherub as fans began to fill up the venue. Being that this show was just after Halloween, the theatre was still filled with people rocking their costumes, getting their full fill of Spooky season.

The Fox Theatre Lights Up as Cherub Takes The Stage

Finally, the room illuminated full of color as Cherub came on, and you could immediately feel the excitement and energy as the crowd roared. They played some of their biggest hits throughout the show. After all, it wouldn’t be complete without the bouncy beats of “Monogamy,” or the nostalgic feels that come with their song “Dancin’ Shoes.” The duo put on an electrifying and energetic show. As a result, the crowd jumped, clapped, and even laughed at times.

Cherub - The Fox Theatre - 11/2/2019

The night was intimate and filled with funky electro-pop sounds unlike any other. Cherub went above and beyond with their performance, consequently the crowd was fully immersed and interactive with their music. The funky duo ended the night with a bang. As the crowd reached its peak energy, they began to play their hit song “Doses and Mimosas.” You could feel the happiness and satisfaction that poured over the room. In other words, it was the perfect cap off to a truly unforgettable night. There are many reasons why Cherub is truly an amazing act to see, above all, they have the type of energy and sounds that will surely have you grooving and dancing like never before.

Photos By Emma Rojo

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