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Check Out These New Releases From Colorado Artists!

Check Out These New Releases From Colorado Artists!

Kierstin Rounsefell

November 25th, 2020

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Denver, Colorado. This music hot spot is constantly pumping out new releases in a wide variety of genres. Of course, many know it as the bass capital due to the sheer amount of high-quality electronic music that is produced there. On the other hand, a large number of artists in Colorado specialize in other genres including indie, acoustic, rock, alternative, and electro-pop.

If you’re interested in adding some hot new Colorado releases to your playlist, keep reading!

Amstar: “The Heist”

Amstar is a Denver based music producer that creates deep, dark, grime-filled house. For the past year or so, he’s been making his name known in the bass capital and beyond. He even curates his own Spotify playlist titled “Mad Sound“.

The Heist” is the latest solo release from Amstar, via BROHOUSE. From start to finish, this track truly packs a punch. An intricate buildup includes percussion, vocals, and a bumpin’ bassline. Then, an almost apocalyptic drop follows. The level of intensity perfectly fluctuates throughout the duration of the track and ends with a simplified instrumental bit. Listen to Amstar‘s new release above and prepare to bring that bass face out of hiding.

Andy Sydow: “Gold Dust Woman / The Chain” (Medley)

Andy Sydow is a man of many talents. If you ever get the chance to see him perform live, you’ll hear a handful of diverse genres. Americana, rock, alternative country and more are accompanied by his skillful demonstration of various instruments. Andy Sydow also hosts a podcast on the side called Middle Class Rock Star.

Are there any Fleetwood Mac fans out there? If so, you’ll absolutely love Andy Sydow‘s newest cover medley. This five-minute mashup includes pieces from both “Gold Dust Woman” and “The Chain“. Memorable vocals are combined with beautifully executed, upbeat instrumentation. Listen to Andy Sydow‘s powerful rendition of Fleetwood Mac above!

Courage: Do With That What You Will

Attention! Christian Walsh from Broomfield, Colorado has debuted his first musical release in almost four years. In spring of 2020, he completed his degree in recording arts. This acoustic-mastermind has been creating stimulating tracks under the name of Courage.

Do With That What You Will is a seven-track EP that features his own indie vocals along with his absolutely alluring guitar melodies. Picture leaves falling, coffee shops, and driving with the windows down. According to Christian, “the whole album has a central theme of love and is supposed to serve as a collection of memoirs.” Meanwhile, it also has an underlying tone of uncertainty and loss. Listen to the refreshing EP from Courage above.

Covex: “Not The Last Time”

By now, almost all of the melodic music lovers in Colorado have heard of Covex. This producer and DJ has an unquestionable understanding of music as a whole. Every single track that he produces brings together a flawless combination of musical elements that listeners have fallen in love with.

October brought along yet another breathtaking Covex release. The track starts with bright sounds accompanied by his own, signature vocals. While the song itself sounds happy and uplifting, the lyrics allude to a breakup between two lovers. However, heavy-hitting guitar beats paired with upbeat synths and percussion proves this track to be quite stunning. Wake up your senses by listening to Covex‘s lastest masterpiece above.

Decadon: Marshmello x YUNGBLUD x blackbear – “Tongue Tied” (Decadon & KJ Sawka Remix)

Magnificently bridging the gap between rock ‘n roll and bass music is Denver’s Decadon. This #RockStep master has been perfecting his skills for the past eight years. His mixes bless listeners with a blend of rock music and dubstep, resulting in each of his tracks being completely unique.

A few months ago, Decadon teamed up with KJ Sawka to produce an artful remix of Marshmello‘s “Tongue Tied“. The original track also features YUNGBLUD and blackbear. Compared to the original track, Decadon‘s version is much more rock-focused as opposed to pop. More percussion, synths, and electric guitar riffs are present along with a new, vibrant chorus. Hear Decadon and KJ Sawka‘s energetic remix above.

Illenium: “Paper Thin” with Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves

Currently, Illenium‘s name is known all across the globe. His melodic bass music has captivated hundreds of thousands of listeners. Each one of his tracks, albums, and live sets are overflowing with emotion and energy. No matter if you like chill, melodic tracks or high energy dubstep tracks, Illenium has something for you to enjoy.

Paper Thin” is a collaboration between Illenium and Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves. This track does a stellar job of blending classic rock elements with a light, melodic feel. A simple electric guitar and Tom’s vocals kick off the track as percussion is gradually added in. Then, a breathtaking chorus drops into existence complete with bright synths and vocal chops. So far, listeners have expressed that this song makes them feel nostalgic because of the throwback rock elements. However, it’s a perfect mix of the present and the past! Listen to Illenium‘s latest original track above.

Lucid Vision: “Still Dreaming” (feat. COFRESI)

If you’re looking for a seamless fusion of live-electronic music, look no further. Lucid Vision is a brilliant producer that impeccably combines live instrumentation with unparalleled sound design. As a matter of fact, this track is only a preview of what you can expect to hear on this producer’s debut album, coming out on December 1st.

For “Still Dreaming“, Lucid Vision teamed up with COFRESI. Beautiful vocal chops and undulating synths are accompanied by higher-pitched cosmic sounds. About halfway through the song, a voice whispers “are we dreaming?” The acute precision of the track’s composition makes us feel like we are. According to Lucid Vision, this track exemplifies his new sound. “Think of the love/obsession of chasing dreams, experiencing dreams, and dreaming up new dreams.” Listen to this enthralling piece above!

Mport: TroyBoi – “Flamez” (Mport Flip)

“Mport yourself into the sound” with Denver’s bass artist, Mport. This experimental artist doesn’t constrain himself by sticking to a single genre. In fact, his goal is to always produce the most original music possible. Mport has also been classically trained, graduating from the University of Colorado Denver where he studied audio engineering.

This month, he released his absolute FIRE flip of Troyboi‘s “Flamez“. Mport took the unique, trap sound of the original track and morphed it into something darker and bass-heavy. He also includes more of a standard buildup to the drop by adding in percussion that quickly increases in tempo. Additionally, the melody of the chorus is backed by gritty synths that enhance the overall depth of the song. Interested in hearing Mport‘s latest track? Listen above.

Ready Or Not: “Drop It Low”

For over ten years, Ready Or Not has been cultivating his own bass house and G-house sound. In addition to putting out a number of records under Ready Or Not‘s name for the past few years, he’s also graced the stages of many Denver venues. Some of his inspirations include Jauz and Ephwurd, which you can definitely hear in his own music.

Drop It Low” is Ready Or Not‘s latest release. Out via Mixa Records, this track begins with clean percussion, bass, and some higher pitch sounds that form a melody. Once the tempo picks up the pace and drops into the chorus, a voice says “drop it low” before the track morphs into something more ominous. After a calmer bridge, the track picks up right where it left off and maintains it’s stamina until the end. Until more Ready Or Not comes out, listen to this hot track above!

VIVIAN: “Mother” – Danzig Cover

Presently, the dream-pop duo, VIVIAN, is based in Northern Colorado. The two members were no strangers to each other prior to forming VIVIAN. Actually, they worked together both at their day jobs in the music industry as well as in their previous band, Stella Luce. Since forming this new duo, they’ve produced ethereal electronic chill.

Their newest release is a cover of Danzig’s “Mother“. Accompanied by a trippy, alluring music video, VIVIAN hypnotizes their listeners. Keyboard, guitar, soft percussion, violin, and warped vocals are showcased in this creative interpretation. Anyone who savors indie, instrumental, music needs to listen to this hair-raising cover above. The four minutes and forty-nine seconds really do fly by.


These outstanding releases are only a tiny fraction of what Colorado musicians regularly produce. Imagine how much more is out there that hasn’t even been discovered. Hopefully, these artists will get a chance to perform their new songs live sometime soon.

If you appreciated even one of these tracks above, don’t hesitate to check out the artists on social media or Soundcloud. Like their page, share their tracks, and even reach to them if you wish. Now more than ever, local artists need your support!

Cover Photo By Lucid Vision

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