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Cervantes Hosts Talent-Packed Super Group: Bohram Lee, Kevin Donahue and Colby Buckler

Cervantes Hosts Talent-Packed Super Group: Bohram Lee, Kevin Donahue and Colby Buckler

Lindsay Rebecca Moyer

February 8th, 2020

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Re:Search Wednesdays at Cervantes Other Side has been a fan favorite for the local music scene for years. Although, now, it’s time to say hello to a new night for the Re:Search production. This past Thursday was the first-ever introduction of Re:Search Thursdays.

Last week, the historic music hall in Denver played host to its final Re:Search Wednesday. The night certainly was full of unstoppable talent. Gifted musicians like Borahm Lee, Kevin Donahue, and Colby Buckler headlined the evening. Borahm Lee is known for being half of Break Science and being a keyboardist for Pretty Lights. Kevin Donahue is the guitarist of Sunsquabi and Colby Buckler is the drummer of Emancipator Ensemble.

The night began with Denver locals Jordan Polovina, the resident host of Re: search Wednesdays, with support from Mikey Thunder. These two artists grace the stage often at Cervantes and certainly are not to be missed.

Following the duo came the dreamy and surreal sounds of Lapa. Which, is the solo project of Emancipator Ensemble violinist Ilya Goldberg. Then, the evening closed out with a late-night set from top hat donning NadaSounds.

Meanwhile, fans were floored by the trio’s seamless improvisational skills and jaws were dropped at the pure talent seen on one stage. One crowd member shared the perfect collaboration of EDM and jam sounds blended with each band’s unique style. Thus, creating one unbelievable performance.

The jammy riffs from Donahue’s guitar gave way to ‘Squabi feels mixed with Lee’s slaying of the keys. Which, hinted at Break Science’s heavier electronic vibes. With the addition of Buckler’s dreamy drum solos, you have an ideal combo of all three-band styles up on one stage.

On February 6th, the first Thursday night of Re: search occurred. Which, featured a new group: DENVER WOOK RESCUE!. Also, Borahm Lee and Kevin Donahue graced the stage. Furthermore, Jeremy Salken (Big Gigantic),  Josh Fairman (Sunsquabi), and Chris Karns (Chris Karns Music) took the stage as well. Opening support came from Jordan Polovina and The M3ga-scopes. Also, a late set from Pure Colors.

Photos By Lindsay Rebecca Moyer

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