DEEPFAKE Makes Waves At The Black Box

The Black Box has worked to become a staple venue for underground electronic music ever since it opened its doors to the Denver area back in 2016. Local music lovers use it as a hub for finding new and interesting artists not just locally but from around the country. This week, The Black Box welcomed mysterious Detroit based duo, DEEPFAKE. The Enigmatic DJ/VJ pair promised fans an immersive experience which blurred the lines between what is real and what is fake. Before talking about that, let’s discuss the local support for the evening.

Alana English warms up the crowd with an engaging house mix

Though raised in Pittsburgh, Alana English currently resides in Denver. She is a DJ working with local company 128 Productions. Alana English was able to read the crowd well as she got them warmed up for the evening with an engaging house mix. To hear what she can do, you can check out Alana English on Soundcloud. She has a handful of mixes put together each running over an hour long. She also happens to stream on Twitch for those more interested in seeing her performance live.

Nothing Bad About Bad Little King

Up next to provide support was local DJ and Producer Bad Little King. His set was a deep, dark and groovy ride through Techno. If interested, you can hear his style of mixing for yourself. He has been busy putting out quite a few mixes on Soundcloud. There, you can find his mix series titled “Into the darkness” which is currently on volume 8. When it comes to mixing a good set, there’s nothing bad about Bad Little King.

DEEPFAKE: The Mysterious Duo From Detroit

Mystery Duo, DEEPFAKE, take the stage and prepare to perform a 2 hour Audio/Visual set. The Black Box crowd waits quietly as the room goes black. Suddenly, a deep robotic voice can be heard saying “We are DEEPFAKE” before the stage lights up and the duo appear. The crowd cheers as they begin to embark on the radical audio visual experience. DEEPFAKE is a DJ/VJ team whose audio and visuals are created to be enjoyed in unison. The enigmatic pair recently released a three track EP titled “The Fakesidewhich does well to encapsulate their sound. Fans inside The Black Box really reacted when DEEPFAKE played their new track titled “Quake.”


The Black Box has stayed true to its original mission of introducing underground electronic music to the Denver scene. At this venue, it isn’t just about the top dollar talent. It’s about raw sound and what can be done to produce a unique listening experience for the people. The talent buyers of The Black Box do well to keep a mix of musical genres coming through the doors. by doing this it ensuring a good listening experience no matter how many times you show up. By providing everything from locals on the rise to Veterans finding their true sound, The Black Box is sure to be on the map for some time.

Photos by (Kyle Brim)

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Interview: Get To Know Jvckpot And His New EP ” Blowin’ Smoke ”

Denver grown bass house producer Jvckpot just dropped a new EP, Blowin’ Smoke, and we had the opportunity to ask him some questions about the project and check out the EP. It’s clear these two tracks might add the perfect touch to your summer playlist. The title track kicks off with a hard-hitting party vibe right from the start and bounces an addictive, clean drumbeat off bodacious bass lines dripping in attitude. The other track, Ripped Off, is equally as energized but has a darker vibe, with a dance-y grimy bassline through the whole track. Blowin’ Smoke is a summertime banger to add to your party playlist- find him on Beatport, Spotify, or Soundcloud. Check out the interview Party Guru Press did with him to learn about his background and the new release!

Drawing inspiration from his roots of fidget house in 2008 combined with intricately interwoven drum styles of trap and breaks of the next decade, Jvckpot has his mind set on retaking his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Originally a founding member of the Denver based production collective Got Bass Music, Jvckpot has returned with a new alias garnering support along the way from friends and local favorites. This veteran house connoisseur will have the dance floor bouncing no matter the occasion. Combining elements of house, breaks, dubstep and trap, he maintains an immersive and eloquent mix across the board.

Party Guru Press: How long have you been working on this EP?

JVCKPOT: In total, about 3 months. I started the idea for “ Blowin’ Smoke” way back in November of last year but I hadn’t started shopping it out until I had some more tracks on the back line. “Ripped Off” came together much quicker and was motivated following the Night Bass Anniversary live stream on Twitch back in February. I’d say it probably took me a week to bang out the second track.

Party Guru Press: Did you run into any challenges when working on this project?

JVCKPOT: Blowin’ Smoke being an earlier track I certainly had my issues figuring out the progression and direction of the track. For a while I was trying to fit that deep and low house vibe but growing up on Electro and Fidget I always tend to add in more energetic bass sounds. Early in my production career though it can be tough getting so many aggressive sounds to fit well together without overwhelming the listener. Ripped Off is a bit more straight forward with it’s leads and I already had a vibe I was going for though admittedly the second drops ends up going pretty hard as well haha.

Party Guru Press: How does it feel to be on the Beatport top releases?

JVCKPOT: I still don’t quite believe it to be honest. I never thought I’d be charting this early on, let alone Top 5 releases. Have to give massive props to the exposure that Incursion Recordings already has and the amount they worked with me on promoting the release. To have this validation early on in the project feels really amazing and further motivates me to grow. I’ve set the bar for myself so it’s something to continue working to improve. I think it would be nutty to be on the overall top 100.

Party Guru Press: Other than bass house, do you feel any other edm genres in these tracks?

JVCKPOT: There is a lot of fidget house influence in my tracks. I’m a gigantic Crookers fan and I think my productions reflect that. I’m pretty proud of one of the wonky bass sounds in Ripped Off near the end of the drop. There’s definitely a hint of complextro influence in there as well. 

Party Guru Press: How was the stream with Bassbloc?

JVCKPOT: The Bass Bloc stream is always a great time. I’ve gone back with those guys over 10 years so getting to go back and DJ for them is like riding a bike. We pick right back up where we left off. Last stream I got to tag team with Matty Ghost who is an absolute riot of a person, haha. We had a great time and cruised back to his studio space to shoot the shit afterwards. I’m looking forward to some sessions with that dude soon!

Party Guru Press: What drove you to choose the samples you did for these tracks?

JVCKPOT: I wish it was more thought out, but in reality they just kinda felt right for the tracks after trying a bunch of splice samples. Just trying to be as smug and obnoxious as I maybe was feeling myself at the tail end of the lockdown. Feelings of being rinsed and ripped off perhaps? Blowin’ Smoke is a bit more straightforward of a decision; it’s what the “pot” in Jvckpot stands for after all.

Party Guru Press: Where did you record these tracks?

JVCKPOT: These tracks are home studio creations! For the techies I’m running an i5-10400 with Ableton, Rokit 5s and a T10S sub. I was actually staying with my mom at the time I made them so kudos to her for dealing with the noise for those months. Mastering was done in house by Incursion, shout out to Ryan Gallus!

Party Guru Press: How has the reception been from your fans since this dropped?

JVCKPOT: It’s been pretty insane! The past 3 days it’s been climbing the Beatport release charts so clearly someone is enjoying it. It’s still kinda hard for me to grasp to be honest. As in any sort of art field, I don’t quite feel all that worthy yet so I appreciate all of the amazing feedback and support I’ve gotten from the community.

Party Guru Press: Who did the graphic design for the cover art for this?

JVCKPOT: Graphics were all provided by the great team at Incursion Recordings. Those folks hustle so hard to deliver some top notch bangers every week. 

Party Guru Press: In your own words, what vibe does Ripped Off throw down?

JVCKPOT: Ripped Off is best listened to with a broken cig hanging out of your mouth, preferably wearing a matching Adidas tracksuit. Throw on a smug look and fist pump your problems away. 

Party Guru Press: What about Blowin’ Smoke?

JVCKPOT: I’d describe Blowin Smoke as pure bass aggression. Thick FM wobs followed by squelchy wurps accompanied by that jackin’ bass house drum line. It’s got a gun cock sample too so you know it’s edgy. 

Party Guru Press: What’s next for you after this EP?

JVCKPOT: Most recently, I’ve really been focusing on collaborative work. I feel like I’ve proven that I can create some pretty awesome stuff and I’m looking forward to bringing my own flavor to the table. I’ve got a pretty beefy remix awaiting label approval which would be a massive accomplishment as well. Heading into the tail end of summer, I’m sure I’ll start up a couple originals also!

Party Guru Press: Would you consider yourself a party guru? 

JVCKPOT: Being a product of the Denver bass scene I can confidently say that I am able to impart my decade of party knowledge onto the next generation of aspiring bass heads. Pleasure to be here representing the Denver Bass House community! 

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New EP from Mize Captivates the Music Scene

Mize is an emerging experimental bass producer from Alabama. During the past few years, he has won over the electronic music community with a magnetic appeal that comes through in his innovative style of music production. 

This week, Mize returns to the music scene with a highly anticipated EP, Balancing Act. His innovation and talent are obvious throughout this EP as Mize demonstrates his unwavering ability to create music of exceptional quality. This EP takes listeners on a journey filled with peaceful atmospheres and whimsical melodies, complete with exciting and energetic drops. Balancing Act is now available to listen to on all streaming services.

Mize’s Creative Journey

Ian Evans started producing music in 2012. For the first several years into his project, he went by the alias ‘ianqt.’ Eventually, he changed his name to Mize to memorialize his grandmother’s last name. 

Mize discovered his signature style by pushing the boundaries of electronic music and experimenting with sound designs. He was inspired by genre-defying artists such as Tipper and Netsky. Mize spent years mastering his craft, developing a sound that combines psychedelic downtempo and melodic dubstep with hip-hop influences.

In 2020, Mize debuted with WAKAAN when he released his single and follow-up EP titled ‘Thought Process.’ In February 2021, he released ‘Satori,’ a collaborative single with Super Future. This was the first single released on Liquid Stranger’s new downtempo label, SSKWAN. Now, Mize is returning to SSKWAN with his EP, Balancing Act. A testament to Mize’s ever-growing talent, this EP demonstrates his potential to become a top artist in electronic music.

“Balancing Act is both a call back to some of the sounds and places that made this project come together in the beginning as well as a foreshadow of the new ideas, techniques, and themes I’ve been diving into as of late. Constantly as I grow older I notice that many aspects of my life are endless periods of balancing many things whether they be relationships, work, leisure, time, and even things as simple as taking care of your own body. I find that sometimes being an artist can be a Balancing Act of adopting new ideas while also attempting to keep the essence of what brought me here alive.” —MIZE

Photos Provided by SSWKAN


The incredible talent of Mize is undeniably inspiring a new generation of music producers. We are so excited to see what he does next. Click here to listen to Balancing Act, now out on all streaming services!

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GOLDRUSH MUSIC FESTIVAL – The Greatest Party in the Wild West Returns This September 24th-26th

The Long Await

It’s been quite the long wait for avid festival-goers in Arizona anticipating a return to the dance floor at Rawhide Event Center. After a 15-month hiatus of large-scale events, it seemed like Relentless Beats didn’t skip a beat (literally) when they unveiled their upgraded stage production when Chris Lake & Fisher. They debuted their Under Construction live show back on Memorial Day Weekend. Even with that inaugural performance kicking off a series of summer events at Rawhide filled with thrilling pent-up energy and joyous crowds, all of that pales in comparison to what’s about to come this September, and it’s definitely one fans won’t be disappointed with.

For the first time in two years, Goldrush Music Festival will return to Arizona complete with a stacked lineup and state-of-the-art production. This time around though, the festival will run for an entire three days for the first time in the event’s history. If you’re planning to go full throttle the entire weekend, we suggest preparing your body well!

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Past Years

Goldrush premiered its introductory edition back in 2017, bringing a western-themed festival to the fitting arid Arizona landscape. Since then, the festival has become one of the state’s premier electronic dance music events. Bringing in star-studded lineups every year with artists like Illenium, Marshmello, and RL Grime headlining the bills.

For its 4th annual edition, Relentless is promising to bring the biggest lineup in Goldrush’s history. Through 3 action-packed days filled with some of the nation’s hottest headliners and up-and-coming acts. Expect stage production to be taken up a notch as well, as Rawhide has already begun bringing their summer series shows. Phase 1 lineup announcements will begin Monday, July 12th. Those will continue throughout the week. Definitely turn those post notifications through following their Instagram and other socials to stay updated!

Relentless Beats is also unveiling supplementary travel packages available for festival-goers from town or for those traveling from other parts of the country. For as little as $100 down, these packages come with a festival ticket along with a three-night hotel stay, expedited entry to the fest, three well drinks, and access to the all-new travel saloon. Which is an exclusive experience where fans can kick back at its cooling stations, bars, and private bathrooms.

Three-day passes are currently on sale and are available through Relentless Beats’ site. Now is the chance to not miss out on the biggest lineup and production Goldrush has ever put together. It’ll be a weekend you’ll be thinking and talking about for years to come. Buckle your belts and giddy up!

Photos by Provided by Luis Colato

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Scotty Boy Brings the Sounds of Deep House Brunch back to LA

The long-awaited return to live events in LA are over. LA County lifted restrictions to the lowest yellow tier in May allowing for dance floors to return with larger capacity limits and indoor establishments able to reopen. Memorial Weekend delivered plenty of options for music lovers but nothing else screams a summer kick-off more than a pool party or boat party; which, Deep HouseBrunch(DHB) did both.

Deep House Brunch is a long-running house music event that combines the soulful mix of live sax, guitar, and drums(or even bongos featured this weekend) with the latest house music favorites mixed by Scotty Boy himself along with other special guests. Long before COVID-19 rocked all music events to a halt, Deep House Brunch was a staple event every month at Elevate Lounge DTLA. It all started when DJ Scotty Boy moved from Vegas to LA and had trouble finding a venue that wanted a house or deep house music, so he created one himself. Fast forward to today, Deep House Brunch became a nationwide sensation with the help of a residency on the cruise ship music festival, Groove Cruise. As of 2020, you can now find DHB in GCFAM hotspots such as Houston, Miami, Vegas, and Scottsdale.

On Saturday, promoter Orlove Entertainment kicked the weekend off with a sunset cruise in Long Beach. Their lineup included Christian Bradford, Lavelle Dupree, Freshcobar, Eva Kane, and the DHB founder, Scotty Boy. Tickets went fast and sold out quickly with the boat operating at 50% capacity so it only felt right to bring in another event, cue in the Sunday Funday with Deep House Brunch Pool Party.

deep house brunch

The Mondrian Hotel pool was filled with beautiful people in their newest swimwear, lots of smiles, and plenty of champagne bottle service. It was another sold-out event that left even ticket holders without entry due to strict capacity rules to adhere to the city’s effort to return to business safely. For those lucky enough to come early, the energy from the electric guitar riffs to bongos banging, you couldn’t help but shake your booty. All the new house bangers from Defected Records were loudly represented in the scenic overlook of the Hollywood hills. With a similar lineup as the boat party the day before, each DJ had a way to carry the crowd with their latest
house tracks.

It was clear this was the place to be on a Sunday afternoon with the capacity at its limit for the entirety of the 6-hour event. The crowd had a good mix of DHB die-hards, to first-timers from bachelorette parties or birthday celebrations. Regardless of what brought people in, the vibe was the same. Overall, it was an unforgettable night and a time to be happy dancing in the sun with others.

Photos By Sonju

Deep House Brunch returns to where it all started on July 11th at Elevate Lounge. All restrictions will be lifted in LA county on July 15th making the flood gates of events are opening. Get tickets for the latest deep house events HERE!

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Redrum Enchants Listeners with New Single, “Floating”

Redrum is a rising bass music producer from Portland. Back in May, she made her explosive debut when she released her single, “Phases,” a charming bass spell that captivated the dance music community. Redrum bewitches her listeners leading up to the release of her full Pisces Moon EP later this summer. Earlier this week, Redrum returned to Liquid Stranger’s SSKWAN label with her new single, ‘Floating.‘ This ethereal song features dreamy vocals and lush soundscapes that will take your mind on a journey through an otherworldly paradise. Listening to ‘Floating’ will transport you to a state of total euphoria as you feel like you are drifting through the clouds and into the stars.

Redrum’s Early Life

Before she became known as Redrum, Tatiana Tindell was drawn to music from a young age. Her father was a composer, musician, and DJ. Growing up, Tatiana discovered her passion for dance. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins’ Lymphoma when she was 17. Chemotherapy treatments caused extreme bone and muscle weakness, which forced her to part ways with dancing and sent her into a battle with depression. Eventually, Tatiana found relief through a new creative outlet: Producing. Over time, Tatiana’s musical abilities helped her develop a connection to her witchy side and express herself. Inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining, Tatiana created Redrum. Through her hypnotic music, Redrum enchants her listeners and guides them to connect to their inner magic.  

Redrum’s Career

Redrum is quickly gaining notoriety in the bass music community. Before debuting as a solo artist, she featured on Subsidia’s Dawn: Vol. 2 and Electric Hawk’s In Unity compilation albums with her signature ethereal sounds. 

During the COVID-19 shutdowns, she captured the attention of virtual crowds on lineups including Electric Hawk’s Harmony Virtual Music Festival and In Unity Livestream, Wormhole Entertainment’s weekly Wormhole Wednesday, and Nova Lotus Music’s Nova Vita live stream. 

The Supreme Witch also delivered an enchanting performance at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival in Orlando last month. With another performance coming up in August at Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival, Redrum proves that she is a force to reckoned with as she enchants the masses.

Photos Provided By WAKAAN / SSKWAN

During her short time in the electronic music industry, Redrum has developed a solid reputation. The Bass music community has quickly embraced Redrum and we are excited to see what she will create next. With an upcoming four-track EP, Redrum is set to captivate the masses with dreamy sounds and obvious talent. Tatiana Tindell proves that 2021 is the year of the witch, and that witch is called Redrum.

‘Floating’ is now available on all streaming platforms. You can listen to Redrum’s new song here while we wait to hear the full EP.

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Sully Ignites the Party with a New Single: ‘Right About Now’

Sully is a bass music producer from Los Angeles who is making big waves in the music industry. He is known for his innovative sounds, which combine melodic dubstep with heavy bass wobbles and eerie atmospheres. His unique style of bass music has been groundbreaking within the electronic music scene. Now, he is back again with a hot new single, ‘Right About Now,’ available on all streaming services.

Sully started learning how to produce throughout high school. In college, he earned his audio engineering degree from the University of Michigan. Later, Sully Graduated from the Icon Collective, a Los Angeles-based music college, where he maximized his production skills and creative process. After spending years mastering his craft, Sully has quickly built an impressive reputation in the bass music scene. In 2019, Sully released his debut single, ‘Frequency Shift.’ His music was quickly noticed by WAKAAN’s one-and-only Liquid Stranger, who took him under his wing and brought him onto the Ascension tour. Since then, Sully has steadily released music with the WAKAAN Music Label and has quickly made a name for himself in the electronic music space. 

Sully Returns to WAKAAN

In his highly anticipated return to WAKAAN, Sully recruits Isaac Castor as his emcee. ‘Right About Now’ is a bass party anthem that will keep the energy going and the vibes high whether you are at the poker table, in the club, or up all night at a 3 – day ‌festival.

“‘Right About Now’ is all about igniting that energy that’s been pinned up for the past year. When I listen to the song, I reminisce about my time in college growing as an artist. Whether I was playing at a bar, a wedding, or as a local opener for a talent I looked up to, I was always trying to fulfill my potential. What makes this even more special is that Isaac and I went to the same undergrad and were usually hustling together to reach the next step. I’m so proud of this record and couldn’t be more grateful for Isaac’s flawless vocal delivery.” – Sully

Photos Provided by WAKAAN

Sully continues to impress us, establishing his name within the world of electronic music. As his artistic journey unfolds, we eagerly await his next steps.

‘Right About Now’ is out now on all streaming services! Listen to his new track ‌here.

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DirtySnatcha|”Spaceship” Via Subsidia Dusk: Vol. 3

DirtySnatcha is back once again with another heater pleasing the bass community. Delivering his second release via Excision’s Subsidia Records,Spaceship” is out now on the Dusk: Vol. 3 compilation.

DirtySnatcha’s drive and consistency with putting out tracks is absolutely out of sight. Despite how crappy the past year stood with the absence of shows, DirtySnatcha kept fans eager with banger after banger. And without hesitation, we see him carry this routine straight into 2021. Just a month ago he released “Found Myself” ft Katie Sky, & word on the street is that theres an EP in the works alongside a collab with @megalodondubs.

Dusk: Vol. 3 represents the wonkier side of the label

Dusk: Vol. 3 includes 17 new tracks delivered from a variety of prosperous artists, all of which produce the sound that Dusk embodies. Dusk illustrates the more experimental side of bass in comparison to Dawn & Night. I’m talking about those weird, wonky, brain puddling tunes. This is that. Every single track on this compilation is an absolute heater, but one that really slapped me in the face was of course, DirtySnatcha’s “Spaceship“.


DirtySnatcha hit the nail on the head with “Spaceship”, it fits perfectly as a part of the Dusk series. Right off the bat, its a vibe. The track starts off slow with deep ominous sounds, and then kicks right into a bop with that first drop. DirtySnatcha of course brings in his signature sounds and rolls them right over into the second drop- only this one is 10X nuttier. All in all, “Spaceship” contains those deep dirty wubs that make you want to yak. In the best way of course.


Born and raised in the heart of where dubstep originated, DirtySnatcha produces a variety of heavy original tracks ranging from dubstep, to trap, and riddim. His collaborations with artists like Rico Act, Lucii, Boogie T, Monxx, Riot Ten, and more have proven that he is able to produce on such a diverse spectrum of music.

Along with his growing career as a music producer, DirtySnatcha also runs his own record label, DirtySnatcha Records. He is dedicated to helping artists further their careers, by providing promotion and feedback, with hopes to see that each and everyone succeeds in the industry. Poised to take over the world with his music, you will not find a more dedicated producer.


It’s hard to think that it has been over 6 months since the official announcement of Subsidia Records. Furthermore, whilst the third round of the DuskDawn, & Night series underway. Clearly Subsidia wastes no time. Every single artist on these series deserves recognition. I recommend doing a little digging and checking out their other music too. You will not be disappointed.

DUSK: Vol.3 Tracklist

  1. Ruvlo – Wook Machine
  2. Blurrd Vzn x BrunchBeatz – Brunch Vzn
  3. Ray Volpe – Nosebleed
  4. Pax Impera – Loud
  5. Tape B – Violent
  6. Blck Sheep x Felmax – Dual Blade
  7. MIRR.IMG – Live Your Life
  8. Cyrus Gold – Change Ur Mind
  9. Dino Shadix – Hydra
  10. Runnit x Rollie Dezel – Ballin Again
  11. DirtySnatcha – Spaceship
  12. Xinister – Falcon 9
  13. UHNK x Matheny – Main B*tch
  14. CHACKK x VONDOO – Take It On
  15. Carbin – Sour Diesel
  16. Evalution x Hallucinate – Flow
  17. ZIZI x Mikesh!ft x Vezzel – Refraction

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Contra Scandal’s Upcoming Album, Full Circle, Is Almost Here

Contra Scandal is a Denver-based producer and DJ that makes some seriously hypnotizing, mend-binding music. His innovative sound is made even more unique by his ability to play the violin, which he incorporates into his music. Since his start, he’s produced a wide variety of dubstep, bass music, halftime, and lighter instrumental tracks.

On March 12th, Contra Scandal is releasing his next album titled Full Circle. Ahead of the release, Party Guru Press was able to ask him a few questions via email. Keep reading to find out more about Contra Scandal, his thoughts on Full Circle, and what he’s working towards this year.

Contra Scandal’s Unique “World Bass Music”

Kierstin Rounsefell (Party Guru Press): For anyone who has not heard your music yet, how would you describe its sound and feel? What track best showcases this?

Ezra Arenson (Contra Scandal): If I were to give my music a specific genre it would be considered “world bass music.” It utilizes a lot of eastern sounds and it’s usually very organic in nature.

Kierstin Rounsefell: I saw that you’ve recently been able to perform at in-person events both at The Black Box and Your Mom’s House. How has it felt getting to play in front of a live audience?

Contra Scandal: It’s been an interesting one for sure lol. I definitely love being able to showcase my new tunes but the energy honestly just isn’t the same considering the places I’ve played don’t let the people stand up. :/

Contra Scandal: I will admit it’s nice to be back in the environment and it’s sure better than no shows at all. It’s great to know that things are slowly making their way back to how they used to be, but dance music obviously requires dancing for everyone to get the full experience.

2020 In A Nutshell

Kierstin Rounsefell: Who or what has kept you motivated this last year?

Contra Scandal: The biggest motivator I’ve had this last year was having virtually zero FOMO and knowing I’m not really missing out on much outside my little studio. The lockdown was honestly a blessing in that regard. I was able to really focus. Having the gyms finally open up has also made my concentration and overall drive a lot more substantial.

Kierstin Rounsefell: What does a typical day-in-the-life look like for you? Has your routine changed much compared to before quarantine started?

Contra Scandal: Recently my schedule has been fairly consistent where I wake up, measure a couple grams of kratom, brew some Yerba Mate, Guayusa, or coffee (depending on how much energy I need) and get to work on music first thing in the morning. I’ve found that I produce my best work right after waking up.

Contra Scandal: Nighttime is for the gym and I’ll usually go back to work a few more hours after a session there. I try to keep busy with the production or even some days will dedicate a day to watching some production tutorials. I’ve also been snowboarding quite a bit recently up at Keystone, which is only about an hour from where I live.

Kierstin Rounsefell: What hobbies do you enjoy aside from music? Based on your social media it looks like you love getting outside.

Contra Scandal: Snowboarding, dirt biking, art, traveling, and eating a lot of Mexican food lol. I’m also really big into podcasts, especially comedy ones like Your Mom’s House, Two Bears One Cave, Whiskey Ginger, and Skeptic Tank. I hardly even watch shows/movies anymore lol it’s basically just YouTube and various podcasts. I like learning and laughing. o_O

Back To The Roots

Kierstin Rounsefell: I saw that you recently worked on some “guitar reggae vibes” with Alex Laux. How did it feel being able to get in touch with that style of music again?

Contra Scandal: I’ve known Alex for most of my life growing up on the Northern coast in California in Woodside/La Honda. Alex and I used to play in a metal band back in high school and in college played a bunch of reggae/dub music on our porch in Chico, CA.

Contra Scandal: We’ve had very similar tastes and always had a great connection every time we jammed guitar. It’s really easy making stuff with the dude. We’ve actually produced a handful of songs if you’re interested in checking any out.

Coming Full Circle

Kierstin Rounsefell: Your next release, Full Circle, comes out on March 12th. Congratulations! What makes this collection of tracks different from your previous releases?

Contra Scandal: I feel like this is some of my most honest and creative work. I experimented with a bunch of different BPM’s and a variety of moods/genres. Also, “Mile High Livin” is one of the first times I’ve rapped over a tune. I’ve learned so much over this pandemic through watching producer’s Twitch channels and countless music tutorials.

Contra Scandal: I’ve also purchased a bunch of interesting plug-ins so I was really able to get creative. I was also able to really hone in on my process for recording and editing my violin parts.

Kierstin Rounsefell: How did you get connected with Gravitas Recordings to push the release?

Contra Scandal: I sent them a demo with the first 3 songs off the album back around April or May of last year and they liked what they heard. We had a conversation on Skype and decided we were going to move forward with an EP. Over the next few months I just kept sending them tunes and we ended up with these 9 originals, which technically turned into an album. 🙂

What Does The Future Hold?

Kierstin Rounsefell: What goals do you have for 2021? What do you hope to accomplish?

Contra Scandal: If festivals are a thing this year I really want to play more of them. Sonic Bloom would be a dream. <3 I know lineups are on hold with their previous arrangements from 2020 but I’m hoping I’ll be able to squeeze in the mix.

Kierstin Rounsefell: When can Colorado (or elsewhere) see you perform at a show next?

Contra Scandal: No shows at the moment unfortunately. 🙁

Kierstin Rounsefell: Do you have anything excited planned for this summer?

Contra Scandal: Wow it’s getting close to summer! Haha had to check the calendar. Honestly, nothing special. I want to do some more traveling. Hoping to see some of South America, which I’ve never been to. I do have a couple exciting releases planned with some sweet labels in the next few weeks ahead after this Gravitas release.

Kierstin Rounsefell: If you could work with any artists, local or other, on a track, who would you collaborate with?

Contra Scandal: Well some of my current favorite artists are Thelem, Mesck, Shlump, Aztek, Pushloop, Of The Trees, and The Widdler. I would LOVE to start something up with any of these guys. I do have a couple cool local collaborations in the works rn tho so stay tuned. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Kierstin Rounsefell: Would you like to give any words of advice, or motto, to encourage others to remember going into 2021?

Contra Scandal: It could always be worse and you got to appreciate what you got. <3 Also, follow your intuition, it’s there for a reason.

Kierstin Rounsefell: Is there anything else that you’d like mentioned that hasn’t yet been discussed?

Contra Scandal: Follow the socials for staying up to date with all of my shows, future releases, and violin/singing videos. Also, I’ll be dropping a music video here very soon. 😉

Kierstin Rounsefell: Final question, would you consider yourself a Party Guru?

Contra Scandal: Always and forever!


Contra Scandal seems like a truly down-to-earth guy. This talented producer knows how to create art that appeals to listeners and moves their mind, body, and soul. With each release, his sound becomes more and more refined while still remaining experimental.

Full Circle is set to be released on March 12th, and we can’t wait to hear the entire album. As we look forward to summer, we can’t help but hope that the warm weather will allow Contra Scandal to get some more stage time. Imagine getting to see him perform live, violin and all! To keep updated with this talented producer, follow his social media accounts listed below.

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