All Day I Dream (About the Return of Festivals)

In 2011, the first All Day I Dream event was held on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York. The one and only Lee Burridge founded the traveling events, record label, and the international community surrounding the two.

All Day I Dream made its way to the Mile High City in June of 2019. This one-day festival had amazing performances from artists including Hoj, Newman, Roy Rosenfeld, and Lee Burridge himself. The Sculpture Park in downtown Denver was also decorated with beautiful silks, fairy lights, carved wood stands, and more which made for a perfect afternoon in the sun.

Keep scrolling to view some breathtakingly fun photos from last year’s event until we can get back to dancing at festivals IRL!

Photos By Kevin Gordon

Colorado Governor Jared Polis Advises Cancellation of Events with 250+ Attendees

In a live statement made by Jared Polis, Colorado events with 250 or more attendees have been advised to cancel in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Coronavirus vs. The Entertainment Industry

The World Health Organization officially declared coronavirus a pandemic Wednesday evening. The WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says: “We are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity — and by the alarming levels of inaction.

The amount of canceled or postponed concerts, film releases, festivals, conferences, and events continues to grow exponentially as the coronavirus spreads. While many event attendees publicly express their frustration, it’s important to acknowledge this from a wider perspective. As the world scrambles to contain the coronavirus, the entire entertainment industry is suffering the secondary effects of the outbreak.

The industry is losing money, marketers, venue security, stage hands, and all other entertainment workers aren’t getting the hours they need for their bills, and many artists have already called off their biggest tours of the year.

What’s Next?

The entertainment industry has rapidly responded to the CDC’s warning that Americans should prepare for a coronavirus outbreak. Within the past week, Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland Winter, Rampage Open Air, Buku Music + Arts Project, SXSW, and Deja Voom in Mexico have publicly announced cancellations due to the Coronavirus.

Countless festivals like Stagecoach and Coachella originally set for March are being postponed. Most of these events are considered to be a “kick-off” to festival season.

This, unfortunately, begins to spark major concerns about future events potentially heading in this direction. Many festivals that annually occur in the summer and fall seasons are amply watching for updates and keeping their fans in the know about what’s happening with their festival plans.

Insomniac creator and founder Pasquele Rotella publicly announced Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC Vegas) will still be taking place on its scheduled dates. Alongside with Michigan based festival Electric Forest, organizers published on their media that the festival is indeed still on. They will be working with the appropriate authorities to ensure that the planned event proceeds safe and healthy for all attendees.

Any updates will be communicated to ticket holders.

Colorado was not the first state-wide ban on public gatherings. Washington, California, New Mexico, Utah, and New York have placed similar restrictions on event capacities, and advise any events that do continue to take place to ensure there is room for 5 feet in between each person.

NBA Responds

Image result for nba coronavirus

The NBA has suspended all games as of yesterday after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19.

One day later, Gobert apologizes to teammate Donovan Mitchell, who tested positive for coronavirus shortly after.

MLB, NHL, MLS, and More Follow Suit

Shortly after NBA cancellations came the cancellation of Spring Training across the Major League Baseball and the suspension of all upcoming National Hockey League games ‘until further notice.’

MLS has also suspended their season for 30 days.

The Boston Marathon has been pushed back to September 2020

The pandemic has led to a 32 day cancellation of New York City’s Broadway shows.

Most recently, one of the largest sporting events of the year, The PGA Masters has also been postponed due to COVID-19

According to The National Review

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 can linger in the air for at least 30 minutes and travel up to 4.5 meters – further than the “safe distance” advised by health authorities around the world.

The researchers also found that it can last for up to 12 hours on a surface where respiratory droplets land, raising the risk of transmission if unsuspecting people touch it and then rub their face.

All of which, while tragic to the common event attendee, leads us to believe that this was the best course of action that could have been taken. Slowing the spread of the virus is what’s most important at this time.

Putting The Entertainment Industry In A Hole

Many people on social media are expressing their ignorance through memes and jokes in reaction to these cancelations. It’s important to realize that festivals do not want to cancel. Countless jobs in a multibillion dollar industry will be affected by this outbreak, and the financial repercussions for companies and economies will last months.

According to a statement published on Forbes, SXSW laid off 50+ of its year-round employees already. Last year, the festival brought $365 million to the city of Austin. That’s $365 million in revenue that won’t be streamed through the city this year. Each and every one of these festivals brings a substantial amount of money to the hosting state, but remember it’s also people’s careers; it’s what pays the bills. It’s what they rely on. The cancelation of these events puts caterers, drivers, bartenders, tech crew, security staff, dancers, painters, vendors, and coordinators out of the job for an undefined time.


It’s time to put the jokes to rest, this industry is losing work and it’s just not funny. So if by any chance these events do get canceled, please trust that it’s all in good conscience for everyone’s safety. It’s important to remember that the people who make these events happen, truly want you to endure the experience just as much, if not more as you do.

The idea of these event cancellations is so people can avoid the acceleration of the spread. Social avoidance, though very uncommon in the Colorado entertainment and nightlife community, is the recommendation at this time.

Party Guru Press will stay diligent on this topic and will make sure everyone is informed as the situation progresses.

Please click HERE to be connected to the World Health Organizations website to learn more about the global pandemic and recommendations for those that suspect they have the coronavirus.

5am Trio Brings in the First Re:Turn Tuesday of the Year

5am Trio

5am Trio, a three piece Electronic group consisting of Sam Andrus (5am), Aaron Harel (Zone Drums) and Tygris, headlined the first Re:Turn Tuesday of the year alongside a proper supporting lineup.

The Trio have been busy making waves dropping their first work together early last year and more recently putting out their EP Triovision. From their set they graced the crowd with appearances from flow artists and collaborator Maya Elise.

Opening the night was Waxcat, a trio based out of Denver. Their refreshing approach to electronic music with live vocals was the perfect way to warm up the Fort Collins crowd. Their singles ‘Just A Thing’ and ‘Head Rush’ alone show why this group is poised to make some serious moves in the near future.

Next up was the Brooklyn based producer Malakai. Along with 5am and Tygris, Malakai is part of a New York based forward-thinking music label, blog and production company by the name of The Rust Music. Malakai is fresh off his Odd Views EP that was released just a few months ago. We were fortunate enough to hear some of those tracks during the set.

Re:Turn Tuesdays is the best place to be for Electronic music in Northern Colorado. The Rust Music Showcase was a flawless way to bring in the new decade. With incredible live painters, flow artists, staff and mind melting lasers courtesy of Mindbeam Productions, Hodi’s Half Note makes Tuesday nights a weekly party.

Photos By Roberto Loya

Shpongle Droid Staggering Fillmore Takeover

As the sun began to set across the horizon in the Denver Metro area, fans from all around the US gathered on December 6, 2019, to witness the incredible performances by Shpongle, Android Jones, and Desert Dwellers. The showcase featured outstanding visuals created by none other than Android Jones. The Party Guru Press team had an efficient entry into the venue due to the strategically placed entrances. The event, held at the newly renovated Fillmore Auditorium, provided plenty of space for everyone to move about. Several bars were also located throughout the venue. Getting drinks was an absolute breeze. With a setting like this, Party Guru Productions was quick to capture the ambiance of the night. 

The Shpongle Duo

Shpongle was formed in 1996 in England, by Simon Posford (also known as Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram. Generally, the duo would make music in the Psychedelic ambient, Psychedelic dub, and Psytrance genres and when Posford was asked to describe his music he responded it’s “like nothing you’ve ever heard before.” Raja Ram contributes a broad spectrum of musical compositions as well as flute concepts. Meanwhile, Posford generally focuses on production studio work, live instrumentation and usually is responsible for the synthesizers. Since the release of their first album, Are You Shpongled?, the group has continued advancing their music career seeming to drop a new studio album about every four years. The latest one, Codex VI, released in 2017. These days they are on the move touring around the United States.

Desert Dwellers

Treavor Moontribe and Amani Friend, or more commonly referred to as Desert Dwellers, opened up the night at the Fillmore, setting the mood just right for anxious fans. Desert Dwellers have been shifting listeners into a state of complete bliss for a few decades now. Joining groovy sounds with vibrations of serenity and skillfully blending in percussion and deep base. The crowd began moving with synchronization to the melodic sound of Desert Dwellers.

The dazzlingly lighting combinations took our team aback. The lighting paired with the sacred geometry visuals really brought the entire experience together. Desert dwellers joined in with acrobats, aerialists, fire performers and an array of musicians. Amani and Treavor began their careers as independent DJ’s and music producers in California and New Mexico. Today they have earned the reputation as one of the most prolific tribal trance artists in the United States. 

Spectacular Shpongledroid

Behind Shpongle were mesmerizing visuals from the notorious Android Jones adding even more of a galvanizing effect sending the crowd into a trance-like state. The visuals consisted of a pastel palette paired with a geometric psychedelic vibe. Along with the unusual visuals, Shpongle had an array of tribal dancers in store for the crowd. The dancers created a tribal and primitive choreographed set that drew the crowd in. The crowd also seemed very tranquil and spread out. Everyone had enough room to dance around without the bother of running into someone, or something. Each and every soundtrack played melted into a rhythmic jam session constantly pulling the crowd into a dreamy state. Once again, Shpongle put on an exhilarating performance.

Mission Successful: with the combination of these artists, dancers, and all the unbelievably charming merchandise at the vendors’ tables, it’s no wonder this night was so spectacular. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Shpongle, we urge you to. Very few artists can capture the energies and feelings of a whole genre as strongly and brilliantly as Shpongle does. If you missed out on this show, you should consider catching the next one. Luckily for all of you, Shpongle is heading to New York this upcoming December 14 and 15! There are tickets available for his Brooklyn destination on their website!  

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MIDIcinal Interview 11.29.19

While people were freaking out about the Black Friday sales early Friday morning, we sat down with MIDIcinal for a quick interview. From festival talk to having dancing lobsters on stage, we covered quite a bit. Curious as to what was said? We got you covered, check out the interview below!

The Interview

MIDIcinal Interview with Party Guru Productions     

Conducted by Patrik Essy

Patrik- Alright, sitting here with Midicinal at Corvus Coffee shop, how are we doing today?

MIDIcinal- I’m doing good man, enjoying it.

P- Awesome, that is always great to hear. It’s a little cold outside, was it hard getting here at all?

M- Not for me. The other day was a little terrible though. Digging the car out for a while so, I had an easy pathway today.

P- Yeah, I bet, that’s nice. Denver being the beautiful city it is, where are some of your favorite spots to go? And really just adventure around here?

M- Usually in the summer I like to, you know before work or whatever, get out and hike, Evergreen Lake, it’s close by. Lookout Mountain, Red Rocks for hiking and stuff. Yeah, I go downtown a lot, to Cervantes’ for sure, Black Box, all the little venues.

Favorite Venues

Patrik- Can’t go wrong. Speaking of venues, what would you say is one of your favorite venues out here to perform at? And one of your favorites you’ve attended at?

MIDIcinal- Definitely one of my favorites to play was Blue Bird Theatre, I’ve played there a few times but, it just always sounds well, it’s a good room too. It’s a big theatre looking room so it’s fun. But I’m at Cervantes’ at least once a week hanging out, I call that home.

P- I see that, yeah do you have residency there then?

M- Not really, my manager Diana works there so we have the in with a few things. We can get into research Wednesdays and stuff. Get a little guest list spot, it helps out.

Childhood Inspiration

Patrik- Right on, that’s nice. Yeah, very nice. Touching on your roots a little bit, growing up where did you find some of the most inspiration in music and what genres would you listen to the most?

MIDIcinal- Definitely Hip-Hop influence growing up. I was actually in a Metal band in high school.

P- Tell me a little more about that.

M- Yeah, we started when we were like 16, it was called Caskets for Kings. I was in a middle school band with some of the other kids, we felt distant when I moved high schools, but I heard they were doing a band and needed a bass player. Well I’ve played bass before with those guys, jumped in that, we were doing some pretty big shows. But we were too young to do anything like tour and still had school. It’s a lot easier alone, it was hard to get band members together and we started falling apart. So, I was like, I’ll start making music on my own, and that’s how I started producing really.

Live Instruments

Patrik- Yeah touching on that a little bit what live instruments do you play, and do you ever incorporate them into your music at all?

MIDIcinal- Not really. I wouldn’t say that I am good at any of them, I mean I can dabble around but it’s a little easier to like…

P- Play a few tunes on them if you wanted to.

M- Yeah, I’ll get a beat started by playing like bass or keyboard. I like sampling a lot though.

Dancing Lobsters

Patrik- Who are some of your favorite people to sample or some of your favorite samples to use?

MIDIcinal- Definitely like old soul and funk. Always doing acapella from raps that people know, so that they can relate to it a little easier but, it doesn’t really have a genre. If it sounds good, I’ll just grab it. Try to manipulate it enough.

P- That’s the best, so remembering back at Sonic Bloom, and I think you did it at another show too, but you had dancing lobsters on stage? Explain that to me a little bit.

M- I’ve only done that one at Bloom, it was an idea I had a long time ago, it was like 4 years old, I wanted to sample that from the Amanda Bynes show, “Bring in the dancing lobsters!”

P- Oh “bring in the dancing lobsters,” okay.

M- Well the plan was to make a song with that sample in it. I had the lobster costumes from 4 years ago, me and my buddy Cameron, and he was coming out to film so it’s like, this is the time we gotta do it. I didn’t make the song until the night before Bloom, kind of winged it together and it ended up being a big hit, like everybody. When I played Electric Forest the next week, I sat next to this kid who showed me a video of it and didn’t know it was me. So, I was like, “that’s pretty cool, but that’s also me!”

P- Did he kind of freak out after he released that it was you?

M- Yeah! We were just talking in the crowd. He said that he was going to be moving to Denver, so I said “let’s get to know each other. Hit me up if you are ever out there, I was just at Bloom last week” so I’ve met a lot of people.


Patrik- How did you like Bloom?

MIDIcinal- It was great, that was my first one attending or performing. I mean all my friends were there, the whole city was there. So, it’s a lot more home, family feeling.

P- So, that’s probably something that’s a little nicer to see, like all these Red Rocks shows and some of the other festivals that happen out here, like out at Mishawaka and they also have Sonic Bloom. So, would you say you like the festivals out here a little bit more with more of that festival vibe since it’s kind of like touching to home for you?

M- Somewhat. I enjoy getting out… As long as I have a crew or somebody to hang out with at the festival. I played a few festivals this past summer and they were just boring. Everybody has their friends, so you never want to intrude, but if you’re playing you have something to talk about with people. At least go to the artist spot. Bloom was definitely like, I had everybody with me. I had my girlfriend was there. I did Electric Forest the next week. Just met people out there and didn’t really have my crew, plus it was my first Electric Forest! So, trying to take all that in was like, “Holy s*** this place is huge”. Beautiful but…

P- Would you recommend going to Forest then?

M- Definitely. If it wasn’t so far, I would just plan to go, you can play so many renegade sets, music at everywhere you turn, yeah it was crazy.

P- Yeah, I saw that, I believe it was Said the Sky, he did that pop up piano set?

M- Yeah, it was amazing. It was a really good set, I got some videos.


Patrik- That is really cool you might have to show me some of those videos later! So, moving to the present, who are some artists that you listen to today and also just find inspiration from. Or even just listen to. So, let’s say you are driving down the road, who would you turn on to listen to?

MIDIcinal- I listen to a lot of my local friends which is fun. They make great music so it’s tough not to. I’ll usually put on the original like Daily Bread, Manic Focus, Late Night Radio. I really love the electric soul vibes, Michael Mennor, I got to play with him so that was a big treat too. So, I’m trying to dabble with those guys, or at least follow their music and hope we get to play a little bit more. I’ll listen to a lot of locals though, my homie Homemade Spaceship, the Kiro Banko boys are doing great things.

P- Didn’t you just have a show with Homemade Spaceship?

M- Yeah! We played in Chicago, last weekend. Yeah last Saturday with Low Key and them.  

P- How’d that go?

M- It was fun! They are both from Chicago, so they had a lot of old friends there, so it filled in pretty well. That was my first time playing Chicago too.

P- Really? Adventuring out to the Midwest a little bit more?

M- Yeah, I’ve done little places like, some smoke shop out in the suburbs of Chicago once and that was really… I wouldn’t consider that. This was the first official show with like a promoter and all of that.

On the Road

Patrik- Random question for you but, it seems like you have traveled around the world a little bit, where are some of your favorite places to go?

MIDIcinal- Well technically I haven’t left North America, I really enjoy… I am originally from New York, I was born in Staten Island. Going out there I’ve met a few people just playing shows and I got to play festivals out there and got connected with the scene so, when I go out there, I get to visit family, family I really don’t see often. I’ve been out to the East Coast three times this year so, getting to see them a lot more is pretty cool. So really anywhere up in New York, I have a lot of friends now up in the Philly area, a little further up to like Massachusetts, my friend Pyrex is up there. He actually hosted all of us, me, Homemade Spaceship, my homie The Business, who’s actually coming out here. Flying right now. He hosted three shows out there, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, stuff like that. There was a lot of the North East I got to see.

P- Yeah, it seems like Philly has been getting a lot more shows. And it seems like the EDM scene is growing a lot more rapidly lately.

M- Yeah, I know Wax Feature from out there, they’re some pretty good friends. They put me on one of their shows, a few years back. Because I was going to the East Coast and they were just like “Yeah put him on”. And we ended up becoming pretty good friends, I’ve gotten a couple releases, actually one release with them so far, Aspire Higher who’s out there doing some stuff, I’m kinda dabbling in there. But yeah it seems like they have huge lineups like every weekend.

New York to Arizona

Patrik- Yeah, I saw Space Jesus was just out there, Excision, a couple people like that. So, being from New York how long did you live there? Did you go to school there? How was that for you?

MIDIcinal- No, I was pretty young. I don’t really like to claim it, I moved out when I was 3. So, most of my life I was in Arizona, I’d still spend the entire summer in New York, as we get older, we’d still go back. There was a break when I didn’t get to go for like three years, just because of work and not having money to go, that’s why it’s cool to have a show out there, because there’s a reason to go. At least you get a little bit of money to eat.

P- That’s nice, treat yourself a little bit. So, you said most of your family is in Arizona, right?

M- Yeah, my immediate family, my sisters, my dad, my mom. They are both remarried but they all get along which is cool, so we get to hangout all the time. But my cousins, aunts and uncles are all in New York

Family Support

Patrik- Speaking on all of them, have they always been supportive of your music? Do they enjoy your music?

MIDIcinal- Yeah! Yeah, my immediate family goes to shows all the time. When I’m performing at Shady Park, in Arizona, they love Shady Park so every time I go down there, my dad and sister are flying out to my December 7th show, they all support. A lot of them don’t really go to shows, they like to but it’s also staying up late now, so it’s like getting later and later in the night that I play…

P- And it’s like the older you get the later it starts to feel…

M- Yeah, but they’ll do it.

P- Yeah, that’s nice. Have you taken them to any festivals or anything like that?

M- Not yet, I haven’t really played any close enough to them yet. They would definitely go for like a day, they wouldn’t stay the whole time, imagine that seeing them at the afters.

P- Yeah imagine that, seeing your dad at the after parties. Speaking on family and music who would you say has influenced you the most to make the music that you do today?

Musical Roots

MIDIcinal- Well it’s cool because my family is all interested in different styles of music. So, my dad’s like Rock n Roll, he used to jam with Joey Ramon, back in the early 70s, before the Ramon’s were a thing. But yeah, he’d jam with them, he still plays guitar, so that’s fun. I get a lot of my inspiration from him, he bought me my first bass. But my mom’s always been, I get my disco, funkiest side from her, she was a disco queen. And then my sister loves rap and all that, she got me a Bone Thugs tape when I was really young, like second grade, and my other sister, can just like sing any song. She just knows all the words to everything. Kinda getting inspiration growing up from the family, and all the homies in Denver.

December 7

Patrik- It’s kinda like a mixing pot then. Touching on December 7th what are you going to be doing, what kind of set are you doing? Who will be performing with you?

MIDIcinal- It will probably be a little bit different. I’m playing bass with all my music, well not all, I’ll probably set it down for some songs. But I have Dominic Fantay he’s playing drums, Future Joy, the two together. it’s Zach and his girlfriend Emily, she sings, and he’ll play the baritone sax. And then we have Sarah Mount on regular sax, Vinny Crippen from Melody Lines is doing keys, and my friend Joe Krog. He lives in Chicago, plays pretty lowkey but he’s playing guitar. It’s going to be a lot more jam-y, funky kind of stuff. We’ve had some practices and we just look around like “Alright! If you play this that night it’s going to sound good!”…

Original Sound

Patrik- Like everything just flows together? Typical artist stuff.

MIDIcinal- Yeah and a lot of like, I have songs that are not finished but the structure is there. So I’m just leaving it open for like, ok leave that for the guitar part, let the horns do this section, and just putting it together and making build ups and once the drop happens, it’s going to come together, it should be pretty cool. But yeah, it’s a lot different than, like lately I’ve been putting… a lot of people I’ve been mentioning. My homie Avery, we go by Ghost Ride as a side project, so we’ve been working a ton together. Probably the most out of anybody, so I’ve incorporated a bunch of those songs. All the homies’ tracks now, I used to play all original but it’s nice to branch out and give them some credit like “Do you guys know Avery? What’s up!” This one’s going to be a lot more breaking down some of my older tracks, while also jamming some new stuff, trying to make it a little more original, so people are like “I don’t know what’s going to happen, let’s see”.

P- Yeah, originality is key nowadays. Especially when you’re up in Denver and have five or six other shows to go to, so you have to do something original.

Christmas Toy Drive

MIDIcinal- Yeah and I have… five shows around Colorado in December. Fort Collins and Boulder and Longmont for like a toy drive right after Christmas so that’s pretty cool.

Patrik- Explain that a little bit more, tell the people about that.

M- Yeah so it’s a toy drive, at something opera house, my friend Garret got me introduced to it, Grim Beard Productions is throwing it. Indigenous Peoples are playing, a buddy of mine Jacob Butler is also opening, Grim Beard Garret is playing as well. But it’s going to be a funky Electronic, Hip-Hop kinda night, so they put me at the top, I’ll be headlining, Indigenous Peoples are right before me. Yeah, it’s like $10 to get in, if you bring a toy to the door it’s like $5, I did one last year too. They filled the bucket, which was cool, my friends Feature threw that. That was at Lamier Lounge which was pretty cool. Yeah but this place, I’ve never been up to Longmont before, I’m excited to check out that whole part of town, seems like a historic venue. But yeah, December 28th, that one should be pretty funky. From what I hear, I’ve never really listened to the other guys, local rappers though.

P- Butler I’ve listened to a little bit I’ve actually shot a few shows for him before and he also performed at this festival I help curate, a bunch of cool stuff like that.

M- That’s awesome.

P- But yeah that is awesome to hear that people are listening to the locals, giving back to the community.

M- Yeah, I like to do it anyway I can. I mean it’s tough especially when there’s so many shows and everybody is so competitive, it’s like nobody is really doing it for a good cause or if they do you have to be a part of it somehow. I’m a part of this one though, they asked so, yeah.

Upcoming Events

Patrik- Talking more to the people, what do you have coming up that you would just like to tell?

MIDIcinal- Well I’m doing a show tomorrow, which this won’t be involved with, my friend The Business is coming out here. He’s from Delaware, I’ve been working with him on a few tracks. We just released one, two days ago. But we have one that we made before that, we’re really just making a pretty big EP. But he’s going to be out here for two weeks, we plan finish that and to have that out early 2020. All my December shows coming up, we have a Potent Productions takeover coming up, that’s at Shady Park in Arizona. January 18th, but other than that I’m just going to start looking into 2020, I want to do the West Coast a little more. Trying to get out there but, it’s all who you know, you got to meet the right people.


Patrik: Looking into 2020, what big plans do you have? Any albums? You were just talking about that EP.

MIDIcinal- Yeah definitely that collab EP. Singles, I want to get more EPs done. I have album ideas, but I still feel, there’s more I want to do before I settle down and focus on a big album. I’d rather get those tracks out now than sit on them for a while. Unless they all come together pretty quick. Just get prepared for spring, hopefully get some festivals. Tis the season, now we have to start submitting applications.

P- Yeah, start looking for the festivals for the summer, that is true. Well is there any questions that you have for me?

M- Not really man.

P- All good! Alright, from not only myself but everybody at Party Guru Productions we’d like to thank you for the time and letting us conduct this interview today.

M- Definitely, thanks for having me man. I’ve been pretty excited for this, I’ve seen Party Guru around so I’m like, alright!

P- You see them everywhere, it’s kinda hard not to see them nowadays.  

Listen to the audio on Soundcloud here.

You got BASSTed

Yosef Asaf Borgore, musically known as Borgore, took on the headlining duties at BASSTed at the Fillmore on November 29, 2019 with co-headliner John Dadzie, also know as 12th Planet. In the Dubstep world, these two artists are the main reason why Dubstep is where it’s at today. Both of these artists have been grinding out music for over a decade. Borgore is an Electronic Dubstep artist from Israel who also sings, writes music, raps, and is very talented across the board. 12th Planet originates from Los Angeles, based in the Dubstep and Drum and Bass genres.


The Generals

Borgore moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to take his music to another level. He was a drummer in a Deathcore band in Shabira beforehand. In 2012, he released his first single called “Decisions” featuring Miley Cyrus. This song is really what set him up for larger success. 12th Planet is a native of South Los Angeles and was big into Drum and Bass under the alias Infiltrata. At one point in 2006 he decided he wanted to make Dubstep. This is when he changed his name to 12th Planet, from Zecharia Sitchin’s book, 12th Planet. This was a major changing point in his music career. Moving from Drum and Bass to a very new genre of music is always challenging. By being the first Electronic artist to bring Dubstep to America, most call him the “General of the Riddim Gang”.

Let the Night Begin

Starting off the night with Strange Tamer and Mother Lotus was a great way to begin BASSTed. They both brought some dirty Dubstep and Downtempo vibes to the early crowd, which ultimately gave BloodThinnerz the perfect set up. These two wildlings bring some of the heaviest Dubstep and Riddim you have ever seen. The transition from Heavy Metal to this style of music was very smooth. The end goal for every track was to result in bloody, savage, hard hitting basslines to make you go wild.

The Underground

Yookie B2B G-Rex

Furthermore, the transition to Tisoki was set up perfectly. From the UK, he is known for his Bass anthems and different styles. He brings the heavy, but can also bring the melody powered beats. Following, G-Rex b2b Yookie changed the whole energy of BASSTed right off the bat. The crowd was electric beginning to end. Yookie, brothers from New York, and G-Rex, from Detroit, have been on the up. G-Rex came out of his shell in 2018 with his release “Babatune” as a collaboration with Peekaboo.

The Right Phase


PhaseOne began to emerge onto the scene in 2013, but didn’t break out until 2018 by bringing Heavy Metal basslines mixed with Heavy Bass to the decks. First releasing two EPs on Firepower Records and then signing with Disciple Records in 2017. He released three more EPs while involved with one of the best record labels in the game for Heavy Dubstep and Riddim. In 2018, he got over the hump and wrote a magical project mixed with Heavy Metal, Punk and Rock roots that caught the eyes of many fans by forming his own unique style of music.

The Planet of the Opera

12th Planet

Furthermore, it is well known that 12th Planet is one of the most respected artists there is in the Electronic Music scene. He created the original SMOG events and traveled from event to event throughout the United States which rapidly grew his new identity, thus multiplying his fan base. 12th Planet, as co-headliner of BASSTed, came onto stage and the energy was very high as the crowd went crazy. His wild dance moves on the decks transcended to the crowd in a way that’s unexplainable. Every single soul in the venue was taken over by one of the best Dubstep artists to ever step foot on stage.

The New Gore Order


Next, Borgore had to follow a very stacked lineup. With ease, he came in pumping the bass, and vibrating fans in the air when they jumped. The bass he brought changed the game of the evening. Many say he ruined Dubstep; in fact he did and may have shattered glass from the bass. The minds of many were also shattered from the wild visuals, that were not only unique but rare. Being an iconic festival headliner, having him come right at you in a small, intimate venue was beyond incredible. As one of the first ambassadors of Dubstep, many thought it was a great honor to experience him and MOONBOY on the same stage.


In the end, BASSTed was magical. The talent on stage was amazing, and the perfect celebration of Reload Productions’ 20 years of crushing the Denver Dubstep and Drum and Bass scene. Taking a look around the whole incredible venue, seeing all the fans and staff dance to every bassline, is why these events are curated. The Bass capital really showed out where there were so many other events they could go to. The city of Denver wants to thank Live Nation and Reload Productions for one of the heaviest events to date.

Photos by Simon Quince

The Chainsmokers Lit Up the Pepsi Center During World War Joy

Electronic Music Masters

The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart make up the Electronic-Pop duo, The Chainsmokers. Originally from New York, these Los Angeles based boys have been producing music since the early 2010s. After getting their start by remixing various Indie tracks, they dropped their first original single “#Selfie” in 2014. This track reached number one on the Billboard Dance charts and sold millions of copies.

Since then, The Chainsmokers have released countless remixes, singles, EPs, and albums. Their first EP, Bouquet, preceded their Grammy award-winning single, “Don’t Let Me Down” with Daya. In the year 2017, the duo released their album Memories…Do Not Open which started their transition of sound from hard-hitting EDM to more Pop with Indie elements.

The Chainsmokers

EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, and Ultra Miami are just a few major festivals that The Chainsmokers have played at. In addition, they’ve also played various international festivals, have embarked on multiple world tours, and held residencies at different clubs in Las Vegas. As of this year, The Chainsmokers are currently the world’s highest-paid DJs according to Forbes.

World War Joy

On Tuesday, November 19, The Chainsmokers brought their World War Joy tour to over 18,000 fans at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. This huge arena is home to the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche, but is also the perfect place to hold shows for extremely well-known artists.

There are three floors in the building with access to three seating levels. Food, drink, and merchandise vendors fill each lobby area outside of the actual arena so there is plenty for attendees to do when they’re not watching the show. For each event, the Pepsi Center’s seating chart is slightly different. All seating was reserved including the back half of the floor for this specific show. The front half of the floor consisted of general admission with standing room only.

Lennon Stella and 5 Seconds of Summer

20-year-old Lennon Stella was the first act of the night. This blonde beauty sings the vocals on “Takeaway” with The Chainsmokers and Illenium. Her simple thirty-minute set consisted of subtle visuals, her, and a microphone stand. Some fans up front knew the words to all of her Pop hits including “La Di Da“, “Kissing Other People“, and “BITCH (takes one to know one)“.

5 Seconds of Summer was up next on stage and by this time the arena was completely full. A lot of attendees that night had handmade posters and had come specifically for them. This Australian boy band has been around since the early 2010s as well, and has more of a Punk-Pop feel. They opened with a song that everyone knew the words to: “She Looks So Perfect“.

5 Seconds of Summer

Since they were a full band, this set was full of energy and also had more production. Luke Hemmings (lead vocalist), Calum Hood (bass guitar), Ashton Irwin (drums), and Michael Clifford (guitar) had the audience engaged and jumping for various songs, including “If Walls Could Talk“. Later on, they asked everyone in the arena to put their up phone flashlights for “Ghost Of You“.

Michael’s birthday happened to be the day after the Denver show, so at one point in the night the band had everyone sing him happy birthday. The Australian band was really starting to feel the altitude towards the end of their set, noting feeling out of breath or feeling sick. However, they pushed on and finished strong with “Youngblood“.

Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford

Getting “Closer” to The Chainsmokers

Finally, The Chainsmokers took to the stage! They had quite an introduction, complete with tons of lights, smoke, descending light panels, and even fireworks. The production and rigging that made the setup of the stage were absolutely stunning.

Matt McGuire and Drew Taggart

Three huge LED screens were used on the back of the stage as well as various panels made up of multicolored lights. An elevated platform in front of that was where their drummer, Matt McGuire, was staged for most of the night. In front of that was the DJ booth complete with CDJs, drum pads, and a keyboard. The massive stage was also attached to a long runway that Drew ran out on throughout the night to be close to each part of the audience.

They performed “Takeaway” as one of the first songs and they brought out Lennon Stella who sang live vocals. Everyone on the stage had an insane amount of energy and brought the whole venue to life. They made use of the runway in addition to the whole main section of the stage.

An Unforgettable Night

Their set consisted of a healthy mix of their own old hits and their new music along with remixes of other popular tracks. “Push My Luck“, “Paris“, and “Closer” with Halsey were all performed. They also, unsurprisingly, brought out 5 Seconds of Summer for their remix of “Who Do You Love“.

The Chainsmokers

Throughout the night, various pieces of the stage transformed or lifted to showcase different pieces of the set. For example, a piece of the runway slowly lifted into the sky for one of Drew’s solos. Additionally, a different piece of the runway became elevated as Matt performed a drum solo with drumsticks that were on fire! At one point, The Globe of Death even descended from the ceiling and 3 motorcycles did stunts inside of it as pyrotechnics and CO2 blasters went off.

Before the show ended, Drew spoke about their collaboration with Chris Martin from Coldplay. According to Drew, Chris called them one day and wanted to get in the studio together immediately. The Chainsmokers dropped what they were doing and flew to Malibu to meet Chris. They met him at a nice studio on the beach, which was surely very inspirational. Then, The Chainsmokers performed “Something Just Like This“.


In conclusion, The Chainsmokers absolutely blew the audience away on Tuesday night. It was an extremely impressive live performance that we would highly recommend anyone to attend if they have the chance. Even though their new albums are mostly Indie-Pop focused, their show incorporated a lot more Electronic Music than was expected. Additionally, their production was on such a large scale for an indoor venue which made for a beautiful show.

If you weren’t able to attend the Denver show, don’t worry! The Chainsmokers chose the Denver location to film a VEVO special, so you’ll soon be able to catch the amazing production and energy from the comfort of your own home. If you’re someone that would like to see this live, however, The Chainsmokers are continuing their World War Joy tour until the end of the year in North America. Next year, they’re going international.

The Chainsmokers and Lennon Stella

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Photos by Simon Quince

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Day of the Deadmau5

Canadian native Joel Zimmerman, better known as the major music pioneer, Deadmau5, just rocked Colorado with two undoubtedly mental nights at America’s favorite venue. Deadmau5 delivered one of the most innovative productions of our time: the Cube v3. In fact, it was coded and mastered by the king himself. When Deadmau5 revealed the new Cube v3, Denver could only pray for the icon’s return to Red Rocks in 2019. Zimmerman is seemingly a perfectionist, as many would guess, crafting and coding every tiny detail of his newest baby. The Cube has the ability to spin on its axle, as well as cater to “on the fly controls” for the screen. In short, that means that they can put anything on the screen and do anything with it at any given time.

day of the Deadmau5 night one at red rocks amphitheater

Besides the beauty of the visual production, the sounds captured the hearts of all those who attended the winter party. On the first of November the attendees were hit with below-freezing temperatures, but Zimmer was in his element as he ostensibly loves performing in the cold. The two-day extravaganza showcased many different sounds from open to close, hosting quite the selection of Mau5trap family. Direct support consisted of the rapidly exploding techno killer, i_o, as well as the ever-so-creative Getter. The line up also brought in heavy hitter’s Callie Reiff and LIGHTS.

Banging Tunes

Once doors opened, a flood of energy entered the sold-out show as the sounds of Callie Reiff began to play. The multi-talented woman kicked off her career in 2016 with the release of “Tin Machine”. The New York native is a power house, with releases on A-Traks Fool’s Gold Records and notable recognition’s from EDM front-runners like Diplo. Callie Reiff came at us both nights with major hits and a variation of banging tunes. The self-taught drummer added live aspects to her set by including a drum pad, making her insanely fun to watch.

Deadmau5 performing night one at red rocks amphitheater

Unparalleled Alt-Pop

Based out of Toronto, LIGHTS filled all our alt-pop needs. LIGHTS boasts an impressive one million monthly streamers and over a hundred million US streams total. LIGHTS released “Skin&Earth” which pushed any limitations and exceeded all expectations, further proving her uniqueness in the scene. The high energy performance was not something to be reckoned with as it created an unparalleled experience for show goers.

Dark Techno Killer

The highly anticipated i_o made his Red Rocks debut on Friday night. Without a doubt, he demonstrated exactly why he has blown up into the dark techno killer that he is. i_o collab’d with Tommy Trash in 2017, really providing the most exposure to launch his stellar career. On Friday night we got techno two-stepping as his set was absolutely absurd, dropping new and old tunes. i_o will only continue to flourish with his death-defying tech. 

Getter, who ended his most recent tour early after tough criticism of his changed sound, did not come to mess around. This show was his first performance on the Rocks, making this set a mile-stone in his career. The “Visceral” artist bumped out major new heater “Heartless” which came out in the middle of last month. Getter played a variety of different sounds, even mixing in some crowd favorite “Terror Reid” stuff in the last fifteen minutes to everybody’s surprise.

Deadmau5 night one at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Deadmau5 Cube v3 Masterpiece

The forefront of all things progressive-techno has Deadmau5 written all over it. The meticulous producer never fails to bring the best of the best to his shows. He always pays the closest attention to detail: whether coding his cube, scrutinizing every sound in his music, or even shaping the mau5 head into the lasers. It is impossible to deny that the human dynamo brings nothing short of a story-telling rather than just a set.

The visuals on his cube were images of the year; capturing popular meme’s and opening his set with scenes from notorious video games. Getting the full experience, it was only proper that Deadmau5 bring out a vocalist to sing his Grammy nominated tune, “Raise Your Weapon”. This Day of the Dead weekend was nothing short of perfection, furthering the belief that Deadmau5 is one of the largest pioneers in dance music. 

Photos By David Cohn

The group will continue to perform on tour around the country, bringing in other Mau5trap family as well! The Cube v3 is enough of a show for anyone as it provides one of the most innovative ideas to the dance music scene. If you would like to check out more tour dates go ahead and click, here!

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