Kygo’s Spectacular Return To Red Rocks

Kygo, known to family and friends as Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, is a world-renowned producer, songwriter, and DJ. This Norweigan prodigy caught the music industry’s attention with his remix of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” in 2013. Soon after, his tropical house track “Firestone” also blew up, skyrocketing his career into something unspeakable. This 29 year-old has accumulated billions (yes, billions) of streams on Spotify alone since his first release.

Over the years, Kygo has performed at countless venues and festivals worldwide including TomorrowWorld, EDC Las Vegas, and Ultra Music Festival. Some of Kygo‘s most well-known tracks include “It Ain’t Me” with Selena Gomez, “Stole The Show” (feat. Parson James), and “Higher Love” with Whitney Houston. All of these songs are a perfect example of his signature lighthearted, upbeat, feel-good sound.

The Rebirth Of Red Rocks

Nestled in the hills near Morrison, Colorado, lies Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. This beautiful outdoor venue was opened in 1941 and hosts various events including concerts, film screenings, yoga classes, and more. This past year, they adapted to COVID-19 restrictions when possible by hosting drive-in movie screenings and limited-capacity shows. Furthermore, they took this time off to completely renovate the stage to help protect artists from inclement weather.

On Thursday, June 24th, Kygo returned to Red Rocks for the first time since 2018. This show was one of the first full-capacity shows that Red Rocks has been able to hold since the COVID-19 pandemic, and Kygo’s first live show in 18 months!

Once parked in one of the four main parking lots, attendees make the trek up to the venue either by stairs or a long ramp. Upon getting their tickets scanned, each attendee received a plastic bracelet with Kygo’s logo on it. This show had reserved seating, except for the top section which was dedicated to general admission ticket-holders. Various food and drink vendors are set up along the sides of the amphitheater as well as at the very top of the 193 stairs. Each show typically has two merchandise booths, with one at the Lower South entrance and one at the top near the visitor center.

Forester Up First

By the time that music started, the entire venue was almost full. Attendees were extremely excited to make their way into the venue and get settled for the night, so lines were already forming at restrooms and food and drink stands before the music even started. The first group to hit the stage was Forester. This indie-electronic duo is based in Los Angeles and was formed in 2019. In a few short years, they already have a record deal with Palm Tree Records as well as millions of streams on their songs.

Forester does an amazing job of incorporating live instrumentation and vocals with smooth electronic elements. Their stage setup consisted of a keyboard, drum pad, microphone, and mixer. Multicolored overhead lights amplified their set, and their name and logo were shown behind them as well. According to Forester, this was their first live show ever. Original songs like “Symphony” got a great crowd reaction from both their fans and people hearing their music for the first time. After their set, audience members could be heard discussing how much they enjoyed Forester‘s set and how talented they were. This seems to only be the start for Forester.

Frank Walker

By the time that the first set was finished, the venue seemed to be completely full. The next DJ to take the stage was Frank Walker. This Canadian musician and DJ started producing in 2016 and has played multiple international shows and festivals. Some of his most popular tracks are “Like Gold” with Loud Luxury (feat. Stephen Puth) and “Can’t Let Go“. His Red Rocks set was his first show in the United States in a year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For his set, Frank Walker used a small table with CDJ’s set up on the front of the stage. He also had an LED wall behind him, which was part of Kygo‘s full set up. Overhead lights shined multiple colors out into the audience and flashed along to his music to add to his set. Frank Walker really increased the energy in the venue with his high-energy set. He incorporated both original tracks and remixes of popular songs that had been trending this past year. Examples include “Levitating” by Dua Lipa (feat. DaBaby) and “Deep End” by Fousheé.

Kygo’s Return To The Rocks

After a short changeover, the lights on stage turned off and the amphitheater echoed with everyone’s cheers. Then, the huge LED wall on stage flashed clips of Kygo‘s previous performances at Red Rocks. Lights shined into the audience, and Kygo made his way on stage. Kygo‘s stage setup consisted of a semi-circle deck that had his CDJs, microphone, and anything else needed for his set. While performing, he was standing on top of two levels of smaller LED screens, so it looked like he was in the middle of this massive display.

“What’s up Red Rocks? Let’s see your hands in the air,” shouted Kygo. For his first song, he brought out Valerie Broussard to sing “The Truth“. His stage production was massive! Fog machines, lasers, bursts of fire, and fireworks were all used throughout the show. Attendees in the first half of the crowd could literally feel the heat from these whenever a chorus dropped and the stage lit up.

Remember how every single attendee received a plastic bracelet when entering the venue? Each bracelet was able to light up and was synced with the show. This added yet another unique element to his performance because the audience members were able to connect with each other and with Kygo on a crazy cool level. When looking at the crowd, it would be a sea of blue or pink, and they even twinkled and changed colors with the drop. At the end of the show, attendees were asked to recycle the bracelets, but a lot of people kept them as momentos.

Golden Hour

Throughout Kygo‘s two-hour set, he played a glorious mix of older tracks along with tracks from his most recent album release, Golden Hour. According to Kygo, this was his first time playing these new songs to a live audience. In addition to bringing out Valerie Broussard, he had a few more singers join him on stage. Parson James sang “Stole The Show” and Justin Jesso sang “Firestone“. Each singer was able to perform multiple songs as well, so the audience got to see them each a few times.

Kygo did a wonderful job of incorporating his original, bubbly, feel-good music with upbeat, house music breaks. He kept the crowd on their toes throughout, as no one could really tell what was coming next. Sometimes, you would expect the original chorus from a song and it would transform into a high-energy drop with lights and lasers.

At two points in his set, he slowed it down for some breathtaking acoustic pieces. A clear piano was brought out to the center of the stage. As Kygo made his way down to the piano, an eight-piece orchestra of string instruments also set up on an elevated part of his stage. Valerie Broussard came out once more to sing “Lose Somebody“. During his encore, he brought out the piano and orchestra again along with Justin Jesso to do an acoustic version of “Firestone“. The song eventually transformed into the full, upbeat version of the track, and Kygo went back up to his elevated part on the stage to finish out his set.

Can We Go Back?

Overall, Kygo put on a truly amazing set. The energy in the venue was so elevated the entire time, from the openers to the very last second Kygo was on stage. Every single performer, including the openers, singers, and orchestra, was extremely talented and it was so much fun to watch. Kygo‘s set was a dynamic audiovisual experience and it was clear to see that the audience enjoyed themselves.

This summer, Kygo is set to perform at a festival in Poland in August, at Breakaway Ohio in September, and at the Banc Of California Stadium, also in September. To keep up with Kygo, visit his website and social media accounts below!

Photos by David Cohn

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Scotty Boy Brings the Sounds of Deep House Brunch back to LA

The long-awaited return to live events in LA are over. LA County lifted restrictions to the lowest yellow tier in May allowing for dance floors to return with larger capacity limits and indoor establishments able to reopen. Memorial Weekend delivered plenty of options for music lovers but nothing else screams a summer kick-off more than a pool party or boat party; which, Deep HouseBrunch(DHB) did both.

Deep House Brunch is a long-running house music event that combines the soulful mix of live sax, guitar, and drums(or even bongos featured this weekend) with the latest house music favorites mixed by Scotty Boy himself along with other special guests. Long before COVID-19 rocked all music events to a halt, Deep House Brunch was a staple event every month at Elevate Lounge DTLA. It all started when DJ Scotty Boy moved from Vegas to LA and had trouble finding a venue that wanted a house or deep house music, so he created one himself. Fast forward to today, Deep House Brunch became a nationwide sensation with the help of a residency on the cruise ship music festival, Groove Cruise. As of 2020, you can now find DHB in GCFAM hotspots such as Houston, Miami, Vegas, and Scottsdale.

On Saturday, promoter Orlove Entertainment kicked the weekend off with a sunset cruise in Long Beach. Their lineup included Christian Bradford, Lavelle Dupree, Freshcobar, Eva Kane, and the DHB founder, Scotty Boy. Tickets went fast and sold out quickly with the boat operating at 50% capacity so it only felt right to bring in another event, cue in the Sunday Funday with Deep House Brunch Pool Party.

deep house brunch

The Mondrian Hotel pool was filled with beautiful people in their newest swimwear, lots of smiles, and plenty of champagne bottle service. It was another sold-out event that left even ticket holders without entry due to strict capacity rules to adhere to the city’s effort to return to business safely. For those lucky enough to come early, the energy from the electric guitar riffs to bongos banging, you couldn’t help but shake your booty. All the new house bangers from Defected Records were loudly represented in the scenic overlook of the Hollywood hills. With a similar lineup as the boat party the day before, each DJ had a way to carry the crowd with their latest
house tracks.

It was clear this was the place to be on a Sunday afternoon with the capacity at its limit for the entirety of the 6-hour event. The crowd had a good mix of DHB die-hards, to first-timers from bachelorette parties or birthday celebrations. Regardless of what brought people in, the vibe was the same. Overall, it was an unforgettable night and a time to be happy dancing in the sun with others.

Photos By Sonju

Deep House Brunch returns to where it all started on July 11th at Elevate Lounge. All restrictions will be lifted in LA county on July 15th making the flood gates of events are opening. Get tickets for the latest deep house events HERE!

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NGHTMRE just released his first ever tokenized collection! Each piece features original music from NGHTMRE and brilliant animations by Greg Mike.

After stumbling upon an art installation at Atlanta’s Counterpoint Music Festival in 2012, Tyler Marenyi aka NGHTMRE fell in love with the art and style of Atlanta-based artist Greg Mike

Further inspired by his deep involvement with skate culture and his intersections with the design world, Greg Mike has become known for pieces that incorporate vivid explosions of incandescent color filtered through a Surrealist Pop Art perspective. 


With murals painted in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and the Swiss Alps, to name a few, it was apparent that his art would go on to inspire a multitude of aspiring artists. Currently based in Atlanta, Greg Mike is the founder and creative director of ABV AGENCY + GALLERY, a multi-platform creative studio specializing in graphic design, street art, mural installations, art direction, and more.

Fast forward 9 years to the present day

NGHTMRE’s pursuit to remain creative has found him rekindling some of these precious moments of inspiration. After his encounter with Greg Mike’s art in 2012, NGHTMRE continued to follow the artist over the years and eventually became friends and collaborators. Coming full circle, the two have just held a special NFT Digital Art drop via Nifty Gateway last week.

“I’ve really loved Greg mike’s work for so long it’s amazing to be able to collaborate on something as unique as this. I’ve always loved the idea of audio/visual collaborations and this is my first opportunity to be able to do it!” –

Auction-style exhibition |Each piece in this collection represents the different creative energies one may experience throughout the day. 

The four digital art pieces all sold out via the Nifty Giveaway on the day of. However you can still visit the exhibition site and place your bids on the ones accepting offers. NIGHTMODE, HIGH NOON, and GUD MORNING each comes with a Crystal Ball + Custom Stand / Box. But remember you MUST OWN the NFT exactly 2 weeks from the drop time (March 31 at 6:30 pm ET) to claim the physical offering!

A portion of the proceeds of the sales will all be donated to offset the energy costs of the distribution and creation of these digital goods.

NGHTMRE & Greg Mike


NGHTMRE’s ascent to the upper echelons of dance music stardom has been nothing short of dream-like. His meticulous production and pulsating performances have cemented him as both a festival mainstay and dance music tastemaker.

About Nifty Gateway

Digital art and collectibles that you can truly own. Using the blockchain to enforce scarcity and prove authenticity, Nifty Gateway is the premier marketplace to buy, sell, and store your digital art and collectibles in the form of nifties, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Learn how to start your digital art and collectibles collection at!

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Inside Access to The Ravers Circle

Wether completing daily activities or relaxing at home its not rare to find one listening to a podcast. There is a podcast for everyone out there, including ravers. Colorado Springs local podcast, The Ravers Circle, has made their mark in 2020. Starting out with locals in the scene they feature artists of all walks of life. Hosts Alan Hyde Jr and Karisma Vacura takeover Level 4 Studio every Thursday night at 7pm MST.

We were lucky enough to have the chance to speak with both hosts of The Ravers Circle recently. With plenty of questions to ask these fresh podcasters this made for a great conversation. This interview is conducted by Patrik Essy. The following is an interview between Patrik, Alan Hyde, and Karisma.

Origins of The Ravers Circle

Patrik: This first question is obvious but it seems like a nice place to start off. I’m curious about how the Ravers Circle was created! Could you tell me a bit about its origins? Ex: How the name for the podcast was chosen, how the hosts were chosen, how guests are chosen, how the location was chosen etc.

Alan: The podcast was created out of an idea. I drew inspiration from some of my favorite podcasts that I enjoy viewing and listening to in my spare time. Since I am a huge fan of the electronic dance music scene, the idea came to fruition to pitch the idea of an EDM podcast. Though there is a few out there, the one that I had in mind would touch on everything EDM and rave culture. I love talking about the music and analyzing the different variances of the genre, so I chose to pitch my idea to a fellow DJ who also runs a studio here in Colorado Springs. I’ve expressed my interest about doing a podcast for the longest time and when he brought up the possibility of providing me an opportunity to do one, I absolutely jumped at wanting to get it launched. One of my very close friends Karisma, who is a seasoned raver also enjoys discussing EDM and is heavily into rave culture. I thought she would be the perfect co-host so it was a no-brainer to have her collaborate with me on this effort. As far as guests, we wanted to shine a light on our local scenes here in Colorado. This is the perfect platform to interview rising artists and our local talent. We felt this was a chance to give some recognition to the Denver aka the Bass Capitol of EDM. Colorado is a melting pot for electronic dance music and what better scene than here to show some of the most talented artists in the world. This was the perfect opportunity to highlight that.

Karisma: The Ravers circle was originally created out of friendship, and the want to share love and information to the community that means the most to us. AJ had made a post asking if he started a podcast about raving culture, who would want to help? I immediately reached out and inserted my interest and from there we met up to go over topics, plans, and goals. The name was agreed upon and I had my cousin design our logo. Guests are all of our friends and connections we have made over the years in the scene. The location was given to us by AJ’s good friend Kevin. Shout out to him for making our dreams a reality!

Visions and Options

Patrik: Have you always had an idea for a podcast or did you see it going in a different direction before starting off? Sometimes people don’t get their first choice right away when attempting to start something new.

Alan: I always had an idea and vision for it. I basically took the format from my favorite podcast (The Joe Budden Podcast) and put a different spin on it, which is for the EDM crowd. I knew there were a lot of popular hip-hop podcasts out there but not really many in EDM, especially for the format in which we do it in. The idea was to discuss this genre on both a local and national scale

Karisma: I personally have always wanted an outlet to share my emotions, thoughts, and beliefs with the world, I just didn’t know how to put that communication into place until The Ravers Circle was born. We both have always wanted this podcast to be a positive outlet and safe place for our viewers, a place to simply have fun spreading love during hard times in the world. That’s why I believe that the podcast has done so well, being our first time doing anything like this.

Questions and Guests

Patrik: As coming up with questions can sometimes be a difficult thing, do you plan all of your topics of discussion? Do you plan on what you are going to talk about? Or is it more of the type of thing where you all sit down and try to have a casual conversation?

Karisma: Honestly AJ Hollywood Hyde is the main person setting up our guests and our topics for each week. We choose together what we want to talk about, then each week we try to touch on different subjects that are important to us and the music industry. We do have a list guide for each episode but we also have a great balance of natural and casual conversation to keep things flowing uniquely.

Alan: It really depends to be honest. More often than not we do have planned topics that we discuss. We’ll discuss what is currently going on in the scene as far as the hottest trends, upcoming music releases, fun topics, etc. Then there are some weeks that we will freestyle topics and just have a casual conversation. The best example of that are our holiday episodes of the podcast. Those have been the most fun episodes to do because we just sit back and naturally discuss whatever comes to mind, even outside of electronic dance music.

Patrik: Being named the Ravers Circle, it obviously has to do with music. Do you all ever plan on introducing guests from all walks of life? Meaning if a comedian or chef was interested in coming on for the Thursday night episode would you give the thumbs up?

Karisma: Yes, we are The Ravers Circle, but we do touch on all different aspects of a ravers life. We are always welcoming everyone who may want to be a guest on the show.

Alan: Yes, we actually plan on expanding very soon with our outreach. The beauty about the world Electronic Dance Music, is that we live by PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect). We are very welcoming and inviting of all types of people. As of recently we thought about inviting guests that are non-ravers or not affiliated with the scene. My thought process is that I enjoy networking and building relationships with anyone and everyone. Plus, this is an opportunity to do cross-brand promotions and really expand our fan base outside of just EDM.

What is Level 4 Studio?

Patrik: Let’s talk about the space where you all are located, because it truly is a beautiful spot in an even more beautiful location! Taking place at Level 4 Studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado this is the spot. Having two full photo studios and a podcast studio makes this the ideal spot for any creator. Having enough room to also host live sets when possible, this spot is what some would call perfect. How did you get in with Level 4 Studio? Where was the podcast going to take place before Level 4 Studio? Do you all have any new ideas that you would like to do with the space or any areas around it? Do you think its location will be beneficial in the future? What big plans do you have in the works or have at least thought of? Where would the podcast be held if not for Level 4 Studio?

Karisma: Thank you! We are absolutely blessed with the space we have. Level 4 Studio truly is the perfect place for our podcast. Kevin, the owner of Level 4 Studio, reached out about using the studio as our own for the passion he saw in AJ, that is how the podcast was born. Having people believe in us and support us in such a way as Kevin is truly astounding to me. We definitely would not be where we are now without him. This location has been extremely beneficial in many ways to both AJ and I and it will continue to be resting grounds for many episodes to come, with many surprises in the future. The only times we will not be at the studio is when we are traveling. In those instances the podcast will be held remotely wherever we are at. Hopefully we will host an episode from the beach this year so stay tuned!

Alan: This opportunity definitely presented itself at the right time. The person that we use the studio from for the podcasts is also a DJ. His name is Kevin Davis and he is a prominent figure in Colorado Springs. We made the connection by DJ’ing together at a nightclub in downtown Colorado Springs named Thirsty Parrot. We were the resident DJ’s there for a long while and had built a good friendship. I mentioned a few times about wanting to start my own podcast and then eventually we had a meeting about starting one. He showed me Level 4 studio and I was amazed with how professional it looked. We sat and he asked what my goals were with what I wanted to do with the podcast. Once I pitched my idea, the rest was history. Luckily, Level 4 Studio is right in downtown Colorado Springs so I couldn’t be more gracious for the location. We get a gorgeous view of downtown and I get to see the beautiful city at night. We do plan on doing more soon for the studio. I plan on doing some livestream specials for myself and all of the local artists in the scene very soon. We also have plans on doing episodes of the podcast at various locations in the future. More will be announced in the upcoming weeks so be on the lookout for that.

First Attempts

Patrik: Let’s dive a little bit deeper here. Was Ravers Circle the first attempt at a podcast or have you tried and failed before? Most major podcast hosts have had multiple failed attempts at a podcast until finally finding what is right for them. Has this ever happened to you? Have you always had the support to begin a podcast? Who pushed you the most to create The Ravers Circle to be how it is today?

Karisma: I have always had family and friends tell me that I should find an outlet to communicate with the world! The Ravers Circle is my first real attempt of doing so. Both AJ and I pushed ourselves week after week to continue growing to be where we are now and for that I am extremely proud of the both of us. We both have amazing support from our loved ones as well. Even through hard times we have used the podcast as a positive outlet where we can let go and vibe like we used to at shows. I feel the quality of the atmosphere of the studio has helped my mental health flourish every time I am hosting an episode, we have had many guests feel the same way. I am forever thankful how amazing we have done straight from the beginning on our very first podcast. We adjust as we go and grow as much as possible and this is part of the cause of our success

Alan: The funny thing about it is that this is our first attempt doing this. I still feel that we have aways to go to get to our goals, but I am proud of the feedback that we have received so far. I think by episode 3, we had already hit over 1,000 views. I was a little in shock because I did not think we would even hit over 100 views, let alone over 1,000. We are still grinding away to grow our audience, I feel we are heading in the right direction. 


Patrik: Who are some of your inspirations in the podcast world? Who do you “look up” to? Who has been a positive influence to you during all of this and even before you started the podcast. Who had support for you when the idea was just beginning? Who didn’t? Don’t say names here hahahah.

Alan: This might sound cliche, the entire electronic dance music scene. Literally of the major scenes across the world. I draw inspiration from places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Chicago, and all over. Every scene is unique and different in its own way. It’s like your favorite restaurant, you have all of your favorite meals to choose from on one menu. That’s how I feel with EDM and this amazing world that I have became a part of. I can go to a show in Denver and it’s bass music galore. I can travel to Chicago and I am treated to some amazing house music. I can go to Detroit for Movement Festival and I will see the very best techno artists in the world. I draw inspiration from all of these different scenes and it’s a beautiful thing to experience.

Karisma: I honestly was not super into podcasts before our own but my main inspiration has come from the world of electronic dance music. I have always looked up to anyone who is spreading knowledge and love with the intent of growth. I have always had so much support from everyone in my life, and thankfully not too much hate.

Patrik: If you weren’t doing the podcast what would you be doing? 

Alan: I have no idea, probably just music production honestly. Some may not know, but I’m an artist as well. I’ve been a DJ in this scene for 7 years and just started producing about three years ago. So outside of the podcast, I’m working on music and releasing two EP’s by spring and/or summer of this year.

Karisma: I would still be doing everything I do now if I wasn’t hosting the podcast (work, mixing, traveling, etc.) The podcast itself is an extra bonus to my life that helps the way I perceive the world and how I mold myself as a person.

The “Real World”

Patrik: What do you do for your “real world” job? Do you ever see the podcast and your real world intervene in negative ways? Do you ever feel that you don’t have time for the podcast? Have you ever doubted yourself and your abilities when it comes to hosting a podcast?

Alan: I do have a real world job in human resources. Thankfully it’s not as stressful as previous jobs. I do suffer from several mental illnesses unfortunately, so I tend to enjoy jobs that are lower in stress. A fun fact about me is that I am a military veteran. I served 6 years active duty in the US Army and it’s definitely the most stressful job in the world being a US soldier. I promised myself that when I left the military, I would enjoy my life and focus more on the world of electronic dance music. Traveling to shows, working on music, DJ’ing, and just being a raver. I’ve been a fan of EDM since high school and it has been a passion to be apart of this amazing world. I don’t feel that the podcast and the real world will intervene in a negative way. I do my absolute best to keep it PLUR at all times. As far as time goes, I just make time as needed. I am always busy between podcasting, being an artist, having a full-time job, and making sure I have time for hobbies.

Karisma: I have had so many jobs in life from medical billing, to stocks, and everything in between. I currently work at AT&T and I have open and clear communication about the podcast being a main responsibility in my life. Thankfully, my everyday life has only been enhanced by hosting the show. The only times I have missed the show was when I was playing a show or on my anniversary vacation, I do not plan to miss the show otherwise. Thankfully we host the show on a weekday that way when shows start coming back more we will both still be available. At first I was nervous about my abilities as a host, but now I look forward to every Thursday because of how much fun every episode is.

Plans for 2021

Patrik: What big things are planned for 2021? How do you plan to take over the podcast game? How do you plan to overcome Covid in 2021?

Karisma: We are expecting this year to be huge for The Ravers Circle. We have already had some decently big names in the scene and we look forward to keep growing and getting bigger and better names than before. We will take over the podcast game with honesty, love, and a little bit of spice that keep our listeners engaged and coming back for more. Our connection to the scene and our support has already taken us so far that we plan to keep going from here. We have been a light to the community with shows being gone and help during the hard times of Covid and we will remain safe, sanitized, and helpful in 2021.

Alan: We have a lot of announcements coming very soon that I’m excited for. We plan on bringing bigger artists, managers, venue owners, etc. I feel that the only way we will take over the podcast game, is with our audience. The rave community is what drives this machine. This platform will let the voices of every raver across the world to be seen and heard. Our takeover starts with our engagement. The bigger our fan base grows, the chances of us being a top-tier podcast will become a reality. As far as COVID-19, we plan on doing any and all necessary steps on our end so that we can get back to some type of normalcy. Social media has been used to our advantage during this pandemic thankfully. Our plan is to keep engaging with our audience during these troubling times and keep spirits lifted for all our fellow ravers across the world.


Are you looking for your chance to sit down with the Ravers Circle? They are actually still booking guests for 2021! For more information head to any of their socials below. With each episode being about an hour in length or longer it is sure to keep you entertained. Everyone has the ability to listen so why not check them out? They might just be your next favorite podcast! Stay tuned for all of the great things they will be doing in 2021.

Photos By Patrik Essy

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Colorado Governor Jared Polis Advises Cancellation of Events with 250+ Attendees

In a live statement made by Jared Polis, Colorado events with 250 or more attendees have been advised to cancel in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Coronavirus vs. The Entertainment Industry

The World Health Organization officially declared coronavirus a pandemic Wednesday evening. The WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says: “We are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity — and by the alarming levels of inaction.

The amount of canceled or postponed concerts, film releases, festivals, conferences, and events continues to grow exponentially as the coronavirus spreads. While many event attendees publicly express their frustration, it’s important to acknowledge this from a wider perspective. As the world scrambles to contain the coronavirus, the entire entertainment industry is suffering the secondary effects of the outbreak.

The industry is losing money, marketers, venue security, stage hands, and all other entertainment workers aren’t getting the hours they need for their bills, and many artists have already called off their biggest tours of the year.

What’s Next?

The entertainment industry has rapidly responded to the CDC’s warning that Americans should prepare for a coronavirus outbreak. Within the past week, Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland Winter, Rampage Open Air, Buku Music + Arts Project, SXSW, and Deja Voom in Mexico have publicly announced cancellations due to the Coronavirus.

Countless festivals like Stagecoach and Coachella originally set for March are being postponed. Most of these events are considered to be a “kick-off” to festival season.

This, unfortunately, begins to spark major concerns about future events potentially heading in this direction. Many festivals that annually occur in the summer and fall seasons are amply watching for updates and keeping their fans in the know about what’s happening with their festival plans.

Insomniac creator and founder Pasquele Rotella publicly announced Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC Vegas) will still be taking place on its scheduled dates. Alongside with Michigan based festival Electric Forest, organizers published on their media that the festival is indeed still on. They will be working with the appropriate authorities to ensure that the planned event proceeds safe and healthy for all attendees.

Any updates will be communicated to ticket holders.

Colorado was not the first state-wide ban on public gatherings. Washington, California, New Mexico, Utah, and New York have placed similar restrictions on event capacities, and advise any events that do continue to take place to ensure there is room for 5 feet in between each person.

NBA Responds

Image result for nba coronavirus

The NBA has suspended all games as of yesterday after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19.

One day later, Gobert apologizes to teammate Donovan Mitchell, who tested positive for coronavirus shortly after.

MLB, NHL, MLS, and More Follow Suit

Shortly after NBA cancellations came the cancellation of Spring Training across the Major League Baseball and the suspension of all upcoming National Hockey League games ‘until further notice.’

MLS has also suspended their season for 30 days.

The Boston Marathon has been pushed back to September 2020

The pandemic has led to a 32 day cancellation of New York City’s Broadway shows.

Most recently, one of the largest sporting events of the year, The PGA Masters has also been postponed due to COVID-19

According to The National Review

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 can linger in the air for at least 30 minutes and travel up to 4.5 meters – further than the “safe distance” advised by health authorities around the world.

The researchers also found that it can last for up to 12 hours on a surface where respiratory droplets land, raising the risk of transmission if unsuspecting people touch it and then rub their face.

All of which, while tragic to the common event attendee, leads us to believe that this was the best course of action that could have been taken. Slowing the spread of the virus is what’s most important at this time.

Putting The Entertainment Industry In A Hole

Many people on social media are expressing their ignorance through memes and jokes in reaction to these cancelations. It’s important to realize that festivals do not want to cancel. Countless jobs in a multibillion dollar industry will be affected by this outbreak, and the financial repercussions for companies and economies will last months.

According to a statement published on Forbes, SXSW laid off 50+ of its year-round employees already. Last year, the festival brought $365 million to the city of Austin. That’s $365 million in revenue that won’t be streamed through the city this year. Each and every one of these festivals brings a substantial amount of money to the hosting state, but remember it’s also people’s careers; it’s what pays the bills. It’s what they rely on. The cancelation of these events puts caterers, drivers, bartenders, tech crew, security staff, dancers, painters, vendors, and coordinators out of the job for an undefined time.


It’s time to put the jokes to rest, this industry is losing work and it’s just not funny. So if by any chance these events do get canceled, please trust that it’s all in good conscience for everyone’s safety. It’s important to remember that the people who make these events happen, truly want you to endure the experience just as much, if not more as you do.

The idea of these event cancellations is so people can avoid the acceleration of the spread. Social avoidance, though very uncommon in the Colorado entertainment and nightlife community, is the recommendation at this time.

Party Guru Press will stay diligent on this topic and will make sure everyone is informed as the situation progresses.

Please click HERE to be connected to the World Health Organizations website to learn more about the global pandemic and recommendations for those that suspect they have the coronavirus.

Interview: We get to know House artist Wax Motif

Danny Chein, musically known as Wax Motif is a house artist hailing from Australia that has made an incredible impact on electronic music. Wax Motif made his way to Temple Denver this month and showed Colorado the true spirit of house music. During the show, he showcased his stylistic contributions to the genre; specifically G-house.

From Down Under to Denver

He built his fame in the house world through collaboration with renowned artists including Destructo and GTA (now Good Times Ahead). He has also performed at major festivals, such as EDC. Fortunately enough, Party Guru Press got the opportunity to talk with him to gain some insight into his professional life. Read below to catch what Wax Motif had to say about Denver and beyond:

Party Guru: You’re known for your upbeat house music productions. Do you listen to other genres of EDM you don’t usually mix, like dubstep?

Wax Motif: Yeah, I like listening to everything really, a good song is a good song. I gotta admit I don’t listen to a lot of heavy dubstep though.

Is there a certain vibe that Denver gives off when you come for a show that’s unlike other cities?

Yeah, when it snows the atmosphere outside is really peaceful.

What’s an aspect of being a house artist that you enjoy the most?

Long mixes.

Is there a certain event that has happened in your past that you see as a major cause of your successes today?

Moving to America opened up a lot of opportunities for me, so that was a defining moment.

You’re known for your contributions to the G-House or Ghetto House movement, what is it about this genre that makes it so special to you?

Combining rap and house, what’s not to love!

You’ve been releasing a multitude of singles throughout 2019, can we expect an EP or album soon?


What artist have you had the most fun collaborating with thus far? What do they bring to the table?

GTA is always fun cos they bring that wild latino vibes.

How have you seen your artistry change as you’ve gone from amateur to expert?

I think just being more confident in my work.

Anything you would like to tell your fan-base right now?

Waxgang 4 life.

Wax Motif moved on from his Denver stop and is now set to perform at other major cities in Canada, as well as various stops in the US – from Philadelphia to Houston. Unfortunately, he may not be coming back to Colorado for a few months, but there are various ways to listen to his individualistic style without having to leave your bedroom.

What Next?

Wax Motif is the curator of House of Wax Radio, which showcases on Sirius XM, and has a new single “Skank N Flex” with Taiki Nulight and Scrufizzer. Although Denver may not be a house music mecca, Wax Motif was able to make that seem like a reality, even if it was only for one night. The next time Wax Motif makes an appearance, the locals will need to make sure to get ready for a house party like no other.

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Jauz’s Dangerous Waters Swept Through The Fox Theatre

Sam Vogel is the name behind the extremely innovative, high-energy producer, Jauz. This 26-year-old is based out of Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Icon Collective College Of Music, Jauz quickly made a name for himself in the electronic music industry. “Feel The Volume“, released via Mad Decent in 2014, was one of his first tracks that seriously caught the attention of both fans and fellow producers. Before he knew it, he was playing the main stage of festivals including HARD Summer, EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Miami, and more.

Jauz- 02/16/20- Fox Theatre

In the last few years, Jauz has sold out two headlining tours, played countless festivals worldwide, curated various Off The Deep End events, and even created his own record label called “Bite This!“. His music is beautifully diverse in the sense that each song has different production elements, core sounds, emotions, and subgenres. This holds him true to his creed, “music has no boundaries”.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jauz’s euphoric, lyric-filled music, we suggest you listen to the following songs: “Rock The Party” with EPHWURD, “Shake” with Zeds Dead, and “On Fire” with HYPRESSION.

The Shark Squad Heads to Boulder

On Sunday, February 16th, Jauz brought his Dangerous Waters Tour to the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado. This intimate venue can hold up to 500 people. When first entering the venue, ticket holders will see the venue’s lobby with a merchandise stand, a large curved bar, and restrooms. Once they pass into the main room, a few different levels of the floor allow for a clear view of the stage from any point in the venue. For those that want an elevated, VIP experience, a small balcony is accessible for an additional cost.

Dark Trap: Tynan Edition

Tynan filled the venue with dark trap while the audience slowly began to flow in. The makeup of the crowd at this show was mostly between 18 and 23, which was much younger than the audience at some of his other shows. For the openers, the stage setup consisted of a table with CDJs at the front of the stage and multicolored lights on both the top and sides of the stage.

This unique producer and DJ embraces any and all sounds which, allows him to connect with his listeners on a unique level. Imagine a combination of 1788-L, Excision, and G Jones. Tynan did a great job of working with the room by using big hand movements and mouthing the lyrics of the tracks being played to engage the audience. Heavy tracks got the best crowd reactions, including a remix of DJ Snake’s “Propaganda“. The next day, Tynan tweeted about the show saying “…there’s just something special about playing a small room filled with people that are down for whatever you play.”

Jauz- 02/16/20- Fox Theatre

Habstrakt Shakes The Fox Theatre

Habstrakt took the stage next. This future bass, drum and bass artist hails from the South of France and has been producing electronic music since 2008. In addition to creating distinctive mixes for record labels including Never Say Die and Buygore, Habstrakt has also performed innumerable headlining shows and festivals throughout the years.

The energy inside the venue increased tenfold as Habstrakt played crowd favorites including “Chicken Soup” with Skrillex, “Movie” featuring Josh Pan, and of course a remix of “Griztronics” by Griz and Subtronics. About halfway through his set, the venue was about three-quarters of the way full. Furthermore, the number of lighting effects on stage also increased, which made for a much more immersive experience. Everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves as they were jumping, dancing, and singing along to whatever songs they knew.


Finally, after a short changeover, Jauz walked on stage and greeted the full venue. His stage setup consisted of the same table with CDJs and an addition of a huge LED screen in the shape of a shark fin. Several different images, effects, and videos played across the LED fin in sync with his tracks, making for a truly unique signature experience. Lightbars and rotating lights also came into use along with lasers and CO2 blasters.

Right off the bat, his high level of energy felt completely contagious and the entire audience skyrocketed into elation. Songs including “SQUAD OUT!” with Skrillex and Fatman Scoop, “Super Hott” with Dubloadz, and “Bring Em Back” with Tynan had every single person in the venue living in the moment jumping up and down.

Energy Check

At one point, Jauz did something he does on every stop of the tour: an energy check. This is where he has everyone jump as high as they can for as long as they can during a drop. Later on, he slowed down the energy for a few minutes and had the audience breathe in and out to power through the rest of the set.

Throughout the night, Jauz‘s stage presence was something so captivating and fun that filled the venue with such feel-good energy. One thing that really stood out was his huge, exaggerated movements during certain songs. He was just as in-the-moment as everyone in the audience, and it was really cool to see.

Jauz- 02/16/20- Fox Theatre

The Shark Returns

Towards the end of his set, he was able to do something that can really only be done at smaller, intimate shows. He took a break from playing and grabbed the microphone to thank them for coming out, but also to talk about his past experiences at the Fox Theatre in Boulder.

According to Jauz, one of the first shows that he played while he was still in college was at the Fox Theatre in 2015. This show was with Ookay, Dot Com, and Borgore. He remembers the audience being absolutely amazing and helped him calm down even though he was extremely nervous. (Words of wisdom from the man himself, don’t eat an edible before your set or you’ll freak the f*ck out.)

La Fin

Jauz slowed down the tempo after over an hour and a half of keeping the energy up. He mixed “Heaven” by Avicii and Coldplay into his own track, and “Rave With Me” with Ducky. To end the set, he played his remix of SHAED’s “Trampoline“.


Overall, this was an extraordinary show. Everything from the mesmerizing visual experience to the artists’ direct interaction with the crowd made for a perfectly memorable night. It was really refreshing to see these big-name artists get to play such a small room and really play whatever they wanted. Despite the small space, each artist on the lineup still gave their full energy during their sets.

Jauz- 02/16/20- Fox Theatre

Photos by Adi Sadeh

If you’re hoping to catch Jauz in a city near you, we highly recommend it. To listen to the Dangerous Waters EP in full and keep up with Jauz visit the links below!

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EDC Week: A Ravers Paradise Returns

Image result for edc week

The world-renowned Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) returns to Las Vegas once again, for the 10th consecutive year on May 15th-17th. Leading up to this highly anticipated event, headliners will come together for a full week of pre-parties, recovery gatherings and life changing experiences. EDC week week happens in May, so, attendees can predict beautiful weather conditions for all the thrilling outdoor functions. Insomniac being the masterminds behind EDC have formed an event like no other. Insomniac thrives in creating a plentiful of offerings for the electronic dance music community all along the Las Vegas strip. Whether you enjoy splashing around the hottest pool parties or getting down inside some of the most sought after clubs. It is safe to say EDC week will offer some of the greatest memories of 2020.

Variety in Vegas

72 hours leading up to the festival, comes in headliners from all walks of life. More than 450,000 people come to Las Vegas from more than 100 countries. Insomniac hosts a range of banging events on top of the endless casinos, award-winning restaurants, and one of a kind performances Las Vegas has. There are more than 15 day clubs on the strip of Las Vegas that take part in the festivities. To support the entertainment of the attendees, the clubs have 60+ different shows with the most remarkable talent.

While EDC week has yet to announce the 2020 acts, attendees are anticipating performances from top well known artists. Five-star clubs like Drai’s Beach Club and XS nightclub put out experiences that can’t be seen anywhere else. Some of the most influential names in the scene, including Illenium, Snails, and Marshmello have headlined in past years. Which, these sets bring in more of a personal aspect, as they tend to have a smaller crowd.

The Initiative

Image result for edc charity

While Insomniac is known around the globe for their top-notch events, the group prides themselves on their initiative to give back. Over the years, Insomniac has continuously increased profits for the major cities they work with to deliver jaw dropping experiences. Insomniac has brought in more than 2 billion in revenue in Las Vegas alone. Every year since 2011 Insomniac hosts what they call the “EDC Charity Initiative”. The charity moderates an auction that gives attendees a chance to win big with their own personal lottery. By participating attendees have a chance to win their own backstage trailer, golf cart rides or meet and greets with iconic artists. Insomniac has raised more than $2,000,000 since the start. In the past, the money gathered has gone to the Boys and Girls Club and Nevada public education.

The Worlds Largest Party

Image result for edc charity

It doesn’t stop there, on May 15th the largest festival in the world begins, EDC Las Vegas. After 10 strong years EDC still resides at the Las Vegas Speedway. The Speedway host’s eight stages and the most creative production. Electric Daisy Carnival stays true to its carnival roots by transforming the speedway into a psychedelic playground. The festival offers a mixture of different rides, an official parade, and more than 100 performers. Insomniac continues to push the envelope by redefining the scene in ways unthought of before.

The 10th anniversary is just over 100 days away. So, it’s time to get those party pants on. EDC week brings in life changing experiences and celebrations. Leaving no room for excuses to miss this event. When it comes to buying your ticket and talent announcements make sure to stay up to date by clicking here!

Meow Wolf Dark Palace: A Cosmic Treat for the Masses

Meow Wolf: A portal into another dimension of artistic and human possibility. We know it as the first interactive art experience of its kind; it opened in Santa Fe, New Mexico in March of 2016. A massive 70,000 sq ft warehouse dripping with intertwined fabrics of reality; beautifully interwoven into our tangible existence within 70 different rooms.

Taking you by hand into a world of unlimited imagination, Meow Wolf gathered caverns of creations curated by none other than Game Of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin. Consequently, earning the THEA Award-winning House of Eternal Return, guests travel into a multidimensional mystery house. It oozes with portals to magical worlds, secret passages, interactive walls and plenty to keep you utterly enthralled. Travelers spend hours exploring every possible inch, finally leaving with multitudes of inspiration and yet unanswered questions. The ability to fully comprehend the exhibit as a whole is something the mind thirsts to quench in one visit.

Ethical Philanthropy

In short, the cultivation of Meow Wolf ripped a hole into the world of DIY venues, art installations and musical venues. People from around the world made the trek to immerse their senses in a way previously unknown. The successes of the Public Benefit Corporation saw profits from 10 to 18 million each year. They quickly reinvested those funds into additional permanent installations. As Meow Wolf grows into new markets, they have the mission to integrate the needs of each unique community. Community involvement, ethical philanthropy, environmental stewardship and strengthening the local economy are major piers of the organization. As they look into future markets, the needs of the local creative community take priority before undertaking their significant projects. Our appreciation for this organization certainly throbs with respect for this.

Expanding Markets

New upcoming expansion markets include Las Vegas, NV (2020), Washington, D.C. (2020), Phoenix, AZ (2022), and our very own in Denver, CO (2020). Meow Wolf already jump-started the new relationship in Denver earlier this year by curating an art ride, Kaleidoscope, at local amusement park Elitch Gardens, located in the heart of downtown Denver. Riders experience a journey through quantum travel and into the uncharted depths of the cosmic void. Knowing this attraction would attract both children and adults, as does The House of Eternal Return, it welcomes all ages. Permitting all to question the unlimited possibilities of the mind and the universe through mesmerizing exhibits in a dark ride. This artistic addition to the 129-year-old amusement park brought additional revenue from existing admirers and intrigued newcomers. In September, Meow Wolf announced the coming of the Dark Palace.

Denver’s 3-Day Festival

An additional anticipatory celebration of the new permanent location of Meow Wolf – Denver reinvests their creativity into a three-day indoor mini festival, the Meow Wolf Dark Palace. This three-day arts and Electronic music festival had the city of Denver buzzing with excitement and bubbling curiosity. The House of Eternal Return became infamous for their music events held within the dreamscape castle of never-ending ear- and eye-gasms. In short, Meow Wolf knows how to throw a party to ignite each and every sense, including some new ones.

Artists on the first night included Claude VonStroke, a legend in the House music scene, Guy Gerber, Oona Dahl, MK, JLin, J. Worra, Steve Darko, Jimmy Edgar and local house hero Option4. Meow Wolf Dark Palace – A Dance Obscura, began last weekend at The National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado. Local residents, honored to receive one of the first articulations of Meow Wolf, certainly bought tickets. It also attracted admirers from around the globe. Day 1 was all about House, and the place was vibing!

The Dark Palace

Firstly, upon entering the Dark Palace, we were welcomed by a neon cylindrical installation made up of illuminated triangles stretching about seven-feet tall. Slightly reminiscent of Tetris, we felt comforted by the peaceful shapes. Then we proceeded forward, past a tropical boozy smoothie stand to a wall decorated brightly by a three dimensional tetrahedron. The sides of the shapes comprised of tubes as thin as straws and only portions of the three-dimensional sides were solid. Consequently, this created a transparent, floating appeal.

Through the visual invitation, to our left and down some stairs, we subsequently found the giant cuddle puddle cafe. Patrons aplenty filled the makeshift couches, platformed seating adorned with glowing chairs, and movable dot-like gel seats. One way that Meow Wolf integrates community is by creating space for people to be comfortable amongst the art. Overstimulation is typically on the menu, so weaving in a place to unwind is divine. To communicate, connect, reflect and find peace. 

The Hall Stage

Meanwhile, just parallel to the squishy chill zone illuminated by large-as-life frames illuminated a wall, perfect for impressive group photos and expressive selfies. You could also find these walls along the Hall Stage, which was located just around the corner. In addition, the Hall Stage had a large projection screen that projected translucent images of oversized faces with the backdrop being the DJ on stage. The sound did have a “hall” sounding sensation; but this was likely due to the large, older venues’ open interior design. As it is with most shows, the location to speaker to dancefloor matrix is very crucial to maximize sound absorption.

Night One

The main attraction of Night 1, was the Main Stage featuring Claude VonStroke. With Guy Gerber playing the Hall Stage at essentially the same time, fans faced harsh decision making or vowed to bounce back and forth between stages to not miss a beat.

The Main Stage

The Main Stage, wow… It took us aback. Framed with tall pyramids reaching towards the domed roof sprinkled themselves out and onto the dance floor. Stage projections and internal lights illuminated them. Individual cubic-shaped pillars wrapped up next to and in front of the DJ’s that reached almost as high as the stretchy pyramids, forming a backdrop. These pillars featured some of the most illuminating and detailed artwork projected by breathtaking visual artists. With lasers blasting through the atmosphere above the dancefloor, the use of space was admirable in bringing an immersive visual experience. For those who wished to sit, the stands facing the stage were available, which had speakers strategically placed to provide a well-rounded sound experience. Dancers in full wardrobe pulled at your comfortability with intoxicating moves and elaborate outfits. 

Night Two

Night 2 boasted the likes of VCTRE, Late Night Radio, Nadasound, LYFTD, Megan Hamilton, Schlomo, Charlesthefirst and Mass Relay. To be certain, there were three to four times the amount of attendees than Night 1, which brought a vibe closer to that of an outdoor music festival. It was dark in places, but in the far reaches of the venue one could stumble upon multiple rooms providing an intricate and fully designed Meow Wolf artistic explosion.

In one room you were invited to eat queer art for breakfast. This room was decked out in fabulous and sparkly decorations with room to sit and selfie or mingle. We were quickly drawn to the make your own kandi table where you could string your very own bracelets to remember the event by. Following through to another room with ceilings stretched with neon nylon webs and mirror eyes to have you looking from a multitude of perspectives. On the other side you could find yourself being eaten by yarn-shaped jellyfish-like cascades from the ceiling and bar windows where you could take more pictures or welcome outsiders in to explore. 

Walking between the main stage to the chill zone or Hall Stage you could find yourself twisting like a ballerina from reachable disco balls, drizzling passersby in a rainbow of disco magic.

Night Three

Night 3 was the one to send everyone off. Adding even more projections on previously empty massive walls, picture opportunities abounded. Being blessed by the sounds of MeSo, Of The Trees, Shades, Eli Escobar, Lauren Lane and Dirt Monkey, Bass music junkies came to frolic in the visual and audible awe. Getting lost in the chambers of creation provided by the infamous Meow Wolf superseded our expectations and left us thirsty for more. Don’t be discouraged though, world, Meow Wolf in many new states will be ready to go for all, soon enough. In fact, you can pre-purchase tickets to the new locations now. Don’t wait for your mind to be rewired and stretched to new underlying depths of infinite wonder and treat yourself to the sensations you’ve always been waiting for without further adieu. 

Artist Shoutouts

Artist shoutouts who helped curate the incredible environment include: AudioPixel, Chelsey Crandell, Collin Parson, Denver Digerati, Emma Balder, Ethnograph, Jon Medina, Laleh Mehran & Chris Coleman, Matt Barton, Moe Gram, Psychopomps, Rainbow Militia, Secret Love Collective, The Girls of Denver Kiki Sessions, Werk Out Palace. More info available here:

Meow Wolf Night 2
Meow Wolf Night 2
MeSo on Night Three
Meow Wolf Night Three
Shades Night Three
Dirt Monkey Night Three

Photos By Reda Ruokyte, Roberto Loya and Simon Quince


10 December Festivals to Close Out the Decade

2020 is just around the corner and it’s important to note the significance of it all. Music and art festivals have been a true tour de force in recent years to no small account. As professional partiers, musicians, and all around fun- havers, we go forth into the new decade bringing with us nearly 50 years of celebrating live music. The international music scene is vast. It’s full of people who live presently, spread love, and lose themselves in the beat.

December brings a bitter chill for most of us. But the New Year deserves a celebration that can’t be dampened by a little cold. It’s up to us to keep ourselves warm and make this a wild NYE. In fact, our favorite artists are going all out and hitting weekend shows back-to-back over the course of the month! That means there will be numerous chances to catch not just one, but maybe two or three sets from multiple musicians.

The following 10 festivals and events are the perfect way to ring in 2020.

#1 Intersect Festival, December 6-7, Las Vegas, Nevada

To begin, Intersect starts off the list with a fun pop. This multi-genre festival will take place the first weekend in December in Las Vegas. The festival grounds are located directly off of the Strip making a great pair for Sin City antics. To that end, Intersect advertises next-level immersive art, tech, and interactions to show off. This two-day event features artists Beck, Kaytranada, Gesaffelstien, CHVRCHES, Foo Fighters, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, Leon Bridges, and Flying Lotus.

#2 Audiotistic, December 28, San Bernardino, California

Next, Audiotistic is a one-off right before the New Year. Hosted by Insomniac, this two stage, House-focused show is going to keep the party simple. Additionally, Insomniac uses this venue to host a number of their successful shows, and Audiotistic 2019 will soon be added to the roster. Expect great weather, chill vibes, and lots of dancing. The lineup rocks a party-hard vibe with artists like Getter, Bijou, Jack Beats & Friends, Flava D, AC Slater, Flosstradamus, NGHTMRE, and a b2b from 4B and Valentino Khan.

#3 Countdown NYE, December 31, San Bernardino, California

To follow, Countdown NYE is an alien-lover’s homecoming. Insomniac has taken immersion to the next level, announcing this event as a themed alien invasion party. To be sure, this one-off is packed to the gills with tons of artists and stages just waiting to blast you into another world. Get your extraterrestrial squad together and countdown the New Year. Artists for this show include Borgore, MC Dino, Oliver Heldens, Tisoki, Said The Sky, Porter Robinson, ATLiens, 12th Planet, and a slew of others.

#4 Snowglobe Festival, December 29-31, Lake Tahoe, California

Continuing, MTV’s Snowglobe takes over Lake Tahoe every year to bring the scene a weekend NYE boogie. Since it’s MTV, there will be bells and whistles galore to ring in the new decade. Because of this, show goers can expect a huge party with a bunch of amenities. Snowglobe will feature multiple shuttle services, hotel packages, a spacious and scenic venue, and lastly, a powerhouse of artists. Listed acts are, Zhu, A – Trak, Y2K, GRiZ, CloZee, SNBRN, Skrillex, Dombresky, and an unannounced mystery artist! Bring your onesies and gather with your fellow party people outside of Lake Tahoe.

#5 OMFG, December 30 & 31, San Diego, California

Furthermore, OMFG stands tall alongside these other big NYE celebrations. This humble show packs heat and is celebrating its ninth run. What it lacks in size it makes up for in musical taste. Because of this, OMFG has some truly handpicked acts including G.G. Magree, Slander, Peekabo, Space Jesus, Kayzo, REZZ, and Virtual Self.

#6 Rolling Loud Festival, December 14 & 15, Los Angeles, California

Undoubtedly, Rolling Loud packs the largest lineup on this list. This two-day festival in the middle of the month features a ton of talent. In short, L.A. will be taken over by some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop scene. With a wide variety of sub genres being hit, this lineup is sure to impress. Expect fair weather, plenty of things to do and lots of music to vibe to. This year’s performers include Machine Gun Kelly, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, Future, Chance the Rapper, $uicideBoy$, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Meek Mill, and Lil Pump.

#7 Snowta Festival, December 30 & 31, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Conversely, Snowta Festival is geared toward our cold weather friends. In the past few years, famous Minneapolis venue The Armory has become the home of this increasingly popular show. Rightly so, its popularity stems from the handpicked lineup as it boasts some of the best in Dubstep and Experimental Bass music. Prepare for two nights of hard-hitting music from artists Phaseone, G Jones, Zeds Dead, Dion Timmer, Walter Wilde, Zomboy, Eoto, Jansten, and Vanic.

#8 HiJinx Festival, December 27 & 28, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In similar fashion, HiJinx Festival is a down-to-earth show based out of Philadelphia. For example, one look at their website and show guidelines reveals how laid backed the vibe is. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring! The Philadelphia Convention Center will host this bumping party with next-level sound and lasers. Of course, HiJinx sealed the deal with a ton of hard hitting Bass acts for its fans. The bill lists Skrillex, Bassnectar, Kittens, Big Wild, SoDown, Zeds Dead, and a back-to-back with Excision and Slander.

#9 Lights All Night, December 27 & 28, Dallas, Texas

Additionally, Lights All Night takes place one week before NYE. This Dallas-based show busts out its “A game” every year. Two epic nights of music coupled with some striking production will leave attendees floored. It’s a big show that’s sure to get everyone amped up before the end-of-the-year celebration. More specifically, the crowd at LAN goes pretty hard so prepare yourself for an epic party. The lineup this year features, Liquid Stranger, AC Slater, Subtronics, San Holo, Minesweepa, 3LAU, Bassnectar, Skrillex, plus a Night Bass and a Gravedancer takeover.

#10 Decadance Colorado, December 30 & 31, Denver Colorado

Finally, our top 10 pick has to go to our hometown hero. Decadence Colorado is a state staple. To be sure, Decadence is a highly sought after show that has people traveling from all over to celebrate the New Year. The Colorado Convention Center is a massive venue with lots of space and immersive shenanigans. Furthermore, the show is so well received that it truly has its own micro vibe; natives have come to know this as a family NYE celebration. This two night run features the EDM circuit’s kings and queens including Feed Me, Diesel, Mersiv, Tiesto, Tchami and Malaa, Don Diablo, Cosmic Gate, Ganja White Knight, CloZee, and of course Bassnectar who will honor his residency for night one.

In conclusion, 2019 has come and gone. That also means it’s the year’s final Top 10 Festival segment. It’s been a pleasure taking the deep dive with you. Moving forward, we are excited to see what the upcoming decade holds. What new adventures await us? One thing is for sure. The celebrations of music, art, and the creative side of the human spirit have a bright horizon.