Said The Sky: A Red Rocks Debut

Said The Sky: A Red Rocks Debut

The evening of September 4th had finally arrived. For sky gazers across the state of Colorado, the significance of the day could not easily be put into words. The entrances at Red Rocks Amphitheater were set to open for a very special night featuring a headlining performance by Trevor Christensen, AKA Said The Sky.

Seeing as performance would be the first of its kind with the melodic prodigy taking the stage at his very first headlining performance at the legendary venue; the excitement was shared and magnified through Trevor himself. 

Said The Sky has made several appearances in Colorado recently, once at Global Dance Festival for a triple back to back performance with Dabin and Illenium. Said The Sky again surprised the crowd as a special guest for Slander at their own Red Rocks show. Trevor has been very vocal about his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to have his very own show at Red Rocks. He has previously mentioned that this has been one of his biggest dreams as an artist for a very long time, a dream that was not becoming a reality.

Doors to the sold out event opened at 6:00pm and fans began filling the Amphitheater. Many kicked off the evening by running straight to the merch booths. The booths offered a variety of exclusive Said The Sky at Red Rocks apparels such as jerseys, shirts, jackets, hats, and flags that were sure to sell quickly.

As 7:00pm came along the music finally began. An opening performance by Sundial, as the sun began to set, was a perfect way to set the tone for the sure to be emotional and tear jerking evening. The California based pop duo provided what was a rather intimate atmosphere for such a large venue. Their performance featured their own live vocals, as well as bass guitar and keyboard. 

Night had fallen and following Sundial the large LED screen, near the back of the stage, had lit up. Things were taken up a notch with a beautifully crafted performance by CloudNone. The masked Monstercat artist played their signature blend of ambient breaks and feel-good chill out music. The set started slow and progressed into a variety of melodic house and trance vibes that got the crowd jumping and energized while featuring nostalgic vaporware style visuals in the background.

As the night progressed, a cool early September breeze swept through the Amphitheater. Next up on the decks came Kyle Girard AKA Midnight Kids; known for his and previous duo member Dylan Jaggar Lees’ quality remixes of popular songs. He made sure to bring plenty of twists on tracks that would provide some good old fashioned sing along vibes for the crowd. Remixes included: “Ready 2 Go” by Martin Solveig, “The Island” by Pendulum, and “Bulletproof” by Laroux to name a few. 

Transitioning between throwbacks, electro house tunes, some unreleased music, and ending with Midnight Kids original “Run It”, the set was definitely a crowd favorite. Midnight Kids set the vibes high before the highly anticipated Said The Sky headlining set.

After a brief intermission whilst the stage was set, it was time for the main event.

This was the moment everyone had been waiting for.

The stage went dark; while lightning, visible from higher in the crowd, flickered through the clouds over Denver. The cool breeze continued to sweep through the Amphitheater. The anticipation built as cheers rang out throughout the audience.

As the stage began to light up, every LED panel on stage started to glow brightly with footage of clouds and sky as if you were floating amidst a radiant orange sunset. The music started to build as an intro version of Said The Skys’ “We Know Who We Are” began to play. The words “Said The Sky” were spelled out on the big screen as the crowd cheered, while the man himself walked out from backstage and up to his gear. With stage production in full force, the long awaited headlining set was underway. 

The set featured bright and colorful visuals that transitioned between b-roll of breathtaking nature shots and beautiful scenes that resembled a well written and almost vintage love story that served as a poetic accompaniment to the songs that were being played. Pyrotechnics and fireworks were frequently used to accent the ups and downs of the overall story and flow of the wonderfully crafted journey that the song selection provided to the audience.

He moved around the stage with passion and enthusiasm, jumping between his keyboard and drum pads. He would occasionally stroll to the raised platform behind his electric keyboards, mics, and DJ equipment to sit at a large and elegant white piano for the more intimate, warm and heartfelt moments of the set. The expressions on his face and motions of his body spelling out just how much the performance meant to him. He was truly showing his heart and passion on stage, sincerely grateful to be connecting with his audience in such a magnificent setting. 

Drummers would frequently join him on stage to accent the drum lines in many of his songs as well as a full string quartet to play along in the melodic journey.

Diving deep into the emotional discography, Said The Sky seemed to be hitting all the fan favorites and even made sure to include some unreleased music for the special occasion. Joined on stage by Olivver The Kid, they performed an emotional live vocal version of “Hero” followed by what was said to be the final song of the night, Said The Skys’ newest single “Treading Water”. 

The supposed finale ended with Trevor expressing his gratitude to the audience saying “Thank you Red Rocks, I love you”. He walked off stage but the stage stayed dark, hinting that the headlining artist had one more trick up his sleeve for the special night.

After a few moments of silence and the crowd chanting “one more song” an acoustic guitar was heard, followed by a spotlight hitting center stage where Said The Sky was sitting up front on the stage floor. Joining him in the special moment was vocalist Annika Wells. They sat facing each other as Trevor strummed the guitar and Annika sang. It was a truly intimate and heartfelt finale as they performed an acoustic rendition of “Sad Songs ft. Illenium” whilst a ring of lasers circled around them on the floor.

Following the heartwarming finale, Said The Sky yet again expressed his eternal gratitude to his fans who attended the show that night. He invited every artist and performer from the night out onto the stage for a family photo with the crowd and one final goodbye.

Dirt Monkey Brings The Wobbles to Mission Ballroom

Boulder local Dirt Monkey, is no stranger to playing large shows for his dedicated followers. As a native to the Colorado EDM Scene, Patrick Megeath has exploded not only in the Denver community but across the country. Megeath has seen huge expansion in the EDM community since 2018 with releases on Liquid Stranger’s label Wakkan. He fuses wonky wobbles with high-energy beats in order to create sets that keep crowds entertained and on their feet for the entire show.


The Openers

Starting out the night Shank Aaron and Kumarion, set the mood for the night with some drum and bass and heavier sets. Further, Ravenscoon came out with an electrifying and wonky set with visuals that mesmerized the crowd. However, the energy completely changed when G-Space took over the stage. He started out dark and quickly moved into wobbles to match the vibes of his visuals. Each drop was deeper and filthier and sucked the audience into his set.


But, the stand out set of the openers was by far G-Rex. The Detroit native is one who fuses a mixture of trap beats with dark wobbles. With a myriad of releases on Wakkan, he is no stranger to taking audiences deep and wobbly. The visuals mixed with his signature dark horse sound to distinguish his songs kept the audience screaming after each filthy drop.

Finally, the man of the evening Dirt Monkey, came out with colorful visuals and wobbles to keep the energy of the crowd high. No drop was similar and his mixing was flawless and effortless, it was hard to tell when one song ended and another one began. From his more popular songs like “Shut Up” with rap giant Tech N9ne to his more obscure remix of his and Protohype’s “Bop Bop,” each drop kept the audience dancing. Also, he played a lot of unreleased songs and gave previews of many new music that will soon be being dropped. Almost everyone in the crowd stayed until the end and through his encore because of the high-energy and vibes of the sets.


Overall, this set at Mission Ballroom was one that those in the Denver EDM community will not likely forget. The energy and vibes of the night where unmatched and each artist brought their own unique flavor to the evening. The mixture of each individual artists sets with the energy of the crowd was one that will remain a personal favorite at shows I’ve seen at Mission, and by far my favorite Dirt Monkey set to date.

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Kayzo Wakes Up Denver’s Mission Ballroom This Past Weekend

There are few artists in today’s electronic scene which host the talent and musical ability to fuse genres and sounds together seamlessly, but one has managed to do just that. Rising to the top of the dance music charts in only a few short years, 29 year-old Hayden “Kayzo” Capuozzo brings a far-from-ordinary set each time. From hardstyle-infused bass to some of the heaviest, grittiest trap and dubstep you’ll ever hear, Kayzo is far more than a DJ, but an experience. You really never know what he’ll play next. Denver’s very own Mission Ballroom will be the home to Kayzo’s first set in Denver since before quarantine times, and when we say we can’t wait, that’s an understatement!

Kayzo will be joined with an insane opening lineup of artists Friday night. Marauda, Calcium, and Reaper will be starting the night off heavy – and we are so excited for what is bound to be the show of the year! Party Guru Productions has the exclusive hook-up and were able to ask a few questions with Hayden before the show.

Kayzo Tells All: 4 Q&A’s with Kayzo

Party Guru Press:

Artist name: Kayzo

Party Guru Press: So it’s your first time at Mission Ballroom, AEG’s newest Denver music venue. How ready for tonight are you?

Yea first time! Man, when I walked into soundcheck earlier I was COMPLETELY blown away by the venue. The way its set up makes it feel like a little arena. Every bit of it is beautiful. From the green rooms to the stage. It’s my first real headline in Denver since like 2017, so I’m MORE than ready.

Party Guru Press: You’ve got a pretty heavy support lineup for your set this weekend. How do you think your openers are going to set you up for an awesome show tonight? 

Yea, I’m really stoked on the entire lineup tonight. I’ve been a big Reaper supporter for a while now, so I’m glad to have him in Denver tonight to bring some dnb to the show. Calcium has been killing it for a while and his sound is super unique for bass music. Marauda, what can I say, the dude is an animal. Some of the heaviest bass music is coming from him right now. I think the crowd is going to be raging from doors to close.

Party Guru Press: Any advice you might have for emerging electronic artists in today’s scene? I know there are a lot of Colorado producers that would love to hear a little more about your journey from at Icon LA, and how you are where you are today. How much did your music education influence you?

Yea, Icon was super important for me. I had no prior musical knowledge with production before going. I went in 2012 and basically just dedicated my 9 months at icon and first year in LA to being in the studio for 15+ hours a day to my craft and foundation as an artist.

Party Guru Press: Tacos or burritos?

Tough one, but for now I think I’d have to go with tacos!

Thank you so much to the entire Kayzo team and to Hayden for quickly chatting with us at Party Guru Productions this weekend! The show was an incredible performance and setup from start to finish – watching artists grow and succeed over the years is truly one of the most special feelings! We’re looking forward to the next time he hits Denver!

Photos by Denver Dru

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Ookay Brings The Heat To His Temple Denver Debut

Exploding onto the dance music scene in 2016 with his hit, electro-funk infused single Thief, dance music legend Abraham “Ookay” Laguna remains an unstoppable force of electronic nature, and a Denver favorite. The Chula Vista-raised artist stopped by Temple Nightclub this Friday for his debut performance at the venue, and left fans speechless with an insanely well-crafted set.

Ookay’s performances feel different than most DJ sets. The multifaceted musician is incredibly gifted, and his musical knowledge shines throughout the music he plays. The 29 year-old producer uses a variety of instruments in his own works, including drums, trombone, piano, bass, and guitar, and of course, his own vocals. His sets typically combine bubbly pop synths with the more traditional elements of electronic music, and everything in between. Because of this, Ookay has become a household name in any electronic music lover’s home – and touches outside of the realm of electronic, too. Ookay’s musical knowledge is evident in everything he plays throughout his sets, and this weekend was no different. His set at Temple this past weekend left the crowd demanding and encore – and wishing the night would never end.

Party Guru Productions had the chance to chat with Ookay before the event and learned a bit about his new hit single with Flux Pavilion and Elohim, how his Temple debut tonight will stack up against the rest, and more.

Ookay: The Man Behind the Music

Party Guru Press

Artist name: Ookay

Party Guru Press: It’s your Temple nightclub debut tonight! What do you have to say about Denver, and are you ready for your DJ set tonight? 

Gotta love this city! Bass capital aint it? Best not dissapoint!

Party Guru Press: How does it feel to be touring again?

Well, after a year of not touring, I can only say I’ve missed it dearly. 

Excited to play what I’ve been working on all quarantine.

Party Guru Press: What is one thing going through 2020 has taught you as an individual? And as an artist in the music industry? 

As an individual? Nothing really. I was chillin. As a music artist? I’ve trained my ear a lot while mixing and have picked up some amazing tools to use in the studio! 

Party Guru Press: How would you say “Ookay” both as a brand and as a project musically has changed over the years? 

I mean, it’s definitely grown in a way I never really saw to begin with. I didn’t expect to be singing, playing keytar and having dancers. That’s not what I had in mind when I made trap music in the clubs with a bandana mask and Ookay hat 4-5 years ago. I’m only happy with the turnout honestly. 

Party Guru Press: You posted last month, ‘After a year of change and discomfort, the world can use a song about hope” – in reference to your new song “Be Ok” with Flux Pavilion & Elohim. Amazing song, by the way. How would you say this song reflects your journey as an artist the past few years?

Life can suck sometimes and you lose hope. I think that’s a normal human experience. One that I have experienced as well as most others. This song is about not giving up even when it gets tough out there. Life got hands.

Party Guru Press: On that note, how was working with Flux Pavilion and Elohim?

They’re so talented it’s crazy. An absolute pleasure. I’ve learned a lot of the process of creating this song.

Party Guru Press: You’ve spoken on the topic of mental health before. How important would you say mental health is being in your position, in someone in the music industry but – also just as a human?

Oh, it’s the most important! I’ve seen too many suicides, overdoses and accidents happen because of poor mental health. I’ve lost friends, people have lost loved ones and family members and it’s all just the worst. Learn to check in and tell those you love, that you love them. 

Party Guru Press: What do you want people to leave your set feeling or thinking tonight?

“I’m glad I came, even though i had to get ready and shower and not smell bad”

Who knows, you might meet the love of your life…it’s happened before.

Photos by: Dru Cook

A huge shoutout to Abraham for taking the time to chat with us tonight at Party Guru Productions. From fun and bouncy sounding electronic synths all the way to his older, trap-heavy originals, Ookay brings a unique musical experience every time and proves himself to be one of those can’t-miss artists. His performance this past weekend at Temple was nothing short of incredible, and the whole city of Denver will be eagerly awaiting his return.

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Funtcase and Doctor P Bring the Heat to Denver: Exclusive Sit-Down Interview

Doctor P and Funtcase, dubstep heavyweights based out of the U.K, brought an absolute heater of a show this past weekend at the annual Global Dance Festival in Denver, Colorado. Shaun “Doctor P” Brockhurst and James “Funtcase” Hazell have been some of most popular names in the dubstep scene for over a decade now, bringing nothing short of heavy-hitting filth to the Bass Capital every time. Their styles wonderfully infuse the gritty, beloved UK dubstep sound with more modern riddim-based synths which has their fans rightfully positioning them as some of the best and biggest names in dubstep today. The two sat down for an exclusive interview with Party Guru Productions right before their set on Day 1 of Global Dance Festival. We got all the details, some never-before heard facts, and stories from the artists you won’t find anywhere else – keep reading below to check it out!

Getting Into It : Let’s Chat!

Maddi: We are so excited over here at Party Guru to be able to sit down and learn a little bit more about you guys! So – Global Dance Festival is Colorado’s largest dance music festival – Shaun (Doctor P) you were here in 2018 with your b2b with Flux [Pavilion] and James [Funtcase], here in 2017. So you’re both been here before, you’re both super familiar with the Denver territory and this venue in particular. What’s memorable about this city that you’re excited to see tonight? What do you remember about Denver that you’re ready for tonight?

Shaun: Denver, ever since the first time I’ve ever came here has just been like, the biggest shows every time without fail. I think the first show I ever played in Denver was about 5,000 people…and I’d never played a show like that before – ever. It was like my first big show basically, ever was in Denver so- there’s some cities where i ‘m questioning if it’s gonna be good, I don’t know? With Denver, I just always know it’s going to be good – I don’t even give it a second thought – it’s going to be good. (laughs)

James: I agree, it’s like – Denver is just one of those places where it’s just like, the crowd pretty much eats up everything you play. It’s a very unique situation. They call themselves like, the Bass Capital – and it’s for a good reason. Usually, I think Montreal is starting to catch up but Denver, it’s just one of those places where you just know  whatever you drop is just gonna go off.

Shuan: The pressure is on though because they are so in tune with the music, you can’t turn up and play a bunch of boring old songs.

Maddi: Right, like we expect it.

Shaun: Right, you’ve got to come here to impress.

Maddi: Love that. Well, we’re so ready for tonight, so that’s a good answer. Alright, so you both are some of the earliest earliest artists to have been on Circus Records, Shaun obviously being the co-founder of the label, Funtcase you joined in 2010. How would you say Circus Records has changed over the years musically and as a label?

Shaun: Ehm, it’s been quite a strange journey because obviously in the early days we started the label with mo expectations, we just wanted a platform to release our music. And then we had loads of really early successes – like with Flux [Pavilion] ‘s releases, and then mine, and then everyone else coming on and it just came much bigger than we could have ever imagined.  But then, the dubsteps scene just kept on getting bigger and NeverSayDie got huge and disciple got huge, and all these other labels came along. So it’s been quite strange like, trying to eh – trying to figure out our place in all of it, so em, it’s been strange –  I feel like we’ve found quite a nice niche now, where we kind of know what Circus is now…music, not all dubstep. We basically just have a set of parameters, and if the song fits it – we’ll release it.

James: Yeah. The thing was when Circus first started it was literally a platform to put out what we made, we didn’t aim for styles  anything – I was just making stuff. I wasn’t aiming for anger or anything like that…it was literally just, here’s the track I made and Circus went, let’s put it out and that’s literally how it started. But it’s kind of honed itself into its own little beast now where it’s like, doing a lot more musical styles – and I think that’s really reflecting on a lot of the artists inside…I’m writing a lot more musical stuff now.

Shaun: It’s nice to have a platform where you can kind of release what you want – like, Circus is such a non-specific style now.

Maddi: Right, super diverse.

Shaun: Yeah, as long as we dont come with like a death metal track or something…(looks at James)

James: I’ll try.


Maddi: Right, I mean it’s questionable…so we’ll see where that goes. Alright, who would you say are your biggest influences in music right now? More of an open-ended question.

Shuan:  I have been really enjoying all of the like melodic riddim as they’ve been calling it , like – all of the stuff Chime has been doing and like, SkyBreaks, Ace Aura…just all of that melodic feels like everything I really liked about early dubstep, just done really well. 

Maddi: Totally.

James : I think for me, the word inspired is almost like a platform to  explain like, how you shaped your style in a way to sound like. If you like an artist, you go, “I like what they’re doing, I’ll do my version of that.” For me, there’s so much new amazing new talent around hence DPMO, uh – t’s just inspiring to be able to find so much talent and be able to play it out and represent it rather than have that shape my music in a way. So for me that end of it…that’s exciting stuff…in terms of other dubstep – I think Spaces Laces, that’s an obvious mention. Leotrix is doing some really cool stuff. Maurada is doing some really cool stuff, so you know – just the usual names I think, really.  

Photos by Patrik Essy

Digging In: Life Before Dubstep

Maddi: Alright, before you became DJ’s for a living.. what were your original career or sort of life plans before becoming full-time artists? 

Shaun: Well, I was an ice cream man.

*room laughs*

James: Were you really? I did not know that!

Shaun: Yes, well…it wasn’t like, a career plan. I wanted to  be a graphic designer, that was always my thing – I was still doing my own artwork and stuff. So, yeah.

Maddi: Were you still making music when you were an “ice cream man”?

Shaun: Yeah, yeah. I started making music when I was like 12, so I was kind of always doing that – but it just didn’t seem realistic, being like a “rock star”. So, I never thought it would actually work out. So yeah, if this hasn’t worked out…I’d probably have been a graphic designer right now.

Maddi: Nice.

James: I worked two jobs before Funtcase – I was working in an office folding papers and answering the phones and every other crap administrative job you can think of. And I was also looking after the elderly in my other job – I was working 69 hour weeks and in between not sleeping,  I was writing drum and bass on a tiny laptop. It was a great/miserable time to be alive. But before that I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. I think music was just something i enjoyed, I never aimed it to be a career. I was always in bands before that- and I’d produced, just for fun/hobby sort of stuff…what I used to do when I was younger was game design, but i never pursued it, obviously.

Maddi: Nice, that’s awesome. We’ll do the last group question here then we’ll move to individuals. So, if you were to have an alter ego musically, what genre or type of music would it be? 

Shaun: So I’ve just started an alter ego – I’ve started a new act called Freaks and Geeks which is drum and bass – just very, very English sounding drum and bass. It’s kind of what I started doing before I did dubstep, I was always on the drum and bass side. I’ve kind of like, reached a point now where it’s like, I’ve always wanted to be a drum and bass DJ and I thought, now I need to actually do it. 

Maddi: Mmhmm.

Shaun: So yeah, ehm. It’s me and Phil from RockSonics, we started it aout 2 years ago and we’ve been putting out music for about 9 months now. So that’s my alter ego.

Maddi: Nice. And what about you (James)?

James: Hmm, I’ve done alter egos already, like I said I started drum and bass and I moved to dubstep…I’ve also got a secret house alias which I don’t tell anyone about. (laughs)

Maddi: Secrets, secrets…

James: Yeah, but I mean – if someone said you’re banned from doing dubstep, I think I’d go be in a band. I don’t think I’d stay a DJ.

Maddi: Really?

James: Yeah, I think it would drive me crazy to have to go all the way back to square one and have to build something up again…

Funtcase: The Man Behind the Mask

Maddi: Cool, alright. So, we’re going to move to individual questions, we’re gonna start with James here. So, your record [label] DPMO has been growing significantly in recent years, I know we touched on that a little earlier. Tell us a little bit about how DPMO came to be and where you see the label going in the near future.

James: DPMO was originally all ideas I had years ago and has just never executed, and so I just decided to execute it. So at first, it was only supposed to be like, a clothing label, which I originally called Ghosts — (explaining to Shaun) well, the reason it’s called that is because DPMO is after my track Don’t Piss Me Off, so I was trying to name my brand after a track that was what’s popular,  so at the time, Ghosts was popular…but Ghosts…the name, it was so cheesy, and with the label, you couldn’t really do much. 

Shaun: Yeah, DPMO sounds like a cooler name.

James: Yeah, exactly – but [DPMO] kind of started off as a clothing label and then, we ended up doing a compilation with Circus. There’s this thing in Drum and Bass called “Andy C’s Nightlife”, where Andy C literally just finds all of this amazing music and puts it in a compilation. We didn’t have that in dubstep, so I kind of thought – why don’t we be the “Nightlife” of that? So this is what DPMO has been doing…and then, we just decided to turn it into a record label.

Maddi: Very cool. Okay, so your style is often described as “hyper-aggressive” (laughs) or “extremely aggressive” – what is something you wish people knew about you that most people don’t see behind the mask?

James: I don’t write dubstep. LIke if it wasn’t my job, I wouldn’t write it I don’t think. LIke, I write such a mixed bag of music that no one hears and only every now and again I’ll be like “oh, yeah, that track” and put it on Twitter, just to show people, but like…for instance, when I’m not on tour, I don’t listen to dubstep whatsoever when i’m just like, being me. I’ll listen to it like, I was listening to the first Coldplay album on the plane. I’m a big fan of someone like, Ed Sheeran, for instance. I like, my styles and tastes and what I write is so vastly different. But then I can go from like, Ed Sheeran to like, Deftones to like, Cannibal Corpse in the same day…I kind of switch between music styles, honestly.

The Doctor Is In: Sitting Down With Doctor P

Maddi: Yes! That’s awesome. Alright, Shaun, we’ll bust through these last couple of questions for you. What would you say your biggest accomplishment in your DJ career thus far has been?

Shaun: Ehm, making a track with MethodMan has probably been the pinnacle  for me. He was like, the number one artist I wanted to work with and when we made it happen, I was like ah – I just did it quite quickly. It was amazing, I think everything just came together just really by chance, and we managed to make it happen. I think it was just the right timing. Yeah, that was definitely my biggest sort of like, bucket list thing.

Maddi: Very cool. Alrighty, and to finish it up, one last question – what is one short-term goal of yours as an artist, and one more long-term one?

Shaun: I really want to do a proper full album. I did like a sort of album last year, but it was more of like an extended EP than an album. So yeah, i want tto at least once I want to release an album, and an album I’m proud of, as well. I feel like a lot of dance artist when they release an album, it’s just 12 random tunes, content. They just make 12 songs…so I really want to make an album that sort of encompasses everything that I do. And I’ve been working on it. (draws quotations in the air)

Maddi: Air quotations?

Shaun: At some point, it will be done! 

James: The thing about albums is that, albums should be a place where you can spread your wings and do whatever you want to do…It should showcase your skill and what you’re about as a whole, rather than like, here’s 11 club bangers which a lot of artist do because they go oh, here’s a lot of tracks, album content! 

Shaun: Yeah, exactly. 

James: We’re not calling anyone out, they can do what they want – I just feel like an album is more of an expression than just content.

Shaun: Yeah, I want it to be a meaningful sort of thing, something that’s worth people’s attention’s sort-of-thing. But yeah, my manager was like, let’s get that done, do it this year, and I was like, hold on! It’s gonna take me a while, yeah. (laughs) 

Wrapping Everything Up

Thanks for tuning in to the exclusive Party Guru Productions interview, readers! What an incredible experience it was to sit down with two of the best. Global Dance Festival is always such a treat for Denver, so we are hoping to see the return of these two dubstep heavy hitters in more future lineups to come!

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Yheti and Of The Trees Revive Denver’s Music Scene

Energy from Global Dance Festival was still running high on Saturday night. Fans lined up around the block of Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom to see Yheti and Of The Trees perform back-to-back. Yheti and Of The Trees are household names in Denver’s underground bass scene. Their freeform and boundary-pushing style of music perfectly complements the energy that thrives in this culture. So, when Cervantes opened up both sides of the venue to host this Global afterparty, it completely sold out. 

Several artists from Global Dance Festival were selected for this lineup, curated to excite Denver’s local music scene. In addition to Yheti and Of the Trees, we enjoyed sets from Kyral x Banko, Cnopes, and Smoakland. Each performance created a distinct vibe, ultimately proving that Denver’s local bass community is resurrecting.


At the beginning of the show, Kyral x Banko took over the Other Side. Kyral and Banko started the night off right, delivered heavy bass to the crowd. Throughout their set, they threw down several songs from their new EP, Sniotch.

Meanwhile, Cnopes captivated the crowd in the Ballroom with his hypnotizing wubs. Known for creating trippy and experimental sounds, he mesmerized his audience, playing deep Wook Bass throughout his set with intervals of chill and melodic atmospheres. 

For the second half of the night, the Other Side was taken over by Smoakland. The duo got everyone moving and maintained the festival vibes from earlier. They kept the energy high by playing heavy and fast-paced dubstep.

Yheti and Of The Trees

The main attraction of the night was Yheti and Of The Trees. They took over the Ballroom, drawing in a dense crowd. 

They opened their set mixing deep bass wobbles into hip-hop. Then, they dived into their signature freeform and experimental music. The combination of their two styles created a fun and psychedelic atmosphere for the evening. They threw down songs from Abelation, Ganja White Night, RL Grimes, CharlestheFirst, Minnesota, and Eazy Baked, along with a diverse range of music by other electronic music artists. 

After a particularly moving drop, Yheti got on the mic and said, “Yo we’re just having fun. We love music a lot and we’re happy that you all like music as much as us.” They kept the excitement going throughout the rest of the set. It was impossible not to feel the happiness in that room, surrounded by so many smiling faces. 

Yheti and Of The Trees ended with an unexpected throwback, playing a slow-motion remix of Wonderwall by Oasis. With that, another unforgettable weekend in Denver was brought to a conclusion. 


Photos By Patrik Essy

Cervantes has been a staple in Denver’s electronic music scene for over a decade. As bass filled the air of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, it signaled to music lovers around the city that the Bass Capitol is back to its old ways. Bass lovers in Denver are lucky to experience intimate shows like these regularly. 

Denver will not soon forget this incredible performance. Yheti and Of The Trees are two of Denver’s favorite bass artists. We cannot wait until they return to the Bass Capitol. Until then, keep up with Party Guru to find out about all the events happening around you!

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Global Dance Festival Night One Brings Denver’s Biggest Party Back

Global Dance Festival is Colorado’s largest and most anticipated electronic dance music event of the year. After a year of waiting in solidarity, we are back. Thousands of EDM lovers from all across the US were eager to dance this year’s weekend away!

Being based in Denver, Colorado, Global Dance Festival has been held outside of Empower Field since 2017. Previously GDF could be found at Red Rocks, the festival was moved to expand capacity and follow sound limits. This year, the fourth official rendition of Global Dance Festival fell nothing short of amazing. The festival also exceeded all expectations – bringing some of the heaviest and biggest names in EDM today. Headliners for the two-night event included Excision, Doctor P B2B Funtcase, Zomboy, Kaskade, Illenium B2B Said The Sky B2B Dabin, Green Velvet, and Tchami (just to name a few)! The festival was filled with art installations, carnival rides, food trucks, bull riding, temporary tattooing, and much more. Stages were complete with full LED’s and high-quality sound systems. Those stages were where the experience and magic of the night really began.

Night 1 – Here’s The Recap

Night 1 started off strong with all four stages filled with different types of music. Each one holding their own unique vibe. Local heavyweights Paws, MPORT, Decadon, and Brondo were some of the openers with packed sets which filled all the way to the very back of the Northern Lights stage. If this wasn’t your thing, a silent disco was held at the Crystal Caverns stage. There was truly some place to be for every single person, no matter what your vibe was!

As the sun began to set, the Summit stage began seeing artists such as Tchami, who brought an insane house set complete with pyrotechnics. The Illenium triple B2B followed, which brought super peaceful, melodic bass music vibes to the main stage. Kaskade closed the night out at main stage with a garage-house infused set. Paired with all of his beautiful original songs, the crowd was singing at the top of their lungs. Meanwhile, on the Northern Lights stage, Funtcase and Doctor P were giving one of the heaviest sets of the weekend. Bringing their original filthy UK dubstep sound to Denver dubstep lovers. Be on the lookout for an interview coming out later this week!

Zomboy finished off the night by closing out with even more heavy originals and never before heard tracks. They don’t call Denver the bass capitol for nothing. This stage showed that all night! On the other side of the festival, Mersiv took over the Tundra stage and closed out the night with some crazy wubs and deep bass sounds. The eclectic mix of music selected this year was the perfect mix to satisfy any raver at any point in the night.

Global 2021 Was the Event of the Year

This year’s event felt much different than any before. Maybe because of the fact that music lovers were able to unite once again. It might have been the fact that this was the heaviest and most diverse group of artists to ever see the GDF lineup. The festival itself is always seeming to impress its guests. Being incredibly thought-out, it was musically balanced the entire weekend with a wide range of musical experiences to go see, and plenty of space to dance around at the stages. The festival is hopefully going to remain a Colorado raver tradition for many years to come.

Photos by Patrik Essy


There was something for everyone here at all times of the night – everyone was dancing, the vibes were high and the music was loud. This was an unforgettable experience. 2021 was one of the best years since its origin without a doubt! Colorado is proud to be the home to Global Dance Festival. We at Party Guru Productions can’t wait to see how the festival continues to grow in the future – what an unforgettable weekend it was.

Find more about Global Dance Festival below!




Denver’s LUNAR HORIZON Tells A Story Of The Universe

LUNAR HORIZON is an electronic music duo made up of two Colorado natives, Matt and Jake. Throughout 2020, these skilled melodic producers have made significant strides within the music industry. Last November, they released their latest track, “Rise Up“.

Party Guru Productions recently got the chance to speak with the groundbreaking duo. We learned so much about LUNAR HORIZON including how they started, what keeps them going, and what’s to come in 2021.

Introducing: LUNAR HORIZON

Matt grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. In fact, he has lived there up until a few months ago when he moved to Denver. Before LUNAR HORIZON, he operated under his own independent project, VIZION. Matt said that VIZION focused on “more future bass, and experimental bass stuff.” Furthermore, he focused more on DJ-ing than producing in the past. “If I thought something was cool I’d just release it on SoundCloud,” he said.

Jake has been involved with music his entire life. He’s always listened to a variety of music, and he was involved in band in middle school. Within the past few years, he’s really honed in on the business side of the music industry. “It was only a few years ago I started researching, networking, and learning all the aspects of this growing industry,” said Jake. He’s researched and learned a lot over the course of the past year, which he’s rightfully proud of.

Matt and Jake came together through mutual friends. When they finally met up and made a track together, everything fell into place. Both their individual goals and passion for creating music fit seamlessly with each other. Jake said, “I knew that if we pursued this together and combined our talent, our drive and our strengths, we would change lives, and make an impact on the world.”

So far, they’ve begun to do just that.

Colorado Roots

Growing up in Colorado has definitely had an influence on LUNAR HORIZON. Both Matt and Jake have noticed how the unique environment and atmosphere have fueled their creativity throughout their lifetimes.

Matt was largely influenced by Pretty Lights. “My first show was the Pretty Lights NYE show 2011/2012 and I was only like 14 at the time, and it was life changing. I went to pretty much every PL show in CO up until his last at the 10 yr red rocks anniversary,” he said. Since then, he’s loved exploring the different sub-genres within EDM and attending different shows. “For producing I think it just pushes us to make something new and unheard of all the time, especially in Colorado with how the EDM scene is here,” Matt elaborated.

Jake didn’t grow up listening to large quantities of electronic music. Instead, he spent his time listening to rock and country music. “It wasn’t until high school I got introduced to electronic music from a friend, and immediately I was like ‘this is exactly what I’m missing in my life’. Then I saw my first show and I knew this is what I was meant to do,” said Jake. He went on to explain how supportive the Colorado environment is. Furthermore, he’s always been inspired by the sunsets and mountains. Who isn’t!?

A Story Of The Universe

LUNAR HORIZON brings their audience a unique and transformative take on music. A story of the universe is sewn together through each new track that they release. This duo utilizes the language of music to take listeners through space and time. With each new release, the universal story continues to develop, leaving listeners hungry for more.

If you haven’t yet heard one of LUNAR HORIZON’s breathtaking tracks, they recommend that you listen to “WANT ME” first. “It definitely gives a good layout of who we are and our mission with our music style. I think the intense drop leading into a very atmospheric bridge in ‘WANT ME’ really expresses LUNAR HORIZON.”

While producing, LUNAR HORIZON draws inspiration from a few well-known artists. These include “LSDREAM, REZZ, ODESZA, and Seven Lions.” They also like to keep their studio space tidy and relaxed. “Some studio must-haves would probably have to be just having a clean space, and definitely our plants,” they explained. Outside of producing, they listen to a wide variety of genres. “It just depends on what we’re feeling at that time,” they said.

When asked what artists they would like to work with, local or other, this duo has big ideas. “If we’re shooting for the stars we think it would be insane to work with Virtual Riot, INZO, Flume, and for sure Sumthin Sumthin,” they said.

Coming Up

2020 was a “blessing in disguise” according to LUNAR HORIZON. Even though it was a tough year for these producers, it allowed them time to learn more about each other and strengthen their friendship. They were able to take the time to really focus on what they want to express in their music. As a result, they’ll most definitely be prepared when shows return.

Their strong, driven mentality is already carrying through to 2021. Next month, they are releasing their next single, “LONELY”. When asked about this upcoming track, LUNAR HORIZON explained that the theme of their style “is oriented from the perspective of looking back at Earth/home from the moon, traveling to new horizons. Lonely is about being lost in space, literally and metaphorically. It’s about not letting go but it’s okay to move on.”

2021 will hold many more releases from these two producers. They hope to consistently release more tracks than they did last year. “Stay looking out each month,” they say. Fans of LUNAR HORIZON as well as anyone that loves innovative, melodic music should be excited for what’s to come.


LUNAR HORIZON is yet another Colorado-based electronic music duo that is absolutely killing the game. Their first official releases in 2020 have captured the attention of many by telling a connected story of the universe. Listeners of their music will dance, feel new emotions, and most definitely look forward to the future of LUNAR HORIZON.

“We’ve been working super hard and finally feel like we’re in a good place to really get our music moving. Follow us on Insta if you like what you hear because we announce pretty much everything coming on there! Each release is essentially a chapter to the story, so a new one unfolds every release.”







Denver Comes Together To Feed The Frontlines

A World Of Change

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, an infinite amount of things have changed. Access to everyone’s work, hobbies, and time with others has been altered in one way or another. This is all due to safety protocols and restrictions regarding COVID-19.

Apart from the live music and entertainment industry, the restaurant industry has also been hit extremely hard. Regulations for these establishments seem to change every few months. Take-out only suddenly switches to allow indoor dining at a limited capacity, then switches right back to take-out only. These employees rely on a high volume of customers and tips to pay their bills. However, many waiters, bartenders, hosts, and more have been unemployed or receiving minimal pay since March.

Additionally, medical workers have become completely mentally and physically drained while dealing with the strain that COVID-19 has brought upon them. Frontline workers include anyone directly dealing with COVID-19 patients, emergency room and intensive care unit workers, anyone in emergency care services, and so many more. These heroes have been working extremely long hours and sacrificed seeing family or friends. All of the work that they are putting in is to save the lives of countless individuals.

Feeding The Frontlines

This is where Nathan Schweid and Aviva Sonenreich come in. They have joined forces to provide safe restaurant made meals to frontline workers that need them the most. This helps both local restaurants in the Denver area and hospital workers.

Feed The Frontlines – Denver was originally started by Biscuits and Berries Catering. The overall goal is to raise money to feed Colorado’s frontline medical workers. The money raised allows for safe meals to be produced in a commercial kitchen space with great ingredients and resources. If meals aren’t made in the catering space, Feed The Frontlines – Denver teams up with various favorite local restaurants to provide the meals.

Currently, indoor dining is closed in Denver. Local restaurants are struggling to make ends meet by having to rely on takeout orders as well as outdoor dining if they have adequate resources. Feed The Frontlines – Denver is able to help these restaurants financially so that they can stay afloat along with their employees.

So far, Feed The Frontlines – Denver has provided over 1,450 meals at 30 separate hospitals and shelters for first responders. In fact, they had a massively successful Thanksgiving event where countless workers were able to have a tasty Thanksgiving dinner. It is amazing that these people are able to receive healthy meals during their shifts from a physical health standpoint. Furthermore, it greatly benefits their mental health as well. Helping to lift the spirits of these healthcare workers is something so important that everyone can help out with.

Donate If You Can!

This year has been immensely difficult for everyone. However, the frontline responders have been carrying an unimaginable burden caring for patients that are sick with COVID-19.

If you are financially able to donate even a small amount to Feed The Frontlines – Denver, they would greatly appreciate your help! This money goes directly towards providing high-quality meals for those that have put their lives on the line every single day during the pandemic.

$15 – 1 meal for a Colorado Frontline worker
$150 – 10 meals for Colorado Frontline workers
$600 – 40 meals for Colorado Frontline workers  
$1,500 – 100 meals for Colorado Frontline workers

Donate via Donorbox

You can choose your own amount to donate, or select from a few options with pre-chosen amounts. Then, you can decide if it will be a one-time donation or reoccurring (weekly or monthly). As of the time of writing, they are only $820 away from reaching their goal of $25,000!

Donate via Facebook Fundraisers

When donating through Facebook Fundraisers, Facebook Pay is used. You can choose your own amount to donate and then pay with a card. Additionally, you can pay with PayPal. You will be emailed a receipt. As of the time of writing, they are $27,441 away from reaching their goal of $50,000.

Donate via Venmo

If you don’t already have a Venmo account, you’ll need to create one for free. Venmo can be accessed online on their website or on their smartphone app. Link your bank account with Venmo in order to send or receive money. Then, when sending money, add Feed The Frontlines – Denver @FeedTheFrontline.

Donate via Writing A Check

Write a check out to “Feed The Frontlines” with your desired donation amount. Contact Aviva Sonenreich for their office address.


This holiday season, let’s all come together for our healthcare heroes. If you have $5 or $100 that you can spare to donate, this is a great cause! Feed The Frontlines – Denver benefits thousands of healthcare workers along with a bunch of local restaurants. If you can’t afford to donate anything, we encourage you to like their Facebook and Instagram pages and share a post or two to spread the word.

One of their upcoming goals is to raise money to provide as many frontline workers as possible with a Christmas Eve Dinner. Denver, let’s Feed The Frontlines!

Photos By Feed The Frontlines

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Introducing Denver’s Newest Outdoor Event Series: Discology Dance In Distance

Dance In Distance

Party Guru Productions and Discology have teamed up to bring a brand new outdoor, weekly event series to Denver. Introducing Discology Dance In Distance!

Each week, people in various cities across the United States can gather in small, socially-distanced groups at outdoor locations. Here, they can enjoy an hour and fifteen minutes of music and meditation. Each installation provides live music from one or two DJs and meditation from one guide. The general mission of Discology is to help the world “feel more connected between themselves, their community, and each other.” Click here to see a video about the event series.

Recently, Party Guru Productions got the chance to speak with one of the names behind Discology, Josh Pollack. We learned more about how Discology started, what the events are like, and what’s coming up for them in 2021.

Behind The Scenes

Josh has been involved in the music industry since falling in love with listening to music and attending concerts. Soon after, he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the industry. He completed “some internships with a booking agency, a record label, and a corporate promoter” before throwing afterparties and eventually shows. Josh is also co-owner of Euphonic Conceptions, Gem & Jam, and Wave Spell.

In June of this year, one of Josh’s friends that actually developed the concept of Discology reached out to him. “We had worked on some other projects in the past, and when he explained what Discology is and its purpose, I jumped on the opportunity to become involved,” Josh stated.

Cultivating Connections

People need to consistently have meaningful connections with others in order to maintain a positive state of mind. This year, many have found it difficult to have these interactions with others on both small and large scales.

Health regulations pertaining to COVID-19 have really changed what the general public can and cannot do safely. This year has been extremely difficult for many people without the presence of live events. This is where Discology comes in.

We asked Josh about how Discology is working towards their mission of connecting people with others in their community and the world. He explained that they are doing this in the safest way possible. “We believe there is a way to remain safe, adhere to health guidelines, while also providing a space to come together, and experience music and dance as healing and connection while staying distanced and taking the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy.”

Furthermore, Discology is unique in the fact that attendees are listening to DJs and guides at the same time as those in other cities. “We have our artists playing remotely, so people attending Discology are dancing to the same music in multiple cities simultaneously, which is a cool element of connection on a larger scale.” So, individuals are connecting with themselves, the immediate group of those around them, and others that are also listening to the event all around the world.

Guides and Meditation

Discology is geared towards improving the mental health of those in attendance. This is, of course, done through the live music provided and safe interactions with others. Discology dives even deeper into this idea by providing guides and meditation at each event. This proves that this event series is quite groundbreaking and unique.

“Having a professional somatic therapist or meditation teacher as a guide makes the Discology experience a meaningful journey rather than a party vibe. Something as simple as calling people into their bodies and reminding them to be aware of breathing and movement is a helpful reminder that being intentional with ourselves and our surroundings can yield tangible results on improving mental health.”

What To Expect

Josh filled us in on what a Discology Dance In Distance event is like. “Expect to dance outdoors, socially distanced and wearing masks, without the presence of the DJ or a visual element other than the natural beauty of outdoor surroundings.” Check out this video highlighting what these events are like!

Basically, this will feel like a silent disco, but there won’t be a stage or DJ. Just you, a few others, and the great outdoors. Additionally, you’ll be using your own cell phone and headphones to stream the music and guides. In fact, Discology was actually created as “an alternative to the normal live music experience within the confines of a venue. We want people to see Discology as a routine, similar to a yoga or dance class, that isn’t a huge time or financial commitment, and doesn’t involve so many layers of variables.”

Josh also noted that in order to stream the event, you’ll need to be at the provided location. The audio can not be streamed from your home.

You can also expect to feel better overall after the event! Discology asks attendees to rate their feelings before and after the event on a scale of one to five. According to Josh, “we are consistently seeing that people are actually feeling much better overall after Discology. That to me is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, as we want to help make more people feel better and provide some support through their personal process.”

Coming Up

On Discology’s Facebook page, they currently have events scheduled through February 2021. They plan to follow through with all of these events as well as keep them going once live music and shows return. Josh clarified that Discology actually started before the COVID-19 pandemic, so they will most definitely be able to continue providing cities with these safe, enlightening experiences as time progresses.

On Thursdays, Discology events will be held on the covered, heated patio outside of Mile High Spirits. This is exciting news because attendees can also enjoy the miniature holiday market taking place in their tasting room. Moreover, there will be exclusive happy hour specials available on their food and drinks. Any future events scheduled to be held at Cheesman Park may also be moved to Mile High Spirits in the case of adverse weather.

Moving forward, “Denver and other cities can look forward to the consistency and quality that we are providing,” Josh said. Saturday, December 5th, was the kickoff for Discology events in Denver. Attendees gathered at the pavilion in Cheesman Park and listened to live music from Flamingosis. On December 19th, music will be streamed from Quantic.

New Years Eve

Discology is also going to be putting on a special New Years Eve event! This will feature some of our favorite sets from the past year of Discology. Artists will include The Crystal Method, Mark Farina, HÄANA, iLL esha, and more. This event won’t require you to leave the comfort of your home. In fact, it can be streamed from wherever you decide to spend your NYE.

Colorado residents will get to enjoy some of the best of the Discology sessions that occurred in 2020. This will definitely up the anticipation for when this one of a kind, socially distanced dance series resumes in January.

This event is FREE to sign up for. By signing up, Discology will also be raising money for a great cause. For every person that checks-in to dance at the Discology NYE event, they will donate $2 to a handful of local yoga studios that are struggling to stay afloat. So, by attending the exciting dance-worthy NYE event, you will get to enjoy yourself as well as help out our local community. Check out the schedule below and click here to sign up!

Set times:
Mark Farina & iLL Esha: 1:15pst-2:30pst
HÄANA & Amp Live: 2:30pst-3:45pst
The Funk Hunters & WALA: 3:45pst-5:00pst
The Crystal Method & DJ Silly Syl: 5:00pst-6:15pst


“The amount of positive feedback each week has been astounding,” Josh said. Quite frankly, we are not surprised to hear this. Discology is bringing unique, in-person live music and mediation events to a handful of cities across the United States. Even more so, they’re doing it safely and with beautiful intentions.

If you love getting outside, dancing, listening to live music, meditating, and connecting with others, Discology is for you. Truly, Discology can be for everyone. This new, innovative concept is something that people haven’t seen before and should be excited about.

Discology has hour and fifteen-minute events scheduled every Thursday evening and on select Saturday afternoons. They also provide Recess, which is a short twenty-minute at-home session scheduled on Tuesday afternoons to get you up and away from your screen. Discology is FREE! All you have to do is save your spot online before heading outside.

“If you are interested in checking out a Discology event, or bringing Discology to your city, please visit our website to sign up.”

Photos And Media Provided By Discology

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