Kyle Watson at Summit in Denver

Kyle Watsons My Machines Tour

Denver house music lovers gathered at Summit on Saturday night for the last leg of Kyle Watson’s My Machines Tour. This was his first tour in the US since 2018. For the past decade, Kyle Watson has cultivated a unique and captivating brand of house music, combining signature bass lines, heavy drums, and riveting sound design. In the My Machines Tour, Kyle Watson showcased all original sounds, including his unreleased work. At the final show, he was joined by CJ, Miss Dre, and Chapter and Verse for a curated variety of house music.


Denver local CJ wasted no time kicking off the night with high-energy house music and an equally infectious stage presence. It’s hard not to smile while watching CJ bounce around behind the decks. The dance floor started to fill up early in the evening, with the crowd’s energy mirroring CJ’s while dancing to disco and house beats. The Denver house music scene’s love and appreciation for CJ were loud and proud throughout his set. 

Miss Dre

Next up on the set list, the multifaceted Miss Dre transitioned the crowd from groovy house edits to a heavy dose of driving baselines and techno beats. Based out of the Bay Area, Miss Dre is known for her stunning vocals and as a fierce DJ/producer. She’s garnered the support of several house music staples such as Gene Faris, Justin Martin, and J. Worra. 

Doing what she does best, she had the crowd in the palm of her hand with her no-nonsense mixing style. By the end of Miss Dre’s set, the venue was close to full. Her sound brought a fresh variation to the night while still satisfying the house craving Kyle Watson fans came for. 

Chapter and Verse 

Later in the night, Chapter and Verse took over for Miss Dre, taking the energy from deep, pronounced bass lines to crisp tech house. Chapter and Verse released his first single in 2020 and has since become one of the fastest-rising UK producers in the scene. He’s received accolades from the likes of Sonny Fedora and Gorgon City. 

Known for his masterful production, Chapter and Verse did not disappoint on Saturday night by bringing forward exceptionally clean mixing. He kept the crowd moving with timeless vocals enveloped by hi-hats and bass drums. The feel-good club vibe you’d find on a Vegas getaway was the perfect segway for the main act. 

Kyle Watson’s Last Set on His My Machine Tour 

From South Africa, Kyle Watson created his unique sound within the house music industry. By releasing music on labels such as This Ain’t Bristol and Dirtybird Records. With nods from Diplo and Chris Lake, Kyle Watson’s music broke out of South Africa reaching dance floors internationally.  

At the peak of the evening, Kyle Watson took the stage at Summit in Denver to deliver what his fans have grown to know and crave. Throughout his two-hour set, Kyle left none of his trademark sounds behind. The set intertwined unreleased and fan-favorite stylings that have sold out crowds worldwide. 

Kyle Watson’s passion for his music was shining through the smile he wore for his whole set of purely original music. Never wavering from his eminent sound, the crowd never stopped moving as he played new and unreleased music and edits, classic tracks from his 2018 album “Into The Morning,” and more. 

Marking the end of the My Machine’s Tour at Summit in Denver, Kyle Watson returns to South Africa at the end of this month. Hopefully, Kyle Watson doesn’t wait another four years to tour the United States again. You can keep up with him on his website and socials listed below.

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BYO-USB: DJs in Denver

DJ Orca, aka William Parsons, is no stranger to the Denver Music Scene. Not only is he spearheading the “Open Deck” night at Temple, but he’s been immersed in the music for as long as he can remember and is looking to help others do the same. On Thursday, September 29th, he hosted an event at Temple Nightclub that brought some USBs and fantastic talent to the Proverbial “Music Yard.”

Walking in, you feel the energy of all the earnest DJs ready to plug and play.
“I want to create a platform to help local artists get exposure in an industry that is incredibly competitive.” Parsons explains, “you don’t have to know anyone or have a fan base yet; you just show up and let your music speak for itself.”

Local DJs awaiting their turn backstage at Temple.

Over 12 local DJs signed up and showed up to the event, ready to showcase their work for a 15-minute slot. The stage and crowd were both filled with new faces. Both new and up-and-coming DJs had signed up. Up-and-coming DJs like Shashou and Novakn attended. Shashou was a crowd favorite and almost looked to have been physically levitating over the decks with his showmanship. The energy was electric. The smiles of all the DJs who signed up eager to hop on the decks fostered an inclusive vibe.

Parsons hopes to continue this every month at Temple and has hinted at a new setup where anyone can show up and a lottery system will choose the line-up of the evening. This event is only going to get bigger and bigger. The event will continue to grow and will take place monthly at Temple Denver.

DJ Shashou hitting the decks with explosive energy!

There is so much talent around every corner of Denver, don’t be afraid to grab your USB and come to Temple to feel what the magic of the stage can bring you; all are welcome. 

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Frequency Sound Series: Never Not Dancing Takeover

Frequency Sound Series: Never Not Dancing Takeover

Beacon has hosted some fantastic DJs and shows in the heart of Denver for over a year. This immersive art and dance bar has become a go-to staple in the community and attracts an array of shows and installments, one of which is Frequency Sound Series presented by our own Party Guru team.

Frequency Sound Series: Photos by Dru Cook

Frequency Sound Series-

The Frequency Sound Series is a weekly installment where Party Guru curates and books unique lineups each week. “Much like the name, the Frequency Sound Series tunes into different decibels & sounds from week to week, sometimes hitting loud & hard with bass music, bouncing beats with house and at other times being calm and peaceful with experimental genre-bending melodic artists. “
Last week, Never Not Dancing, a new brand and movement, took over Frequency Sound Series event. The lineup, set, and clothing displayed were all created and designed by NND.

Teknika, the CEO of NND, debuts his new EP

NND- A Brand + Movement

Established in 2022, Never Not Dancing operates on two planes. It’s both a multi-functional lifestyle brand for artists and fans and a progressive underground movement rooted in music, creativity, and community. The company promotes genre diversity and wants to bring fans back to an intimate setting with artists on the rise.

Never Not Dancing team includes Richard Alvarado (Teknika) Dru Cook, BonDok Davaabat, Melody Miller, Kai Maulhardt, and Ashli Zornes. Every team member shares their unique skill set and passion for music and the magic it creates.

The lineup curated by NND consisted of JAH SLIM, RPSM, Zareaux, and NND’s very own Teknika. From the moment the doors opened, the dance floor was packed. Guest received a special surprise as well. In addition to the lineup and show, Teknika also released his new EP. The night brought special moments, laughter, and a dance floor full of people who were “never not dancing.”

Surprise guests + Lash Miller, artists who most recently played at Lost Lands, sent guests home with a potent nightcap. They plugged in and lit the room with an impromptu B2B with Teknika. All in all, this was a successful night for all collaborators and fans alike.

Photos by Dru Cook

Frequency Sound Series will continue every Wednesday at Beacon. The line-ups that are set to take on the decks in the upcoming weeks are nothing short of fantastic. Mark your calendars and come see the eclectic music our community has curated.

Photos by (Dru Cook)

Event Link

Event Link

Beacon, Denver

Malaa Throws Down for His Biggest Show Yet in Denver

Malaa Throws Down for His Biggest Show Yet in Denver

The French producer and DJ known as Malaa has become one of the biggest names in house music. G-house, to be exact. This producer is a part of Tchami’s Confession Label and has been pumping out tracks for the past seven years. On Spotify alone, Malaa has over 1.3 million monthly listeners! Some of his most notorious tracks (see what we did there?) include “Notorious,” “Revolt” featuring Jacknife, and “Made In France” with DJ Snake, Tchami, and Mercer.

Malaa‘s identity is unknown, as this mysterious performer wears a black balaclava on stage and doesn’t speak into the microphone during his sets. On September 30th, Malaa released his debut album, Don Malaa. This 14-track album includes just under 45 minutes of dance-worthy deep house music. The album also contains a handful of collaborations with talented artists, including Fivio Foreign, Jadakiss, Ghostface Killah, and more.

The Don Malaa Album Tour

On Saturday, October 1st, house-heads traveled to the Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado, to see Malaa for themselves. The Don Malaa tour is Malaa‘s most extensive tour to date and touches down in cities across the United States. Also on the lineup for the show were RC3 and Wax Motif.


Attendees wasted no time filling the venue to see RC3 kick off the night. This producer and DJ are local to the Denver area. He has played alongside artists, including John Summit, Jauz, and Loud Luxury. In addition to this, he’s also played at Global Dance Festival! During his set, he was able to get the crowd energized and ready for the night. RC3 played some crowd favorites that everyone was familiar with, along with brand-new unreleased tunes. He even brought out Masteria as a special guest!

Wax Motif

Australian producer and DJ Wax Motif, was next to take the stage. Although his style of music can be classified as G-house, he draws inspiration from R&B, disco, UK bass, and more. Throughout the years, he’s had releases on various record labels, such as Tchami’s Confession and Diplo’s Mad Decent. He recently released his highly anticipated 17-track debut album, House of Wax.

During his set, Wax Motif stood behind a DJ booth that had a small screen for visuals in front of it where his logo flashed in bright colors. “Bunda” with Dances With White Girls was one of the first tracks he played, which got the entire crowd dancing. By now, the venue seemed at capacity already. At one point, Wax Motif stopped the music and was overwhelmed by everyone cheering for him, but he deserved it!


During a brief set change, the crew unveiled brand new production; let us tell you; it did not disappoint. The large set almost mimicked an abandoned building with portions of chain link fence, bricks, and graffiti-looking artwork. Where the windows would be, there were large LED screens that flashed changing visuals throughout the show. Malaa wore his black balaclava, of course, and a red leather jacket.

Throughout the night, Malaa played classic tracks of his, such as “Notorious” along with remixes of other popular tracks like “Drugs From Amsterdam” by Mau P. Additionally, he played a bunch of new tracks from Don Malaa. The crowd went absolutely wild for tracks like “Hypnotic” and “How it is“. Cryo and colorful lights added to the experience. The crowd didn’t even dissipate until his set was about over, and it was fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Denver Went Deep

The Don Malaa tour was simply unforgettable. Debuting brand new stage production for his largest Denver show yet, Malaa brought the heat yet again. After the show, he even took to social media to share how special the show was. He was super impressed that everyone knew the brand new songs from the album that just came out! Every single artist on the lineup did a stellar job at engaging the crowd and filling the venue with G-house music.

To keep up with all things Malaa, including Don Malaa tour dates, check out his socials below!

Photos by Kyle Brim

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Kaivon Makes a Triumphant Return to Denver

Since releasing music in 2016, Kaivon has become one of the most prominent voices in future bass music. Following a steady release of highly acclaimed singles and remixes, Kaivon released his debut album, Awakening, earlier this year. Although not a stranger to festival stages or headlining tours, the producer’s triumphant return to Denver for the Awakening Tour marked his biggest headlining show to date. With Kaivon’s genre-bending performance and supporting sets from Vavn and Juelz, the whole night was a vibrant dance party with peeks into all realms of the bass music world.


FIrst, Vavn (who also accompanied Kaivon’s 2019 Denver show at Larimer Lounge) started the night with an energetic set. Showcasing his signature style of wave music with songs like crzyluv and VAEN, the song selection ranged from dubstep classics, such as Nero’s Innocence, to hip-hop hits like Yeat’s Still countin. The “Wave Star” kept us guessing as to what would come next and he even brought out Versez as he played an unreleased collaboration. Vavn’s electrifying performance got the party going and set the tone for the rest of the night.


Next was Juelz’s unique trap style to keep the show going at maximum speed. “I flew in from Vancouver just for this,” the Canadian producer proclaimed as he started his set. The high-adrenaline set kept the audience engaged as he weaved through an eclectic mix of trap and pop hits. Juelz’s set was a blast with a dazzling array of visuals consisting of race car imagery to accompany the sounds. As the set ended with the Juelz and RL Grime collaboration, Formula, the energy level was high.

Kaivon’s Awakening

“You are not alone,” the screens displayed in-between sets as the crowd awaited Kaivon. After a little while, the room went dark as a motivational speech began when the producer took the stage. The performance was divided into three main phases that illustrated the Awakening theme.

With Phase 1, Rebirth, the performance began with a cinematic tone that pulled at the audience’s emotional strings. Here, Kaivon played songs off his Awakening album and remixes of Kid Cudi and the Fray and ended the segment with the 2016 single Reborn. Phase 2, Transformation, raised the vibrations in the room as Kaivon segued into segments of house, dubstep, and even drum and bass at one point. Phase 3, Final Awakening, returned to a slower, more ethereal pace and reached an emotional climax with the hit, I Love You. The remainder of the set consisted of the melodic bass house that kept the packed venue jumping until the end as confetti filled the room during a remix of Flume’s track Insane.

Overall, the fifth stop of Kaivon’s Awakening tour was a success. From the beginning to the end of the night, all three performers took the audience on a musical journey. With the biggest headlining show of his career so far, Kaivon proved he is only getting started. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the producer.

Photos by (Madison Dewey)

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KAYZO’s New Breed Tour Touches Down In The Mile High City

KAYZO’s New Breed Tour Touches Down In The Mile High City

Hardstyle, dubstep, and metal are a few genres that KAYZO fuses to create his distinctive sound. This Los Angeles-based producer and DJ are an Icon Collective alumni who has been perfecting his craft for over a decade. In addition to touring and performing at world-renowned music festivals, including EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo, and Lollapalooza, he founded his label, Welcome Records. He also hosts his own radio show titled Doghouse Radio!

On Spotify alone, KAYZO has over 1.3 million monthly listeners. This summer, he released a brand new full-length album titled NEW BREED. This twenty-track masterpiece contains over an hour of hard-hitting originals and collaborations with artists such as ATLiens and Phase One. If you haven’t listened to KAYZO‘s music yet, we suggest you listen to “Wake Up” with RIOT, “Suffocate” with BAD OMENS, and “The Sickness” with GHOSTKID.

KAYZO’s New Breed Tour

On Saturday, August 27th, headbangers, bass heads, metal heads, and anyone looking to rage gathered at the Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado. Joining KAYZO were SweetTooth, HOL!, Emo Nite, and NETSKY.

As soon as doors opened, attendees wasted no time heading into the venue. This venue holds nearly four thousand people. However, the stage can be moved depending on the expected capacity for the night. This is an awesome way to create the feel of an intimate, packed show, no matter the size. This venue has a spot for everyone between the large floor area, tiered seating in the back, and two VIP balconies. Multiple bars, restrooms, and water fountains can be found throughout the venue, along with food and merchandise.


SweetTooth did not come to mess around, proven by the experimental dubstep that he played throughout his set. Basic colorful overhead lights set the mood along with his own graphics on an LED screen behind the DJ table. He also played a new remix that he did for one of KAYZO‘s tracks. At the end of his set, he sang a pop-punk track from the band he’s also a part of!


HOL! took the stage next. This French producer and DJ had an awesome amount of energy and stage presence, helping to get the crowd more engaged and ready for the rest of the night. He played some brand new original tracks during his set and even started a wall of death and an all-girls mosh pit. Some really cool graphics took over the LED screen behind him as he interacted with the crowd.

Emo Nite

According to Emo Nite, they are “Not a band. Not DJs. We throw parties for the music we love.” This traveling party celebrating throwback pop-punk and rock are almost always on tour. And, they also jumped onto a few of KAYZO’s tour dates! Although this set seemed a little bit surprising and unexpected at first, the crowd absolutely loved it.

Songs from artists like Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 were tastefully mixed with pop and electronic songs while visuals from 2000’s commercials and video clips were played. The two DJs on stage had tons of energy, and so did the crowd!


The final artist to take the stage before KAYZO was Belgium drum-and-bass legend NETSKY. More rows of lights were added to the stage production for this set, and it was clear that the anticipation and energy in the venue continued to grow. NETSKY played many drum-and-bass songs that the crowd knew and sang along to. Meanwhile, trippy, brightly colored graphics swirled around behind him. At one point, he played the Luude remix of Men At Work’s “Down Under” which seemed to be a hit. Then, he finished off his set with his track “Let Me Hold You” with Hybrid Minds.

By this point in the night, the floor was pretty full but not squished. There was more room in the back on the tiered seating, and the VIP balconies were next to empty. Even though the venue looked and felt full, everyone had space to breathe, and there weren’t any lines for drinks or bathrooms.


After a brief set-change to prepare the stage for KAYZO’s headline set, the man finally made his way to the stage. The combination of his music, stage presence, and production truly did transform the venue into another world. In addition to the enormous LED screen behind him, the front of the DJ booth was also LED, merging visuals with what was on the big screen. He also had additional light rigs on either side of the stage, with bright light bars and more lights that shined out into the audience. These moved in sync with the music, creating an effect similar to lasers. And, get this, he also had cryo that joined his other production during the drops.

In addition to bangin’ originals like “Welcome To The Doghouse“, he also played remixes of Shouse’s “Love Tonight,” and Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out“. Then, he played a sound byte saying, “Hey mom, could you pick me up?” that immediately transformed into a crazy dubstep drop. Let me tell you, his graphics were a bit scary and hell-ish, so hopefully, nobody had to call their mom.

KAYZO was so much fun to watch! One thing that stood out about his stage presence was his big, strong arm movements. He took control of the stage and the crowd, which you don’t see too often. He even instructed the crowd to go feral, which everyone seemed to follow through with (LOL). Headbangers took charge of the rail while multiple mosh pits could be seen in the crowd.

Towards the end of his set, he brought out a special guest called “bone daddy”. Enter: CALCIUM. They played a song together before KAYZO brought out his girlfriend, CRAY. They performed their song, “Love Me Hate Me” with De’Wayne together. Couple goals, right? At the end of the night, KAYZO paused the show to bring a few fans up on stage, and the venue got to witness a proposal! What an ending to a crazy memorable night.

Good Night, Ragers

KAYZO’s New Breed Tour was an amazing show from start to finish. Each artist on the lineup played a unique set that interacted with the crowd and got them ready for the rest of the night. Hardstyle, metal, dubstep, and more flooded the venue, with everyone dancing and headbanging. If you love to rage, you should check out a KAYZO show!

To keep up with all things KAYZO, including tour dates and new releases, check out his socials below!

Photos by Aeron Reinhardt Photography

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Krushendo Goes Big with Destruction Ft BVLVNCE, Opening For Sullivan King on 8/26 in Boulder

Krushendo Goes Big with Destruction Ft BVLVNCE, Opening For Sullivan King on 8/26 in Boulder

Colorado’s own Krushendo has been making waves this year since he directly supported ILLENIUM for two days in Aspen, CO, for the X Games. He has since headlined Cervantes Otherside and played Electric Forest. His most recent success was opening for SoDown to a completely sold-out Mishawaka Amphitheatre.

Today is Krushendo’s birthday, and he released Destruction featuring BVLVNCE on vocals, who just recently put out a tune with the legendary Kayzo. Destruction features metal production into a bro step banger of a drop that reminds us of old Kai Wachi and Black Tiger Sex Machine. He put it out for FREE DOWNLOAD if you follow him on Spotify! Listen/hear below.

Krushendo’s next big show is on 8/26 in Boulder at The Fox with the legendary Sullivan King. His new direction in dubstep is sure to turn heads in the coming year.

Krushendo is a Colorado name to watch.

Listen/Buy Destruction Here

The Neon project lights up iconic Civic Center Park

Neon Project 2022

Denver’s local bassheads were able to gather at the iconic civic center park for a 9-hour-long event- The Neon Project- hosted by Party Troopers LLC. This stacked lineup came full of heavy hitters, ending the night with popular artists such as Arius and LAXX. These artists have grown a heavy following from songs such as “Misbehave” and “Hostile.” This team came together to handcraft a free event for Denver locals to safely party and celebrate the amazing lineup.

Supporting Small

The neon project was handcrafted from the minds of fellow EDM enthusiasts with a goal to create a safe and fun inclusive show for local headbangers to enjoy all day long. The Neon Project had not only live music, but many pop ups from small business vendors. Displaying their hand crafted art and festival wear, Rave Buddie sold to the attendees. As well as the art, food trucks filed along the path of the park to catch the eye of the event-goers. The goal of supporting small business and local business was a success and the team hopes to work to grow with more vendors in the future.

Lighting up the park

The event had two staging displays- a mainstage as well as the Bass Capital records stage. These stages brought quality sound to the entirety of the park. Featuring a full sound system and an amazing set of lasers and ambience to light up the night, the staging setup brought a versatile mix to this event.

Overall, The Neon Project was a success. This event brought amazing music, lighting, and sound to keep up with their sought-after headliners. Keep your eye out for upcoming party troopers events and continuation of the Neon Project because these events are not ones you and your rave family want to miss.

Photos by (Photographer Name Linked)

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Fly July at Temple Denver

This summer, we have been blessed with some amazing concerts, shows and festivals and now we have even more fantastic music at Temple! 14 amazing artists will be hitting the stage this month and we are ready to party the night away with them. With different vibes and sounds every week, there is sure to be something for everyone! 

Rusko July 1st

Kicking off the month is Rusko. He is hitting the stage Friday, July 1st. Born in Leeds, Rusko grew up with the amazing English Drum n bass scene. Bringing that hometown sound with him through music school, Rusko brings his own grimey dub-step vibe over to us. His most recent hit, “Butcher Shop” is an absolute drum n bass banger and we can’t wait to get down with him!

Klingande July 2nd

Following Rusko, Klingande will be taking over Temple Saturday, July 2nd. All the way from France, Klingande will bring the saxy sounds of tropical house with him. His first album “The Album” is full of some amazing house music and definitely worth a listen!

Deerock July 7th

The next week at Temple starts with Deerock, who is getting the party started on Thursday, July 7th. This East Coast producer is mostly known for his “Get Up It’s Gameday” mixes on Soundcloud, but his newest track, a remix of the Chainsmokers’ “High” is absolute fire!

Culture Shock July 8th

Next on the Temple stage is Culture Shock, playing Friday, July 8th. Hailing from across the pond, Culture Shock is no stranger to drum n bass, growing up listening to the genre on Britain’s various pirate radios. He released a compilation of songs earlier this year, but “Recombine” with Sub Focus is our favorite! We are excited to hear him spin!

Niiko x Swae July 9th

Also playing this weekend is Niiko x Swae. This duo will be bringing the heat July 9th. Hailing from LA, this duo recently dropped, “ Save Me” ft. JRM on Soundcloud. It has a real dancey vibe to it and is sure to be a summer anthem!


This Amsterdam duo is taking the stage July 14th for the official Global Dance Festival Pre-Party. The duo’s music is a mix of a wide range of genres and often incorporates elements from trap, hip hop, dubstep, and more. Yellow Claw’s latest Soundcloud track, “Deep Inside” is a heavy, high energy slammer that is sure to get anyone who listens to it pumped up!

Softest Hard July 21st

True to her name, Softest Hard is bringing the hard beats July 21st. The LA producer brings a unique history to her sound. Being Vietnamese-American in Vermont, she always aspired to be bigger than her town. Her song, “La Luz” just dropped back in April and it is a heavy trap banger! 

Bad Girls Club – Hard Candy Burlesque Show July 21st

The Hard Candy Burlesque girls are back July 21st, with their Bad Girls Club. The show starts at 7, so grab some friends and see some bad girls making all the moves, and then head to the main stage for Softest Hard.

Open Art Night July 21st

The Open Art Night is happening July 21st. Come meet and network with other Denver artists. Hosted in the Mirus, bring your artist friends, sip some cocktails and look at the local art. The doors open at 7!

Chapter & Verse July 22nd

Chapter & Verse is bringing the tech house heat July 22nd. Making waves in his UK hometown, Chapter & Verse is a quickly rising tech house star. He just dropped his song, “Taking Over Me” a little over a week ago, and we are loving it!

Sippy July 23rd

Sippy is coming on July 23rd with her Down Under Sound. Don’t be fooled by her appearance. Sippy makes the grimiest dubstep! Her most recent song, “Trippin” actually just dropped today, 6/22 on Beatport and we are OBSESSED!

Wehbba July 28th

This international producer, Webhha is hitting the Temple Decks on July 28th. Since he is traveling all the way from Brazil, you know he will be bringing the heat. He’s an international techno superstar and we are beyond excited for his techno beats!

Party Favor July 29th

No stranger to the party scene in Denver, Party Favor is returning July 29th.This Bass music producer is a veteran in the music industry and always puts on a good show! His song “Spirits Part 1” just dropped on June 17th and it’s another Party Favor banger!

Party Pupils July 30th

Wrapping up the month, Party Pupils is hitting the stage July 30th. LA based, this future house artist is bringing the technicolor neon vibes of LA to the stage. “Renegade” with Big Gigantic is a banger of theirs that came out at the beginning of the year and it absolutely slaps!

July Wrap Up

No matter who you see in July, be sure to make Temple one of your stops! There are tons of fantastic artists playing and it’s sure to be a party this July! 

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Jantsen Returns to The Fox in Boulder For Intimate Night of Gutter Dubstep

Jantsen Returns to The Fox in Boulder on Saturday, 5/28

The Gutter Dubstep legend Jantsen (Subsidia Records, Circus Records, Disciple Records) is coming back to his home base of Boulder, Colorado for a night of heaters at the historic Fox Theatre in downtown Boulder on Saturday, May 28th. The show has Wolf-e-wolf from Gravitas Records joining as direct support. IAM_Jacko and Krushendo will be opening up the night providing some equally wonky and heavy dubstep vibes to start out the night proper.

Jantsen has recently put out an absolute huge album entitled,”Gutter Til I Die”, filled with grime and his patented gutter sound. He also dropped another absolutely massive mix Gutter Music 5. You can hear this absolutely epic mix which includes his newest album and some extra spicy VIPs. We also got you on the album playlist on Spotify.

The Fox is Giving away two pairs of tickets to this show coming this Saturday.

Enter Ticket Giveaway

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More About Jantsen here