Krushendo is back with Melodic remix of ILLENIUM’s “Story of My Life”

Krushendo is back with another amazing melodic remix this time for ILLENIUM’s SKIO contest of his tune with Seuco and Trippie Redd entitled,”Story of My Life”. He headlines Cervantes Otherside in Denver, CO on March 3rd, 2022 with Prismatic, NGHT OWL, Jakattak, and DocFunk.

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Want to help him win? Head over to the SKIO contest and listen there! Comments, likes, and streams will help Krushendo get a better ranking in the voting.

Exact Steps to Vote:
1.) Go to SKIO website & Register
2.) Check email to confirm
3.) Go to Story of My Life contest
4.) Find Krushendo’s Rekrush
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Hometown Hero Krushendo Announces SHIFT Thursday Cervantes Otherside

Krushendo Opening for Getter at Boulder Theatre. Photo by Huck Film

Krushendo is a Denver based dubstep producer that has been making waves in the community for 5 years now that we have been following. Today he announced his largest headliner to date at the famous Cervantes Otherside in Denver, CO on March 3rd with Prismatic, NGHT ØWL, DocFunk, & Jakattack. DocFunk and Jakattack are both from the quickly growing Denver based label Make wavs bring electic bass to the list of heavy hitters.

Prismatic has recently released with Subsidia Records and put out a huge EP with legend Au5 on Disciple Records. He has collabs with acts including Au5, Skybreak, Lizzy Jane and more.

Come join Party Guru in getting down with Krushendo, Prismatic, NGHT OWL, DocFunk, & JakAttack. Presented by SHIFT Thursdays, River Beats, Make Wavs, Krushendo, and Longevity Productions.

Tickets for this show are just $10 Early Bird online!
Limited to the first 50 purchases, then tickets move to $15/20/25 leading up to the day of show.

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Krushendo opening for Champagne Drip on 10/14. Photo by Huck FIlm

Krushendo recently put out his last release of the year with a melodic dubstep endeavor entitled Dreamworks VIP after chain huge releases including remixes for William Black, MiTiS, Bandlez, and CloZee. He has opened Colorado shows with Getter, Champagne Drip, and Shlump in 2021 as well as selling out headliners in Colorado at The Aggie on 5/22, at Your Moms House in Denver on 6/12 & 6/13 and then again in Steamboat Springs on 11/06.

Krushendo is geared to be a break out artist in 2022!

Checkout his most recent releases here!

Newest Original, Dreamworks VIP, listen in his Monthly Playlist!

Bandlez Remix

CloZee Remix

MiTiS Remix

Emotion & Energy – Late Night Radio Coming To Denver

Late Night Radio, aka Alex Medellin; the accomplished soul and hip-hop-infused EDM sound weaver is LIVE in Denver this Saturday. When one first hears the sounds that ebb and flow from his music, it’s hard to believe that one person can be behind it all. For over a decade, Alex has poured his heart and soul into developing his craft through experimental production resulting in something rather prolific. As a result, he can boast some truly impressive accomplishments after launching his career in one of the most diverse and competitive industries in the nation, Denver.

Houston Native Turned Denver Sensation

During his earliest years in 2011, he launched his career as Late Night Radio by composing music for commercials and online videos. Originally a Houston native, Medellin took his passion for sound to places that further fed his soulful motivation; New Orleans, Austin, Temecula, and Big Bear. Ultimately, he relocated to his soon-to-be home to his most profound successes yet, Colorado. By 2014, music production officially became his full-time profession. Throughout these early stages, he produced some incredibly imaginative EP’s, one of his most notable being “Find the Love” (ft. Borahm Lee). This art piece boasted an excess of 2 million streams, 646k on Spotify alone! Online and offline, his integration of live instruments into his music became a highly admired aspect in the newly exploding electronic music scene nationwide.

Late Night Radios live performances are unforgettable, high energy events that attract a variety of fans.

The Legacy Begins

This new and unknown thirst of music fans was met by an avalanche of emotionally charged and addictive performances. Medellin’s live sets are at the core of his ultimate expression as an artist. Leveraging live instruments, he invigorates fans with heavy-hitting hip-hop beats blanketed in jazzy undertones. The soul is in the rhythm, and the euphoric melodies commune to create a sound haven like none other. Overall, his style is mesmerizing and will continue to make iconic waves within the industry as he pushes the limits of sound. Today, he has nearly 100,000 followers on Spotify and a heavy presence across all major music-sharing platforms.

Late Night Radio shows compassion with not only music, but within all other aspects of his life.

Emotion Over Energy

Medellin’s mantra, “emotion over energy”, is something audiophiles of all flavors are drawn to. With this intention comes a full-circle connection that inspires and invigorates the soul. As a result, Late Night Radio alchemy of electro-hop has brought his inspiration of soulful Sunday hymns to a genre all its own. Curating “feed good” music that feeds the mind, body, and soul. Join him at his next live performance with support from Michal Menert, Bad Snacks, Def3, and Kaptain this weekend in Denver at the Ogden Theater. Click here to buy your tickets. He has some new unreleased tracks he’s eager to share!

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Krushendo Drops HUGE Disciple Remix Contest Tune

Krushendo has been tearing up the local Colorado scene since 2017 when he won the battle of the bands Summer Camp Music Festival holds called On The Road, from there he played several festivals including Sonic Bloom and Arise in 2018 by winning a voting contest. He played several sold out shows with acts including Illenium, William Black, Dabin, Cofresi, iLL.Gates, and many more. In 2019 he won The Untz Producer Challenge with his tune Infinite Ft Cheyenne Duba. Since then he has released with Hegemon,, Bass Rebels, Ninety9Lives, and The Mile High Sound movement.

More info about Krushendo music, tour, apparel, and more!

This year he has sold out several headliners and is poised to break out of Colorado and into the national touring scene. He has official remixes with MiTiS, William Black, and now Bandlez & Structsu. He also has some big dates in Colorado coming up.

Bandlez & ShoBandlez & Strocksu – Sleepwalking ft. Katie Sky {Krushendo Rekrush}

Exclusive Interview With Anjunabeats Newest Signing: Euphoric Nation


From twitch DJing to ABGT464, Euphoric Nation reaches the upper echelon of progressive trance with their latest single “Stranger”. Found on the latest edition of Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 454, the Minneapolis-based duo collaborated with Michael Fearon and vocalist Lya Adams for their first big hit. Staying true to their sound, this uplifting track combines soothing vocals with a melodic beat that will keep your mood jovial or even… euphoric.

Euphoric Nation was founded in 2010 by Don Ortega, E.N. He is well-known in the Minneapolis trance scene but evolved to new levels once Justin Zanish joined in 2019. Shortly after the duo gained enough notoriety to gain many bookings including direct support for Laserface. Party Guru Press was able to catch up with Don from Euphoric Nation to hear more about their journey to ABGT. Check it out below!

Photo by Euphoric Nation

The Offical Interview

Party Guru Press: Tell me about the track “Stranger”, How did it develop with your collaborators?

Euphoric Nation: This was actually our 2nd track with Michael Fearon. We previously released “Lost at Sea” on Ava recordings and people liked that track a lot so we planned to follow it up with something special. We started working on the track earlier this year and brought it to Mike Shiver who has a knack for finding amazing vocalists which is how we were able to connect with Lya Adams. The rest is history.

Party Guru Press: What inspires Euphoric Nation‘s music?

Euphoric Nation: Trance is a tough genre that has started to move in a new direction. What inspires Euphoric Nation is an uplighting feel and happy vibe, and we try to carry that forward. We like to combine that happy feel with a dance beat. 

Photo by Brez Media

Party Guru Press: How did you navigate the pandemic?

Euphoric Nation: We were definitely on a high in 2019. The last show we played was the Laserface show at the Armory. “Lucky for me, I already had my online format radio show for a couple of years, Trance Paradise, so I was familiar being behind the camera doing live streams and so I rebooted it on Twitch. We started to play consistently and got a couple of big raids including Gabriel and Dresden. Recently we started working with Final Fantasy 14 and got our own virtual club in there (Club Poncho).”

Party Guru Press: Wow! A virtual club? Can you tell me a little more about that?

Euphoric Nation: When we first started doing it we were only able to purchase a small plot in the game. So it only allowed a certain number of characters to come through and we would literally “sell-out” the club. People wouldn’t be able to get in since the club was at capacity. So they had a line out the door. Our group of friends would look forward to it and still be able to ‘go out’ together in the game. We did get a small plot and we had people frustrated after multiple weeks of being sold out and asking us to upgrade. When the server upgrade happened we were able to buy a large plot and accommodate more characters.

Party Guru Press: A couple of fun questions to share with the world. What is your go-to pizza topping?

Euphoric Nation: It’s weird 🙂 Canadian bacon, mushroom. My father used to order it and just liked it.

Party Guru Press: What is your dream booking?

Euphoric Nation: The Mecca or Dreamstate for sure.

Party Guru Press: If you were to make any other genre of music besides trance what would it be?

Euphoric Nation: During the lockdown, I was introduced to tech-house. I found some on twitch sets and liked it a lot. It’s really groovy and “dancy”. Makes me want to get up and rave. 

Party Guru Press: What is your new favorite track right now?

Euphoric Nation: Jody6 – rabbit hole. I love the matrix sound bits they sampled in it. 

Where can you find Euphoric Nation next? They just had a release party show in their resident venue REV in Minneapolis on October 15th and have more bookings in the works. Check out their Instagram page for the latest announcements on tracks and shows coming soon!

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An Interview With Future Joy

Up and coming musical duo Future Joy has been blazing a trail of success for themselves for the past 2 years. They’ve began making quite a name for themselves in a relatively short amount of time and have become one of the most exciting funk and bass music duos to keep our eyes on. 

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve recently had the chance to get to know them a little better and ask a few questions in the form of an email interview. The eclectic duo filled us in with the details behind their newest single “Triple Stack” featuring Vibe Street. They’ve also let us in on some of their biggest musical inspirations as well as some backstory on themselves as artist on their journey into and through the music scene both as individuals and as a duo.

Interview: Future Joy

Party Guru Press: Lets start by talking about your newest single “Triple Stack” with Vibe Street. The song is funky and upbeat and seems like it would’ve been a lot of fun to work on…

-What was the best part of working on this new release?

-Is there anything worth telling telling about the creative process that shaped this one?

-What is your relationship with Vibe Street like and are there any plans to work with them again in the future?

Future Joy: We met Ben, aka Vibe Street at Mad Mountain festival in Casper, WY the summer of 2020. We brought our RV/renegade stage and were able to jam with him after his sets. We hit the road full-time shortly after.

In November we headed back to Colorado for some other recording sessions and got word that Ben and our friend Austin were working on music. We drove straight through from Arizona, arrived around 2am and started recording. We spent the whole weekend working on a few different projects but this song was the most fun.

Austin started with a ukulele bass line, Zach laid Baritone sax, Ben did the rap, Emily played the synth line and sang the backups, Kyle was there for moral support- the song was starting to take form. It was truly a family collab! We enjoyed our time hanging at Ben’s studio and I think we would all enjoy making another song together sometime soon.


Party Guru Press: So how did you two meet? what initially sparked your creative flow as a duo?

Future Joy: Zach attended a karaoke night that Emily was hosting in May of 2019. We both sang, then Zach asked her to sit in with his band the following night, and we’ve been making music together ever since. This was just the beginning. Now we’ve been living on the road in our RV for over a year and have played 80+ shows!


Party Guru Press: You are clearly both quite musically inclined; not just with music production but with actual instruments as well. Of course we know you love to incorporate the saxophone, which you seem to feature feature throughout the majority of your songs…

-So where did that all come from? What got you started playing music and specifically saxophone in the first place?

Future Joy: Zach started playing saxophone in fifth grade. Emily started piano lessons in grade school and classical vocal trining in high school. We both spent the last 10 years as club/bar DJs. So we were well trained in the dj/electronic side, as well as many other genres of music.

Zach has always been playing sax with DJs, so combining the live element with the tracks just made sense. Emily had been singing in bands, and playing bedroom piano, so it also made sense to start combining everything. We added the piano to the set last winter and its been fun to watch the project grow.


Party Guru Press: How has your creative process evolved since you originally began your musical journey? Do you have a routine for producing? Also how does that reflect in your newest project?

Future Joy: Our only routine for producing is to get friends involved. Collaboration is really what takes our songs to the next level. On this project Ben and especially Austin wanted to stay behind the scenes though, so you only get his first name and no artist name. Hehe..

Party Guru Press: Who are your biggest influences or other artists within your genre that have helped inspire your style of music? And do you ever take influence from artist that aren’t necessarily in the same realm or genre that you produce? Have any of them added any additional inspiration to your new release? Or any of your releases?

Future Joy: Zach grew up in Denver playing funk, jam, and electronic. The scene in Denver is so eclectic it really helped him expand his sax playing and enjoyment of many genres. In electronic Music; Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Excision are early inspirations. On the Sax Sonny Rollins, and Skerik are his big inspirations.

Emily grew up outside Chicago and House music runs through her veins. She had the chance to see world-class acts come through the city and takes inspiration from Anabel Englund, Nicolas Jaar, and Disclosure. She spent the past 9 years DJing and singing at weddings and corporate events so musical diversity was important. It’s fun to be able to play funk, pop, dance, house, rock, hip hop, dub, and bass all at the same party. We strive to stay eclectic in our Future Joy sets too.

Party Guru Press: So 2021 looks like it has been a busy year for you two… Whats been some of the biggest highlights so far?

Future Joy: We had some great shows and festivals this year. Notably: Fool’s Engagement Festival in Branford, FL and being able to fill-in last minute for Russ Liquid, opening for Manic Focus in Gainesville. FL. We also had a blast at our Denver homecoming at Your Moms House in July.

Party Guru Press: We see that you have a show coming up in Denver on October 15th at Summit Music Hall… Are you excited for this one?

-What can we expect to hear from you that night?

-Any chances of bringing out Vibe Street when playing that new tune?

Future Joy: We are sooooo excited for Summit! We got to link up with Float Like A Buffalo in Tulsa, OK last week and the show was huge energy. Denver get readyyyy!!! We plan to play high energy and show Denver a taste of everything we got. We brought Vibe Street to play the collab at our headliner back in July, but since we’re opening we probably won’t have features on October 15th at Summit. We may or may not be joining the Float guys for a special encore though, wink wink. Its also our last show in town before we head south!

Party Guru Press: Anything exciting happening for the remainder of the year? What plans or goals can you share with us regarding performances or new music leading up to 2022 and beyond?

Future Joy: Performing at Summit in Denver and then we truck it to 10.23 at VooSwar in Atlantic Beach, FL and then 10.28 we’re bringing our renegade RV stage to Hulaween. After that we have some festivals in December and February already coming together in Florida. We don’t want to see anymore snow, so find us down south for winter. 🙂 We have big plans of hitting every festival we possibly can next summer!

Party Guru Press: So tell us… how is your biggest canine supporter, Gus doing? Still Repping the “Future Joy” merch?

Future Joy: Gus is the best!!! We adopted him last October while on the road in Virginia. So he was there while the song was created. He loves the road and we truly think he saved ussss!!! FurrGusSon Joy our saviorrrr!!

Party Guru Press: Lastly, we’d love to know… would you two consider yourselves “Party Gurus”!?

Future Joy: We Definitely consider ourselves Party Gurus! We linked up for a stream back in 2020 and we’ve been on the guru train ever since. Woo! 

With all the excitement around their newest single as well as their ambitious plans for the coming year, Future Joy is without a doubt among the most exciting up and coming duos to look out for. Their future shows featuring their marvelously wide range of genres and high energy performances are something worth getting excited about. 

Their desire for a friends and family environment within each of their projects is admirable and inspiring, as is their passion for collaboration with equally exciting artists. Its clear that they thrive off of the creative freedom that comes with sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded artists who share similar musical visions. That is something that reflects highly throughout their latest release. 

We’d like to thank them for their time spent getting back to us for the interview, and we thoroughly look forward to watching the progress of this incredibly promising duo. We’re wishing them the very best with all of their future endeavors. Thank you, Future Joy!









Exploring Star Monster’s Mind

Dubstep and Star Monster are two names you could and should associate together. He has been and will continue to be one you should stay on the lookout for. Releasing this upcoming killer track with LoFreq on the 8th of February, 2021. We are all in for a spooky treat. Recently we were lucky enough to have a chat with Star Monster about all of his upcoming projects, future merch, and much more.

A bit about Star Monster before we get into it. This Wisconsin based artist has been traveling all around performing live shows before Covid. Star Monster has played along artists such as Flume, Rusko, Boogie T, Champagne Drip, Figure, SoDown, Zeke Beats, 12th Planet, and many more. He has also worked with companies such as Ocular Presents, Burning Man, and again many more. Star Monster actually played Denver’s own The Black Box not too long ago!

During this interview we will get a tease at some upcoming releases from this artist. Let’s dive in!

New Tunes

Patrik Essy: Let’s start off with your new weird and spooky tune coming out on February 8th, what’s some of the inspiration behind that tune? How long have you been working on it? Would you say that it is some of the best made yet?

Star Monster: Well, like most all my tunes, that one went through a major transformation. The first incarnation I made in a day and I really liked it and still play it out from time to time. I really just had some BASS sound ideas I wanted to try and they jelled. But as usual it wasn’t enough for me in the long run and I wanted it to go deeper. I’m really into horror flix and the opening sample is from one of my favs..(I wont say which one haha) so that was the inspiration on the transformed version of the tune. I just went a lot deeper into making some sounds you’ve never heard before…whereas the first version is using some common sounds that are circulating around right now. I wanted to make it really menacing and different. I get tired of the regurgitated sounds. The last drop is my fav. I don’t know if it’s the best i’ve made, i’m working on some new stuff also that i’m pretty stoked on.

Patrik Essy: Do you have any other tunes to be on the lookout for? Merch is always something that artists are dropping also, do you have anything in the works? Do you have any thoughts for merch?

Star Monster: Yes, I have soooo much new music that i’m really excited about. Im completing an EP as we speak. I’m hoping it comes out in the next month. Then a second EP for spring and a bunch of singles and collabs. One with Super Future that is dope af. This year i’m planning on dropping a lot of music. I also have new merch galore haha. A merch drop that will happen in the next week- 2 hats, a LTD jacket and a really incredible Official LTD Hocky Jersey by Above The Sky that i’m stoked about.

You can actually go check out one of Star Monster’s most recent mixes in the meantime. Find that linked below! You are sure to be spooked with these massive amounts of bass.


Patrik Essy: As 2020 was a bummer, what was the last show that you played? Where was it? 

Star Monster: Ya it has been tough (but a great time for making music). Well, I have gotten to play a couple Covid safe shows…a Denver Drive In with Luzcid, Buku, Minnesota. Also a show at the Midway in SF with Ravenscoon, Xotix, and Subdocta. Cant wait to get things going again but gotta stay patient…and keep making new tracks!!

Patrik Essy: Looking back on 2020 still, did you do any live streams? If so how’d you make those sets different from a live set? If you didn’t play any live streams what did you do instead?

Star Monster: Yes I played quite a few. I went all over the place and experimented in some. I love pure DJ sets where I get really out there and use the decks to create really out there sounds. I’ve also done some that were really honed. I’ve been working with UTAW Visuals and have created some pretty dope sets with the whole visual component i’ve been making. Many people don’t know that i’m a visual artist so bringing a full visual journey is something i’m very serious about and you’ll see more of that soon.

Let’s Travel Back

Patrik Essy: Seeing that your current insta dates back to 2016, how long have you been creating music for? How long have you been mixing for? Who were some heavy influences in your style of music?

Star Monster: I’ve been making music for a LONG time haha. Since I was a kid really. Someone gave me an old 4 track reel to reel and some sampling CASIOS and I used to make this music in my basement I called “Grey Radio”. Ive been mixing for only 3 years! But i’ve been performing with live instruments heavily for many. Early influences on my style I would say were Liquid Stranger, Peekaboo, and Bassnectar.

Star Monster’s Sound

Patrik Essy: Would you say that you have “found your sound”? Do you enjoy the music that you make and the career you have made out of it?

Star Monster: I think i’m pretty close but I never want to have a definitive sound. I always want to surprise! But I also want people to know it’s me by the inner feel of it. I’m a mystic. I put things into the core of the music that I think my biggest listeners feel. I absolutely LOVE making music, I want to do this forever. I have such big ideas haha. If I didn’t have creating music i’d be a basket case. lmao

Patrik Essy: What makes Star Monster stand out from the rest? 

Star Monster: I don’t know if I do but… Im just being myself. I think I take chances, with sounds, themes, vibes. I try to make it how I want it…not necessarily what’s popular. Although I do love popular music. I try to put something deeper in there…and I work forever on a track until I think it’s ready.

Patrik Essy: What advice would you have to somebody that wants to get into producing. Kind words of advice here hahhah.

Star Monster: Have fun…put your whole real self into it…be individual as hell…we all want the new and real you.

A Few Final Questions for Star Monster

Patrik Essy: If there was one place in the world that you could be, Covid in mind or no Covid, where would it be? Do you keep this place in thought when creating music?  

Star Monster: hmmm, i love the world and traveling everywhere…but i love Romania and Hawaii…especially now when its so cold here in Madison…definitely Hawaii haha.

Patrik Essy: Final question, would you consider yourself a Party Guru? 

Star Monster: Oh yaaaa. haha. I’ve studied the Andy Warhol party book lol. I’ve also hosted a lot of parties here at Smart Studios (the old recording studio where Nirvana recorded Nevermind and the Smashing pumpkins first 2 albums…where I live and work.) I live for a good party.

Wrapping Everything Up

As we all patiently wait for Calling For Me to release we can listen to past mixes and music. That can all be found below.

Go check out the new track linked down below! If you are still reading this Star Monster we’d like to thank you again for this opportunity for a chat, we cant wait to hear the new track.

Photos Provided by Star Monster

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