Exploring Star Monster’s Mind

Dubstep and Star Monster are two names you could and should associate together. He has been and will continue to be one you should stay on the lookout for. Releasing this upcoming killer track with LoFreq on the 8th of February, 2021. We are all in for a spooky treat. Recently we were lucky enough to have a chat with Star Monster about all of his upcoming projects, future merch, and much more.

A bit about Star Monster before we get into it. This Wisconsin based artist has been traveling all around performing live shows before Covid. Star Monster has played along artists such as Flume, Rusko, Boogie T, Champagne Drip, Figure, SoDown, Zeke Beats, 12th Planet, and many more. He has also worked with companies such as Ocular Presents, Burning Man, and again many more. Star Monster actually played Denver’s own The Black Box not too long ago!

During this interview we will get a tease at some upcoming releases from this artist. Let’s dive in!

New Tunes

Patrik Essy: Let’s start off with your new weird and spooky tune coming out on February 8th, what’s some of the inspiration behind that tune? How long have you been working on it? Would you say that it is some of the best made yet?

Star Monster: Well, like most all my tunes, that one went through a major transformation. The first incarnation I made in a day and I really liked it and still play it out from time to time. I really just had some BASS sound ideas I wanted to try and they jelled. But as usual it wasn’t enough for me in the long run and I wanted it to go deeper. I’m really into horror flix and the opening sample is from one of my favs..(I wont say which one haha) so that was the inspiration on the transformed version of the tune. I just went a lot deeper into making some sounds you’ve never heard before…whereas the first version is using some common sounds that are circulating around right now. I wanted to make it really menacing and different. I get tired of the regurgitated sounds. The last drop is my fav. I don’t know if it’s the best i’ve made, i’m working on some new stuff also that i’m pretty stoked on.

Patrik Essy: Do you have any other tunes to be on the lookout for? Merch is always something that artists are dropping also, do you have anything in the works? Do you have any thoughts for merch?

Star Monster: Yes, I have soooo much new music that i’m really excited about. Im completing an EP as we speak. I’m hoping it comes out in the next month. Then a second EP for spring and a bunch of singles and collabs. One with Super Future that is dope af. This year i’m planning on dropping a lot of music. I also have new merch galore haha. A merch drop that will happen in the next week- 2 hats, a LTD jacket and a really incredible Official LTD Hocky Jersey by Above The Sky that i’m stoked about.

You can actually go check out one of Star Monster’s most recent mixes in the meantime. Find that linked below! You are sure to be spooked with these massive amounts of bass.


Patrik Essy: As 2020 was a bummer, what was the last show that you played? Where was it? 

Star Monster: Ya it has been tough (but a great time for making music). Well, I have gotten to play a couple Covid safe shows…a Denver Drive In with Luzcid, Buku, Minnesota. Also a show at the Midway in SF with Ravenscoon, Xotix, and Subdocta. Cant wait to get things going again but gotta stay patient…and keep making new tracks!!

Patrik Essy: Looking back on 2020 still, did you do any live streams? If so how’d you make those sets different from a live set? If you didn’t play any live streams what did you do instead?

Star Monster: Yes I played quite a few. I went all over the place and experimented in some. I love pure DJ sets where I get really out there and use the decks to create really out there sounds. I’ve also done some that were really honed. I’ve been working with UTAW Visuals and have created some pretty dope sets with the whole visual component i’ve been making. Many people don’t know that i’m a visual artist so bringing a full visual journey is something i’m very serious about and you’ll see more of that soon.

Let’s Travel Back

Patrik Essy: Seeing that your current insta dates back to 2016, how long have you been creating music for? How long have you been mixing for? Who were some heavy influences in your style of music?

Star Monster: I’ve been making music for a LONG time haha. Since I was a kid really. Someone gave me an old 4 track reel to reel and some sampling CASIOS and I used to make this music in my basement I called “Grey Radio”. Ive been mixing for only 3 years! But i’ve been performing with live instruments heavily for many. Early influences on my style I would say were Liquid Stranger, Peekaboo, and Bassnectar.

Star Monster’s Sound

Patrik Essy: Would you say that you have “found your sound”? Do you enjoy the music that you make and the career you have made out of it?

Star Monster: I think i’m pretty close but I never want to have a definitive sound. I always want to surprise! But I also want people to know it’s me by the inner feel of it. I’m a mystic. I put things into the core of the music that I think my biggest listeners feel. I absolutely LOVE making music, I want to do this forever. I have such big ideas haha. If I didn’t have creating music i’d be a basket case. lmao

Patrik Essy: What makes Star Monster stand out from the rest? 

Star Monster: I don’t know if I do but… Im just being myself. I think I take chances, with sounds, themes, vibes. I try to make it how I want it…not necessarily what’s popular. Although I do love popular music. I try to put something deeper in there…and I work forever on a track until I think it’s ready.

Patrik Essy: What advice would you have to somebody that wants to get into producing. Kind words of advice here hahhah.

Star Monster: Have fun…put your whole real self into it…be individual as hell…we all want the new and real you.

A Few Final Questions for Star Monster

Patrik Essy: If there was one place in the world that you could be, Covid in mind or no Covid, where would it be? Do you keep this place in thought when creating music?  

Star Monster: hmmm, i love the world and traveling everywhere…but i love Romania and Hawaii…especially now when its so cold here in Madison…definitely Hawaii haha.

Patrik Essy: Final question, would you consider yourself a Party Guru? 

Star Monster: Oh yaaaa. haha. I’ve studied the Andy Warhol party book lol. I’ve also hosted a lot of parties here at Smart Studios (the old recording studio where Nirvana recorded Nevermind and the Smashing pumpkins first 2 albums…where I live and work.) I live for a good party.

Wrapping Everything Up

As we all patiently wait for Calling For Me to release we can listen to past mixes and music. That can all be found below.

Go check out the new track linked down below! If you are still reading this Star Monster we’d like to thank you again for this opportunity for a chat, we cant wait to hear the new track.

Photos Provided by Star Monster

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