Krushendo Releases 2nd Song off Melodic Dubstep EP with Cheyenne Duba on Vocals

Krushendo Releases 2nd Song off Melodic Dubstep EP with Cheyenne Duba on Vocals

Krushendo strikes again with the 2nd melodic dubstep tune off his upcoming EP with Cheyenne Duba entitled,”Break My Fall”. Krushendo has taken Colorado by storm opening for massive acts including ILLENIUM, MiTiS, Crystal Skies, 1788-L, and Getter in just a short period of time.

Upcoming Krushendo Dates

His next upcoming plays are Defunk /w Kyral X Banko on Saturday, May 2nd at 830 North in Fort Collins. Then he hits Rekinection festival with LSDream, Spongle, SoDown, Maddy O’neal, and many more May 21st-23rd then he hurts back to Colorado to open for the man Jantsen in Boulder at the legendary Fox Theater on May 28th.

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Upcoming Shows + Pre-Save Final Tune on EP

Krushendo Releases First Song entitled Through The Fire off Upcoming EP Believe In Myself

Krushendo Releases First Song entitled Through The Fire off Upcoming EP Believe In Myself

Krushendo has been making waves in 2022 with recent plays with ILLENIUM, MiTiS, Crystal Skies, and Opiuo already as well has a huge headliner in Denver at Cervantes on 3/03/22.

Krushendo’s blend of melodic dubstep and heavy dubstep has been pleasing crowds for years now and his project look primed for the next evolution of his sound. Without further adeu, I give you Through The Fire ft Brittany Bouchard on vocals. His next show is 4/16 in Albuqueue, NM with 1788-l and Lick at The Electric Playhouse. Presave the other songs on his upcoming EP here.

Listen to Through the Fire

Review and Recap Video of Krushendo’s Take Over of Cervantes

Review and Recap Video of Krushendo’s Take Over of Cervantes

Colorado local Karlyle Walker, aka Krushendo, has been on the rise in the melodic bass scene. Since he opened for MitiS in 2018, Krushendo has been at the forefront in the bass capital. He has truly been crushing it! Last month, on February 7th, Krushendo released a soul-crushing dubstep banger titled, “Dungeon”. As well, just a few months ago, Krushendo released MiTis – TRY featuring RØRY (Krushendo Rekrush). On January 21st and 22nd of this year, Krushendo graced the stage direct supporting Illenium at two sold-out shows in Aspen, Colorado. A few weeks later he played another sold out show in Portland, Oregon with MiTiS again and Crystal Skies.

On March 3rd, Cervantes’s weekly installment of SHIFT Thursdays held one of Krushendo’s largest headlining shows to date. Joining him as support was, Jakattak, NGHTOWL, Prismatic, and Docfunk.

Art And Silent Disco

As soon as Cervantes Other Side doors opened at 8 PM, the floor started filling up. When fans walked in, they were greeted with a bar. While you walk further back into the venue, there was artwork by numerous talented artists. Back on the patio, there was a silent disco hosted by Make Wavs and Longevity Productions.

Starting The Night Off 

Denver local Jakattak kicked off the evening. Jakattak played his unique sound for fans to move to. Jakattak has been on the rise with new releases including just a few months ago, his collab with DeniZen “Creature” through Make Wavs, and his bootleg remix of Big Sean “Moves”. In addition, back in December, he took over a five-hour slot during the Noise for Toys fundraiser over Twitch. As well, Jakattak has graced stages across Colorado such as The Church Nightclub, Your Moms House, and 830 North in Fort Collins, which is an arcade, bowling alley, and venue. To keep up with new releases by Jakattak, follow him on SoundCloud here.

Next up taking the stage was NGHTOWL, who embraces heavy-hitting bass music that embodies emotions. NGHTOWL captivated fans with his extraordinary sound. Just within the last six months, NGHTOWL has released singles, “Skyburst“, “Cloud City“, “nighttime“, and his most recent release, “Deeper.” Click here to keep up with all of his new incredible releases.

Prismatic who has released tracks on well-known labels like, Subsidia and Wakaan took the stage next. He kept the energy strong preparing fans to be ready for the headliner of the evening. Prismatic has released banger after banger, including his three-track “Mystify” EP five months ago. Just last month, Prismatic released heavy hitter “Refresh” through Rude Service. Follow this mastermind here.

The Time Has Come 

While Krushendo was preparing to grace the stage, fans were noticed walking closer to capture the perfect view. Krushendo started off with major heat as he was playing melodic vocals and all of the heavier melodic bass elements with the smooth tempos of slower, heavy-hitting bass music. Everyone was getting down with smiles on their faces and even, some headbanging.

Also on stage, was a guitarist and drummer at certain points, creating a unique experience for fans. To top it off, lasers consisting of numerous colors were going off during each banger. The lasers could be seen even in the back by the art. Above the stage was a visual screen that included his name and other visuals to get lost in. Fans were able to immersive themselves into the whole event, and experience the special evening. In addition, Krushendo announced his upcoming EP. Fans were able to listen to a glimpse into his new music, including unreleased songs.

Ending the night was Docfunk. He kept the vibes high with his Dirtybass house, Drum and Bass with Hip Influences, and Halftime tunes. Keeping the fans dancing with some “booty music” as Docfunk calls it, ensuring fans ended the night perfectly. Check out his popular tracks here, including “Slum Lordz“, Ghetto Funk“, and “In Da House Vol.2 “, all songs to make you lose control.

An End to the Madness

This event was definitely an unforgettable night for fans, with bass, new tunes, and getting lost in the lasers and visuals. Every artist brought major heat with good vibes all around. Be sure to keep an eye on Krushendo, we certainly can’t wait to see where this Colorado local goes! To stay up to date with Cervantes’s weekly SHIFT Thursday for the rest of March, click here

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Evanoff’s Debut Album, SINGULARITY, Is Here On March 2nd


Evanoff’s Debut Album, SINGULARITY, Is Here On March 2nd

Get To Know Evanoff

Evanoff is a Colorado-based trio that produces and performs music under the self-proclaimed genre “dream rock”. Their electronic-rock hybrid sound has attracted listeners within Colorado and throughout the United States. Their mission as a band is to provide euphoric and uplifting experiences through their music. But, that’s not all. Evanoff also strives to break down cultural boundaries and create a community of like-minded individuals in order to help the world better understand humanity.

Over the past few years, Evanoff has really worked to push their unique music, sound, and inspiring message. Specifically, they have performed at venues across the United States, creating a cult following of sorts. They already have a sold-out tour under their belt which was their most recent tour, the Fall tour.


On March 2nd, 2022, Evanoff will release their debut album, “SINGULARITY”. This album is highly anticipated by listeners everywhere. According to Evanoff, “SINGULARITY” isn’t just a collection of songs. Instead, “it is a concept album that flows as a single piece of music and brings to light important conversations about society that we need to be having.”

For their debut album, Evanoff is going back to their roots and incorporating elements from their early musical influences as opposed to the jamtronica that they’ve been focusing on most recently. When listening to “SINGULARITY”, listeners will be reminiscent of the sounds of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin. In othe

r words, this album is going to be heavy-hitting and full of energy. For example, the first track of the album, titled “Zizkov”, does little to ease you into the album and comes out strong from the get-go.

What To Expect

SINGULARITY” is a glorious work of art. Truly, it proves to be an emotional listening experience from start to finish. Evanoff combines soaring lead guitars, massive drums, and intelligent sound design in each and every song. In fact, this is the type of music that you can expect to hear at huge stadium rock shows.

Throughout the album, different monologues and interludes are included. The purpose of these is to remind listeners of the approaching singularity. The term singularity can be defined as “the moment in which technology and humans become one”. Some of the topics that are brought up during the album are serious and can be controversial. However, Evanoff isn’t trying to take a stance on the varying topics. What they are trying to do is remind people how important it is to have these conversations with others.

“The Future Is Now”

Evanoff‘s upcoming debut album, “SINGULARITY”, does a wonderful job of sharing the band’s mission with its listeners. Furthermore, it provides a beautiful and emotional listening experience full of important topics relevant to the world as we see it today. On March 2nd, listeners will finally have this masterpiece in their hands. It’s only a few days away!

Currently, Evanoff has a few upcoming tour dates scheduled. On March 5th, they will be performing at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO. After stopping in Steamboat Springs on March 12th, they’re off to tour the East Coast as well as the midwest. Great news; they’ll be back in Colorado this summer for Sonic Bloom!

To keep up with the band, check out their website, social media accounts, and music streaming pages below.

Photos by Evanoff

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Krushendo /w Prismatic Coming to Cervantes, New Single Dungeon Out now!

Krushendo /w Prismatic Coming to Cervantes, New Single Dungeon Out now!

Krushendo returns to us with another soul crushing dubstep banger entitled Dungeon, its now available on all platforms! Catch him headlining Cervantes on 3/3 for SHIFT Thursday: Krushendo /w Prismatic, NGHT OWL, Jakattack, and DocFunk!



Krushendo Opening for ILLENIUM at Belly Up Aspen on 1/21 and 1/22

Keep up with Krushendo on his website, or checkout all his recent releases here.

Krushendo is back with Melodic remix of ILLENIUM’s “Story of My Life”

Krushendo is back with another amazing melodic remix this time for ILLENIUM’s SKIO contest of his tune with Seuco and Trippie Redd entitled,”Story of My Life”. He headlines Cervantes Otherside in Denver, CO on March 3rd, 2022 with Prismatic, NGHT OWL, Jakattak, and DocFunk.

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Want to help him win? Head over to the SKIO contest and listen there! Comments, likes, and streams will help Krushendo get a better ranking in the voting.

Exact Steps to Vote:
1.) Go to SKIO website & Register
2.) Check email to confirm
3.) Go to Story of My Life contest
4.) Find Krushendo’s Rekrush
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Hometown Hero Krushendo Announces SHIFT Thursday Cervantes Otherside

Krushendo Opening for Getter at Boulder Theatre. Photo by Huck Film

Krushendo is a Denver based dubstep producer that has been making waves in the community for 5 years now that we have been following. Today he announced his largest headliner to date at the famous Cervantes Otherside in Denver, CO on March 3rd with Prismatic, NGHT ØWL, DocFunk, & Jakattack. DocFunk and Jakattack are both from the quickly growing Denver based label Make wavs bring electic bass to the list of heavy hitters.

Prismatic has recently released with Subsidia Records and put out a huge EP with legend Au5 on Disciple Records. He has collabs with acts including Au5, Skybreak, Lizzy Jane and more.

Come join Party Guru in getting down with Krushendo, Prismatic, NGHT OWL, DocFunk, & JakAttack. Presented by SHIFT Thursdays, River Beats, Make Wavs, Krushendo, and Longevity Productions.

Tickets for this show are just $10 Early Bird online!
Limited to the first 50 purchases, then tickets move to $15/20/25 leading up to the day of show.

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Krushendo opening for Champagne Drip on 10/14. Photo by Huck FIlm

Krushendo recently put out his last release of the year with a melodic dubstep endeavor entitled Dreamworks VIP after chain huge releases including remixes for William Black, MiTiS, Bandlez, and CloZee. He has opened Colorado shows with Getter, Champagne Drip, and Shlump in 2021 as well as selling out headliners in Colorado at The Aggie on 5/22, at Your Moms House in Denver on 6/12 & 6/13 and then again in Steamboat Springs on 11/06.

Krushendo is geared to be a break out artist in 2022!

Checkout his most recent releases here!

Newest Original, Dreamworks VIP, listen in his Monthly Playlist!

Bandlez Remix

CloZee Remix

MiTiS Remix

Emotion & Energy – Late Night Radio Coming To Denver

Late Night Radio, aka Alex Medellin; the accomplished soul and hip-hop-infused EDM sound weaver is LIVE in Denver this Saturday. When one first hears the sounds that ebb and flow from his music, it’s hard to believe that one person can be behind it all. For over a decade, Alex has poured his heart and soul into developing his craft through experimental production resulting in something rather prolific. As a result, he can boast some truly impressive accomplishments after launching his career in one of the most diverse and competitive industries in the nation, Denver.

Houston Native Turned Denver Sensation

During his earliest years in 2011, he launched his career as Late Night Radio by composing music for commercials and online videos. Originally a Houston native, Medellin took his passion for sound to places that further fed his soulful motivation; New Orleans, Austin, Temecula, and Big Bear. Ultimately, he relocated to his soon-to-be home to his most profound successes yet, Colorado. By 2014, music production officially became his full-time profession. Throughout these early stages, he produced some incredibly imaginative EP’s, one of his most notable being “Find the Love” (ft. Borahm Lee). This art piece boasted an excess of 2 million streams, 646k on Spotify alone! Online and offline, his integration of live instruments into his music became a highly admired aspect in the newly exploding electronic music scene nationwide.

Late Night Radios live performances are unforgettable, high energy events that attract a variety of fans.

The Legacy Begins

This new and unknown thirst of music fans was met by an avalanche of emotionally charged and addictive performances. Medellin’s live sets are at the core of his ultimate expression as an artist. Leveraging live instruments, he invigorates fans with heavy-hitting hip-hop beats blanketed in jazzy undertones. The soul is in the rhythm, and the euphoric melodies commune to create a sound haven like none other. Overall, his style is mesmerizing and will continue to make iconic waves within the industry as he pushes the limits of sound. Today, he has nearly 100,000 followers on Spotify and a heavy presence across all major music-sharing platforms.

Late Night Radio shows compassion with not only music, but within all other aspects of his life.

Emotion Over Energy

Medellin’s mantra, “emotion over energy”, is something audiophiles of all flavors are drawn to. With this intention comes a full-circle connection that inspires and invigorates the soul. As a result, Late Night Radio alchemy of electro-hop has brought his inspiration of soulful Sunday hymns to a genre all its own. Curating “feed good” music that feeds the mind, body, and soul. Join him at his next live performance with support from Michal Menert, Bad Snacks, Def3, and Kaptain this weekend in Denver at the Ogden Theater. Click here to buy your tickets. He has some new unreleased tracks he’s eager to share!

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Krushendo Drops HUGE Disciple Remix Contest Tune

Krushendo has been tearing up the local Colorado scene since 2017 when he won the battle of the bands Summer Camp Music Festival holds called On The Road, from there he played several festivals including Sonic Bloom and Arise in 2018 by winning a voting contest. He played several sold out shows with acts including Illenium, William Black, Dabin, Cofresi, iLL.Gates, and many more. In 2019 he won The Untz Producer Challenge with his tune Infinite Ft Cheyenne Duba. Since then he has released with Hegemon,, Bass Rebels, Ninety9Lives, and The Mile High Sound movement.

More info about Krushendo music, tour, apparel, and more!

This year he has sold out several headliners and is poised to break out of Colorado and into the national touring scene. He has official remixes with MiTiS, William Black, and now Bandlez & Structsu. He also has some big dates in Colorado coming up.

Bandlez & ShoBandlez & Strocksu – Sleepwalking ft. Katie Sky {Krushendo Rekrush}