Flourish Galleria, located inside the Pasternack’s Art Hub in Lakewood, Colorado has been hard at work to satisfy your appetite. The eclectic galleria kicked off their Food Truck Friday event a few months back; the space continues to morph and change along with the featured food trucks each week. The Party Guru Press team checked in with Flourish once again to catch up on what they’ve been up to these past few weeks.

New Additions

Co-owners Samuel Flores (Wildflower) and Heather Penhale (Lucky Pen Art) recently knocked out a new floor mural in The Fud Trailer building. The geometric mural features gorgeous hues of blue and green. The walls of the room play off the mural’s pallet with a vibrant shade of yellow.

Sahar Arjomandi’s Zodiac Collection

The main showcase room is set to shift it’s wallspace to new featured artists such as Sahar Arjomandi (Strmoy_) a talented multimedia artist who specializes in the power of acrylic pour painting in revitalizing lost paper art. Flourish is currently featuring Sahar’s most recent zodiac collection. The collection consists of mesmorizing acrylic pours and the enthrallig female form. Sahar first drew inspiration from her mother Veronica Arjomandi, “I’ve always looked at my mom as the artist in the family, she truly is.” In fact, you can see that for yourselves, Veronica’s mesmorizing graphite pieces are on display across the room from her daughter’s zodiac collection.

Sahar touched on her art stating, “I started doin paper collages and now I use acrylic. I am just trying to have fun and trying to make something that others can connect with on an emotional level. I want to create art that you find something new to love everytime you look at it” The zodiac series features Sahar’s cherished cut outs of the infamous Russian born-French artist Erté. “As for the zodiac series, I’ve had those Erté cutouts for years but I couldn’t figure out the right way to use them. The idea came to make a series out of them and try to use each as they spoke to me regarding the zodiacs.”

Kelly Duquette

Kelly Duquette (Drladyscareart) is another local talent set to debut on Flourish wall space. Kelly’s unusual subject matter brings out the beauty in even the most grotesque. “Truly, art has been a part of me since I was a little kid. From my aunt asking me to bring a new drawing each time I saw her to put on the refrigerator; to consistently trying to get perfect drawings of Garfeild, the Tasmanian devil, and little trolls to show my family.”

The Ohio native gained interest in comic books in her early teens. “As I got a bit older I discovered comic books, graphic novels, and street art. I pulled tons of inspiration from them………I really enjoy how art in these catagories can be so bright and beautifully colored, but still deliver a series or “darker” message amongst the vibrancy.”

“I would describe my art as kind of trashy; sometimes legit trash. It’s fun and interesting to look at. It makes me so happy and full to make it, so I can only hope others feel good while looking at it….. I am SUPER siked to be at Flourish!”

Food Truck Favorite

Wheels On Fire Food Truck

One of the food truck favorites, Wheels On Fire, made an appearance on the Flourish lot this October. Charles A. Signs touched on his food trucks conception. “I moved here from California; I used to be a chiropractor but I retired and I was trying to decide what to do with my life. I went to culinary school in Boulder and this old Italian dude came to speak in my class one day and he had a wood fired oven. He was just there drinking wine and talking about dough making and this zen that came along with it. I was like, I’m gonna do that!”

Wheels On Fire Food Truck specializes in neopolitan styled personal pizzas. They pride themselves for the fact that they only cook with organic ingredients. In fact Charlie imports most of his ingredients directly from Italy due to the fact that most GMO’s you’d find here in the US are outlawed over seas. The clever food source scout also grows a portion of his ingredients.

This is anything but your typical mobile pizzeria and to prove it we recommend you give their Palasade Peach Pizza a try! “When my son was 14 years old we went to Santa Monica and we tried this amazing appetizer. It was a burrata topped with peaches and jalapeños. My son said hey we should make this into a pizza! And so the Peach Palasade Pizza was born! Dive into a combustion of flavor, the sweet juiciness of fresh peaches, the smokey warmth of the jalapeños, balanced with creamy imported mozarella cheese.

Discovered Talent

Bret Dallas

The Flourish team stumbled upon local talent Bret Dallas in downtown Denver this month. Bret sat down with the Party Guru Press team to give us a glimpse into his life as a street performer. “I am a street performer here in Denver. I have been playing on the 16th Street Mall for ten years now. I was playing on 16th and Champa and they heard me playing, they liked it and they invited me to come out and play tonight!”

Bret touched on his bumpy childhood. “My fathern sent me to military school when I was 12 years old. I spent five years there and all the cadets were allowed one personal item. Somme cadets chose a boombox, a poster of a swimsuit model, and I chose a guitar.” During the five years Bret would sit down and play his guitar everytime he could. “From age 13 to 18 all I had was that darn accoustic guitar and my depression as a teenager in a military school.”

As Bret grew older he began jamming to artists like Van Halen, Megadeath, and Black Sabboth. He began to travel around the US, ‘No matter where I went I always had enough clothes and my guitar.”

“When I first moved here ten years ago I lived in Boulder so all I had was this guitar and this music inside me. I had nowhere to put it, nowhere to give it. So one day I was feeling pretty down, I went down to the Boulder path where all these pedestrians were and I sat down and just wept and played my guitar. I just closed my eyes and played for about an hour and when I opened my eyes there was just a blanket of money on the ground. I realized from that day on I truly had something that I could share with people.

These days Bret rocks a more sophisticated set up. But one thing is for sure, no matter where he is or what he is playing, the emotion translates to sound.

Halloween Fun!

Wondering when is a best time to visit Flourish? The Flourish staff invites you to stop by with your furry friends for some fito friendly fun. The Tricks for Treats event is kicking off this October 25th between 1 and 4 P.M. Stop by and get a treat for your pup to nibble on while you feast your eyes on Flourish’s newest gallery additions!

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