Band members pose together in front of large audience

Australian indie psych-pop outfit Ocean Alley will stop in Colorado on their upcoming North American tour. Playing their largest Stateside venues to date, the stars of the Oceania splash down in Denver on July 1st.

The Ogden Theatre will host the epic event. As Ocean Alley have played Spark Arena in New Zealand on their recent tour, Coloradans should consider themselves lucky. The band played to around 12,000 fans there — nearly ten times the Ogden’s capacity! Fellow Aussie surf rockers The Grogans will join them for the feel-good festivities.

The bands are touring North America together throughout the summer, between Australia and European dates. Catch them in this intimate venue while you can!

Beachy, Buzzworthy Sounds

Growing up in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney helped Ocean Alley craft their smooth signature sound. Their style was influenced by listening to their parents’ classic rock records like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd as well as groove-rockers Dire Straits.

The band recently covered several Pink Floyd songs for Australia-based media outlet Triple J. The medley for the cover series Like A Version includes seminal selections “Breathe (In The Air),” “Comfortably Numb,” and “Money.”

Band members play together in front of an audience

Exposure to reggae greats like Bob Marley and Eek-a-Mouse also influenced the squad’s musical style. Living near ocean beaches and growing up boarding in a surf haven contributed to a laid-back, sun-drenched sound. Blend those genres and you get the dreamy, almost psychedelic, roots-tinged indie-pop essence of Ocean Alley’s music.

The ensemble formed in 2011 and released their debut EP Yellow Mellow in 2013. Ocean Alley experienced a massive breakthrough when they achieved the Triple J Hottest 100 track in 2018, however. Funky and summery, their smash hit “Confidence” off the album Chiaroscuro, topped that list. If you’re unfamiliar, the prestigious accomplishment is on par with winning a Grammy or AMA award for Song of the Year. The group was gaining momentum and planning an international tour supporting their third album, Lonely Diamond, as the world slowed in 2020.

Low Altitude Living it Up

With time on their hands and travel limited due to the pandemic, the members of Ocean Alley made the most of the situation. The band took several mini-holidays, renting various Airbnb locations on Australia’s east coast.

The group intimated that they spent most of their mornings surfing and then afternoons writing music. The low-pressure, ocean-side environment and their ability to write and jam together was the perfect recipe for their playful new record. Guitarist Mitch Galbraith expressed that the band had a positive mindset during the time, happy to have time off the road to write and remix with fewer deadlines.

With its title representative of their overall vibe, Low Altitude Living was concocted during those sessions. The band later laid down the tracks at the infamous recording studio The Grove.

Band members play together in front of a large outdoor audience

The result was a more eclectic album than earlier Ocean Alley releases. One difference in production was a more collaborative writing and mixing process. Typically, singer and guitarist Baden Donegal composes the lyrics and basic acoustic melodies. With Low Altitude Living, keyboardist Lach Galbraith wrote a few songs, including the higher-energy number “Deepest Darkness.”

In a recent interview, they discussed the song’s positive reception. The record is a hit with fans and critics alike. Lead guitarist Angus Goodwin feels it offers “a nice range of songs, suited for different people.” The remaining band members include Nic Blom on bass and Tom O’Brien on drums.

C’mon Down to Denver Beach

Getting the crowd cranked up for the night are The Grogans. Their upbeat blend of classic surf and punk styles is reminiscent of California in the late ’50s and early ’60s. Check out their Like A Version cover of the Kinks “You Really Got Me” for a taste of their psych-rock flavor. The band is currently touring their fourth LP, Find Me A Cloud. They’re superstars in their own right as the album charted at #15 on the ARIA Australian albums rankings in 2023.

Tour poster for Ocean Alley North American tour

Spring has just sprung, but for fans of the beach-loving Aussies in Ocean Alley and The Grogans, summer can’t come soon enough! Denver’s dry heat will help the bands feel at home when they visit in July. They probably won’t be catching many waves on Chatfield Reservoir, however.

Ensure you’re ready to ride the swell of uplifting melodies as they breeze into town. Check out the event page for details. Be sure to get your tickets soon; like perfect surf tides, they are fleeting. If your funds are maxed out, you can try to hang ten by entering the Party Guru giveaway to win your way into the show.

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