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Carried Away is a Denver-based electronic music producer who is quickly rising from the city’s underground music scene. Since he started releasing music just earlier this year, his distinct future bass style has already captured the attention of the electronic music scene. Carried Away delivers an uplifting sound that will take you away from your troubles and worries as you listen. Everything that we have heard from him so far leaves us eagerly anticipating his debut EP, Disfunctional, which drops on September 14th. 

Getting Carried Awayng Car

Cameron Love has always been passionate about the music industry. Before he became Carried Away, he was the owner of a Denver promotion company, Ultra Violet Sounds. He also started his own talent agency, Muze Talent. He started producing music about 7 years ago. During the past two years, he has started to focus more seriously on his music. 

Carried Away creates energetic music, complete with melodic basslines and effervescent atmospheres. “When people listen to my music, I want them to forget about their problems, and let the music carry them away, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Music has gotten me through some really tough times in life, and if possible, I’d like to help others in the same way.” – Carried Away

Carried Away’s obvious talent and skills have quickly gained the attention of many big names in the electronic music community. In July, Bear Grillz invited Carried Away on stage at the Mission Ballroom to debut his single, “Together.” Now, he is about to reach a major milestone in his career when his debut EP, Disfunctional, drops next week on September 14. 

“This EP is named Disfunctional (spelled incorrectly to get the dysfunctional idea across) because it tells the story of a flawed relationship. I believe it is a story we all have lived, some of us more times than others, but it’s nice to be reminded that we aren’t the only one going through it.” – Carried Away

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It’s clear that this is only the beginning for Carried Away. We are so excited to see where his career goes from here. 

Disfunctional will be out on all streaming services on September 14th. For those who cannot wait for the full release, listen to the lead single “Together” right now on all platforms!

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