DJ Orca, aka William Parsons, is no stranger to the Denver Music Scene. Not only is he spearheading the “Open Deck” night at Temple, but he’s been immersed in the music for as long as he can remember and is looking to help others do the same. On Thursday, September 29th, he hosted an event at Temple Nightclub that brought some USBs and fantastic talent to the Proverbial “Music Yard.”

Walking in, you feel the energy of all the earnest DJs ready to plug and play.
“I want to create a platform to help local artists get exposure in an industry that is incredibly competitive.” Parsons explains, “you don’t have to know anyone or have a fan base yet; you just show up and let your music speak for itself.”

Local DJs awaiting their turn backstage at Temple.

Over 12 local DJs signed up and showed up to the event, ready to showcase their work for a 15-minute slot. The stage and crowd were both filled with new faces. Both new and up-and-coming DJs had signed up. Up-and-coming DJs like Shashou and Novakn attended. Shashou was a crowd favorite and almost looked to have been physically levitating over the decks with his showmanship. The energy was electric. The smiles of all the DJs who signed up eager to hop on the decks fostered an inclusive vibe.

Parsons hopes to continue this every month at Temple and has hinted at a new setup where anyone can show up and a lottery system will choose the line-up of the evening. This event is only going to get bigger and bigger. The event will continue to grow and will take place monthly at Temple Denver.

DJ Shashou hitting the decks with explosive energy!

There is so much talent around every corner of Denver, don’t be afraid to grab your USB and come to Temple to feel what the magic of the stage can bring you; all are welcome. 

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