Unpacking Black Tiger Sex Machine's Church on the Rocks

As the congregation settled into Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Black Tiger Sex Machine prepared for a one-of-a-kind Sunday ceremony on October 22nd. This event was not only a showcase of their upcoming album, PORTALS, but it also marked the trio’s long-awaited reunion for one night in Morrison, Colorado.

BTSM History

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Black Tiger Sex Machine consists of members Julien Maranda, Patrick Barry, and Marc Chagnon. Since their formation in 2011, they have captured the EDM community’s hearts. Known for their enigmatic stage presence, they wear illuminated tiger helmets during their sets, adding an air of mystery to their performances.

BTSM incorporates elements of both electro-house and dubstep into their music. This combination can create a dynamic and energetic sound as each style complementing one another, allowing for a diverse and captivating sonic experience. 

Renowned for their distinctive live performances, they use a central mixer, launchpads, and drum machines. All contribute to creating an immersive experience. These elements are complemented by intricate lighting setups and LED features integrated into their distinctive helmets, enhancing the overall visual and auditory spectacle of their shows.

They also operate their own independent EDM record label known as Kannibalen. The label is home to several notable artists, including Apashe, Dabin, and Kai Wachi.

Support Lineup

Ruvlo started the night with his magnetizing energy. Coming from the underground, he has been leaving his mark on the bass world. His heavy bass set brought so much energy out of the crowd and set them on a course that would carry on throughout the night. Rulvo also invited Jansten on stage to play an unreleased track! 

Veil delivered a face-melting set of deep bass best described as a dark and cryptic soundscape that flowed incredibly well. She not only captured attention with her creative original tracks but also left the audience spellbound with her meticulously designed visuals.

YOOKiE took the stage and delivered an enticing set that seamlessly merged different genres such as dubstep, hip-hop, and melodic bass. Their special sound had everyone on their feet as they reinvented popular EDM songs to suit their heavy style.

Kai Wachi unleashed a surge of power during his set, igniting a frenzy of headbanging among the crowd. His performance featured a relentless series of dynamic drops and thunderous bass, keeping the energy levels at their peak. Notably, he also brought Dabin on stage to deliver their latest single, “Hollow,” adding an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling show.


To support PORTALS, BTSM embarked on a tour across nine states starting in March 2023. Throughout this journey, they received unwavering support from Kai Wachi and featured other artists, including Drinkurwater, Wodd and Izy Vadim. 

As BTSM graced the stage, the crowd erupted in excitement, eagerly anticipating the trio’s reunion. This marked the tenth and final performance of PORTALS before the album’s full release later this month, adding an air of anticipation.

What happened next was a slip to another dimension, enhanced by their post-apocalyptic visuals, which depicted the transformation of a character named Naomi. She stepped through a portal, emerging as a utopian version of herself after being defeated by AI zombies.

The set flexed BTSM’s most ambitious tour production to date. The mesmerizing spectacle included an array of lasers, spotlights, LED boards, and pyrotechnics that left fans in awe. The crowd roared as BTSM delivered popular hits like “Cheatcode,” ”Die a God,” and “Zombie,” setting the stage ablaze with each high-energy track. 

BTSM seamlessly weaved a tapestry of genres, smoothly transitioning between dubstep, drum and bass, classical elements, and more, resulting in an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. Their performance was a testament to their skill, leaving the crowd exhilarated and thoroughly entertained. 

As the show reached its conclusion, the trio took a moment to express their deep gratitude for the unforgettable night. They reflected on their remarkable journey, having starting as childhood friends in Montreal with big dreams before reaching the heights of their careers. While Marc may no longer tour, the trajectory of BTSM continues to ascend, promising an exciting future with even more to offer.

Photos captured by Kyle Brim

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