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Breathe Carolina: Dead Day

Breathe Carolina: Dead Day


November 20th, 2019

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You have heard their music on the radio, seen their music videos on MTV, and you’ve heard their name over the years. Breathe Carolina is on the move and is releasing new music! The Party Guru Press team had the pleasure of chatting it up with the infamous Colorado natives this past week. So, the dynamic duo got personal and touched on what it is like touring on the road, bouncing continent to continent, and on their creative process. Tommy Cooperman and David Shmitt, known worldwide under the alias Breathe Carolina, have had an extensive musical metamorphosis over the years. Breathe Carolina originally set their sights on the Alternative and Punk Rock scene in early 2007. After that, the group shifted their sound and took the Electronic Dance Music scene by storm! Nowadays the partners in crime dominate the music industry across the board due to their undeniably unique sound.

Breathe, Carolina

Back at conception, Breathe Carolina was originally founded by Kyle Even and David Schmitt. The alias came to light after David had a dream freshman year of high school about trying to soothe a beautiful girl named Carolina. At first, Kyle and David began recording on GarageBand in 2007 under the Breathe Carolina alias just for fun. The original duo created an impressive following off of Myspace back in 2008. The following year, Breathe Carolina accumulated over 30 million song plays on their Myspace page alone.

The group then took off on their first tour and released their very first EP on iTunes titled Gossip in November of 2007. By 2008 the group had signed onto Rise Records, headlined their tour for the first time, and recorded their first music video dubbed “Diamonds”. Then in 2009, after making a rockin’ appearance on Punk Goes Pop 2, Breathe Carolina made the jump from Rise Records to Fearless Records. The gang then teamed up with Mike Green and recorded their album Hello Fascination which became an international hit.

A Global Sensation

By 2010, Breathe Carolina had certainly become a household name all over the globe. During that time, the single titled “Blackout” became available for streaming via MTV and digital download. Meanwhile, the dazzling pair made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed the single on nationwide television. “Blackout” therefore became Breathe Carolina’s most commercially successful single to this day! That is to say, the single topped the charts in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Scotland, the United States, and even in Canada! The single was so successful the track was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America for selling more than 500,000 copies! As a result, by 2011 Breathe Carolina had single-handedly taken over the Electronic and Pop circuit.

The double-trouble duo made another record label jump from Fearless Records to Columbia Records in 2011. Then over the next three trips around the sun, the group set out on their Blackout Forever tour, released their album Savages, made a reappearance at the 2012 Warped Tour, and joined in on the Punk Goes Pop 5 album.


Then in 2013, David let the public in on the fact that Kyle would be departing from Breathe Carolina to be a dad. But, the change didn’t hinder the group’s quickening stride. The group collaborated with artists including Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria, Tyler Carter from Issues, and Candyland over the following year. Then, by 2015, the duo teamed up with esteemed producer Shanahan and singer Haliene. The collaborated single hit 2.5 million spotify streams and was all over Sirius XM internationally. The track also hit number 26 on the Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts!

In September of 2016, the Sleepless EP was released. The EP consisted of eight tracks total that also included multiple collaborations with artists such as Reez, Ray Little, Sophie and The Bom Boms, and many more! As a result, the EP hit number four on the Dance/Electronic Billboard and number 36 on the Independent Albums Billboard. In short, The Sleepless EP is Breathe Carolina’s  most successful EP to date! Since then, the duo has released an array of new music and various music videos, none of which is as exciting as what they have in store for their fans worldwide! 

Our Interview

Party Guru Press: “First off, I just wanted to thank you both for taking a part of your day out to speak with me on behalf of the Party Guru Press team.”

Breathe Carolina: “Word, no problem.”

Party Guru Press: “So, tell me, how are you guys? Has touring been treating you well? You guys have bounced all around the globe, continent to continent this past year. How has that been going?”

Breathe Carolina: “It’s been good! We were just in Texas this past weekend and we are going to China tomorrow. We have just been in and out. It’s been so cool playing new songs live. It’s always so exciting playing songs you’ve never played before. You don’t know what to expect.”

Party Guru Press: “How have the crowds reacted to your new music?”

Breathe Carolina: “Really good! It was dope. You never really know what is going to happen when you play a new song. People really seemed to like it.”

Playing Favorites

Party Guru Press: “Where is your personal favorite location you guys have performed in over 2019?”

Breathe Carolina: “ Hmmm, this is the thing, places almost start to blend in together. But we really love China and Japan. I mean Tokyo is one of our favorite places in the whole world.”

Party Guru Press: “Is there anywhere you guys have not performed at that is on your bucket list, so to speak?”

Breathe Carolina: “Vietnam.” (Simultaneously) “We just actually just talked to our agent and we just found out we are going to Vietnam in the next couple months.” 

Party Guru Press: “Back in 2007, Breathe Carolina kinda came into fruition. Tell us how you guys have changed along with your music. You guys have jumped into a couple different genres. How do you feel you two have transformed along that process?”

Breathe Carolina: “We don’t really know. We have never just sat down and tried to change. I think it’s something you naturally start doing. You naturally start to gravitate towards new things. You start wanting to try new things. And you know you want to experience new types of shows and environments. We have just always have followed our gut at the time.

“Whether it’s we are going on Warped Tour and we want to bring a full band or if we are going to a festival in the States and we want to DJ. We just always follow our gut at the time. I don’t know. I think it kind of helps keep us in a good area in our heads. It keeps us from getting burnt out. Just keep having to do the same shit over and over again. We are just trying to stay happy and follow where our hearts are at the time.”

Humble Beginnings

Party Guru Press: “We love that you guys have always stayed true to yourselves. You’ve always stuck with your roots and it comes across in your music. You guys have had the musical journey of a lifetime. Back in 2011, I heard “Blackout” for the first time. You guys were on the radio, on MTV, and in every kid’s headphones walking around my school. What was that like? Going from playing small venues in Denver, Colorado at the beginning and people just starting to listen to your music to really knowing you HAVE made it. What was that like for you guys?”

Breathe Carolina: “It was honestly crazy. It was like an insane whoa. We really didn’t know what was happening. The label was just like we want to take the song to radio. We were like we don’t really know what that means but like whatever. We just kind of went along with it. We didn’t plan for that to happen. The label heard the song and really loved it and they just pushed it. We started doing weird things. We started playing festivals with like, I don’t know, with like Selena Gomez and weird shit like that. It was crazy, it was like a pretty big whirlwind of emotions and overall experience. It was wild and we were definitely not ready for it.”

Always on the Move

Party Guru Press: “How was it adjusting to that for you guys? What about your home life? Did it take major time to adjust or some major mental capacity? Is it hard to get used to never being home, being on the road all the time, and always being on the move?”

Breathe Carolina: “You have to figure it out. It is not easy. It is not natural to come and go so much. Especially when you have other people in your life. You have to find how to balance it and how to make it work. It definitely took some time. It’s not for everyone. We have been doing this for so long. We see so many people come and go. You really have to be built for it. You have to have the way you do it personally. There’s not one way to do it, it’s about how you do it to make yourself happy and the people around you happy coming and going so much. 


Party Guru Press: “We are curious about your Sleepless EP, the majority of the EP is quite melodic. We were wondering if we can expect more melodic tracks in the future?” 

Breathe Carolina: “We don’t know. We always see where we are at, at that time. Like if we want to make a pretty core progression, then we will do it. Or if we want a weird, dark song then we will do that. Depends where we are at.” 


Party Guru Press: “What about your up and coming album, Dead The Album? What is the inspiration behind it? We are really curious about the name, specifically.”

Breathe Carolina: “I don’t know. The first or second song we made for it, a song called ‘Dead,’ on the whole album. It was one of those things where I haven’t sang on a lot of stuff in a long time. The whole album has this darkness vibe to it. But at the same time the album kinda sounds happy so we were like what should we call it? Blah, Blah, Blah. ‘Dead’ would actually be pretty sick. It was funny, we both didn’t have a name for it but then we texted each other the same day. We should call it ‘Dead.’

“I thought it was a good name because we had conversations with people not following us anymore. Old bands that are like well what are you doing now? What do you mean what am I doing now? I’m doing the same thing, just at a larger scale than ever. Then they’re like, oh really? I thought in my head, just because we aren’t playing Warped Tour you thought we were dead and gone. With Dead The Album we had just made the artwork. We originally wanted to just wanted to call the album ‘Dead,’ and have the artwork say ‘Dead The Album’ but iTunes wouldn’t let us. They wouldn’t let us call the album ‘Dead’ and then the artwork say ‘Dead The Album.’ So we were like Dead The Album sounds really cool, lets just call it that!”

Dead Day

Party Guru Press: “Anything new we should know about?”

Breathe Carolina: “The main thing is our album that comes out in a week. November 15th, D-Day as they are calling it, dead day. We didn’t make that up, they did.”

Party Guru Press: “Anything you want to say to all your adoring fans out there?”

Breathe Carolina: “Thank you for always supporting us. It was cool being in Texas, I’m bringing this up because we saw a lot of old fans out there. Any old fans that are still there, thank you for still being there and thank you for everything. And to the new fans, welcome!”

You heard it straight from the source! Breathe Carolina’s newest album drops on November 15 of this year. So, make sure to mark your calendars, give it an add, a listen, and share it with a friend! Breathe Carolina is set to return to the US later this month and make an appearance in Cleveland, Ohio on November 22, then again on December 13 in St. Louis Missouri; Cincinnati, Ohio on December 20, and New York, New York on December 21! Itching to hear some of Breathe Carolina’s new music? Then Party Guru Press is here to let you in on a little secret! There are a select few songs available for your listening pleasure on iTunes for a bit of a preview from Breathe Carolina to you. Til’ next time!

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