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Break Science: Back in Boulder on Friday the 13th

Break Science: Back in Boulder on Friday the 13th

Patrik Essy

December 18th, 2019

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The funky electronic duo, Break Science, brought their best when performing in Boulder at the Fox Theatre last Friday. Also bringing along some friends, MIDIcinal and GODLAZER, the show was sure to cater to all funk, jazz and disco fans. Production was nothing short of great as the lasers cast above the crowd. Being in the middle of Boulder, even walking to and from your car was beautiful as the city was prepped for Christmas. From playing classic songs to the old ones that the fans love, all artists made sure to play everything in between. Being signed to Pretty Lights Music, Colorado is a special place for this duo having come out of Denver. They brought in the crowd, making it even more special to see their home state support that strong.


MIDIcinal sat down with Party Guru Productions not too long ago for an interview. During the interview he shared that one of his friends was coming to town that day. That friend ended up being GODLAZER. It made for an even more interesting show when MIDIcinal brought him out as a guest DJ. Along with him came a bass player which added an even more funky original element to the set. Living in Denver, Boulder must of been a special performance for him. Not being too far away from home, more friends are able to make it out for support and to enjoy the music! MIDIcinal will be a part of a toy drive coming up; you can read more about it on his social media pages below!

Break Science

For being Friday the 13th, there weren’t too many spooky things happening. The lasers were twisting in directions my camera has never seen before, but we can blame that on the music. Break Science has also performed at this venue before around this time last year, making it very clear during the show that Colorado is one of their favorite places to perform. To see more about Break Science and where you might be able to catch them live check it out below!

Photos By Patrik Essy

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