Boombox Cartel and SUAHN put on a show at Boulder Theater this past weekend. Unfortunately, Great Dane was unable to make it. He was originally on the lineup, however, he announced in a tweet on Thursday that he would not be able to make it due to feeling sick. “Heartbroken to announce I Won’t be able to play in Portland or Boulder this weekend.” The Tweet starts. “Was feeling trash all week so I wanted to be safe and get tested…”, He continued. Unfortunate as it may be, Great Dane seems to be doing the right thing for the people in attendance.

Boulder Theater was still in high spirits with more and more people coming in as each song played. SUAHN took the stage first to get the crowd active. He blends elements of acid, techno, and bass-driven music. In 2021 SAUHN managed to gain the attention of big-name artists such as Louis the Child, Liquid Stranger, and Boombox Cartel. Because of this, It makes sense that he would cover for Great Dane tonight by opening for Boombox Cartel. His sound fit in well with the evening.

Photos By Kyle Brim

With this in mind, Let’s talk about Boombox Cartel‘s sound. While the two-man project consists of both music producer Americo Garcia and writer Jorge Medina, Americo was the only one of the pair in attendance tonight. No stranger to a crowded room his enthusiastic presence on stage was easy to watch. That, blended with his playlist for the evening made this a great show to attend. Furthermore, the duo recently released a new EP titled “The Cartel II,” A follow-up to his successful 2017 release of the same name. Because of this, they’re sure to keep up the rise in popularity. Be sure to catch them at an upcoming show if you get the opportunity. Or check them out in one of the links below!

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