BoomBox embarks on its Dangerous Waters tour beginning this fall. Continuing through the new year, the tour takes the duo throughout the west and southwest. Dangerous Waters supports its newest release of the same name and stops at The Gothic Theatre in Englewood. It’ll perform for two nights, January 12th and 13th, so come the new year, be ready for psychedelic rock and soulful grooves.

Formed in 2004 in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, BoomBox is the brainchild of producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zion Rock Godchaux. He initially partnered with Russ Randolph, and the two built a solid following. Creating an eccentric musical fusion that connects people from all walks of life, they made music you’d expect to hear from a boombox. And they made it all their own.

In 2016, Randolph left the group. Godchaux worked with a few others before bringing on his “brother from the same mother,” Kinsman Mackay. Now Boombox is a family affair! And it should shock no one, as music is literally in their blood. These two are the children of former Grateful Dead singer Donna Godchaux, after all.

Dangerous Waters is the first joint effort they’ve created as Boombox, but having worked closely together since 2003, they know they share great chemistry when it comes to music. They crafted the lead single, “Buenas Noches,” during the pandemic. Mostly finished during their last night in Buenos Aires, this song serves as a love letter to Argentina. It’s mesmerizing, with a groovy bassline and funky guitar riffs. Godchaux’s melodic vocals add an almost ethereal and instrumental feel to the track, resulting in a soulful, funk-laden atmosphere.

This tour will take over the Denver suburb of Englewood, making a two-night stop at The Gothic Theatre. Centrally located, the venue is a former movie theater with a great sound system. In the late ’90s, the theater underwent renovation yet still maintained its nostalgic charm and art deco style. It offers a great environment for concerts. With a maximum capacity of 1,100 people, The Gothic promises an intimate vibe while not feeling overcrowded. It’s the ideal spot to see a music act such as BoomBox.

BoomBox never disappoints with its live show. The duo is known for spontaneity, as it curates its performances based on the crowd’s energy. Each show is unique, different and always fun to watch. Though BoomBox will perform for two nights, tickets are sure to sell out, so get yours today. Start your year off right by catching BoomBox’s Dangerous Waters tour at The Gothic Theatre in Englewood on January 12th and 13th.

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