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Blunts and Blondes Hotboxes The Ogden Theater

Blunts and Blondes Hotboxes The Ogden Theater

Janelle Watson

February 22nd, 2020

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This past Sunday, Florida native, Blunts and Blondes brought the second stop of his Hotbox tour to the Mile High city. Creating his name from his love of marijuana and women, Blunts and Blondes has clocked over 2.7 million streams on Spotify and over 480,000 followers alone. Last year, the rising star went on a co-headlining tour with the other boy wonder of 2019, Subtronics, with this year marking both of their own first headlining tours. Further, he released his debut EP, “Smoking with Friends” on Zeds Dead’s legendary Deadbeats label. Bringing two other up-and-coming stars in the EDM world as support, Subdocta and Bawldy. All three artists proved to make the crowd rowdy.

The Openers

To begin the night, Bawldy made a quick entrance onto the stage. The native Louisianian focused on the heavier riddim side of dubstep. At one point, he mentioned his love of Denver, and how he hoped the crowd was, “As lit as him.” Bawldy’s visuals were minimal with none of the intensity that was to come from his successor on the stage.

Next, Subdocta took the stage. The visuals intensified with both the background of the screen and the choice of lasers. Subdocta fell into the more traditional dubstep style in his mixing. To end his set, he shouted out his pal, and Boulder local Dirt Monkey. Upon taking his family photo, he encouraged the crowd to yell, “I love Dirt Monkey.” Then, he dropped into their collab “West Coast Wobble,” before dimming the lights in the prospects of Blunts and Blondes.

The Hotbox Tour

Anticipation mounted from the crowd, as the stage crew began to set up the elaborate metal box that had foreshadowed the previous two artists. Before, neither artists used the metal contraption in their production. It became clear it was being saved for the headliner.

A cloud of smoke surrounded Blunts and Blondes as he entered the stage and began his first buildup. The Hotbox finally lit up a neon green and a sign with an appropriate marijuana leaf and his name: Blunts and Blondes. Then, he dropped quickly into some heavy dubstep and even some deep spacey vibes. Some notable moments were his remix of “La, La, La” and his remix of Zeds Dead’s “Lift You Up.” While Blunts and Blondes and Subdocta both played a similar mixture of deep dubstep, it’s clear that Blunts and Blondes finds his roots in trap music. Throughout his set, he mixed in many rap song tributes and homages to RL Grime. As always, Blunts and Blondes proved why he’s risen quickly in the EDM world.


Overall, all three artists took the stage with their own flavor to make it clear that the Hotbox tour will be making a statement across the US. Subdocta and Blunts and Blondes demonstrated their mutual respect for the varying music in the EDM scene. However, Blunts and Blondes certainly hotboxed the Mile High city with his performance.

Photos by Patrik Essy

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