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Blooming into Festival Season with This Year’s Annual Sonic Bloom

Blooming into Festival Season with This Year’s Annual Sonic Bloom


May 17th, 2019

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One of the most admired and respected festivals in and around Colorado is to take place once again in beautiful, sunny Spanish Peaks Country, and the lineup this year is nothing short of impressive. The four-day festival is held on Hummingbird Ranch, a property Sonic Bloom holds the rights to, which has become notorious for being one of the most beautiful venues around. The lineup this year features headliners Gramatik, Opiuo, an anticipated set from Emancipator Ensemble, and Yheti, to name just a few. Additional artists are sprinkled throughout the lineup, but are not names to be missed—local favorites Detox Unit, The Widdler, Of the Trees, female dub-powerhouse Khiva, and more are performing throughout the four-day festival in late June. The festival also combines bright art installations, multiple booming Funktion-One sound systems, a local creek alongside the festival grounds (last year it wasn’t running due to local droughts, but this year it’s up and running, which locals are incredibly excited about), human performances of all kinds, dancing, yoga, and an overall atmosphere which is loved by locals and music lovers from all over the U.S.

The festival has been home to artists in years past such as Shpongle, Big Gigantic, Keys N Krates, Tipper, Bonobo, and many more. Some of the biggest names in electronic music, incredibly talented artists using some of the latest modern technology and music making equipment, attend this festival and love the live-performance “feel” of so many of the sets. Artists and fans alike love Sonic Bloom for its relaxed vibe and overall healthy atmosphere which is created every year. This year, there are a few special sets and installations we at Party Guru Press are looking forward to.

Yheti is going to throw down a pre-sunrise set right before Culprate’s sunrise set, on the final year of the Hummingbird Stage’s projection-mapped DJ booth. The booth features an expansive and massive art installation which glows from behind the artist, shining patterns and visuals in really cool looking shadows and more. This will be something surely not to miss at this year’s Sonic Bloom. Summers Design LLC created the booth with visuals made by the incredibly talented and adored artists from Pickles Visuals, a company which has gained local hype in recent years through their insane designs and visual arrangements.

   The second art installation we are most excited for is the beautiful illumination from the rainbow glow of what is returning as the Peace Tent. The Peace Tent is an installation made entirely of recycled flagging tape and is created by the artist Emma Balder Art. The art piece is interactive and is meant to serve as a peaceful space, or a meditative spot. Participants who come to the art exhibit are meant to physically feel a change in their emotional state, by feeling peace, unconditional love, completely accepted, warmth and the beauty of the nature around them. The art exhibit has been featured across the United States at exhibits such as Meow Wolf, as well as at other festivals in Colorado, such as Arise and Infrasound.

This year’s Bloom will also feature well-loved artist company who exists under the name of Treenet Willy’s. Last year at Sonic Bloom 2018 was the company’s first year at the festival, and they left an incredible impression, so we are excited to see them come back! Treenet Willy’s is a company which weaves large art installations made out of rope for festival goers to relax on. They can fully support body weight and are incredibly comfortable and soft to lay on, similar to a woven hammock. Last year the team created the first permanent art installations in the middle of the festival grounds. The company specializes in making these art exhibits so that they do not harm the nature or surrounding environments in any way, and allows for the trees to continue to grow while still being able to withstands human interaction. The piece of art stretches across multiple trees and can hold nearly twenty people! It is known by Sonic Bloom lovers now as the “spiderweb,” and it is now notorious for being the centerpiece for the festival, and rightfully so. Sonic Bloom is all about combining nature, art, music, and the beautiful simplicity of being human all into one safe, positive environment. We can’t wait for this year’s annual Bloom—it’s a festival which holds true to its initial vision, and has remained one of the most well-respected and pure festivals in the West.

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