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Big Wild Turns Red Rocks Into His Playground

Big Wild Turns Red Rocks Into His Playground


September 23rd, 2019

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Red Rocks is such a massive and world-renowned venue right in our backyard. It can become easy to think that anyone who plays there will offer a life-altering experience to all that attend. While in some ways it is true that there is a certain level of prestige that follows in the wake of these artists. Some just don’t always fit the bill in terms of aligning just right with the sonic landscape that a venue like Red Rocks offers up. This was not the case for Big Wild.

It isn’t something attributed to a certain genre or style, but more so an energy embodied by an artist that can be tapped into. That’s why it makes a night so special when an artist recognizes this and tunes into that energy. Perhaps no EDM acts have a better sense of encapsulating this feeling than Big Wild and his counterpart, Whethan.

Whethan performs at red rocks

Robotaki and Goldfish Warm Up the Crowd

But, what is a show without its openers? This time around brought Robotaki and Goldfish as the openers. An interesting pair, but nonetheless one that fit the bill just as perfectly. Robotaki saw fame through his masterful remixes of songs by The Chainsmokers, Kaskade and Goldroom. Having toured as the official support for Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter tour, Robotaki is no stranger to playing coveted venues. This show was no exception. Sporting his always sharp and clean synth-heavy originals, and mixing in a variety of tracks to keep the set compelling, he was a perfect beginning to a full show. Even from so far up on stage you could tell he was full of life and energy that very clearly translated into the sonic landscape of the venue.

Following Robotaki was the always bombastic live group Goldfish. Playing several Denver venues frequently over the years, they brought an energetic live show that built off of Robotaki’s groundwork. Featuring live sax and keys, Goldfish brought the crowd to their feet and elevated the space from stage to seat. The fans experienced their bombastic singles like “Colours and Lights,” and “It Was You”. The set was perfectly encapsulated to make for wonderful opening experience.

Whethan to Continue the Amazing Night

Whethan performs at red rocks

Then, next up came Whethan – and what a show it was. Playing within a massive LED flower, Whethan had the full focus on him throughout the set. Full of spunk and energy, the flower drew your eyes directly to his dancing as he was moving and grooving to a full palette of musical treats. It was great to hear a variety of music, from his breakout hits “When I’m Down,” and “Superlove,” but also sprinkling in some old school motown and remixes of classic indie tracks. While many came for Big Wild, you could argue that the crowd was just as dialed in to Whethan’s performance, if not more so.

Big Wild performs at red rocks with Maddie Rice

Big Wild Finishes off the Amazing Night

Finally came the part of the show everyone was waiting for, Big Wild. Big Wild is know for his saccharine beats and uniquely inspired tracks that have developed since his hit “Aftergold”. The show was nothing short of spectacular. This was made especially clear with the addition of multiple live elements. American guitarist Maddie Rice, special guest Ida Hawke, and flutist Nicole Miglis from Hundred Waters all joined Big Wild on stage. The crowd was incredibly engaged. Everyone singing along to almost the entirety of the set which was perfectly crafted from start to finish. Couple this with a sold out show and a beautiful night and this was one for the books.

Red Rocks never disappoints. This was a show that aligned more perfectly with most in terms of energy and atmosphere. It was a fun, lively and energetic show, made complete with a full roster of seasoned musicians. From Robotaki and Goldfish to Whethan and Big Wild, it was an evening ethereal beats with a grooving. The evening offered a perfect soundscape for the ever inspiring venue that is Red Rocks.

Photos by David Cohn

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