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Big Gigantic Got the Crowd Real Rowdy for Rowdytown Number Eight

Big Gigantic Got the Crowd Real Rowdy for Rowdytown Number Eight


October 4th, 2019

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Big Gigantic

One of the most beloved Red Rocks shows of the season took place in the beautiful city of Morrison this past weekend. This was the spectacular second 3D rendition of Big Gigantic’s very own “Rowdytown” event. The annual two-day run is one of Colorado’s most dear events to all funk and electronica lovers. Across the state and even beyond, the weekend performances certainly did not disappoint. In brief, Big Gigantic, the Boulder-born duo, left Red Rocks buzzing this weekend. Together they brought two very unique and incredible performances, paired with out of this world visuals, colors and lighting.

Big Gigantic

Day 1 Big Gigantic Bring Rowdytown with a Bang

The first night fell on Friday, September 27th. However, the Saturday performance held a completely different and unique vibe than the Friday performance did. Birocratic, The Funk Hunters, and Two Friends opened up for Big G’s night 1. On the other hand, ilo ilo, Flamingosis, and the widely-loved Swedish producer Kasbo gave incredibly beautiful and melodic-based performances on Saturday night.

Day 2 Closes out the Show with a More Melodic Feel

It felt as if the first night was more energetic, where Big Gigantic came out with a bang. However, the second day performances were nothing short of an unforgettable experience. Coupled with an amazing direct opening set from Kasbo, second day brought more melodic and chill feelings throughout the entire crowd. The crowd fell absolutely silent to listen and feel the lower frequencies of the ambiance he brought. All in all, night two was the performance which sold out of the two nights. The environment was packed with excited voices buzzing around the entire night’s performances to come. All in all, it was a truly beautiful experience for music lovers of all types to enjoy many different genres, styles and sounds of music within one night.

Big Gigantic Crushing it for the 8th Time

When Big Gigantic brings out their instruments, there is an unparalleled energy within the crowd for both nights. Dominic Lalli crushes it on saxophone and Jeremy Salken on drums. For this reason, two make an inseparable duo, with beats to make even the shyest of dancers go crazy. All things considered, pairing live instrumentation with the funkiest of electronic beats is what Big G (or their fans, Little G’s) know and love best.

Some of the most beloved tracks the duo played were more notorious ones. However, they also made sure to cover some songs and play some music we never heard before. This created a constantly flowing, constantly moving performance which was one to never forget! The duo dropped crowd favorites, such as “All Of Me,” featuring rapper Logic and Rozes which had the entire crowd singing. Coupled with this were some of their lesser known tracks, such as their track featured with NGHTMRE, “Like That.” The entire night was filled with energetic beats and funky tunes which lasted for hours.

Night One Gallery by Julien Deroeux:

Night Two Gallery by Patrik Essy:


Rowdytown overall was an incredible experience that you have to see to experience and witness live. Not to mention, their smooth live performance and ability to conquer the live instruments. They play paired with some awesome sounding electronic synths. These sounds truly makes for a unique and one-of-a-kind live electronic experience. To conclude, there is no doubt why Big Gigantic is one of the larger names of artists in Colorado.Coupled with being locals, this only makes them more near and dear to our hearts.

Photos by: Julien Deroeux and Patrik Essy

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