Benny Everybody Can't Go Tour Summit Denver

Benny the Butcher (real name Jeremie Damon Pennick), the emblem of authenticity in hip-hop, will set the stage ablaze at Summit in Denver on May 2nd. His forthcoming performance promises an evening brimming with raw energy and reflective narratives that delve deep into the heart of street life.

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Benny The Butcher’s ascent to hip-hop stardom is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. With a background rooted in the realities of his upbringing, Benny’s music serves as a poignant reflection of the struggles and triumphs of life in the culture. His lyricism is marked by its rugged realism, with vivid storytelling and razor-sharp wordplay captivating listeners and transporting them into his world.  

At Summit in Denver, audiences can expect nothing short of an electrifying showcase of Pennick’s unparalleled talent. From the moment he steps onto the stage, his impeccable flow commands attention. Each verse he delivers with precision and conviction, weaving narratives of resilience, ambition, and survival.  

For fans of gritty hip-hop, Pennick’s performance at Summit is an event not to be missed. As he takes the audience on a journey through the highs and lows of his life, he invites listeners to immerse themselves in his world, offering a glimpse into the complexities of street life.  

Boldy James, the protégé of the legendary Alchemist, brings his compelling narrative as the direct support for the night. With a discography that boasts critically acclaimed projects such as “The Price of Tea in China” and “Manger on McNichols,” the Detroit-born rapper has cemented his status as one of hip-hop’s most exciting emerging talents. His evocative lyricism paints a detailed picture of life on the other side of the tracks.  

As May 2nd approaches, hip-hop enthusiasts in Denver eagerly await the opportunity to witness this electrifying performance at Summit. Secure your tickets today! 

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