Bedouin Zodiac Hause March 01 2024

In late February, the minds behind Zodiac Hause got to work renovating a 7,200-square-foot room on Lincoln Street in Denver that previously belonged to a gym. By Friday — roughly a week later — it transformed into a temple of collective energy in which Bedouin led a blissful crowd in an ecstatic dance ritual.

With each of the DJ duo’s meticulous transitions, a tectonic shift of earthy rhythms propelled those lucky enough to be there deeper into flow state. By midnight, it was standing room only throughout most of the brand-new venue. Zodiac Hause made a statement with the grand opening of its Concert Hall, one that will echo in the Denver underground for years to come.

What is Zodiac Hause?

Had fate not forced their hand, Zodiac Hause would not have arrived at this point so soon. Gabe Evans and Quincy Dancer launched the event brand following the pandemic, establishing their headquarters in the space once known as NORAD Dance Bar in late spring 2021.

The collective organized events there in addition to pop-ups throughout the city headlined by selectors like Blond:ish, Apashe and Andy Immerman. By leading with sincere intention, they built a community of like minds who shared their vision for a holistic and conscious arts ecosystem.

Last year, however, the building that housed their unit got purchased out from under them. Evans and Dancer explored multiple options before finally arriving at their new unit at 800 Lincoln Street in December. They started renovating the space to embody the atmosphere they had curated up to that point the following month — but obstacles stood in their way.

The previous tenants, a local gym called Summit Strong, still had yet to move out of the largest room of the unit. Until they did, Zodiac Hause hosted a series of soft opening events in the lounge area that greets revelers upon entrance. (They plan to continue using this space as a coffee shop and coworking area with various activations).

The Concert Hall

Then, toward the end of February, the largest room became available. Not all at once, though; that would have been too easy. During Summit Strong’s staged moveout, the Zodiac Hause team got to work — at first in a small corner of the space until more and more of it became available.

In a Herculean feat, Zodiac Hause managed to turn what was once a gym into a grand Concert Hall that symbolized the next step for their cosmically attuned community in approximately one week. A DJ booth now sits as the centerpiece of the carefully curated space, framed by Danley Sound Labs speakers, lighting by Nexus Productions, and lasers courtesy of Mindbeam Productions. Perhaps most importantly, adorning every corner of the venue is the culturally eclectic yet cohesive and focused decor envisioned by Evans and Dancer themselves.

When Bedouin set foot behind the decks on Friday, the hundreds in attendance ushered in a new era for Zodiac Hause. Something resonated deeply from every surface of the brand-new venue. It felt unlike anything that came before it in the Mile High City. All signs point to a bright future ahead for members of Zodiac Hause’s rapidly growing community.

Throughout the rest of 2024, Zodiac Hause will introduce a new website along with a membership program that grants access to the lounge area as well as discounts on their own curated events in the Concert Hall. As the warmer months approach, they also look forward to hosting events in the patio area of their new headquarters.

Bedouin Zodiac Hause March 01 2024

Photos by Daniel Hedrick

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