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As the dancer sways to the melodic and enticing sounds of the violin and the drums slowly build, the crowd is in awe at what is unfolding in front of them. That is the feeling you get when you attend a Beats Antique show. On January 20th at the Mission Ballroom, the multi-talented band make their magical return to Denver with what I can only call the kind of concert where you’ll probably see some vampires — if they exist, at least.

Hailing from Oakland, California, Beats Antique are a three-person band that use every sense to engage with their audience. Front and center is the always enchanting dancing of belly dancer Zoe Cakes. With every movement to every sound, she entrances you with her connection to the music, the dance, and the crowd. She leads the band with such power, often without saying a word.

Behind her is an equally magical concoction with David Satori on violin, banjo and guitar and Tommy Cappel on drums. Together, they create a mix of breakbeats, dark melodies, and haunting effects. The psychedelic theatrics mixed with wonderful music resemble something seen in a vampire movie like Queen of the Damned or Dracula. If you are a vampire yourself, there can be no better show to recommend.

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Opening the night are Dimind Saints and Balkan Bump. Balkan Bump is a very energetic musician, also hailing from Oakland, who usually performs live as part of an ensemble as they integrate dubstep with live instruments like the trumpet, trombones, and of course, the guitar. Their uniqueness will contribute to an eclectic environment meant to get lost.

The theme for this show will be called The Metamorphosis: A Generative Art Experience, so show up ready to be changed just as much as the main character in the famous Franz Kafka novella also titled The Metamorphosis. In the story, he awakes to find he is a giant bug and yet is more worried about missing work or being replaced than being turned into a creature for no reason. Such a statement on society and life seems perfect for a group like Beats Antique, whose performance art is often inspired by the world around them.

Taking place in the state-of-the-art Mission Ballroom, each performance by this band is always unique to its time and place. Tickets right now are less than $41 after fees through AXS. Don’t wait for someone to invite you in for this one. On January 20th, Beats Antique will offer you a metamorphosis through sound and dance. Show up ready to be changed, and watch your back for vampires.

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