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Bass Fans Stay out Late for HUCCI’s Deep Set

Bass Fans Stay out Late for HUCCI’s Deep Set


August 29th, 2019

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A late weekday night did not keep the bass seekers of Denver away from this DJ’s hard-hitting sets.

Hucci crept up, close to midnight, on the scene for a venue-pounding set of dope treats. Without waiting, Hucci delivered that hard and deep rumbling sound that he is known for.

HUCCI the Bass Music Prodigy
HUCCI the Bass Music Prodigy

As the walls shook, the fans on the upper loft of Cervantes’ came down to catch the DJ. Similarly, the Re:Search Wednesday Party was just beginning, much like it did when Ultrasloth was in town. The UK-based trap artist has paired himself with the likes of rap legends. This list includes The Weeknd, J-cole/Kendrick Lamar, and his OG Co-DJ, Stooki.

Bass Music for Everyone

Playing one penetrating track after the next, this samurai kid sliced up the attention of the attendees. His deafeningly deep sounds forced energy into the latent crowd. He is faithful to his original style, and at the same time varied in his creation. Therefore, his all-time favorite “Ball so hard,” still brought the Denver crowd into a frenzied rush.

His music ranges from dark mixes, like the remix of Meg Myers’s “Desire,” to his murderously sinister trap track “Wings”. Hucci appeared on stage and remixed into his classic “The Fall” (off his 2012 Rose Gold album). From tamed dancers to a head-bangers ball,the audience crowded close to the stage and became a sea of moshing bodies.

Ordinarily, Hucci’s music can be heard as an aggressive amplitude of trap tracks, unbounded by convention since the young artist is not afraid to take his music in creative directions. Hucci’s sound is trap with a strong overtone of ‘gangsta’. The sound is prominent in productions like his Kid Cudi jam “Roll it up”. In this case, these samples are sourced mostly, but not all from, Hip Hop tracks and are laced over drawn-out bass-heavy arrangements, accompanied by poppy instrumentals.

With new things in the works with artists like UZ, Hucci has some new collabs that are going to bring us, listeners, more up-to-date ear candy. Look out for Hucci’s tour and keep your ears out for other delicious sub-bass mixes from this well-traveled, dubstep-born badass.

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