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Bass Creatures of the Night:  Nocturnal Wonderland 2019 Awaits

Bass Creatures of the Night: Nocturnal Wonderland 2019 Awaits

Samantha Williams

July 18th, 2019

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What is it like to transport to a mysterious land, where colorful creatures roam in the night, and bass music pounds in the distance? Well, at the annual musical festival Nocturnal Wonderland, the electronic music behemoth Insomniac will take you to a fantasy world filled with mystical wonder and help you answer that question. September 14th and 15th are sure to be dates you’ll want to keep free on your calendar, so you can travel to the far away land of southern California, and be immersed in a culture of free spirited oddities. 

Much like its sister festival — Beyond Wonderland — Nocturnal Wonderland is set in San Bernardino. Founded in 1995, Nocturnal Wonderland has grown to welcome 50,000 attendees, and is now held at Glen Helen regional park. This intimate musical experience is known to bring prominent bass music artists from all over the world to celebrate two special nights under the stars. Just an hour away from Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and situated next to San Gorgonio Mountain, Nocturnal Wonderland is at an amazing location to celebrate unity and euphoria.

Nocturnal Wonderland contains four stages scattered among friends, strangers, performers, artists and an intricate production. Named the Wolves’ Den, the Labyrinth, Sunken Garden, and the Parliament Art Car, each stage offers a completely immersive experience that would lead one to believe they were truly zapped into a different universe. All of these stages are then spread out between booths, art displays, and happy travelers as they make their way from one stage to the next. And of course, this festival would not be complete without the jaw-dropping acts to fill those stages. 

Insomniac is a company that could never let fans down when it comes to a festival lineup. At this year’s Nocturnal Wonderland, Insomniac is recruiting diverse acts such as Black Tiger Sex Machine, Deorro, DJ Snake, Jauz, and Zeds Dead to hypnotize and shock festival attendees. This is only a taste of what Nocturnal Wonderland has to offer. Fans of any electronic genre, whether it be house, dubstep, or trap can resonate with an act at this festival.

So with a full lineup released and multiple years of Nocturnal Wonderland under Insomniac’s belt, there is no doubt that this festival will be a must-see for the year of 2019. Nocturnal Wonderland has all the amenities one could want: great acts, performers, camping, a beautiful location, and an undeniable sense of community. Mark your calendars for the 14th and 15th of September, and make sure to tell your friends you’ll be busy venturing to a land of mystery and mysticism, as you take on the festival that is Nocturnal Wonderland.

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