Back To Backwoods

Returning back to any music festival in 2021 can feel a bit strange. With that in mind, Backwoods was able to help make that experience extra special for their 4500 person event. Capping it off at that number helped improve a ton for the festival. 4 music filled days graced Mulberry Mountain on August 26th-29th of 2021. The weekend ranged tunes from Jam Bands such as Lotus and Disco Biscuits to experimental artists like Of The Trees and G Jones. This festival had something for everybody.

Backwoods began strong on Thursday with artists CNOPES, MLOTIK, and MOLOKAI. All of which you could say have done projects with Spicy Bois. After their takeover at the Casino Stage, the crowd moved over to main stage to catch Lotus and Andy Fasco & the Un. Getting that bit of jam bands in for Thursday night the crowd could move back over to Lusid after for those experiential vibes. Sound Camp was another stage at Backwoods. This stage was filled with Funktion-One sound, creating that deep bass for whoever took over that stage.


The weekend was finally beginning on the mountain, more attendees were pulling in and setting up. Each day began with multiple different workshops to choose from, ranging from Guided Meditations and Yoga to Hoop Dance. A comedy hour also helped start off each morning with lots of laughter. Dirtfoot, Maddy O’Neal, Shiba San, and Sunsquabi all took main stage Friday afternoon while the sun was high in the sky. The Irie Lions, Opal Agafia, Artifacts, and more all took over Circus Casino as well.

Aliens invade the mountain! ATLIENS step aboard main stage as the sky turns dark. Following up the madness they brought, G Jones brought quite the performance. Strobes flashed and custom visuals played as this glitch artist played. Ganja White Night finished off main stage Friday night with their unreleased collabs featuring Rusko and Dirt Monkey, amongst many others. They played a live set which took the audience everywhere from deep wobbles to upbeat house and DnB. Festival goers could end their night with Flintwick or a Sound Camp set.


Saturday morning began with cool clouds over the mountain, breezy guests of wind could be felt throughout your tent as the mountain began to wake up. This was truly the day for any jam band enthusiast. Day sets consisted of groups Stiff Necked Fools, Bumpin Uglies, Papadosio, and two Disco Biscuit sets. Cycles, Arkansauce, and Spafford could all be found during the day playing sets also.

This was truly the night for late sets as the crowd was show a Of The Trees set with Data Byte Visuals. PLS&TY took the stage after to finish off Circus Casino. If you were still looking for music after that, DIRTYSNATCHA played a late night set that included a ton of unreleased music.

During the weekend, food trucks and many other vendors could be located around the venue. Custom merchandise was made for the festival along with artist merchandise, most artists could even be found there! For food, they had many options for attendees, some of which included Vegan options. One nice addition that the mountain offered was a General Store, where you could find many helpful necessities such as ice, air mattresses, tents, and much more. Free water was offered in multiple locations.


The weekend was about over but the music was far from done. The Fungineers were added to the lineup later on as a replacement. That made for an awesome Sunday opener. Following them on that stage was Ryan Viser, Modeling, Acid Katz, Com Truise, and Keller Williams. Of course we also saw an insane Carbin set which was different from what we have heard before. Many new collabs were thrown out that featured artists INZO and DIRTYSNATCHA.

Main Stage saw some insane talent this day. Freddy Todd gave and insane performance as a Keytar was brought out. Adding that live element with blue skies made for a perfect day set. Zeke Beats followed the stage to give listeners live scratching. Rumor is Freddy Todd and Zeke Beats did a renegade b2b set. Mulberry Mountain was cooled off later with a quick rain fall, which didn’t last very long.

Following the rain, CloZee played one of the most beautiful sets of the weekend. Showing new visuals, that we believe might be from the Neon Jungle Tour, to showing an insane laser show, this set was perfect. Greensky Bluegrass hit the stage after for a bit of change in the night. The Floozies finished off main stage with an hour and a half set. These brothers played classics along with unreleased tunes. Some would say it was a great way to end that stage for the weekend.


Overall the weekend was great, the rain didn’t stop the mountain from having an amazing time. To keep up on all things Backwoods, check out the links below. They actually feature a blog on their website that gives a bit more insight into everything! Keep your eyes peeled for a Day 2 and Day 3 recap from Backwoods. If you weren’t able to make it this year we would highly suggest making it next year. Until next time Mulberry Mountain!

Photos by Patrik Essy

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Funtcase and Doctor P Bring the Heat to Denver: Exclusive Sit-Down Interview

Doctor P and Funtcase, dubstep heavyweights based out of the U.K, brought an absolute heater of a show this past weekend at the annual Global Dance Festival in Denver, Colorado. Shaun “Doctor P” Brockhurst and James “Funtcase” Hazell have been some of most popular names in the dubstep scene for over a decade now, bringing nothing short of heavy-hitting filth to the Bass Capital every time. Their styles wonderfully infuse the gritty, beloved UK dubstep sound with more modern riddim-based synths which has their fans rightfully positioning them as some of the best and biggest names in dubstep today. The two sat down for an exclusive interview with Party Guru Productions right before their set on Day 1 of Global Dance Festival. We got all the details, some never-before heard facts, and stories from the artists you won’t find anywhere else – keep reading below to check it out!

Getting Into It : Let’s Chat!

Maddi: We are so excited over here at Party Guru to be able to sit down and learn a little bit more about you guys! So – Global Dance Festival is Colorado’s largest dance music festival – Shaun (Doctor P) you were here in 2018 with your b2b with Flux [Pavilion] and James [Funtcase], here in 2017. So you’re both been here before, you’re both super familiar with the Denver territory and this venue in particular. What’s memorable about this city that you’re excited to see tonight? What do you remember about Denver that you’re ready for tonight?

Shaun: Denver, ever since the first time I’ve ever came here has just been like, the biggest shows every time without fail. I think the first show I ever played in Denver was about 5,000 people…and I’d never played a show like that before – ever. It was like my first big show basically, ever was in Denver so- there’s some cities where i ‘m questioning if it’s gonna be good, I don’t know? With Denver, I just always know it’s going to be good – I don’t even give it a second thought – it’s going to be good. (laughs)

James: I agree, it’s like – Denver is just one of those places where it’s just like, the crowd pretty much eats up everything you play. It’s a very unique situation. They call themselves like, the Bass Capital – and it’s for a good reason. Usually, I think Montreal is starting to catch up but Denver, it’s just one of those places where you just know  whatever you drop is just gonna go off.

Shuan: The pressure is on though because they are so in tune with the music, you can’t turn up and play a bunch of boring old songs.

Maddi: Right, like we expect it.

Shaun: Right, you’ve got to come here to impress.

Maddi: Love that. Well, we’re so ready for tonight, so that’s a good answer. Alright, so you both are some of the earliest earliest artists to have been on Circus Records, Shaun obviously being the co-founder of the label, Funtcase you joined in 2010. How would you say Circus Records has changed over the years musically and as a label?

Shaun: Ehm, it’s been quite a strange journey because obviously in the early days we started the label with mo expectations, we just wanted a platform to release our music. And then we had loads of really early successes – like with Flux [Pavilion] ‘s releases, and then mine, and then everyone else coming on and it just came much bigger than we could have ever imagined.  But then, the dubsteps scene just kept on getting bigger and NeverSayDie got huge and disciple got huge, and all these other labels came along. So it’s been quite strange like, trying to eh – trying to figure out our place in all of it, so em, it’s been strange –  I feel like we’ve found quite a nice niche now, where we kind of know what Circus is now…music, not all dubstep. We basically just have a set of parameters, and if the song fits it – we’ll release it.

James: Yeah. The thing was when Circus first started it was literally a platform to put out what we made, we didn’t aim for styles  anything – I was just making stuff. I wasn’t aiming for anger or anything like that…it was literally just, here’s the track I made and Circus went, let’s put it out and that’s literally how it started. But it’s kind of honed itself into its own little beast now where it’s like, doing a lot more musical styles – and I think that’s really reflecting on a lot of the artists inside…I’m writing a lot more musical stuff now.

Shaun: It’s nice to have a platform where you can kind of release what you want – like, Circus is such a non-specific style now.

Maddi: Right, super diverse.

Shaun: Yeah, as long as we dont come with like a death metal track or something…(looks at James)

James: I’ll try.


Maddi: Right, I mean it’s questionable…so we’ll see where that goes. Alright, who would you say are your biggest influences in music right now? More of an open-ended question.

Shuan:  I have been really enjoying all of the like melodic riddim as they’ve been calling it , like – all of the stuff Chime has been doing and like, SkyBreaks, Ace Aura…just all of that melodic feels like everything I really liked about early dubstep, just done really well. 

Maddi: Totally.

James : I think for me, the word inspired is almost like a platform to  explain like, how you shaped your style in a way to sound like. If you like an artist, you go, “I like what they’re doing, I’ll do my version of that.” For me, there’s so much new amazing new talent around hence DPMO, uh – t’s just inspiring to be able to find so much talent and be able to play it out and represent it rather than have that shape my music in a way. So for me that end of it…that’s exciting stuff…in terms of other dubstep – I think Spaces Laces, that’s an obvious mention. Leotrix is doing some really cool stuff. Maurada is doing some really cool stuff, so you know – just the usual names I think, really.  

Photos by Patrik Essy

Digging In: Life Before Dubstep

Maddi: Alright, before you became DJ’s for a living.. what were your original career or sort of life plans before becoming full-time artists? 

Shaun: Well, I was an ice cream man.

*room laughs*

James: Were you really? I did not know that!

Shaun: Yes, well…it wasn’t like, a career plan. I wanted to  be a graphic designer, that was always my thing – I was still doing my own artwork and stuff. So, yeah.

Maddi: Were you still making music when you were an “ice cream man”?

Shaun: Yeah, yeah. I started making music when I was like 12, so I was kind of always doing that – but it just didn’t seem realistic, being like a “rock star”. So, I never thought it would actually work out. So yeah, if this hasn’t worked out…I’d probably have been a graphic designer right now.

Maddi: Nice.

James: I worked two jobs before Funtcase – I was working in an office folding papers and answering the phones and every other crap administrative job you can think of. And I was also looking after the elderly in my other job – I was working 69 hour weeks and in between not sleeping,  I was writing drum and bass on a tiny laptop. It was a great/miserable time to be alive. But before that I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. I think music was just something i enjoyed, I never aimed it to be a career. I was always in bands before that- and I’d produced, just for fun/hobby sort of stuff…what I used to do when I was younger was game design, but i never pursued it, obviously.

Maddi: Nice, that’s awesome. We’ll do the last group question here then we’ll move to individuals. So, if you were to have an alter ego musically, what genre or type of music would it be? 

Shaun: So I’ve just started an alter ego – I’ve started a new act called Freaks and Geeks which is drum and bass – just very, very English sounding drum and bass. It’s kind of what I started doing before I did dubstep, I was always on the drum and bass side. I’ve kind of like, reached a point now where it’s like, I’ve always wanted to be a drum and bass DJ and I thought, now I need to actually do it. 

Maddi: Mmhmm.

Shaun: So yeah, ehm. It’s me and Phil from RockSonics, we started it aout 2 years ago and we’ve been putting out music for about 9 months now. So that’s my alter ego.

Maddi: Nice. And what about you (James)?

James: Hmm, I’ve done alter egos already, like I said I started drum and bass and I moved to dubstep…I’ve also got a secret house alias which I don’t tell anyone about. (laughs)

Maddi: Secrets, secrets…

James: Yeah, but I mean – if someone said you’re banned from doing dubstep, I think I’d go be in a band. I don’t think I’d stay a DJ.

Maddi: Really?

James: Yeah, I think it would drive me crazy to have to go all the way back to square one and have to build something up again…

Funtcase: The Man Behind the Mask

Maddi: Cool, alright. So, we’re going to move to individual questions, we’re gonna start with James here. So, your record [label] DPMO has been growing significantly in recent years, I know we touched on that a little earlier. Tell us a little bit about how DPMO came to be and where you see the label going in the near future.

James: DPMO was originally all ideas I had years ago and has just never executed, and so I just decided to execute it. So at first, it was only supposed to be like, a clothing label, which I originally called Ghosts — (explaining to Shaun) well, the reason it’s called that is because DPMO is after my track Don’t Piss Me Off, so I was trying to name my brand after a track that was what’s popular,  so at the time, Ghosts was popular…but Ghosts…the name, it was so cheesy, and with the label, you couldn’t really do much. 

Shaun: Yeah, DPMO sounds like a cooler name.

James: Yeah, exactly – but [DPMO] kind of started off as a clothing label and then, we ended up doing a compilation with Circus. There’s this thing in Drum and Bass called “Andy C’s Nightlife”, where Andy C literally just finds all of this amazing music and puts it in a compilation. We didn’t have that in dubstep, so I kind of thought – why don’t we be the “Nightlife” of that? So this is what DPMO has been doing…and then, we just decided to turn it into a record label.

Maddi: Very cool. Okay, so your style is often described as “hyper-aggressive” (laughs) or “extremely aggressive” – what is something you wish people knew about you that most people don’t see behind the mask?

James: I don’t write dubstep. LIke if it wasn’t my job, I wouldn’t write it I don’t think. LIke, I write such a mixed bag of music that no one hears and only every now and again I’ll be like “oh, yeah, that track” and put it on Twitter, just to show people, but like…for instance, when I’m not on tour, I don’t listen to dubstep whatsoever when i’m just like, being me. I’ll listen to it like, I was listening to the first Coldplay album on the plane. I’m a big fan of someone like, Ed Sheeran, for instance. I like, my styles and tastes and what I write is so vastly different. But then I can go from like, Ed Sheeran to like, Deftones to like, Cannibal Corpse in the same day…I kind of switch between music styles, honestly.

The Doctor Is In: Sitting Down With Doctor P

Maddi: Yes! That’s awesome. Alright, Shaun, we’ll bust through these last couple of questions for you. What would you say your biggest accomplishment in your DJ career thus far has been?

Shaun: Ehm, making a track with MethodMan has probably been the pinnacle  for me. He was like, the number one artist I wanted to work with and when we made it happen, I was like ah – I just did it quite quickly. It was amazing, I think everything just came together just really by chance, and we managed to make it happen. I think it was just the right timing. Yeah, that was definitely my biggest sort of like, bucket list thing.

Maddi: Very cool. Alrighty, and to finish it up, one last question – what is one short-term goal of yours as an artist, and one more long-term one?

Shaun: I really want to do a proper full album. I did like a sort of album last year, but it was more of like an extended EP than an album. So yeah, i want tto at least once I want to release an album, and an album I’m proud of, as well. I feel like a lot of dance artist when they release an album, it’s just 12 random tunes, content. They just make 12 songs…so I really want to make an album that sort of encompasses everything that I do. And I’ve been working on it. (draws quotations in the air)

Maddi: Air quotations?

Shaun: At some point, it will be done! 

James: The thing about albums is that, albums should be a place where you can spread your wings and do whatever you want to do…It should showcase your skill and what you’re about as a whole, rather than like, here’s 11 club bangers which a lot of artist do because they go oh, here’s a lot of tracks, album content! 

Shaun: Yeah, exactly. 

James: We’re not calling anyone out, they can do what they want – I just feel like an album is more of an expression than just content.

Shaun: Yeah, I want it to be a meaningful sort of thing, something that’s worth people’s attention’s sort-of-thing. But yeah, my manager was like, let’s get that done, do it this year, and I was like, hold on! It’s gonna take me a while, yeah. (laughs) 

Wrapping Everything Up

Thanks for tuning in to the exclusive Party Guru Productions interview, readers! What an incredible experience it was to sit down with two of the best. Global Dance Festival is always such a treat for Denver, so we are hoping to see the return of these two dubstep heavy hitters in more future lineups to come!

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Tchami Blows the Lid Off Temple Nightclub

Many DJ’s know how to keep a party going. But too few capture and sustain the energy of a crowd in the way than the 36 year old Paris native, infamously known as Tchami. After day one of Colorado’s premier festival, Global Dance, Tchami graced Temple Nightclub with his presence and created an awesome way to round out day one.

FWB Open Up The Night

The night kicked off with local talent FWB (Friends With Benefits). While little is known about this duo, they do have ties to DJ’ing huge sports events. This duo turned out to be one of the most prominent musical discoveries of the weekend. They dropped deep house banger after banger, and their (honestly pretty impressive) dance moves on center stage showed just how much they were vibing with the crowd. The energy was infectious and a great kick off to the night.

When asked about their experience playing the club they stated: “Friday night was magical! Playing direct support for an artist like Tchami was a dream! On top of that the club was sold out, and let us tell you that energy was unreal! Thank you to Temple for having us and thank you to everyone for dancing with us. We love you.” Denver showed its true colors by supporting new homegrown talent so strongly.

Tchami Brings Down The House

Of course, once Tchami arrived, the dancefloor was primed and ready, and packed to the brim. The post-global energy combined with the local scene coming just for the man himself made for the perfect crowd. Tchami onto the stage donning his signature priestly attire, audible cheers could be heard throughout temple (a fitting name for a venue). The night began, and it was sure to be a killer time.

Tchami started off slow but steady, keeping the mood elevated and creating tension and intrigue as he does so well with his creative work. Relying heavily on his unique blend of 4-on-the-floor beats and deep complex rhythms, he created a journey that had the crowd hooked. He wasted no time dropping into his solid discography, utilizing tracks spanning the years of his creative work. Most notably, the tracks off his latest, Year Zero, and collaborations with artists like Gunna and Zhu.

As the night progressed, he pulled deeper into his work, pulling out tracks like his infamous remix of Alunageorge’s “You Know You Like It,” and his original, “Shot Caller.” Based on the reactions of the crowd, they certainly knew his work and it showed. Temple made for an even better experience with its beautiful floor to ceiling LED wall and killer sound system. The venue plays host to so much incredible talent, that it is no wonder why so many people flock here from throughout the city. After a full day of dancing and high energy, Tchami’s set was the best cooldown session one could ask for.


After a night full of dancing, drinking, singing and vibing, we can safely say that this night was one for the books. FWB was a an incredible unexpected opener that is worth seeing again. Temple is a top-notch venue and always a treat to party in. Tchami was nothing short of incredible and threw a high energy, killer set. All in all, this made for the perfect end to day one of Global Dance Festival, and an unforgettable night.

Photos by: Patrik Essy

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Yheti and Of The Trees Revive Denver’s Music Scene

Energy from Global Dance Festival was still running high on Saturday night. Fans lined up around the block of Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom to see Yheti and Of The Trees perform back-to-back. Yheti and Of The Trees are household names in Denver’s underground bass scene. Their freeform and boundary-pushing style of music perfectly complements the energy that thrives in this culture. So, when Cervantes opened up both sides of the venue to host this Global afterparty, it completely sold out. 

Several artists from Global Dance Festival were selected for this lineup, curated to excite Denver’s local music scene. In addition to Yheti and Of the Trees, we enjoyed sets from Kyral x Banko, Cnopes, and Smoakland. Each performance created a distinct vibe, ultimately proving that Denver’s local bass community is resurrecting.


At the beginning of the show, Kyral x Banko took over the Other Side. Kyral and Banko started the night off right, delivered heavy bass to the crowd. Throughout their set, they threw down several songs from their new EP, Sniotch.

Meanwhile, Cnopes captivated the crowd in the Ballroom with his hypnotizing wubs. Known for creating trippy and experimental sounds, he mesmerized his audience, playing deep Wook Bass throughout his set with intervals of chill and melodic atmospheres. 

For the second half of the night, the Other Side was taken over by Smoakland. The duo got everyone moving and maintained the festival vibes from earlier. They kept the energy high by playing heavy and fast-paced dubstep.

Yheti and Of The Trees

The main attraction of the night was Yheti and Of The Trees. They took over the Ballroom, drawing in a dense crowd. 

They opened their set mixing deep bass wobbles into hip-hop. Then, they dived into their signature freeform and experimental music. The combination of their two styles created a fun and psychedelic atmosphere for the evening. They threw down songs from Abelation, Ganja White Night, RL Grimes, CharlestheFirst, Minnesota, and Eazy Baked, along with a diverse range of music by other electronic music artists. 

After a particularly moving drop, Yheti got on the mic and said, “Yo we’re just having fun. We love music a lot and we’re happy that you all like music as much as us.” They kept the excitement going throughout the rest of the set. It was impossible not to feel the happiness in that room, surrounded by so many smiling faces. 

Yheti and Of The Trees ended with an unexpected throwback, playing a slow-motion remix of Wonderwall by Oasis. With that, another unforgettable weekend in Denver was brought to a conclusion. 


Photos By Patrik Essy

Cervantes has been a staple in Denver’s electronic music scene for over a decade. As bass filled the air of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, it signaled to music lovers around the city that the Bass Capitol is back to its old ways. Bass lovers in Denver are lucky to experience intimate shows like these regularly. 

Denver will not soon forget this incredible performance. Yheti and Of The Trees are two of Denver’s favorite bass artists. We cannot wait until they return to the Bass Capitol. Until then, keep up with Party Guru to find out about all the events happening around you!

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Global Dance Festival Night One Brings Denver’s Biggest Party Back

Global Dance Festival is Colorado’s largest and most anticipated electronic dance music event of the year. After a year of waiting in solidarity, we are back. Thousands of EDM lovers from all across the US were eager to dance this year’s weekend away!

Being based in Denver, Colorado, Global Dance Festival has been held outside of Empower Field since 2017. Previously GDF could be found at Red Rocks, the festival was moved to expand capacity and follow sound limits. This year, the fourth official rendition of Global Dance Festival fell nothing short of amazing. The festival also exceeded all expectations – bringing some of the heaviest and biggest names in EDM today. Headliners for the two-night event included Excision, Doctor P B2B Funtcase, Zomboy, Kaskade, Illenium B2B Said The Sky B2B Dabin, Green Velvet, and Tchami (just to name a few)! The festival was filled with art installations, carnival rides, food trucks, bull riding, temporary tattooing, and much more. Stages were complete with full LED’s and high-quality sound systems. Those stages were where the experience and magic of the night really began.

Night 1 – Here’s The Recap

Night 1 started off strong with all four stages filled with different types of music. Each one holding their own unique vibe. Local heavyweights Paws, MPORT, Decadon, and Brondo were some of the openers with packed sets which filled all the way to the very back of the Northern Lights stage. If this wasn’t your thing, a silent disco was held at the Crystal Caverns stage. There was truly some place to be for every single person, no matter what your vibe was!

As the sun began to set, the Summit stage began seeing artists such as Tchami, who brought an insane house set complete with pyrotechnics. The Illenium triple B2B followed, which brought super peaceful, melodic bass music vibes to the main stage. Kaskade closed the night out at main stage with a garage-house infused set. Paired with all of his beautiful original songs, the crowd was singing at the top of their lungs. Meanwhile, on the Northern Lights stage, Funtcase and Doctor P were giving one of the heaviest sets of the weekend. Bringing their original filthy UK dubstep sound to Denver dubstep lovers. Be on the lookout for an interview coming out later this week!

Zomboy finished off the night by closing out with even more heavy originals and never before heard tracks. They don’t call Denver the bass capitol for nothing. This stage showed that all night! On the other side of the festival, Mersiv took over the Tundra stage and closed out the night with some crazy wubs and deep bass sounds. The eclectic mix of music selected this year was the perfect mix to satisfy any raver at any point in the night.

Global 2021 Was the Event of the Year

This year’s event felt much different than any before. Maybe because of the fact that music lovers were able to unite once again. It might have been the fact that this was the heaviest and most diverse group of artists to ever see the GDF lineup. The festival itself is always seeming to impress its guests. Being incredibly thought-out, it was musically balanced the entire weekend with a wide range of musical experiences to go see, and plenty of space to dance around at the stages. The festival is hopefully going to remain a Colorado raver tradition for many years to come.

Photos by Patrik Essy


There was something for everyone here at all times of the night – everyone was dancing, the vibes were high and the music was loud. This was an unforgettable experience. 2021 was one of the best years since its origin without a doubt! Colorado is proud to be the home to Global Dance Festival. We at Party Guru Productions can’t wait to see how the festival continues to grow in the future – what an unforgettable weekend it was.

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Backwoods Music Festival Returns to Mulberry Mountain This August 26th-29th

Whether you’ve been going to Backwoods since 2015 or attending for the first time this summer, it is truly going to be a treat. Four absolutely stacked days worth of music including artists such as Lotus, Ganja White Night, G Jones, CloZee, Maddy O’Neal, The String Cheese Incident, Zeke Beats, Spafford, CNOPES, Keller Williams, Carbin, Freddy Todd, and many more. Once again this festival will be happening out at Mulberry Mountain, where the festival has been taking place since 2018. This famous venue has also seen other music festivals such as Wakaan Festival and Wakarusa.

In past years, Backwoods Music Festival has hosted some insane acts and 2021 is no different. As always, they aren’t just presenting a stellar lineup of music. Workshops, comedy shows, visual acts, and theatrical performances will be available. Throughout this event, you will find an array of amazing art instillations everywhere you explore. During the day you can also find hiking trails that lead you to waterfalls and other scenic views. It isn’t called Backwoods for nothing!

Choosing Your Adventure

Backwoods offers multiple different tickets to buy, ranging from GA tickets to VIP tickets! Both tickets will be paired with car camping or shaded camping. Shaded camping allows you and/or your group to be back in the woods relaxing under the trees. Car camping will be next to your vehicle in a designated space. If you would like to arrive early for the Thursday pre party, make sure to grab those with the rest of your tickets. This site makes it very easy to add everything you need to your cart HERE.

If you are looking to bring an RV then you’re in luck! You can either choose to have hookups or non at all, hookups include electric, water, and bathrooms. The website linked above shows how many tickets are left in each group. Run and grab those tickets now, they will not last much longer.

Once arriving at Backwoods, many on-sight activities can be discovered! Yoga classes, art performances, workshops, food trucks, merchandise booths, and much more can be located. On the property a free water source can also be found. Finally there is a general store that offers camping necessities such as ice on the grounds. It does get hot out there so plan accordingly!

A Few Thoughts

Party Guru was lucky enough to reach into the minds of a few acts performing at this years festival! Down below you can read what those artists are excited for! They also give us a sneak peak into how they are planning to make it such a special time! Check out all they have to say below.

“Really looking forward to being back at Mulberry Mountain for Backwoods. It’ll be only my second show this summer as well as my second ever festival set, and quite possibly my biggest set yet so i’m extremely stoked to premier new songs i’ve been working on and have fun getting down with everyone in the sun.” – CNOPES

“Backwoods has been one of those festivals i’ve seen over the years that is so perfectly curated artistically. I can’t wait to be apart of this years experience. Wakarusa at Mulberry Mountain was one of the first festivals I ever played years and years ago so that location is a vibe for me and extremely nostalgic of the journey back as the artist I am now.” – Maddy O’Neal

“Really excited about playing Backwoods Fest with SCI. The festival has really solid roots in balancing the lineup with strong jam bands and electronic acts, and we love that musical diversity – all being in the same place for people to check out. Combine that with Backwoods Festival being on the property with so much personal musical history there (Michael Travis and I have played there lots as EOTO), and that’s a recipe for even more to look forward to. We’ll also be coming in hot from touring the month of August – all lining up for a serious SCI throw down at Backwoods Fest!!!” – Jason Hann (Of The String Cheese Incident)

“We are new to the Backwoods Music Festival this year but well versed in high energy sets of music to keep your feet and body moving. Stoked to share this energy with all of you on the mountain and to see what Backwoods is all about!” – Spafford


To stay in the loop with all things Backwoods, make sure to follow them on all social platforms. Backwoods has recently released all instructors that will be hosting the 2021 workshops, you can find that HERE. Keep your eyes peeled for the daily lineup schedule, which will include workshop times along with everything else. See you all on the mountain!

Photos Provided By Patrik Essy & Backwoods Music Festival

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A Chat About The New Keep Pushing EP

You are probably always on the search for new music and artists, right? Well below you can find an interview with Colorado’s own Longevity Productions! We were lucky enough to have a moment with Bri Long, owner of Longevity Productions. The full interview can be found below!

A bit of background first, they bring ones from diverse backgrounds into a realm of similar objective parallelism. “Creates happiness or invokes emotional response. Overall bridges a gap unimaginable by many but for seen by few.”

Longevity Productions is a company that thrives to bring you the best acts and all around musical experiences they can provide. Working with people in the local Northern Colorado community to bring art of all styles together. We focus on artist booking, artist management, promotion, and event facilitation.

Longevity Productions began in September of 2017, by Bri Long of course. Community and close friends helped Bri begin her dream that shortly turned into a career. We were lucky enough to have a moment of Bri’s time to talk about the new EP and other future projects.

EP Talk

Patrik Essy: Very glad to see an EP on the way! We are very excited for this. What makes this project different from let’s say the next artist’s EP?

Bri Long: This project is unique because of the collection of artists, these are mostly Colorado artists that have worked together in some capacity but haven’t released music together. It also will be the first release from Longevity Productions, which make this very exciting.

Patrik Essy: How long have you all been working on this project?

Bri Long: The idea originated around December of 2020.

Patrik Essy: You say there’s 8 artists on this EP, why so many artists? What made you choose these artists? Besides the fact a lot of them are on your label.

Bri Long: A majority of the artists are under Longevity Productions management, the other artists are producers that we’ve worked with on many events in the past. Each one of these artists continue to push themselves and their sound to the next level, we’re always stoked to see what’s coming out from them.

Patrik Essy: Who did the album artwork for this? Can we be on the lookout for anymore collabs between you and them? 

Bri Long: I did the artwork so hopefully haha. 

Patrik Essy: Any merch drops to be on the lookout for? Any livestreams that will be associated with the drop of this EP?

Bri Long: I don’t think we’ll have either of those for this one, but we’ll probably do some livestreams in the near future.

Past and Future

Patrik Essy: Any plans for 2021-2022 besides this EP release?

Bri Long: We hope to get back to throwing events in a safe capacity before the end of the year. We have some releases in the works for spring. I think overall you can count on a lot more content from Longevity artists as a whole this year. 

Patrik Essy: How long has Longevity Productions been alive for? Have you ran other production companies before? What are some of the most important things you’ve learned from running your own promo company?

Bri Long: Longevity Productions has been alive since 2017. I had thrown quite a few shows, and a couple music festivals before branding Longevity. 

Patrik Essy: “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams” that’s a very beautiful quote. Did you create this? If no where did you discover this? Does this quote have any sort of impact on the work you do?

Bri Long: It’s a quote from Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. I’ve loved it since I was a child and I do think it impacts the work that all of us do. As far as a company goes, I’m the dreamer and the artists are the music makers, together we create magic.

Patrik Essy: Alright just a few more questions here, do you plan on doing any live shows for 2021? How are those shows going to be different from what we have seen before? Obviously besides all the covid precautions.

Bri Long: We plan on getting back to shows this year. We strive to bring artists that haven’t been to the area as well as some returning favorites, I think the pool of artists will be very unique in 2021. 

Patrik Essy: How is Longevity Productions different from than the rest? What makes you all stand out?

Bri Long: Longevity Productions has always stood out in Fort Collins because we started from such a strong friend group. There is so much respect throughout our crew, for each other, artists in the community, and the community as a whole. We have members that mentor children music in the community.

Party Guru or No?

Patrik Essy: Would you consider yourself a Party Guru? If yes, why? If no, why? I would say you are!

Bri Long: I would definitely consider myself a Party Guru! I’ve been throwing parties since as early as I can remember, I’ve always loved getting people together to party in any sense of the word, whether it be food, music, art, or comedy. Partying is what I do. 

Patrik Essy: What kind words of advice would you have for somebody trying to make it in this industry? For someone who might like to run their own production company or label one day? 

Bri Long: Be prepared for a lot of learning, not every show will be a sellout, don’t do business deals after 2am.

Patrik Essy: Final question, what can we be on the lookout for? Plug yourself here hahahah. Tease the fans of what we can be on the watch for! 

Bri Long: It’s still pretty early to tell, but we’re planning on bringing back Blissfall Music and Arts Festival this year in some capacity, you can count on a few livestreams, and we’re working on some philanthropy for this year. Be on the lookout for good vibes all around coming from the crew!


As we get excited for the new EP to release we can check out all of Longevity Production’s past projects below. They have done a ton to impact the community. Learn even more about them all in the links found below!

You can also view a full gallery of artists that will be on the new EP below. They are all ones to be on the lookout for. Plus you never know, maybe they have some tracks that you could add to your weekly playlist.

Photos Provided by Longevity Productions

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In Conversation With Em Possible

Singer, songwriter, and musician Em Possible is a melodic music machine. Growing up in a household immersed around instruments and singing before she could even talk, evolving her talent into a profession was an inescapable part of her destiny.

Emily Geeves grew up in Ohio surrounded by family who also happened to be musicians. She grew up listening to a variety of different genres, which is visible in her production today. This is why genre flexibility comes naturally to Em, and versatility is one of her many talents. She can sing country, reggae, provide standout vocals on EDM production, and keep a staccato rhythm with hip-hop lovers alike.

It wasn’t until 2009 until Colorado saw the talented artist at her new home base. Since then, Em has released a full EP along with numerous singles, performed many intimate shows, and has been practicing trauma informed bodywork. You can also catch Em Possible every Tuesday on Instagram where she serenades us for #tinytracktuesdays. 

We were lucky enough to get the chance and catch a moment with Emily to learn more about the past, present, and future of Em Possible

Kicking Off

Danielle Sparano: How did you get started in the music scene? When did you first learn to play the guitar?

Em Possible: I’ve been singing since before I could talk, so I’ve always felt a calling to music. I guess I got into the “scene” around 2013 when a friend of mine who I used to just jam/sing with at my apartment asked me to open for her at one of her local shows. I started to play guitar when I was about 14.

Danielle Sparano: Who are your biggest influences?

Em Possible: My Grandmother, my Mom, my Dad, and my brother. 

Danielle Sparano: What do you feel is the best song you ever released and why?

Em Possible: I think the best song I’ve released is Monday Morning. It was a song that I co-wrote with my guitar player, and it was one of the first songs I ever co-wrote with anyone. That process inspired an entire co-writing album with all of my band mates which was such an amazing, different approach to anything I’d done with them in the past. It’s also my first original song to get over a million plays!

Danielle Sparano: When did you move to Colorado? Do you ever think you will be traveling elsewhere to live, or is Colorado your home forever? You are originally from Ohio, right?

Em Possible: I moved to Colorado from Ohio in January 2009. I think that Denver/Colorado will always be my home base, but I do think that I’ll live a few other places in my life. Forever is such a long time!! 

Em’s Favorites

Danielle Sparano: Do you have a favorite venue to perform at?

Em Possible: Larimer Lounge will always have a soft spot in my heart, but I think Ophelia’s is probably one of my favorite venues to play. I haven’t played the Ogden (yet) but I really love that venue as well (as far as indoor venues go).

Danielle Sparano: If you could go back in time and relive one of your shows, which one would you pick?

Em Possible: Probably South Park Music Festival when I performed with Dirty Little Thieves in 2014. It was the biggest crowd I had ever performed in front of and one of my first festival gigs as well. I was just getting started in music, I hadn’t even released my first album yet.

Danielle Sparano: Your music is so versatile. Do you have a favorite genre/sound design to work with?

Em Possible: I grew up listening to so many “genres/sounds” that I don’t think I can say I have a favorite. My mom has a very eclectic taste in music and she certainly passed it along to me, which I’m very thankful for. It’s allowed me to showcase versatility with my own music, writing, and collaborations. I think it makes me a better artist to not focus on just one type of genre. I’m sure some people would disagree but, that’s how I feel.


Danielle Sparano: This past year has been a crazy rollercoaster; however, many artists coped in different ways to seek inspiration during quarantine. Did you turn to any specific activities or new hobbies that helped inspire you? 

Em Possible: I honestly didn’t do much the first few months of Covid. I forced myself to pick up my guitar mid-April after not touching it for almost a month. Once the dust settled a little bit I became inspired to workout/do yoga regularly which helped regulate my mood. I also bought a ton of new books to keep my brain busy which was great. I’ve always been an avid reader, but I definitely read more books in 2020 than I think I have in years. 

Danielle Sparano: What does your creative process look like?

Em Possible: Haha, chaotic and messy, but it works. I have notes on my phone and note pads all over my house/car for the moment’s inspiration hits. It is sometimes a word or phrase, sometimes I can write 4 songs in a day, and sometimes I write one hook over the course of 3 months. It really varies?!


Danielle Sparano: If you could give one piece of advice to other producers during this time, what would it be?

Em Possible: Oh gosh… I’d say keep going. I think as creatives we have this aversion to not make music or art or whatever when we know (or think) it’s going to be shit. You have to make the shit to move through the shit to get to the other side of the shit where there is better shit to be made. 

Looking Forward

Danielle Sparano: What are you working on right now? What can we expect from you in 2021: Projects, tours, etc?

Em Possible: As much as I would LOVE to announce a tour in 2021, I think Covid has other plans for the music industry this year (again). I will say I got Ableton last year and have been taking lessons, so I’m excited to create and release some music using a different platform and to expand my abilities as a creator. I am currently working on a project with a new guitar player/sound engineer and percussion player, but that’s all I can say about it right now 😉 

Danielle Sparano: I heard you are doing a Livestream soon! The first one of 2021, right? Can you tell us more about that?

Em Possible: I am doing my first livestream on Valentine’s Day! This will be my first livestream that isn’t at my house, so I’m really looking forward to being around other musicians/artists. It’s also at a venue I have never performed at, The Armory. It’s a singer/songwriter showcase of all women, and I’m honored to be on the bill. You may even hear a few new acoustic originals from me if you tune in!

Danielle Sparano: Is there someone that you want to collaborate with the most? 

Em Possible: Haha, well that is a loaded question. I would LOVE to do a collaboration with GRiZ — I not only enjoy his music but I think as an artist he really utilizes his platform in a way that builds connection and community which I think is extremely important. I also have always dreamed about doing something with ZZ Ward. She’s been an inspiration to me for many years, and I think she’s underrated as an artist. 

Em Outside Of Music

Danielle Sparano: Outside of music, what are your favorite things to do? Can you tell me more about EmBodymovements and how you got into the bodywork?

Em Possible: I have definitely always been a wearer of many hats. My EmBodyMovements page showcases the other passions I have which include movement, yoga, cannabis/CBD, and trauma informed bodywork/recovery to name a few. Having been to rehab for an eating disorder as well as working deeply with some therapists around my trauma, the connection of the body and the mind are just so vital. I’ve learned that when I’m disconnected from my body, everything else seems awry. When I can listen to what my body needs, whether that’s vigorous exercise, walking my dog, a yoga class, CBD for the brain fog days (I had a serious TBI at the end of 2019 and had to re-learn how to play guitar among other things), etc. it allows me to create in/from a space that is resourced and supported. Good body/connection days = better creative space.

Danielle Sparano: Where is your favorite hiking spot around the area?

Em Possible: I love St. Mary’s Glacier and pretty much any mountain trail. Steamboat and Breck were two places I spent a lot of time outdoors last years.

Danielle Sparano: If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

Em Possible: I think I’d want a photographic memory to be honest. That or to fly cuz, who wouldn’t want to fly!?

Wrapping Up

Danielle Sparano: Final couple of questions here, let’s dive a bit deeper. We know you have an emotional support dog, how do they help in your musical creative process. Have you ever taken them to a show with you? 

Em Possible: Dakota Bear is my emotional support animal, and he is amazing. He helped me through rehab in ways I never imagined possible. He loves when I play guitar or piano or sing — he’ll get as close as he can to me and just thump his tail and listen. It’s precious. He got to go to his first show of mine in September of 2020, I played an outdoor gig at the Walnut Room and he was front row. I definitely hope to bring him to more shows, but most likely outside only as dogs have 3x the muscles in their ears and I’d worry about that at an indoor venue.

Danielle Sparano: How do you find creativity when in a drought? What sort of creative outlets do you have besides creating music? 

Em Possible: When I can’t find it, I can’t find it. There’s definitely a difference between working through the shit and just having nothing to work with. When I experience those moments, I change my medium. I really love to paint/draw, and that usually helps me move back into a creative space.  

Danielle Sparano: Your performance on TedxTalks in 2019 was awesome! Would you want to do another one again in the future? 

Em Possible: I have SO much love for my TedX family and would be honored to have the opportunity to perform at one again. 

Danielle Sparano: Final question, would you consider yourself a party guru? 

Em Possible: It’d be a damn shame not to, now wouldn’t it 😉 

Photos Provided by Patrik Essy and Em Possible

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Exploring Star Monster’s Mind

Dubstep and Star Monster are two names you could and should associate together. He has been and will continue to be one you should stay on the lookout for. Releasing this upcoming killer track with LoFreq on the 8th of February, 2021. We are all in for a spooky treat. Recently we were lucky enough to have a chat with Star Monster about all of his upcoming projects, future merch, and much more.

A bit about Star Monster before we get into it. This Wisconsin based artist has been traveling all around performing live shows before Covid. Star Monster has played along artists such as Flume, Rusko, Boogie T, Champagne Drip, Figure, SoDown, Zeke Beats, 12th Planet, and many more. He has also worked with companies such as Ocular Presents, Burning Man, and again many more. Star Monster actually played Denver’s own The Black Box not too long ago!

During this interview we will get a tease at some upcoming releases from this artist. Let’s dive in!

New Tunes

Patrik Essy: Let’s start off with your new weird and spooky tune coming out on February 8th, what’s some of the inspiration behind that tune? How long have you been working on it? Would you say that it is some of the best made yet?

Star Monster: Well, like most all my tunes, that one went through a major transformation. The first incarnation I made in a day and I really liked it and still play it out from time to time. I really just had some BASS sound ideas I wanted to try and they jelled. But as usual it wasn’t enough for me in the long run and I wanted it to go deeper. I’m really into horror flix and the opening sample is from one of my favs..(I wont say which one haha) so that was the inspiration on the transformed version of the tune. I just went a lot deeper into making some sounds you’ve never heard before…whereas the first version is using some common sounds that are circulating around right now. I wanted to make it really menacing and different. I get tired of the regurgitated sounds. The last drop is my fav. I don’t know if it’s the best i’ve made, i’m working on some new stuff also that i’m pretty stoked on.

Patrik Essy: Do you have any other tunes to be on the lookout for? Merch is always something that artists are dropping also, do you have anything in the works? Do you have any thoughts for merch?

Star Monster: Yes, I have soooo much new music that i’m really excited about. Im completing an EP as we speak. I’m hoping it comes out in the next month. Then a second EP for spring and a bunch of singles and collabs. One with Super Future that is dope af. This year i’m planning on dropping a lot of music. I also have new merch galore haha. A merch drop that will happen in the next week- 2 hats, a LTD jacket and a really incredible Official LTD Hocky Jersey by Above The Sky that i’m stoked about.

You can actually go check out one of Star Monster’s most recent mixes in the meantime. Find that linked below! You are sure to be spooked with these massive amounts of bass.


Patrik Essy: As 2020 was a bummer, what was the last show that you played? Where was it? 

Star Monster: Ya it has been tough (but a great time for making music). Well, I have gotten to play a couple Covid safe shows…a Denver Drive In with Luzcid, Buku, Minnesota. Also a show at the Midway in SF with Ravenscoon, Xotix, and Subdocta. Cant wait to get things going again but gotta stay patient…and keep making new tracks!!

Patrik Essy: Looking back on 2020 still, did you do any live streams? If so how’d you make those sets different from a live set? If you didn’t play any live streams what did you do instead?

Star Monster: Yes I played quite a few. I went all over the place and experimented in some. I love pure DJ sets where I get really out there and use the decks to create really out there sounds. I’ve also done some that were really honed. I’ve been working with UTAW Visuals and have created some pretty dope sets with the whole visual component i’ve been making. Many people don’t know that i’m a visual artist so bringing a full visual journey is something i’m very serious about and you’ll see more of that soon.

Let’s Travel Back

Patrik Essy: Seeing that your current insta dates back to 2016, how long have you been creating music for? How long have you been mixing for? Who were some heavy influences in your style of music?

Star Monster: I’ve been making music for a LONG time haha. Since I was a kid really. Someone gave me an old 4 track reel to reel and some sampling CASIOS and I used to make this music in my basement I called “Grey Radio”. Ive been mixing for only 3 years! But i’ve been performing with live instruments heavily for many. Early influences on my style I would say were Liquid Stranger, Peekaboo, and Bassnectar.

Star Monster’s Sound

Patrik Essy: Would you say that you have “found your sound”? Do you enjoy the music that you make and the career you have made out of it?

Star Monster: I think i’m pretty close but I never want to have a definitive sound. I always want to surprise! But I also want people to know it’s me by the inner feel of it. I’m a mystic. I put things into the core of the music that I think my biggest listeners feel. I absolutely LOVE making music, I want to do this forever. I have such big ideas haha. If I didn’t have creating music i’d be a basket case. lmao

Patrik Essy: What makes Star Monster stand out from the rest? 

Star Monster: I don’t know if I do but… Im just being myself. I think I take chances, with sounds, themes, vibes. I try to make it how I want it…not necessarily what’s popular. Although I do love popular music. I try to put something deeper in there…and I work forever on a track until I think it’s ready.

Patrik Essy: What advice would you have to somebody that wants to get into producing. Kind words of advice here hahhah.

Star Monster: Have fun…put your whole real self into it…be individual as hell…we all want the new and real you.

A Few Final Questions for Star Monster

Patrik Essy: If there was one place in the world that you could be, Covid in mind or no Covid, where would it be? Do you keep this place in thought when creating music?  

Star Monster: hmmm, i love the world and traveling everywhere…but i love Romania and Hawaii…especially now when its so cold here in Madison…definitely Hawaii haha.

Patrik Essy: Final question, would you consider yourself a Party Guru? 

Star Monster: Oh yaaaa. haha. I’ve studied the Andy Warhol party book lol. I’ve also hosted a lot of parties here at Smart Studios (the old recording studio where Nirvana recorded Nevermind and the Smashing pumpkins first 2 albums…where I live and work.) I live for a good party.

Wrapping Everything Up

As we all patiently wait for Calling For Me to release we can listen to past mixes and music. That can all be found below.

Go check out the new track linked down below! If you are still reading this Star Monster we’d like to thank you again for this opportunity for a chat, we cant wait to hear the new track.

Photos Provided by Star Monster

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A Conversation with Levitation Jones

After finishing up two nights at The Black Box and having an EP on the way, Levitation Jones has been making some serious moves. Responsible and socially distance that is. Selling out four shows at Black Box Denver, Levitation Jones has started off 2021 with getting to show what he can do. We recently had the chance to sit down with him to have a quick conversation. As we get into this interview we learn a ton about the new EP, how he spent his days of 2020, a standup act that may be in the works, and much more. Read everything that was talked about in the full interview below.

Party or No?

The conversation starts off like any other would, with some “Hey, what’s up?” and “How have you been”. As hellos have been exchanged we dive deep into the questions. We ask if his shows at The Black Box were some of the first that he is doing with Covid restrictions.

Levitation Jones responds with, “I’ve been taking opportunities. I find that with the concept of prohibition dosent work, people are going to party whether you tell them to or not. Why not go be a good influence, ya know? I played a show and the promoter pulled me to the back and asked if there was anything they could do differently? I told him, to be honest they didn’t push the mask recruitment thing hard enough but the distancing was fine. We played a show the day before and masks were super enforced. For that exact reason people were more comfortable dancing near each other, while giving space, which made for a way more energetic crowd.”

“The promoter said thank you and he would enforce mandatory masks. I felt that was a good influence, i’m not a hero for doing this but I feel it’s in my heart that I gotta do. I’m also trying not to get evicted, it’s not like I can make a million dollars right now to pay rent. I don’t have that option, I am kinda back against the wall. There is a lot weighing against me but I don’t blame people for being mad at me in a way. I’m still not going to listen to it. I’m not a Covid denier, I just feel there’s something weird going on here that we aren’t seeing. I am kinda trying to stay out of everyones way.” Brian tells.

Day Job

We continue on the chat asking Brian if he has a day job. “You know when Okeechobee came around I quit my day job. I sometimes have a day job I sometimes don’t. Since I have lived here I started working at this place that was walking distance away. It was great at first because I was having the hours to allow me time to work on music while also being able to get hours in at the job. They started to ask for more hours and I was definitely trying to get less hours. Then I played Okeechobee and I thought, I am going to try to do music full time again. So I have forever been here, trying to survive.”

“Do music full time during a pandemic, real genius move, right?” Brian jokes.

Livestreams and Live Sets

“You have been doing quite a bit of livestreams during this all haven’t you?” Patrik asks.

“At first they were okay. If you caught somebody on payday you’d probably be alright, or if you had some sort of established following. I can’t get more than 20 people to get on my stream at a time now and it’s not like any of them are really donating. But that’s fine! I like practicing and playing for people. Sometimes you’ll get a nice day where you’ll make $20-$40 which is always cool. As the governments been less generous and everyone has been struggling, I know I haven’t been the only one out here struggling. It’s been pretty obvious in donations and what’s available as an artist.”

Our conversations begins to lead into the direction of live sets, as Levitation Jones recently sold out two nights at The Black Box. “How did it feel from playing these livestreams to playing sold out shows in front of a live audience?”

Levitation Jones responds, “It was really cool, ya know? I definitely enjoy the fact that people get it enough to buy tickets to a show of mine during an experience like this. I am the right guy to play a seated table show. It feels like I got the right tunes for that attitude and I think everyone had a pretty good time with the experience. There are some other people out here selling out shows also which makes it feel good to know that you aren’t alone here.”

Standup Act

Activities that one may do in their free time can range from a number of things. For Brian it is working on a standup bit, “I was thinking about starting to do open mic nights. I have been writing some standup bits, unrelated from bass music. I have like eight minutes, I haven’t even practiced it at all. It’s very interactive and physical with the crowd, it dosent really work unless you can watch me up on stage being a dingus.” Brian jokes.

“We are going to see if it’s alright first. I am going to be super humble about it. If it’s alright like people laugh, we’ll run it. If it bombs we can say that we tried and it’s not for me.” Brian tells us.

We then ask Brian about what he has done with his time during quarantine. “I felt very comfortable executing on creating listening music instead of club music. That is something that I always wanted to do, I say always all the time, it is something that has been in almost every release. I put in some sort of chill song or laid back song that is not meant for the club. For this upcoming EP called Morality is Subjective, it has four songs that are all very chill and downtempo-ish. It’s all very different influences of stuff that you might not normally hear at a dubstep and/or weird bass event. I am excited to introduce a lot of that, my fans may not know a lot of these wave sounds so we will see how that goes.”

EP Coming Soon

Now, about the upcoming EP. We are insanely curious as to more details about it. We question Brian with, “Touching on the EP a bit more, when is it supposed to come out.”

“We’re making sure that it is perfect, which is always a conundrum and oxymoron. I have a certain vision of how I want the master to sound on each track. Two of them are done and we are waiting on two, one I am very back and forth on. We want to make sure it’s good. It’s all very awesome already and I am confident in the music as far as what I want to listen to. I tried to make music that I wanted to listen to or music that you could hangout with. It’s nice thinking tunes.” Brian says.

“Would you say that you are starting to develop your own sound if you haven’t already?” Patrik questions.

“Yeah! Some random kid at one of my shows told me he heard my new EP. I had played a few of the tunes at the club that night. The kid tells me, I don’t mean this in a weird personal way, this is kinda you starting at square one again. I was like I get it. Yeah, it was a bit weird to hear that right after a set but I was like okay I do get that.” Brian tells us.

“This is the first time I have released music after cutting my hair, it’s kinda a reset on who I was trying to be and how I was trying to approach the music industry. I don’t have an agent now and it’s a lot of changing points. I think i’m a lot more confident in my music production now than I was before. At this point I believe I can be taken serious as a music producer with this release.” Brian shares.

Behind the Scenes

Touching a bit more on the two nights at Black Box with Levitation Jones, we asked about how he chose the artists to open up for him. We also asked if he booked all his own gigs since he doesn’t have an agent.

“I came up with all the themes, I did do a lot of the communication, and handpicked all of the openers. No I didn’t do all the work.” Brian laughs.

“Yes, I wanted to go with people that I have been a fan of for awhile. I am a huge fan of a lot of artists from the Denver local scene. There is so many artists from Denver who go under the radar who nobody really cares about. If these guys moved to Connecticut where I am or Rhode Island where I was coming up, they would be doing great! There is not a lot of music producers out here doing okay. There is a handful that are and are very talented but it’s not very competitive in a way. You can stand out very quickly if you’re making really good music. Tons of these people are.”

MYXED UP and QILIN were very awesome openers. I have known them for a long time and have been supporting them for a long time. Putting them in my mixes and all that good stuff, we slowly started talking more and more and to be honest they were some of the first people that I thought of. They played great!”

Music Scene of Connecticut

Finally we ask, how the EDM or bass music scene is out where he lives.

“It’s interesting you know, there is a real EDM blanket scene everywhere. The underground bass scene is very Tipper oriented, that’s a good baseline. There is a lot of Truth’s Deep Dark and Dangerous energy up here, there’s a lot of roots connected with their business in this area. You see a lot of your standard deep dubstep and squishy bass and psychedelic stuff. It’s cool because there is a bit more of a crowd for the downtempo community.”

Brian shares with us a story of before Covid when he was able to play his music. “I would be playing house parties, pre Covid of course, where it was big cuddle puddles and mattresses on the floor where I would be playing three hour sets into the sunrise with these nice big windows. Everyone is hanging out listening to music. Very beautiful. It is a much smaller community up here.” Brian tells us.

“The people don’t really like me up here honestly” Brian laughs. “They don’t understand my jokes really. They like me everywhere else in the country a lot more than here. Which it’s weird why I am from here!”


Growing up listening to artists such as Deftones and The Prodigy, Brian says these were a few of his influences. He also watched Jackass and Viva La Bam heavily growing up, which he says could be some of the reasons for his shenanigans. This four track EP is to be on the lookout for, you will not want to miss this.

Levitation Jones was on the radio at the age of 18 putting on a radio shows, he started creating music around that age as well. “These parties are sick, they’ve made me feel at home. You know, I’ve never really felt too comfortable around anyone before.”

“I have been making music for over 10 years.” Brian shares with us as we begin to finish up this interview. “I give my music out for free, I don’t believe in my music being exclusive to a vinyl or to rich people. If you are homeless and have an MP3 player, bump my tunes homies!”

Something to go and check out after this is Levitation Jone’s podcast! You can find that linked here. Jerseys are on the way and much much more music. On behalf of myself and everyone at Party Guru Productions i’d like to thank you for the time to allow us to do this. If you’re still reading this Brian, i’d still like to be one of the first to know about that standup.

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