An Inside Look To Kosmic Kingdom 2022

An Inside Look To Kosmic Kingdom 2022

Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival returns to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park in Des Moines, Iowa this summer. Headliners include CloZee and G Jones, two of the most popular and innovative DJs in the world today. Kosmic Kingdom will bring a massive range of great artists to Des Moines, while also bringing out some local legends.

Looking at the headliners, G Jones is coming in hot as one of America’s most promising bass producers. We also see CloZee, a powerful female presence in electronic music, bringing together incredible visuals and emotionally charged live performances. We can expect to see many more incredible artists. Party Guru Press was recently lucky enough to have the chance to chat with the producer of Kosmic Kingdom. Check out the entire interview below!

Getting Started

Party Guru Press: What differences can attendees see this year that haven’t been seen in previous years?

Kosmic Kingdom: We are actually experimenting with some new stage ideas and layouts for 2022. Might even be a new castle stage but we can’t say too much yet. One goal for this year is to incorporate even more of a medieval vibe. In 2019 we introduced our knight fighters who fight with REAL weapons and armor, it’s absolutely insane.

We had some renaissance-themed characters walking around last year and we are looking to really push as hard as we can on the theme this year. I think every year we try and really improve aspects of the festival that might have been slightly lacking so we’ll, of course, be making changes that are needed to improve the festival goers’ experience as a whole.

Past To Present Headliners

Party Guru Press: With previous headliners such as Liquid Stranger and Caspa, to now CloZee and G Jones, what made you choose these two as headliners? Seeing that G Jones was also the headliner in 2018, what are some of the biggest changes that have been made since then? 

Kosmic Kingdom: This niche is extremely hard to find proper headliners for. I’ve told my partners many times that there are maybe 6-8 true headliners in the underground bass world that the fans would consider actual top card acts. CloZee was a super obvious choice for us this year, she is absolutely crushing it. Amazing sets and we think her ethos and brand fit really well with what we believe in. We also love seeing a woman in this space getting the attention she deserves and with so many amazing female producers and DJs out there right now, we thought it was only fitting to have a true queen on the top of the bill this year.

As for G Jones, the man is iconic. A producer’s producer if you will. He’s the guy that every producer idolizes and looks up to, also pushing the limits and the sound. He’s grown right along with the festival, we’ve gotten bigger and so has he. The festival has more than doubled in size, increased production on all fronts, and has become an even stronger family since he first played. I remember him tweeting “Iowa needs more parties like that.” after his set and I think he is going to be even more impressed now. It’s truly a special festival that is different than any other I’ve attended (or organized).

Party Guru Press: What was the heaviest inspiration behind the lineup for 2022?

Kosmic Kingdom: This year the inspiration was 100% the underground bass scene. Putting together a full card of national acts for the ones that know, the real heads. There are acts on here that may not be known by a lot of people, but the ones who are fans will fly across the country to catch them in a club. I went from the commercial EDM world to the underground bass world really fast when I discovered electronic music over a decade ago and that’s really where my heart has always been.

Iowa also loves the weird and deep stuff, it’s crazy. We’ll have as many people at a Yheti headline show in a club as we will for a Zomboy tour. Very few markets are like that. So not only do we get to give the people what they want, I’m able to book what I truly love. Plus we can show some new faces a different side of bass music which I love.

Tickets, Lineup, Merchandise And More

Party Guru Press: As tickets are on sale right now, will festival-goers see single-day tickets available for purchase closer to the event?

Kosmic Kingdom: Yes they will. Generally, we do single-day passes about 30-40 days before the festival.

Party Guru Press: Will there be a phase 2 or maybe even phase 3 addition to the lineup for this year?

Kosmic Kingdom: So we may or may not still have some open slots. There will definitely be more announcements like the after-parties for VIP and the pre-party but you might just see a couple more acts slip on the main card as well. 

Party Guru Press: All talent from small to large on this lineup is great, what sort of spotlight would you say this gives to someone who might be playing their first festival with you all? When looking to social media a lot of fans are just as excited for the smaller names as they are for the larger names.

Kosmic Kingdom: I think attendees really love to explore the festival grounds and stages so most will find themselves in front of some speakers with an artist playing that they have never heard. A lot of people may find their new favorite artists during the fest. Being how niche the event is, it allows them to play in front of people that really are into this style of bass music. Can’t even count how many people I’ve seen post “omg I saw ____ at Kosmic and I had never heard them before and it was my absolute favorite set”. I think it just gives these artists a platform in the midwest to really showcase their true sound to people who will understand it and take it all in.

Party Guru Press: What does Kosmic Kingdom bring to Iowa? Can we expect to see any local food trucks, breweries, clothing, etc?

Kosmic Kingdom: To be honest, one of the biggest things I would say it brings to Iowa is new faces. There are a LOT of people that travel to Iowa from outside states to come to this festival. Most assumed that nothing happens here and we don’t listen to this kind of music. They all leave realizing we have a proper scene with people that really know their bass music and an incredible community of music & festival lovers. Outside of that, we do have local breweries at the event as well as a lot of local vendors that showcase their products. People leave here ready to come back to Iowa for more.

Party Guru Press: Will fans have a selection of all-new 2022 Kosmic Kingdom merch this year?

Kosmic Kingdom: Absolutely, we will be working with past Kosmic Merch collaborators as well as some new ones. The merch for Kosmic is really starting to become a thing. In 2018 when we started we had one terrible T-Shirt and basically, no one bought it. In 2019 we made a few jerseys and shirts and they sold out before 8 pm the first day. Last year we had a pretty big selection of hoodies, shirts, pashmina’s, jackets, pins, etc and almost everything sold out again. Expect even more options and we’ll try and keep them in stock longer.

Party Guru Press: If you could summarize this festival in one sentence, what would you say?

Kosmic Kingdom: A magical experience from another generation in time during the day and an insane party at night with the perfect amount of beauty vs. chaos.

Medieval Times Are Ahead

Party Guru Press: Being hosted at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park, where haunted houses are hosted around Halloween, can we see any themes to each day? Obviously besides the medieval surroundings. Should fans prepare to dress in certain themes?

Kosmic Kingdom: Funny you ask cause we had actually planned on doing a theme for each day in 2021 but with how crazy covid made planning it just never happened. Definitely planning on doing something fun for that this year.

Party Guru Press: What is one word of advice you’d give to someone thinking about attending the festival or even traveling to the festival?

Kosmic Kingdom: Just come and really be a part of it. Meet your camping neighbors and go check out sets with them, hang out in the weird little areas and buildings when you need time to relax, dress up like a crazy person for the medieval ages and get weird and most of all come to bring a positive vibe only. And drink water!

Party Guru Press: When will gates open up for campers to set up?

Kosmic Kingdom: 2 pm for pre-party attendees on June 2nd and 9 am for regular attendees on June 3rd. See you all at Kosmic!

Ticket Information

There are a few things that every visitor needs to know when attending Kosmic Kingdom in Des Moines. 1) Get ready for some sweet music and funky vibes. 2) Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and wear comfortable clothing. It gets hot out here during festival season! 3) Drink plenty of water.

If you’re curious about what it costs to attend Kosmic Kingdom, there are two general admission ticket options. The first is a GA two-day pass with camping for $168.59. With that package, attendees will have access to both days of music as well as camping. The second option is for a VIP two-day pass with camping and it cost $273.46. This gives you access to VIP areas and after-hour parties amongst other gifts. Ticket upgrades including pre-party add-on and premier camping are available also. Finally, RV hookup is offered as well.

We hope to see you all at Kosmic Kingdom this June. Follow the link below for tickets!

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Sunsquabi Takes Over Mission Ballroom

Sunsquabi Takes Over Mission Ballroom

After finishing up their Midwest tour, Sunsquabi finishes off their run in CO. Hosting their final date at Denver’s very own, Mission Ballroom, they have a few surprises up their sleeves. From giving out signed posters with the purchase of a discounted ticket to having most of the proceeds go to the Boulder County fires, this is a very amped-up show. Let’s not forget about that insane lineup they are bringing with them. Party Guru was lucky enough to have a chat with the band before the big Denver show.

Check out everything they had to say below! 

Finishing a Tour

Party Guru Press: Seeing that you all will be finishing up the midwest tour with a stop at Mission Ballroom, how will this set be different from the sets played before? What can attendees be on the lookout for? 

SUNSQUABI: Our hometown shows will forever be like a benchmark of what’s next for us. We design this setlist and production just like a Red Rocks show, and it will be the culmination of all of the touring we’ve been doing lately + new songs from our album that will be coming out later this year.

Party Guru Press: Any surprises for the Denver show that you can tease us with?

SUNSQUABI: Well that wouldn’t be very much of a surprise then, would it now? The production for this show is probably bigger than anything we’ve ever done. I will say that.

For a Cause

Party Guru Press: Very great concept selling discounted tickets and giving away signed posters with ticket sales. You all also accepted non-perishable food items, where did the idea come from? Will we see any opportunities like this at the show on February 4th, such as signed posters or a bin for food item donation? 

SUNSQUABI: We felt like we had to help in any way that we could after what happened in Boulder County. We will also be taking donations for Marshall Fire assistance at our merch booth at the show.

Party Guru Press: Dreamers Delight and The Funk Hunters will be support for this Mission Ballroom show, what made you choose those acts? Any other special guests that might not be on the lineup that will be there?

SUNSQUABI: Both Dreamers Delight and The Funk Hunters are some good friends that we have a lot of history with and we really wanted the vibe to be a homie vibe for this show. We have really been diving deep lately as a trio so we are excited to do a big show as just the 3 of us.

Party Guru Press: To get us all even more excited for Mission Ballroom, what is a sentence or two that you all would like to say about the upcoming show? Any changes in production for the upcoming Mission show?

SUNSQUABI: This show is a culmination of 2 years of planning and a lot of energy that we’ve all experienced together over the last 2 years. This show is a launchpad for us to a whole new level of shows and we love our fans so much!

Looking Ahead

Party Guru Press: Domefest was the latest festival announcement among a few, can we expect to see Sunsquabi at a good amount of festivals this 2022 season? Legend Valley is a very well-known venue, how will you all make that a special event for not only yourselves but attendees? 

SUNSQUABI: We have a very strong connection with legend Valley in particular from festivals in the past like Resonance and The Werk Out. This summer will be a busy one for us with Electric Forest, High Sierra, and a ton more that are announced every day.

Party Guru Press: From a live recording at Red Rocks to the last album, fans love your pieces of vinyl. Can we be on the lookout for any repressings? If you all could repress one piece of work, which would it be? Your merch also FLYS off the shelves, can we be on the lookout for any new merch? Can fans purchase merch at the upcoming Mission show? 

SUNSQUABI: I think we will probably do a re-issue of all of the old records, and we have a new album coming out this year so look out for lots more vinyl soon!

Party Guru Press: After a long tour can we expect to find you all in the studio, maybe working on something new? Or is that more of a time to relax and ground yourselves? 

SUNSQUABI: We just finished a new album and we’re already started on the next one. Always writing and working.

Party Guru Press: With having over 4.6 million streams in 2021(Congratulations!) and being listened to in over 129 countries, where is the “dream performance” at? Has it already happened, if so where? What can Sunsquabi fans be on the lookout for in 2022? Anything you all have up your sleeve? 

SUNSQUABI: We enjoy every single show so much that it’s hard to say. Red Rocks last year and this show at the Mission this year…every year gets better. We want to tour the whole world.

Party Guru Press: Would you all consider yourselves Party Gurus?

SUNSQUABI: We are just students yall are the Gurus, thank you so much!


After reading this we are nothing less than excited for the event. Bringing along an abundance of talent, we are in for a treat. Tickets are still available here, we hope to see you all there dancing under the disco ball! 

Photos Provided By: SunSquabi

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Dance all Weekend at Bigfoot Electro Festival in Tennessee

From May 26th to 29th, numerous fans will gather in Tracy City, Tennessee to attend the 2nd annual Bigfoot Electro Festival – an experimental music festival that combines dubstep, trap, glitch hop, and drum and bass into one unforgettable weekend. As usual, there will be a wide variety of local and international acts performing at one main stage, two sound camps, and surprise renegades over the course of the weekend. The phase two lineup is now live, check it out below!

Three Days of Fun in The Sun

Bigfoot Electro Festival is a four-day camping and music event, held annually during summer in Tracy City, Tennessee. The 2022 edition of the festival is scheduled for May 26th-29th. The lineup consists of many different types of bass-heavy music and will have attendees grooving all weekend long. The festival offers more than just music; attendees can also take part in yoga classes and workshops.

Hennessy sound will be brought out to the event this year to make sure attendees are getting the best possible sound. We can also see an interesting “Saturday Night Special” event featuring Levitation Jones & J-BLU! That will feature an open deck game show experience, something even we haven’t heard of before. Big Chillin will be there to power all those heavy-hitter speakers. You can find them over at this year’s sound camp.

Low Ticket Prices

Though it doesn’t have to be expensive, festivals are not cheap. However, tickets for Bigfoot Electro are inexpensive and cater to underground music seekers. The festival sells four-day passes that start at $169; which also includes your car camping. Three-day passes are also available for $159. All ticket sales will end on May 29th. Go grab those tickets now because the price will be increasing soon.

Regardless of whether you plan on making multiple trips back to camp or catching some shut-eye under the stars each night, these prices are relatively affordable for those who wish to enjoy a music festival without spending a fortune. VIP tickets are available for purchase also! Some amenities you will be able to enjoy with VIP include; Free coffee and OJ every morning from 7 am-11 am, air-conditioned bathrooms, mobile vendor food delivery services & closer camping to the main stage. Who doesn’t like to be in the center of it all?

Finally, multiple add-ons are available for all tickets. On-site RV parking with hookup is available. Water, electricity, and waste are all included with that add-on. If feeling sore after one of your favorite sets, full-body massages are offered on-site! Ziplining and shower tokens are also available to add on.

The Lineup

Fans of bass music will be pleased to know that, as usual, there’s an impressive lineup of DJs playing throughout all four days. Notable names include Mr.Bill, Truth, YHETI (x2), DMVU, EAZYBAKED, KHIVA, Late Night Radio, Pushloop, Resonate Language, SOMATOAST, Supertask (A/V Set), Ternion Sound (x2), The Widdler, Tiedye Ky, and many others. Make sure to give all of those artists a listen before attending if you haven’t, it’ll help plan your daily schedule!

Get excited to dance and explore! Arguably, this year’s lineup is one of our favorite so far—and it’s shaping up to be an unforgettable show! You can also expect sets from dozens of local DJs and special live visual performances that will accompany many of your favorite international artists. Visit HERE for more information on who you can expect to see over the course of four days. The lineup isn’t the only fire part of this festival, there will be performers over the course of this event. Attendees can plan on seeing a number of different flow artists, some including fire spinners!

New discoveries

Each year brings new music festivals to try, and with summer being the prime festival season, there are a lot of events worth experiencing. Bigfoot’s unique lineup makes it a good bet for adventurous fans of bass music. Explore the property with zipline courses or treat yourself to a full body massage. Adventure around the beautiful Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. The 2022 phase two lineup is now live, buy your tickets and plan your adventure now. Get excited with a 2021 recap that can be seen below!

Why you should attend

Honestly, this festival is absolutely stacked with talent all around. Are you a fan of experimental bass music? Do you have a taste for weird and wild culture? If you answered yes to either or both, then Bigfoot Electro Festival may be for you. This eclectic gathering celebrates its 2nd year with an insane lineup of artists from all over the country. These monsters of sound will be playing four days and nights, so get ready to unplug from society and have some fun!

Photos provided by Bigfoot Electro

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Back To Backwoods

Returning back to any music festival in 2021 can feel a bit strange. With that in mind, Backwoods was able to help make that experience extra special for their 4500 person event. Capping it off at that number helped improve a ton for the festival. 4 music filled days graced Mulberry Mountain on August 26th-29th of 2021. The weekend ranged tunes from Jam Bands such as Lotus and Disco Biscuits to experimental artists like Of The Trees and G Jones. This festival had something for everybody.

Backwoods began strong on Thursday with artists CNOPES, MLOTIK, and MOLOKAI. All of which you could say have done projects with Spicy Bois. After their takeover at the Casino Stage, the crowd moved over to main stage to catch Lotus and Andy Fasco & the Un. Getting that bit of jam bands in for Thursday night the crowd could move back over to Lusid after for those experiential vibes. Sound Camp was another stage at Backwoods. This stage was filled with Funktion-One sound, creating that deep bass for whoever took over that stage.


The weekend was finally beginning on the mountain, more attendees were pulling in and setting up. Each day began with multiple different workshops to choose from, ranging from Guided Meditations and Yoga to Hoop Dance. A comedy hour also helped start off each morning with lots of laughter. Dirtfoot, Maddy O’Neal, Shiba San, and Sunsquabi all took main stage Friday afternoon while the sun was high in the sky. The Irie Lions, Opal Agafia, Artifacts, and more all took over Circus Casino as well.

Aliens invade the mountain! ATLIENS step aboard main stage as the sky turns dark. Following up the madness they brought, G Jones brought quite the performance. Strobes flashed and custom visuals played as this glitch artist played. Ganja White Night finished off main stage Friday night with their unreleased collabs featuring Rusko and Dirt Monkey, amongst many others. They played a live set which took the audience everywhere from deep wobbles to upbeat house and DnB. Festival goers could end their night with Flintwick or a Sound Camp set.


Saturday morning began with cool clouds over the mountain, breezy guests of wind could be felt throughout your tent as the mountain began to wake up. This was truly the day for any jam band enthusiast. Day sets consisted of groups Stiff Necked Fools, Bumpin Uglies, Papadosio, and two Disco Biscuit sets. Cycles, Arkansauce, and Spafford could all be found during the day playing sets also.

This was truly the night for late sets as the crowd was show a Of The Trees set with Data Byte Visuals. PLS&TY took the stage after to finish off Circus Casino. If you were still looking for music after that, DIRTYSNATCHA played a late night set that included a ton of unreleased music.

During the weekend, food trucks and many other vendors could be located around the venue. Custom merchandise was made for the festival along with artist merchandise, most artists could even be found there! For food, they had many options for attendees, some of which included Vegan options. One nice addition that the mountain offered was a General Store, where you could find many helpful necessities such as ice, air mattresses, tents, and much more. Free water was offered in multiple locations.


The weekend was about over but the music was far from done. The Fungineers were added to the lineup later on as a replacement. That made for an awesome Sunday opener. Following them on that stage was Ryan Viser, Modeling, Acid Katz, Com Truise, and Keller Williams. Of course we also saw an insane Carbin set which was different from what we have heard before. Many new collabs were thrown out that featured artists INZO and DIRTYSNATCHA.

Main Stage saw some insane talent this day. Freddy Todd gave and insane performance as a Keytar was brought out. Adding that live element with blue skies made for a perfect day set. Zeke Beats followed the stage to give listeners live scratching. Rumor is Freddy Todd and Zeke Beats did a renegade b2b set. Mulberry Mountain was cooled off later with a quick rain fall, which didn’t last very long.

Following the rain, CloZee played one of the most beautiful sets of the weekend. Showing new visuals, that we believe might be from the Neon Jungle Tour, to showing an insane laser show, this set was perfect. Greensky Bluegrass hit the stage after for a bit of change in the night. The Floozies finished off main stage with an hour and a half set. These brothers played classics along with unreleased tunes. Some would say it was a great way to end that stage for the weekend.


Overall the weekend was great, the rain didn’t stop the mountain from having an amazing time. To keep up on all things Backwoods, check out the links below. They actually feature a blog on their website that gives a bit more insight into everything! Keep your eyes peeled for a Day 2 and Day 3 recap from Backwoods. If you weren’t able to make it this year we would highly suggest making it next year. Until next time Mulberry Mountain!

Photos by Patrik Essy

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Funtcase and Doctor P Bring the Heat to Denver: Exclusive Sit-Down Interview

Doctor P and Funtcase, dubstep heavyweights based out of the U.K, brought an absolute heater of a show this past weekend at the annual Global Dance Festival in Denver, Colorado. Shaun “Doctor P” Brockhurst and James “Funtcase” Hazell have been some of most popular names in the dubstep scene for over a decade now, bringing nothing short of heavy-hitting filth to the Bass Capital every time. Their styles wonderfully infuse the gritty, beloved UK dubstep sound with more modern riddim-based synths which has their fans rightfully positioning them as some of the best and biggest names in dubstep today. The two sat down for an exclusive interview with Party Guru Productions right before their set on Day 1 of Global Dance Festival. We got all the details, some never-before heard facts, and stories from the artists you won’t find anywhere else – keep reading below to check it out!

Getting Into It : Let’s Chat!

Maddi: We are so excited over here at Party Guru to be able to sit down and learn a little bit more about you guys! So – Global Dance Festival is Colorado’s largest dance music festival – Shaun (Doctor P) you were here in 2018 with your b2b with Flux [Pavilion] and James [Funtcase], here in 2017. So you’re both been here before, you’re both super familiar with the Denver territory and this venue in particular. What’s memorable about this city that you’re excited to see tonight? What do you remember about Denver that you’re ready for tonight?

Shaun: Denver, ever since the first time I’ve ever came here has just been like, the biggest shows every time without fail. I think the first show I ever played in Denver was about 5,000 people…and I’d never played a show like that before – ever. It was like my first big show basically, ever was in Denver so- there’s some cities where i ‘m questioning if it’s gonna be good, I don’t know? With Denver, I just always know it’s going to be good – I don’t even give it a second thought – it’s going to be good. (laughs)

James: I agree, it’s like – Denver is just one of those places where it’s just like, the crowd pretty much eats up everything you play. It’s a very unique situation. They call themselves like, the Bass Capital – and it’s for a good reason. Usually, I think Montreal is starting to catch up but Denver, it’s just one of those places where you just know  whatever you drop is just gonna go off.

Shuan: The pressure is on though because they are so in tune with the music, you can’t turn up and play a bunch of boring old songs.

Maddi: Right, like we expect it.

Shaun: Right, you’ve got to come here to impress.

Maddi: Love that. Well, we’re so ready for tonight, so that’s a good answer. Alright, so you both are some of the earliest earliest artists to have been on Circus Records, Shaun obviously being the co-founder of the label, Funtcase you joined in 2010. How would you say Circus Records has changed over the years musically and as a label?

Shaun: Ehm, it’s been quite a strange journey because obviously in the early days we started the label with mo expectations, we just wanted a platform to release our music. And then we had loads of really early successes – like with Flux [Pavilion] ‘s releases, and then mine, and then everyone else coming on and it just came much bigger than we could have ever imagined.  But then, the dubsteps scene just kept on getting bigger and NeverSayDie got huge and disciple got huge, and all these other labels came along. So it’s been quite strange like, trying to eh – trying to figure out our place in all of it, so em, it’s been strange –  I feel like we’ve found quite a nice niche now, where we kind of know what Circus is now…music, not all dubstep. We basically just have a set of parameters, and if the song fits it – we’ll release it.

James: Yeah. The thing was when Circus first started it was literally a platform to put out what we made, we didn’t aim for styles  anything – I was just making stuff. I wasn’t aiming for anger or anything like that…it was literally just, here’s the track I made and Circus went, let’s put it out and that’s literally how it started. But it’s kind of honed itself into its own little beast now where it’s like, doing a lot more musical styles – and I think that’s really reflecting on a lot of the artists inside…I’m writing a lot more musical stuff now.

Shaun: It’s nice to have a platform where you can kind of release what you want – like, Circus is such a non-specific style now.

Maddi: Right, super diverse.

Shaun: Yeah, as long as we dont come with like a death metal track or something…(looks at James)

James: I’ll try.


Maddi: Right, I mean it’s questionable…so we’ll see where that goes. Alright, who would you say are your biggest influences in music right now? More of an open-ended question.

Shuan:  I have been really enjoying all of the like melodic riddim as they’ve been calling it , like – all of the stuff Chime has been doing and like, SkyBreaks, Ace Aura…just all of that melodic feels like everything I really liked about early dubstep, just done really well. 

Maddi: Totally.

James : I think for me, the word inspired is almost like a platform to  explain like, how you shaped your style in a way to sound like. If you like an artist, you go, “I like what they’re doing, I’ll do my version of that.” For me, there’s so much new amazing new talent around hence DPMO, uh – t’s just inspiring to be able to find so much talent and be able to play it out and represent it rather than have that shape my music in a way. So for me that end of it…that’s exciting stuff…in terms of other dubstep – I think Spaces Laces, that’s an obvious mention. Leotrix is doing some really cool stuff. Maurada is doing some really cool stuff, so you know – just the usual names I think, really.  

Photos by Patrik Essy

Digging In: Life Before Dubstep

Maddi: Alright, before you became DJ’s for a living.. what were your original career or sort of life plans before becoming full-time artists? 

Shaun: Well, I was an ice cream man.

*room laughs*

James: Were you really? I did not know that!

Shaun: Yes, well…it wasn’t like, a career plan. I wanted to  be a graphic designer, that was always my thing – I was still doing my own artwork and stuff. So, yeah.

Maddi: Were you still making music when you were an “ice cream man”?

Shaun: Yeah, yeah. I started making music when I was like 12, so I was kind of always doing that – but it just didn’t seem realistic, being like a “rock star”. So, I never thought it would actually work out. So yeah, if this hasn’t worked out…I’d probably have been a graphic designer right now.

Maddi: Nice.

James: I worked two jobs before Funtcase – I was working in an office folding papers and answering the phones and every other crap administrative job you can think of. And I was also looking after the elderly in my other job – I was working 69 hour weeks and in between not sleeping,  I was writing drum and bass on a tiny laptop. It was a great/miserable time to be alive. But before that I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. I think music was just something i enjoyed, I never aimed it to be a career. I was always in bands before that- and I’d produced, just for fun/hobby sort of stuff…what I used to do when I was younger was game design, but i never pursued it, obviously.

Maddi: Nice, that’s awesome. We’ll do the last group question here then we’ll move to individuals. So, if you were to have an alter ego musically, what genre or type of music would it be? 

Shaun: So I’ve just started an alter ego – I’ve started a new act called Freaks and Geeks which is drum and bass – just very, very English sounding drum and bass. It’s kind of what I started doing before I did dubstep, I was always on the drum and bass side. I’ve kind of like, reached a point now where it’s like, I’ve always wanted to be a drum and bass DJ and I thought, now I need to actually do it. 

Maddi: Mmhmm.

Shaun: So yeah, ehm. It’s me and Phil from RockSonics, we started it aout 2 years ago and we’ve been putting out music for about 9 months now. So that’s my alter ego.

Maddi: Nice. And what about you (James)?

James: Hmm, I’ve done alter egos already, like I said I started drum and bass and I moved to dubstep…I’ve also got a secret house alias which I don’t tell anyone about. (laughs)

Maddi: Secrets, secrets…

James: Yeah, but I mean – if someone said you’re banned from doing dubstep, I think I’d go be in a band. I don’t think I’d stay a DJ.

Maddi: Really?

James: Yeah, I think it would drive me crazy to have to go all the way back to square one and have to build something up again…

Funtcase: The Man Behind the Mask

Maddi: Cool, alright. So, we’re going to move to individual questions, we’re gonna start with James here. So, your record [label] DPMO has been growing significantly in recent years, I know we touched on that a little earlier. Tell us a little bit about how DPMO came to be and where you see the label going in the near future.

James: DPMO was originally all ideas I had years ago and has just never executed, and so I just decided to execute it. So at first, it was only supposed to be like, a clothing label, which I originally called Ghosts — (explaining to Shaun) well, the reason it’s called that is because DPMO is after my track Don’t Piss Me Off, so I was trying to name my brand after a track that was what’s popular,  so at the time, Ghosts was popular…but Ghosts…the name, it was so cheesy, and with the label, you couldn’t really do much. 

Shaun: Yeah, DPMO sounds like a cooler name.

James: Yeah, exactly – but [DPMO] kind of started off as a clothing label and then, we ended up doing a compilation with Circus. There’s this thing in Drum and Bass called “Andy C’s Nightlife”, where Andy C literally just finds all of this amazing music and puts it in a compilation. We didn’t have that in dubstep, so I kind of thought – why don’t we be the “Nightlife” of that? So this is what DPMO has been doing…and then, we just decided to turn it into a record label.

Maddi: Very cool. Okay, so your style is often described as “hyper-aggressive” (laughs) or “extremely aggressive” – what is something you wish people knew about you that most people don’t see behind the mask?

James: I don’t write dubstep. LIke if it wasn’t my job, I wouldn’t write it I don’t think. LIke, I write such a mixed bag of music that no one hears and only every now and again I’ll be like “oh, yeah, that track” and put it on Twitter, just to show people, but like…for instance, when I’m not on tour, I don’t listen to dubstep whatsoever when i’m just like, being me. I’ll listen to it like, I was listening to the first Coldplay album on the plane. I’m a big fan of someone like, Ed Sheeran, for instance. I like, my styles and tastes and what I write is so vastly different. But then I can go from like, Ed Sheeran to like, Deftones to like, Cannibal Corpse in the same day…I kind of switch between music styles, honestly.

The Doctor Is In: Sitting Down With Doctor P

Maddi: Yes! That’s awesome. Alright, Shaun, we’ll bust through these last couple of questions for you. What would you say your biggest accomplishment in your DJ career thus far has been?

Shaun: Ehm, making a track with MethodMan has probably been the pinnacle  for me. He was like, the number one artist I wanted to work with and when we made it happen, I was like ah – I just did it quite quickly. It was amazing, I think everything just came together just really by chance, and we managed to make it happen. I think it was just the right timing. Yeah, that was definitely my biggest sort of like, bucket list thing.

Maddi: Very cool. Alrighty, and to finish it up, one last question – what is one short-term goal of yours as an artist, and one more long-term one?

Shaun: I really want to do a proper full album. I did like a sort of album last year, but it was more of like an extended EP than an album. So yeah, i want tto at least once I want to release an album, and an album I’m proud of, as well. I feel like a lot of dance artist when they release an album, it’s just 12 random tunes, content. They just make 12 songs…so I really want to make an album that sort of encompasses everything that I do. And I’ve been working on it. (draws quotations in the air)

Maddi: Air quotations?

Shaun: At some point, it will be done! 

James: The thing about albums is that, albums should be a place where you can spread your wings and do whatever you want to do…It should showcase your skill and what you’re about as a whole, rather than like, here’s 11 club bangers which a lot of artist do because they go oh, here’s a lot of tracks, album content! 

Shaun: Yeah, exactly. 

James: We’re not calling anyone out, they can do what they want – I just feel like an album is more of an expression than just content.

Shaun: Yeah, I want it to be a meaningful sort of thing, something that’s worth people’s attention’s sort-of-thing. But yeah, my manager was like, let’s get that done, do it this year, and I was like, hold on! It’s gonna take me a while, yeah. (laughs) 

Wrapping Everything Up

Thanks for tuning in to the exclusive Party Guru Productions interview, readers! What an incredible experience it was to sit down with two of the best. Global Dance Festival is always such a treat for Denver, so we are hoping to see the return of these two dubstep heavy hitters in more future lineups to come!

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Tchami Blows the Lid Off Temple Nightclub

Many DJ’s know how to keep a party going. But too few capture and sustain the energy of a crowd in the way than the 36 year old Paris native, infamously known as Tchami. After day one of Colorado’s premier festival, Global Dance, Tchami graced Temple Nightclub with his presence and created an awesome way to round out day one.

FWB Open Up The Night

The night kicked off with local talent FWB (Friends With Benefits). While little is known about this duo, they do have ties to DJ’ing huge sports events. This duo turned out to be one of the most prominent musical discoveries of the weekend. They dropped deep house banger after banger, and their (honestly pretty impressive) dance moves on center stage showed just how much they were vibing with the crowd. The energy was infectious and a great kick off to the night.

When asked about their experience playing the club they stated: “Friday night was magical! Playing direct support for an artist like Tchami was a dream! On top of that the club was sold out, and let us tell you that energy was unreal! Thank you to Temple for having us and thank you to everyone for dancing with us. We love you.” Denver showed its true colors by supporting new homegrown talent so strongly.

Tchami Brings Down The House

Of course, once Tchami arrived, the dancefloor was primed and ready, and packed to the brim. The post-global energy combined with the local scene coming just for the man himself made for the perfect crowd. Tchami onto the stage donning his signature priestly attire, audible cheers could be heard throughout temple (a fitting name for a venue). The night began, and it was sure to be a killer time.

Tchami started off slow but steady, keeping the mood elevated and creating tension and intrigue as he does so well with his creative work. Relying heavily on his unique blend of 4-on-the-floor beats and deep complex rhythms, he created a journey that had the crowd hooked. He wasted no time dropping into his solid discography, utilizing tracks spanning the years of his creative work. Most notably, the tracks off his latest, Year Zero, and collaborations with artists like Gunna and Zhu.

As the night progressed, he pulled deeper into his work, pulling out tracks like his infamous remix of Alunageorge’s “You Know You Like It,” and his original, “Shot Caller.” Based on the reactions of the crowd, they certainly knew his work and it showed. Temple made for an even better experience with its beautiful floor to ceiling LED wall and killer sound system. The venue plays host to so much incredible talent, that it is no wonder why so many people flock here from throughout the city. After a full day of dancing and high energy, Tchami’s set was the best cooldown session one could ask for.


After a night full of dancing, drinking, singing and vibing, we can safely say that this night was one for the books. FWB was a an incredible unexpected opener that is worth seeing again. Temple is a top-notch venue and always a treat to party in. Tchami was nothing short of incredible and threw a high energy, killer set. All in all, this made for the perfect end to day one of Global Dance Festival, and an unforgettable night.

Photos by: Patrik Essy

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Yheti and Of The Trees Revive Denver’s Music Scene

Energy from Global Dance Festival was still running high on Saturday night. Fans lined up around the block of Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom to see Yheti and Of The Trees perform back-to-back. Yheti and Of The Trees are household names in Denver’s underground bass scene. Their freeform and boundary-pushing style of music perfectly complements the energy that thrives in this culture. So, when Cervantes opened up both sides of the venue to host this Global afterparty, it completely sold out. 

Several artists from Global Dance Festival were selected for this lineup, curated to excite Denver’s local music scene. In addition to Yheti and Of the Trees, we enjoyed sets from Kyral x Banko, Cnopes, and Smoakland. Each performance created a distinct vibe, ultimately proving that Denver’s local bass community is resurrecting.


At the beginning of the show, Kyral x Banko took over the Other Side. Kyral and Banko started the night off right, delivered heavy bass to the crowd. Throughout their set, they threw down several songs from their new EP, Sniotch.

Meanwhile, Cnopes captivated the crowd in the Ballroom with his hypnotizing wubs. Known for creating trippy and experimental sounds, he mesmerized his audience, playing deep Wook Bass throughout his set with intervals of chill and melodic atmospheres. 

For the second half of the night, the Other Side was taken over by Smoakland. The duo got everyone moving and maintained the festival vibes from earlier. They kept the energy high by playing heavy and fast-paced dubstep.

Yheti and Of The Trees

The main attraction of the night was Yheti and Of The Trees. They took over the Ballroom, drawing in a dense crowd. 

They opened their set mixing deep bass wobbles into hip-hop. Then, they dived into their signature freeform and experimental music. The combination of their two styles created a fun and psychedelic atmosphere for the evening. They threw down songs from Abelation, Ganja White Night, RL Grimes, CharlestheFirst, Minnesota, and Eazy Baked, along with a diverse range of music by other electronic music artists. 

After a particularly moving drop, Yheti got on the mic and said, “Yo we’re just having fun. We love music a lot and we’re happy that you all like music as much as us.” They kept the excitement going throughout the rest of the set. It was impossible not to feel the happiness in that room, surrounded by so many smiling faces. 

Yheti and Of The Trees ended with an unexpected throwback, playing a slow-motion remix of Wonderwall by Oasis. With that, another unforgettable weekend in Denver was brought to a conclusion. 


Photos By Patrik Essy

Cervantes has been a staple in Denver’s electronic music scene for over a decade. As bass filled the air of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, it signaled to music lovers around the city that the Bass Capitol is back to its old ways. Bass lovers in Denver are lucky to experience intimate shows like these regularly. 

Denver will not soon forget this incredible performance. Yheti and Of The Trees are two of Denver’s favorite bass artists. We cannot wait until they return to the Bass Capitol. Until then, keep up with Party Guru to find out about all the events happening around you!

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Global Dance Festival Night One Brings Denver’s Biggest Party Back

Global Dance Festival is Colorado’s largest and most anticipated electronic dance music event of the year. After a year of waiting in solidarity, we are back. Thousands of EDM lovers from all across the US were eager to dance this year’s weekend away!

Being based in Denver, Colorado, Global Dance Festival has been held outside of Empower Field since 2017. Previously GDF could be found at Red Rocks, the festival was moved to expand capacity and follow sound limits. This year, the fourth official rendition of Global Dance Festival fell nothing short of amazing. The festival also exceeded all expectations – bringing some of the heaviest and biggest names in EDM today. Headliners for the two-night event included Excision, Doctor P B2B Funtcase, Zomboy, Kaskade, Illenium B2B Said The Sky B2B Dabin, Green Velvet, and Tchami (just to name a few)! The festival was filled with art installations, carnival rides, food trucks, bull riding, temporary tattooing, and much more. Stages were complete with full LED’s and high-quality sound systems. Those stages were where the experience and magic of the night really began.

Night 1 – Here’s The Recap

Night 1 started off strong with all four stages filled with different types of music. Each one holding their own unique vibe. Local heavyweights Paws, MPORT, Decadon, and Brondo were some of the openers with packed sets which filled all the way to the very back of the Northern Lights stage. If this wasn’t your thing, a silent disco was held at the Crystal Caverns stage. There was truly some place to be for every single person, no matter what your vibe was!

As the sun began to set, the Summit stage began seeing artists such as Tchami, who brought an insane house set complete with pyrotechnics. The Illenium triple B2B followed, which brought super peaceful, melodic bass music vibes to the main stage. Kaskade closed the night out at main stage with a garage-house infused set. Paired with all of his beautiful original songs, the crowd was singing at the top of their lungs. Meanwhile, on the Northern Lights stage, Funtcase and Doctor P were giving one of the heaviest sets of the weekend. Bringing their original filthy UK dubstep sound to Denver dubstep lovers. Be on the lookout for an interview coming out later this week!

Zomboy finished off the night by closing out with even more heavy originals and never before heard tracks. They don’t call Denver the bass capitol for nothing. This stage showed that all night! On the other side of the festival, Mersiv took over the Tundra stage and closed out the night with some crazy wubs and deep bass sounds. The eclectic mix of music selected this year was the perfect mix to satisfy any raver at any point in the night.

Global 2021 Was the Event of the Year

This year’s event felt much different than any before. Maybe because of the fact that music lovers were able to unite once again. It might have been the fact that this was the heaviest and most diverse group of artists to ever see the GDF lineup. The festival itself is always seeming to impress its guests. Being incredibly thought-out, it was musically balanced the entire weekend with a wide range of musical experiences to go see, and plenty of space to dance around at the stages. The festival is hopefully going to remain a Colorado raver tradition for many years to come.

Photos by Patrik Essy


There was something for everyone here at all times of the night – everyone was dancing, the vibes were high and the music was loud. This was an unforgettable experience. 2021 was one of the best years since its origin without a doubt! Colorado is proud to be the home to Global Dance Festival. We at Party Guru Productions can’t wait to see how the festival continues to grow in the future – what an unforgettable weekend it was.

Find more about Global Dance Festival below!