Slander’s Night One Of “Thrive On The Rocks” Was Exhilarating

The end of concert season draws near at Red Rocks Amphitheater, but not before hosting some of the most sought-after music artists in the world. Slander couldn’t have chosen a better time to debut their newest album, Thrive, in Colorado with two nights of “Thrive On The Rocks.” Excitement brewed as fans poured into the breathtaking venue under the gleam of a full moon. Glowing wristbands upon entry, paired with a heated lineup of talent leading up to Slander, sealed the deal for weekend vibes on a Wednesday night.

Supporting Talent


Saka kicked off as the opener for Thrive On The Rocks by slathering us with bass and eclectic beats. His energy was contagious, sending us into dancing fits under the moonlit sky. This rising star from Hong Kong is on tour across the nation, supporting artists like Slander, Mersiv, and Peekaboo. You can catch his amazing sound next at EDC Orlando on November 11th!

Saka Twitter


Next up was Australian DJ Leotrix. Holding nothing back, he unleashed a barrage of heavy hitters and we couldn’t get enough. His signature bass and pulse-stopping drops landed him on festival lineups like Lost Lands and Dancefestopia this year. As Thrive On The Rocks is one of many stops on his tour, it’s clear Leotrix is on a fast track to success!

Moore Kismet

California-based Moore Kismet was next to grace the stage. Prismatic music from their “Universe” album and delightful stage presence left us reeling! 17-year-old Moore Kismet shows promise in their surging popularity and already boasts an impressive musician’s resume. International festival performances, their Universe album release, and their international tour, Universe, are just a few of their feats in 2022 alone!


Kompany wasn’t originally scheduled to perform, but he did not disappoint and took Thrive On The Rocks by storm. Remixing tracks like “Lockdown” and “Elephant March,” Kompany sent headbangers into a raging dubstep frenzy! His collaborations with producers like Excision, Subtronics, and Wooli have become staples for any dubstep enthusiast. Although Kompany is also on tour, you won’t want to miss his next Colorado appearance at Decadence!


Slander took their place on stage at last while our wristbands glowed in sync like a sea of stars. As an LED stage structure reminiscent of their iconic “eye” came to life, Slander’s set began with a heated remix of their hit song “Back To U.” The contrast of lyrical elements with hard dubstep hit home runs with us all night long. Songs from their Thrive album like, “Love is Gone (Dylan Matthew)” and “Walk on Water,” also brought emotional depth to the experience.

In a drastic change of pace, Slander dimmed the lights in the venue and began dishing out invigorating techno music. Rows of elated shufflers could be seen dancing in the stands. The music then turned toward fan favorites like GUD VIBRATIONS (I shamelessly screeched with happiness) and Potions. Thousands of people could be heard singing lyric-heavy songs like “All You Need To Know”. When the time came for Slander to leave, they charmed chanting fans with an encore and played one last song “Superhuman”.

In short, Derek Anderson and Scott Land are the American DJ duo known as Slander. Their unique integration of melodic music with heavy bass drops has created a large footprint in the EDM scene. It’s not uncommon to witness an entire venue sing along to their chart-topping songs, which carry messages of love and GUD VIBRATIONS. Hosted by some of the most prestigious music festivals in the world, Slander’s innovative music and global fanbase are a testament to their impeccable talent as a team.

Walking away with more than memories

Overall, the range of different genres at Thrive On The Rocks was incredible. It was pure joy to share these moments with up-and-coming artists and established producers. Slander’s “Thrive” debut in Colorado proved more meaningful than just a concert. Before we traveled home we were reminded to live in this happy moment together, hugging our friends and loved ones around us. “Thrive” seems to convey that, despite the pain and obstacles we may face, it’s okay to hold on to a cherished moment and celebrate it. To enjoy it. To thrive in it.

Thrive On The Rocks 11/9 Photo Dump

Photos by @josh_klein

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REZZ Rocks Bewitched Us With A Nightmare On REZZ Street

The queen of Halloween has returned to claim her throne in Colorado for two nights of REZZ Rocks VI. On October 27th, REZZ summoned us to Red Rocks Amphitheater to behold the most memorable Halloween party of the year: a special Nightmare on REZZ Street set. Leading up to this spectral experience, a wicked lineup of artists would slay the decks to induce booty shaking and head-banging all night long.


We were met by the electrifying talent of J|Adore as soon as the gates opened. Although snow had fallen earlier in the afternoon, her music cut through the chill and started off her REZZ Rocks debut piping hot. Her deep, rhythmic electro beats sizzled in the crisp air, leaving no question of her growing success as a local DJ in Denver. Not only has she headlined Temple Nightclub in Denver, but she has also supported many prestigious artists, such as Benny Benassi and Green Velvet.


A dark, entrancing bass flooded the venue as EDDIE took over the decks next. He satisfied thirsty bass heads with his captivating hit, “Still Healing,” then unleashed one heavy hitter after another. His sound was hypnotizing and kept the crowd going wild! Talented Australian DJ EDDIE debuted on the mau5trap label in 2017, releasing tracks with artists like ATLiens(Closer) and REZZ (Time, Stress). “Still Healing” has amassed over one million views on YouTube and nearly four million plays on Spotify. No wonder we couldn’t resist his sound!

Mary Droppinz

Mary Droppinz followed, taking us to the sweeter side of the spooky season with breakbeat electro, techno, and house. Purple lights mellowed the stage while she led us on a booty-shaking adventure. Her groovy, eclectic style filled our good vibe cups to the top. Mary Droppinz, hailing from Nebraska, is touring across the U.S. to the best parties around. You can catch her in Denver at The Church Nightclub on New Year’s Eve and EDC Las Vegas in May!


Then, DJ duo EAZYBAKED appeared and brought weird, wonderful wubs for all the wooks. As their REZZ Rocks debut, this proved to be a special set. I couldn’t hold back my “bass face” as deep, organic music flowed from the hands of these bass masters. Seeing as they have track collaborations with Of The Trees and G-Space, it’s clear they’re on a fast track to success. Just in the last six months, Florida-based EAZYBAKED has headlined shows in several states, as well as supporting artists like GRiZ, Sullivan King, and Ganja White Night!


Wreckno graced the mainstage next with show-stopping entertainment. We were dazzled with a fabulous choreographed introduction featuring Wreckno and incredibly talented dancers. To our pleasure, Yvie Oddly made a guest appearance to perform an amazing rap/DJ’ing duet! We loved this high-energy set loaded with Wreckno’s signature combination of DJ’ing, bass, and rapping. This Michigan-born star is currently on tour across the country and has proven his talent at large festivals like Lollapalooza and Electric Zoo!


Finally, REZZ took her place on stage, and we were gushing with excitement. Eerie, unearthly music began as the stage came to life like a real horror movie. Unsettled but unable to avert our eyes, we watched as REZZ and her production team swept us from REZZ Rocks into another dimension. The shackles of our reality were broken as we were plunged into the tantalizing visual and audio experience of Nightmare on REZZ Street.

Haunting characters and nightmarish scenes led us through this spectral journey. With REZZ guiding at the helm, her hypnotic bass and mesmerizing beats created a truly immersive event. Her impeccable talent was on full display, incorporating her newest release, “Nightmare On REZZ Street 2,” as well as tracks like Selector, Flying Octopus, and Puzzle Box– just to name a few.

REZZ has gained popularity worldwide for her otherworldly sound and supernatural-like concert experiences. She recently launched a new record label, HypnoVizion, with Nightmare on REZZ Street 2 Mix as its release debut.

We’ll see you in our dreams

Night one of REZZ Rocks came to an end, but not before REZZ played some of her most requested songs to appease her fans- what a treasure. Photos and videos don’t always capture the full essence of a concert, so we will be reliving this Nightmare on REZZ street in our dreams long after everyone travels home.

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Sundown Colorado, A Beautiful Festival For The Sober-Conscious

Sundown Colorado glowed this weekend as a stand-out event in Colorado’s growing sober-conscious community! Music, lights, and good vibes flooded the Tivoli Quad in Denver at the second annual alcohol-free Sundown Colorado Festival this past Saturday. Created by the founders of Ignight Entertainment and Secret Dance Addiction, Sundown Colorado is a music lover’s festival designed to enhance your senses, detoxify your body and mind, and help you create conscious connections in a healthy, sober environment.

Rejuvenate at Sundown Colorado

The Daily hustle and bustle can leave us tired and mentally drained before the weekend even starts. Our bodies needed to hit the “reset” button before hitting the mainstage dancefloor, and Sundown Colorado had us covered! Onsite amenities included detox treatments by FRE, live group meditation, crafted NA beverages by Gruvi, SPIRIT, and Spiritless, and amazing eats. Vegan and paleo options were available too! When we needed to rest, beautiful LED lounges hosted by 303 Magazine and The Phoenix were the perfect place to relax and enjoy the electric atmosphere. Sober partying here looked and felt so good!

To further promote wholesome living, Sundown Colorado partnered with The Phoenix, CAiR, and YPR-CO to bring information about their resources to those in recovery or anyone considering a lifestyle change. All things considered, this festival intends to have a lasting positive impact on everyone.

An Artistic Scene

Upon entering the festival, complimentary Suja Functional Shots and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages gave us an energy boost. Incredible electronic music filled the air as gorgeous live paintings were done by local artists. As we danced into the night, aerial performers, butterfly dancers, and talented mimes added to the creative atmosphere. We looked forward to an evening full of excitement and partying- without the hangover or regret!

The Lineup

First on the lineup to open Sundown Colorado mainstage with colorful beats and vibes was Karl Funhouse. Next, DJ SiLec took over the stage with fun and funky music that got the crowd moving. After, Amberdehn hit the deck with deep housey bass that set the mood as the sun began to tip behind the Tivoli tower. DJ “Mike” Ignight lit up the quad with his electric dance music. Then, duo TASHAXMARO (Tasha Blank & House of Maro) came up, and they mixed us some hot & sassy beats. Next to hit the deck for a duet encore was DoubleCrush! With the sun setting behind the main stage, these two had sparks flying as they called upon all the “housewives” to dance! As in, wives who love house 😉

Photos by Mike Rampi

Canadian duo SkiiTour was next and took us on a high-energy journey with club vibes. After, N2N hit the stage with deep, drippy house. Lastly, all the way from the UK, Curbi took over the stage as the closing act and bass rumbled through the Auraria Campus while he delivered amazing house music and even mixed in familiar retro beats- like Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me“!

Leaving a festival feeling better than ever

Sundown Colorado had a mission to allow people to connect and enjoy music for what it truly is, and they succeeded. We left reeling about the music performances, with no fear of a hangover, mentally recharged, and even connected with others on their own journey in sobriety. This spirit-free festival was unique and fulfilled the need for awesome entertainment and positive lifestyle support.

We can’t wait to party positively at the next Sundown Colorado Festival!

Photos by Mike Rampi

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#GRIDLIFE Alpine Horizon Festival Delivered Nonstop, Rip-Roaring Excitement!

Nestled along the front range in Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak International Raceway welcomed back the annual #GRIDLIFE Alpine Horizon Festival from September 9th-11th for a weekend unlike any other. Car enthusiasts traveled from across the nation to gather at PPIR to experience the GRIDLIFE and witness the signature Alpine Horizon Festival, three days of camping, thrilling motorsports, and amazing music.

Since 2013, #GRIDLIFE has become a staple in car culture by curating annual overnight camping events throughout the country featuring competitive drifting, racing, and concerts. The Alpine Horizon Festival has another exciting component to look forward to-the GRIDLIFE Touring Cup. With dawn-to-dusk entertainment and drivers competing for the 2022 GRIDLIFE Touring Cup, car lovers and gearheads can expect to be fully immersed in the automotive utopia known as the GRIDLIFE.

Alpine Horizon Festival Starts Off Revving

The #GRIDLIFE Alpine Horizon Festival was packed with action and adrenaline from the moment it started. Drivers were already hitting the tracks to practice when General Admission campers were welcomed on Friday at 9:00 am. The gates opened to everyone at 10:00 am. A warm afternoon set perfect conditions for GRIDLIFERS during the GLTC races, track battles, and drift events. Vendor and sponsor partner booths lined the spectator viewing area into car paddocks. Competing drivers could have their vehicles serviced on-site while car enthusiasts enjoyed showcasing beautiful cars. Live music kicked off at the main stage at 4:30 pm. Food Trucks and stands cranked out delicious food. An on-site arcade was equipped with nostalgic arcade games and a bar. When the motorsport events ceased at 9:20 pm, we could dance the night away at the main stage concert.

Sizzling Music Hits The Speedway

The concert’s main stage was situated next to the drifting track, and a large crowd enjoyed the music. The planned music talent on the Alpine Horizon Festival website for Friday consisted of Wovvoka, Haarper, CLIFFDIVER, Avoid, Xavier Wulf, City Morgue, and Trippie Redd. Incredible music filled the racetrack, and the vibes were amazing. Later, an announcement was made that Trippie Redd could not perform. Even so, this news didn’t cast a shadow on the incredible music of the night. On account of performers who filled in and extended their sets, they put on an awesome show and left us wanting more!

Saturday Brought Thrills Through The Chills

Gloomy skies and rain didn’t hinder die-hard car lovers from returning to the speedway for another glorious day of festivities. Spectators packed viewing areas as drivers showed off their racing and drifting skills. The air was thick with smoke from burning rubber as cars drifted around curves, and the atmosphere was electric. An electric buzz of excitement could be heard in every direction, and we were never left with a dull moment. It truly was a one-of-a-kind experience to witness these cars shred the track.

Festival Vibes Through The End

Saturday’s stacked lineup consisted of Not a Toy, Call Me Karizma, Night Lovell, Jake Hill, Sueco, Taking Back Sunday, and Puppet. Punk rock fans were especially ecstatic, and the crowd sang along when Taking Back Sunday performed their hit “Make Damn Sure”. The musicians carried on beautifully despite the damp cold weather. Drifts continued until 10:30 pm, and the combination whirring of cars and live rock music made for a perfect night.

Puppet finished their performance at 12:30 am, and an afterparty at the arcade ensued with the final scheduled music performance of the Alpine Horizon Festival. We enjoyed the nostalgic arcade games like Pac-Man and Street-Fighter over well-deserved drinks as the music started. Electronic music filled the arcade, and we were out of our chairs dancing. Underlux was behind the deck, bringing dubstep and bass music fit for a festival. He did not disappoint and delivered engaging, unique sounds. I talked to him and discovered he was a local DJ and had performed on the main stage the night before. Needless to say, Underlux wrapped up the music for the Alpine Horizon Festival’s splendidly.

Saying Goodbye To The Grid

Overall, #GRIDLIFE Alpine Horizon Festival was a whirlwind weekend of gripping motorsports backed by live music entertainment. As the sound of revving engines died down and campers packed up, the festival left us with memories that would last a lifetime. We couldn’t get enough of it. It seemed to end too soon, and can’t wait for its return. Until then, we’ll be dreaming of that #GRIDLIFE.

Photos by (Photographer Name Linked)

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