Alan Walker Lights Up Mission Ballroom

Alan Walker’s “Walkerverse” was an immersive, energetic, and vibrant experience! The visual lighting and stage production combined with the incredible amounts of lasers, pyro, co2 cannons, and confetti gives an idea of exactly what it was like to be in the crowd and the feeling you got being there in attendance. Alan Walker not only has a way of producing amazing electronic music, but with so much visual production happening throughout his entire set, Alan Walker is able to create visual storytelling behind all his songs. With so much going on musical and visually, it makes it easy to focus on the music and not the globally acclaimed person behind his signature black mask and hood. Joined by Au/RA (@heyitsau_ra) on stage, these two put on full display what makes them such a strong and successful touring act. Rarely have i seen two artists who are so complementary and perfect for each other. These two absolutely lit up Mission Ballroom!

220 KID

Right from the very beginning, this show set a certain tone and energy. With the very first artist @▪️220 KID▪️ to take the stage, performing his very first show in America to kick things off! With so many people showing up early to get into the venue first to try and get as close as they could to see Alan Walker, there was a pretty sizable crowd and energy building up already. The crowd size and energy from the very second the doors opened made for a one- of- a- kind first experience for this UK artist! Not only was the crowd size relatively big for a newer artist and an opener, but the energy in the venue was above average from the very beginning.


Next up was the extremely high-energy duo from @Telykast. As soon as these guys began their set, the energy level absolutely exploded throughout the venue. These two come alive on stage and you begin to feel the crowd feeding off their energy. There was rarely a single moment where these guys weren’t smiling or laughing and jumping up and down higher than anyone else in the venue. @Telykast is a great example of why getting to shows early can be such a great way to discover new talent and artists.


One of the most captivating artists of the entire evening was With her bubbly personality and pink hair, her smile and style makes her stand out and you would not expect her to drop a beat as hard as she does! There is such a positive energy she creates, it makes for an experience you can’t help but walk away from in a better mood. If you were in the crowd and you weren’t smiling and jumping up and down by this point in the night, you might need to go get your pulse checked. The pink lighting and visuals combined with her bright pink hair, make this female DJ stand out in a line up of male artists.

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Highly Suspect comes to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. The lineup also featured DestroyBoys and Spiritbox! All three bands featured the various styles of a classic punk rock sound which featured heavy guitars, drums, and strong bass led by loud dominating vocals from all three singers. Whereas the first two bands reminded me of something from the metal and punk rock bands from the 90s or early 00s, Highly suspect was definitely more versatile and mainstream sounding of today’s music.

The Line-up

Up first to open the night was DestroyBoys. This punk rock group from California is full of character and energy, and this band has fun on stage. A great opening act, DestroyBoys began the night with their hard-hitting, in-your-face, non-conforming attitudes. Each lyric and song is easily relatable and perfectly embodies the rebellious tone of the punk rock scene with heavy lead guitar riffs and songs made for the socially misunderstood.


Up next to follow was the Canadian rock group Spiritbox. More of a metal group than punk rock, this has to be one of the newest and most exciting groups in the metalcore genre. With some of the most powerful yet melodic and mindblowing vocals, this singer stood out with her enormous vocal range and incredibly strong stage presence as one of the most dominant in any genre of music. Coupled with huge breakdowns and heavy guitar leads, there is absolutely no doubt that when this band comes on the stage, they came to make their presence felt throughout their entire set! Very loud and fun to watch and listen to, with powerful screams that echoed throughout. Great live set!

Highly Suspect

The last group to play and Headline the event was one of the most unique and versatile-sounding bands in the rock genre, Highly Suspect. A little bit more distinct sounding from the other two bands, Highly Suspect was the perfect combination of a more alternative style rock mixed with almost a little hip hop in some songs, and with other tracks sounding a little bit more like rock music with a hint of blues in the vocals. They had very catchy guitar riffs and raw, powerful, soulful vocals.

Having had a little mainstream success, these guys packed the house and had the entire amphitheater singing out loud to every single lyric and song they played, earning them a well-deserved Encore from the crowd at the end of the night.

All in all, a pretty amazing show with each band bringing a little something unique and different elements and styles to the genre of rock.

Photos by Mike Rampi

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