High Ground Festival 2022 – The Epic 2-Day Experience Ends with a Bang

The second annual High Grounds Music Festival took place this year in the beautiful and sunny city of Sedalia, Colorado, at the Denver Polo Club. The immersive art and music experience occurred this year on Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th. The event featured massive headlining artists Chromeo, What So Not, Troyboi, Aluna (½ of the electronic duo AlunaGeorge), and more. Since changing locations from last year, the two-day event was an expansive and beautiful sight to see. It brought new music, art installations, and an improved festival in its first year. The local vendors at the festival were selling everything from kitty ears to custom clothing to handmade jewelry, while there were plenty of food and beverage trucks on site. High Grounds Music Festival was a treat this year. Night 1 ended at a peak, with everyone eager for the second day to follow.

Night Two: The Official Recap

The second night approached quickly as a beautiful Sunday evening. The green fields of the Denver Polo Club stretched out as far as the eye could see as the sun set over the horizon. Whereas the first day’s vibes were more trap and electronic-focused, Night 2 brought a completely different vibe to the festival. More chill and acoustic elements carry the night.

The Night Begins

Personal favorites from Night 2 included Aluna, ½ of AlunaGeorge. She is the powerful and beautiful vocals featured on iconic electronic tracks such a To Ü by Jack Ü. She brought an otherworldly experience fusing her vocals on house tracks which got the night started strong. Italian DJs and producers Gioli & Assia were next and up as direct support for What So Not. They brought their international house-and-trance beats and sounds to the fields of Sedalia, fusing worldly elements in their mixes. The duo even dropped a few of their self-produced tracks. The two were truly amazing female powerhouse pairs and brought unparalleled energy in preparation for what was to come. Australian legendary DJ and producer What So Not took the stage next, bringing an epic and emotional hour-long performance that we wish would never end. He played out both his newer and older tracks, including High You Are, Gemini, and Jaguar, which had the entire crowd singing at the top of their lungs. Lastly, Colorado favorite duo Chromeo ended the two-day run with some fresh house beats paired with their signature funk-and-disco sound. The crowd was dancing the night away while the sounds filled the fields. Not a body on the floor wasn’t moving to the beats!

Overall, High Grounds Music Festival was an epic experience. We hope this event continues to grow and thrive in the coming years! Each year High Grounds brings together art, local vendors, and some of the greatest local and international artists united into one two-day music and art experience unlike ANY other – and we’re obsessed. High Grounds is a new staple festival in the Colorado music scene. We can’t wait to see where this festival goes next year! 

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Zedd Makes Us All Want to Stay the Night at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Photos by Josh Klein

Zedd made his way back to the beautiful Mile High City late last month. The international superstar DJ hit Red Rocks Amphitheatre in the beautiful city of Morrison, featuring Audien, Matoma, and Disco Lines as openers. The night from start to finish, was an epic, emotional night listening to some of the top songs in dance music and the EDM world today! Zedd, or Anton Zaslavski, is known for being an untouchable, internationally ranked producer, DJ and musician who hailed originally from Germany. His massive sound has produced some of the biggest hits in dance music, including “Clarity” ft. Foxes (2012) and “Stay the Night” featuring Hailey Williams. From Grammy’s to MTV Awards, Zedd is a musical powerhouse, and the openers he chose for this night were the perfect touch to a beautiful and truly unforgettable show.

Starting The Night Off Strong

The night began with openers Melody Lines, local Denver favorites who dabble in live, funky-sounding, hybrid-electro music. Their set was an epic amalgamation of both the live and electronic, funky elements we know and love as the crowds began to pour in the rows and up and on their feet. The night started out strong, with two stronger openers to follow. Next, Audien and Matoma both performed after the electronic trio. Audien’s musical style is focused primarily in house, electro-house, trap, and trance sounds. His massive sound and production skills have also landed this young artist Grammys within the electronic realm. If you have never seen an Audien performance, it is not one to miss. It was truly a swelling musical performance from start to finish, one that will evoke both tears and make you shuffle on your feet for hours with his big-room sound. Then, Audien performed a set that was nothing but pure magic. The crowd was high in energy and ready for the show to go on.

Next up, Matoma performed this night as well, which was the perfect addition to this night of music. Matoma’s “happy house” sound and Kygo-like synths and sounds make Matoma one of the strongest names in house music in the electronic scene today. This is clearly for a good reason. Matoma has the ability to control a crowd and have the entire room dancing. Lastly, he prepared the crowd for the epic headliner to come.

Time for Zedd to Shine

Finally, Zedd hit the stage towards the end of the night. The crowd burst into an eruption of cheers and hollers for the DJ. Zedd performed epic deep-house hits, combined with his signature sounds and even throwing in his top hits like Clarity. Hearing 9,500 people at Red Rocks sing these lyrics at the top of their lungs is unforgettable! Lastly, the show was a success, leaving concert-goers, Zedd lovers, and ravers alike all wanting to stay the night… all night long.

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San Holo and Jai Wolf Bring the Infinite Light Tour to Red Rocks

Melodic bass lovers unite! San Holo and Jai Wolf headlined Red Rocks Amphitheater this week on Wednesday, June 8th. They brought an epic chill bass-filled night on the rocks! The two future bass artists teamed up for their “Infinite Light Tour” with special opening guests including Tsu Nami and Manila KIlla. Each artist infused their own chill bass-y and house-infused styles to their sets. Wednesday night was filled with every type of music from deep house to soft, melodic bass music which created an unmatchable energy throughout the venue. San Holo and Jai Wolf fans dressed in their merch, filled the stands of the amphitheater as far as the eye could see. It was truly another epic summer night at Red Rocks in the books!

San Holo Brings A Stunning Night at Red Rocks

The first opener of the night was 22 year-old producer Tsu Nami from Los Angeles, California. Her style infuses world dance elements with the chiller synths within melodic bass music for a Mura Masa-like performance. Tsu Nami’s set was filled to with acoustic elements and electronic music. As the rows began to fill up with fans, Tsu Nami killed her set and was the perfect opener for the night. Following Tsu Nami was Manila Killa, a popular Denver favorite who can often be seen gracing the lineups of house and future bass shows. Manila’s set contained some epic house tracks mixed with some of the more melodic and bass-y sounds. The entire amphitheater was up and moving for this set. Shufflers and dancers filled the rows dancing as the night continued.

The energy was high and the crowd was buzzing at this point, eagerly awaiting the next set. San Holo is no stranger to Red Rocks Amphitheater as he had his own headlining tour on the rocks back in 2019 – but his set that followed tonight was something truly special. He graced the stage right on time, and from start to finish, the set was simply incredible. San Holo brings an epic melodic and acoustic filled performance every time, with the heaviest house beats to make your feet wiggle mixed in with songs which make the tears pour. Performing his top hits like “Light”, “lift me from the ground”, “We Rise”, “Honest”, and so many more, San Holo brought another epic performance for his fans for a truly unforgettable set.

Jai Wolf Closes Out the Night

Closing out the night came Jai Wolf. The 30 year-old Bangladeshi-American DJ and producer from New York is a household name in the bass music community – and for a good reason. Jai Wolf is no stranger to Red Rocks either, but this was his first time headlining. He is known for being an incredible musician and performer. His top hit “Indian Summer” took the entire venue’s breath away. Jai Wolf also played out some tracks from his recent album eloquently, titled “The Cure to Loneliness” (2019). From start to finish, the night was an epic amalgamation of all of the wonderful sounds within the future bass music community. We can’t wait to see where San Holo and Jai Wolf take their tour next, and are looking forward to seeing them in Denver again soon!

Photos by Christopher Ruiz

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Subdocta: Strictly Business Tour Brings the Bass to Denver

Bringing the Bass – Subdocta Brings A Night to Remember

Just another weekend in the Bass Capital…This weekend Denver was filled with some massive names in dance music. Friday night at the Bluebird boasted an impeccable lineup from bass music artists from all over the country for dance music fans to enjoy. The Bluebird Theater is already known for being one of the most intimate venues in the city. It has a max capacity of only 550 people, with a booming sound system inside which shook the ground. The one and only Subdocta rolled through with his Strictly Business Tour and sold the venue out. The opening acts were hand-picked perfectly, featuring Denver artist Konsent, Baltimore-based firecracker female artist Zingara, and local favorite Jaegna, who rocks Deadbeats all the way. Subdocta, or Preston Charles, hails from Carson City, Nevada, but brings his wobbly trap and bass beats into Colorado often.

An Impressive Opening Lineup

The night started off heavy with Konsent. He brought filthy chops with an impressive dubstep and trap song selection to match. The venue was blaring early with some crispy beats from this local. The entire crowd danced as the venue quickly filled up to capacity. Next, Zingara arrived, a talented up-and-coming female in the scene blazing the bass trail and making a name for herself. Hand-picked by Subdocta, Zingara brought a deep bass and trappy set peppered with hot remixes and a very Wakaan-sounding style. Her set constantly developed itself. Beat after beat played including some of her insanely well-produced original tunes and brought the room to a dancing frenzy.

Bassheads Rejoice: The Stars of the Show

Then, as direct support for Subdocta, Jaenga took the stage – and certainly did not disappoint. Jaenga has been known to defy the boundaries of bass music, defying the limits of genre as he brought a Deadbeats-worthy sound that sets him apart from the rest. From bass music to trap to remixes of some insane original pieces, the set was an electrifying performance from start to finish. Lastly, Subdocta ended the night with the perfect infusion of bass and his signature heavy-hitting sound. His style and set combined older-style dubstep with the newer elements of bass music.

It was another insane weekend in Denver, and Friday night was one for the books. Subdocta is a beloved bass music legend out here, and it’s clear his talents and background in audio engineering will continue to grow his devoted fanbase. We’re looking forward to seeing where 2022 takes all of these artists as the tour continues into the Spring and hits cities such as St. Louis, Austin, and Charlotte. Denver was lucky enough to be one of the first stops of the tour – just another perk of living in the Bass Capital!

Photos by: Maybe Someday Media

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Late Night Radio: The Exclusive Interview

Late Night Radio comes to The Ogden for his long-awaited return on November 20th. Joined by the infamous Michael Menert, Bad Snacks, Def3, and Kaptain, the electro-funk DJ is a local favorite and never fails to put on a blast of a show every time. The budding producer and DJ, who’s real name is Alex Medellin, grew up around music, attending church and experiencing live music from a very young age. Gospel progressions, hip-hop, and funk sounds have played a huge role in influencing Medellin’s sound.

The multi-faceted and genre-bending DJ brings a fusion of live instrumentation plus the more electronic elements which combine to create sets of pure magic. We sat down with the artist to chat about his upcoming Ogden show in Denver! Check it out below.

The Man Behind The Beats

Getting Into the Interview

Late Night Radio: The Official Interview

Party Guru Press: Hey there! We’re stoked you’re coming to The Ogden. What do you remember about your Denver fans that you’re ready to experience again on November 20?

LNR: The feeling of community and family.

Party Guru Press: What is one memory you have from Denver that you’ll always remember?

LNR: The Sunday release party will always have a special place in my heart.

Party Guru Press: How would you say your style has evolved since you first became an artist?

LNR: Really I’m just more comfortable in doing whatever I feel at the moment.

Party Guru Press: How will this set differ from your last?
LNR: New music….

Party Guru Press: Do you have any upcoming releases or projects we should know about? What about merchandise?
LNR: Ya, I’m in the process of wrapping up my new bass heavy Ep Back Around 

Party Guru Press: What does a typical day in your life look like?
LNR: I’m pretty much either holed up in the studio or romping around a river somewhere in the mountains fly fishing. 

Party Guru Press: If you could describe your sound in 3 words, what would they be?
LNR: Keep Soul Alive

Party Guru Press: Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 5 years? 10?
LNR: 10 years ago I could have never imagined being able to have the life I have now so I have no idea. 

Party Guru Press: Any upcoming festivals or events you’re playing?
LNR: NYE Philos Takeover in Detroit is going to be one for the books. 

Party Guru Press: Last question…do you consider yourself a Party Guru?
LNR: Well since I can count the amount of afterparties I’ve been to my entire career on two hands I’d say no. 

Photos Provided By Late Night Radio

We’d like to say thank you to Alex for taking the time to chat with us before his headlining show. We’re stoked to check out the infamous Late Night Radio at one of Denver’s best venues, The Ogden Theater. If you enjoy funky beats and DJ’s that bring a level of talent unlike any other, this show is for you. Grab your tickets below before they sell out!

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Playboi Carti Heats Up Red Rocks Amphitheatre This Weekend

Playboi Carti describes himself as a “modern-day rock star.” This Friday, November 19th, Red Rocks Amphitheater is going to see exactly that at the “PLAYBOI CARTI: KING VAMP” tour.

The twenty-five-year-old American rapper, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, hails from Atlanta, Georgia. He exploded into the rap and hip-hop scene in recent years. The self-proclaimed “punk anarchist” brings a unique and modern-day twist on what typically is considered hip-hop in the industry. Playboi Carti is largely recognized for his gothic looks and contradictory personality. Certainly, his music remains, unlike anything you’ve ever heard. He is constantly pushing the limits and breaking the boundaries of genre. The young rapper dabbles in hip-hop, rap, punk, and rock genres, with his recent chart-topping hit this year “Miss The Rage” (featuring Trippie Redd) boasting over 16 million views on YouTube. The track is sure to light up Red Rocks Amphitheater this weekend.

True Playboi Carti knows his original mixtape from 2017, which catapulted the young rapper into fame. The debut mixtape premiered early in the year 2017 and featured the Billboard charting single “Magnolia” and “Woke Up Like This” (featuring Lil Uzi Vert). His debut studio album “Die Lit” was released in 2018. It was ranked high on the Billboard Charts as well, coming in at Number 3. 

The city of Morrison is in for a treat this weekend, as rap and hip-hop shows at Red Rocks are incomparable to any other venue. Playboi Carti will be joined by twenty-five-year-old fireball Rico Nasty and another Atlanta budding rap star Ken Car$on. Despite the cold temperatures, we’re definitely looking forward to getting LIT this Friday. Click here to buy tickets if you haven’t already.

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The Perfect Halloween Eve Party: Supernatural Fest

Denver’s biggest Halloween Dance Festival returned on October 30th. Global Dance brought Supernatural Festival to the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado. It was sure to be a wicked good time, with six stages and a stunning lineup featuring top artists Galantis, Snails, Flux Pavillion, Monxx, and Spag Heddy.  Also, Denver local favorites Mport and Decadon graced the stage. Other Denver locals DJ’s also made an appearance. 

The night kicked off at 7 pm and attendees filled up the National Western Complex quickly with hundreds of unique and fun costumes. The venue was filled with the Halloween theme and vibe all throughout. It consisted of six different stages: Supernatural Arena, Afterlife Hall, Dungeon, Badlands Bass Hall, Haunted Academy, and Purgatory. Each stage had a different vibe of music suitable for every single type of electronic dance music lover. From drum and bass, house, and dubstep, attendees were sure to have a great time. Supernatural Arena also had various vendors, so attendees were able to pick up a new Grassroots hat or even merchandise to support their favorite artists. 

Starting The Night Off

Kicking the night off at the Supernatural Arena was Faybl and Ecotek right after. Following them were Wuki and Gammer.

Denver locals took over the Afterlife Hall and Dungeon with B2B’s. Afterlife Hall featured Skittez B2B Scvllywvg. Saltee B2B They Invade slayed the Dungeon stage. B2B’s at both stages continued almost all night long. 

Over at the Badlands Bass Hall, Rettchit kicked off the night with Mport, and T-Mass following. At the Haunted Academy, DJ E b2B Breaking Bad Started the night off. The Purgatory featured DJYEAHYEAH opening with a two-hour set! 

Dubstep fans were in for a treat with Decadon, Monxx, and Spag Heddy taking the stage. The crowd was definitely packed with happy attendees head-banging. Over at the Supernatural Arena, Flux Pavillion took the stage. Following right after was Knife Party, who both blew the crowd away. 

Ending the night off was Galantis at the Supernatural Arena and Snails at Badlands Bass Hall. Galantis played a variety of house and dubstep, including one of their popular song “Love On Me” with smoke and sparks shooting off. 


Global Dance certainly gave attendees an unforgettable Halloween eve night, with diverse artists and amazing production. We can’t wait to see what Global Dance has planned for Denver forthcoming!

Photographer: Timber Sekelik

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Big Night Rockies New Year’s Eve Party Coming to Gaylord Rockies Hotel & Resort

Big Night Rockies New Year's Eve Party - Gaylord Resort - December 31st - Denver CO

As 2021 is coming to an end in just two short months, be sure to start preparing what New Years’ event(s) you are attending! This upcoming News Years Eve, HiBall Events is hosting their debut Denver event: Big Night Rockies, a high-energy Gala at the Gaylord Rockies Hotel & Resort. 

HiBall Events has over 20 years of experience producing thousands of events like Big Night New Year’s Eve in DC, Chicago, New Orleans, San Diego, and Baltimore. In addition, HiBall throws on music festivals and theme parties like St. Patrick’s day and Halloween events all over the United States. 

This high-energy 21+ Gala will be a very unique pay-one-price-all-inclusive experience. It truly gives you the chance to focus on the great music and make memories without having to worry! The inclusive experience will include a great deal: all you can eat and all you can drink. This includes some of Denver’s top food vendors, and a wide range of beer, wine, signature cocktails, and liquors.

It will consist of five different stages giving you a variety of entertainment to choose from in multiple ballrooms.  In addition, there are 8 club zones and 10+ party bands and DJs. Artists like J|Adore, Bella Scratch, Pat Premier and Brandi Cyrus will be gracing the stages keeping you moving and dancing all night long. Also, guitar-based sound blending upbeat pop, folk, country, blues, and rock will be played by Marty Nightengale. Plus, Denver local 80s tribute band, That Eighties Band will also be taking the stage. 

This special high-energy event is sure to sell out, so be sure to buy your tickets here. We can’t wait to see what else HiBall Events has in store for Denver in the future!

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HEYZ – The Man, The Laughs, The Legend

Mike Hayes, a.k.a HEYZ, has been seen gracing the recognition and labels of MAU5Trap, Circus Records, and Deadbeats, just to name a few. The energetic (and particularly hilarious) social media star brings an energy to his performances and a sound design that is highly underrated, and hard to come by. The multi-faceted creative and bass music producer hails from Greensboro, North Carolina, and is rising to the very top of the electronic music scene with no plans of slowing down. We had the opportunity at Party Guru to chat with the viral legend as he prepares for his Temple Nightclub debut this Thursday. Check it out below!

The Official Interview

Party Guru Press: Maddi

Artist name: HEYZ

Temple, Denver

October 21, 2021

1. Hey Mike! It’s great to finally meet you and watch your come up as an artist. From MAU5Trap, Circus Records to DeadBeats…how would you say your journey as an artist has evolved since you began? You were recently here this summer opening up at the DeadBeats BBQ… how have you applied your knowledge/experience towards your sets here?

Nice to meet you too! Oh man, from mau5trap to now Deadbeats, my journey has changed a lot. I got signed to mau5trap so quickly after I started making music I was thrown into figuring out what kind of artist I wanted to be and what music I wanted to make WHILE just starting my journey. So I’ve pretty much changed in every way possible from when I started to where I am now, just growing and getting better and figuring out who I am! The DB BBQ was sweet! I just know Denver is spoiled with good bass music so every time I play here I know I need to and WANT to bring my absolute A-game. Temple is about to get it 😉

2. We’ve got some questions for you about Denver here. How do you feel about playing Temple Nightclub tonight? [It is your Temple debut…?]

It is indeed my Temple debut and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my first Denver headline show so that makes it extra special. I see a lot of amazing artists playing Temple so I definitely want to come in and throw down and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I’ll be playing a ton of cool edits and a bunch of unreleased music!

3. What makes Denver, Colorado stand out in your eyes?

The amount of amazing music that comes through Denver is incredible. I landed the other day and checked my BandsInTown and there are like 10 shows a night with quality stuff, it’s almost overwhelming lol. The FOMO must be strong here! Beyond that, I just really like the city and the people. Great vibes all around and there is a ton of fun stuff to do on a daily basis.

4. Denver is nationally recognized as being the Bass Capital of the U.S. Got anything planned in your set tonight for us? We hear your style has evolved into a very bass-forward sound, which has been awesome to watch over the years. Tell us a little about this.

I’m pretty much playing all my favorite bass records with a number of edits I’ve made to spice it up. I just try and pack my set full of energy and always leave covered in sweat and very happy and hope that goes for the crowd as well! My sound evolved from a Techno to a Bass-forward sound because it just felt more “me”. I love the energy and genuinely geek out over bass music records, and it’s super fun to make. It’s definitely more my world.

5. Can the Mile High City expect to see you here in Denver before the year ends? Or should we be on the lookout for next year?

I doubt by the end of this year BUT, I’m probably going to move here next year so expect to see me A LOT haha!

6. So, the funny thing is — I know I myself and others actually have found you on TikTok first. Explain a little bit about your journey on social media. Your TikTok has earned you over 361,000 followers, and 6 million-plus liked videos.

Yeah…it was insane. It was a result of boredom during quarantine and my strange personality, which apparently resonated with Tiktok. I started blowing up and yeah, now it’s just part of who I am I guess. I definitely want to branch out in the type of content I make but Tiktok makes it hard. They pretty much reward you for repetition and making more of the content you originally got virality from. I do really love Tiktok though, once you tailor your feed enough there is some absolutely hilarious stuff on there.

7. What is a dream collaboration you’d like to see happen? At a show going b2b, or on a project/song?

A dream collab for me would absolutely be Zeds Dead, hopefully, one day I can make that happen! I also love GRiZ and LSDream and think they bring a unique style to bass music which is really refreshing. I would love to do a b2b with one of my best friends Sippy just because I know we would absolutely go wild on stage together haha.

8. Tell us a bit about the musical plans you have planned for the rest of this year, and possibly into next year? Can we be looking out for any new music on the way?

I have a very sick Halloween mix coming out with Deadbeats next week that I’m stoked for. Beyond that, I have a lot of music lined up for next year with the first release coming very early 2022. I think next year is going to be big for me, the music I have planned and finished is definitely the best I’ve ever made.

9. Have any merch or special drops (any NFT’s?) this year?

Merch next year for sure! Haven’t explored the NFT space yet but feel like I’m missing out haha.

10.  Be honest – do you think you’re the ultimate Party Guru?


We can’t wait to see HEYZ perform at Temple Nightclub this Thursday. Make sure to check out his socials below to keep up to date with HEYZ!

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BIJOU’s Fire New 6-Track Release: Street Knowledge EP

House heavy-hitter BIJOU (Benjamin Dorman) continues to dominate the electronic music scene with his hip-hop and bass house-infused style, releasing countless bangers off of his very own label Do Not Duplicate Records, and strengthening the G-house genre with his constant production talents. This year is no different, with his new EP, Street Knowledge which was released on September 17th this month. The 6-track masterpiece features rhythmic bass paired with notes of hip-hop and rap, each song better than the last. Street Knowledge features a refreshing twist to the oversaturated bass music scene by adding rappers into the mix, including Rick Hyde, Tony Watts, Youngworld, ElCamino, and more.

House Heavyweight Brings the Heat

The Phoenix, Arizona-born house DJ has risen to fame in recent years and continues to push the boundaries of what defines house music in today’s growing electronic scene. “Roots are a nod to where it all started, and that’s what this project is all about. I took it to my roots in Phoenix and Buffalo. Two cities that are often overlooked and slept on,” says BIJOU.

“I had the opportunity to work with some of my favorite rappers each one having their style while keeping things raw, street, and no BS. “Street Knowledge” is unequivocally every piece of me, what I’ve been through, and where I am now.”

Party Guru Press: The Official Interview

Artist name: BIJOU

We had the chance to chat with Ben Dorman (BIJOU) at Party Guru Press about the release of his EP. Check it out below!

Maddi: Thanks so much for chatting with us today. So this EP is a pretty big deal – 2020 was a crazy year for all of us, especially artists – and some might say 2021 has been equally as challenging. How would you say the past two years have influenced or shaped your sound? Or your vision for this EP?
Dorman: I would say it really gave me more time to sit back and dial in a full-on concept. From the music to the art, to the artists that I worked with on the project, the vision included every single piece of the puzzle and allowed me to really flush it out how I intended to.

Maddi: Where do you see BIJOU heading next – any merch drops or concert tours we should be looking out for?
Dorman: I’ve been on the road pretty much every weekend since mid-May its been CRAZY. There have been glimpses of time off but we’ve been full force playing shows to really get back into the market we didn’t have for almost two years. Merch wise we’re going hard this year. We did the BIJOU The Valley Jerseys last month and they sold out in 4 days. Next up we have hats and quite a few concepts this year. Everything is going to be super limited so once it drops you only can get it during that one time on sale.

Maddi: Where do you see yourself at the end of this year? What about in 5 years?

Dorman: At the end of this year I see myself really digging into the next body of work for me musically. I already have the concept dialed in so now it’s all about executing that vision. In 5 years I see myself deeper into the hip-hop world. It’s something that Has been part of the plan from the beginning.

Maddi: How would you say hip-hop has influenced your sound as an artist over the years? And how does this ties into Street Knowledge specifically?
Dorman: I think it’s allowed me to think outside of the box. I bring sounds and different parts of that genre into what I do which is totally separate from your usual dance or house music lane.

Maddi: What would you say your number one inspiration in your life right now is?
Dorman: My mom and dad. They continue to support and push me to the next level.

Maddi: How do you remain motivated to create?
Dorman: My love for the music. I LOVE producing so it’s easy to sit down and be like okay I’m making this today. Part of it too is that I don’t only produce house music so I never really get burned out on one thing.

Maddi: Where is one place/venue you’d like to perform that’s on your bucket list?

Dorman: Tomorrowland – looks like such a cool festival.

Maddi: What is one goal of yours as a DJ?

Dorman: To have my own festival.

Maddi: Name 3 words you think best describe your sets.
Dorman: Energetic, smooth, & intoxicating.

Maddi: The last question… do you consider yourself a true Party Guru?
Dorman: You Know The Vibes.

BIJOU has been consistent in proving to his fans he is one to keep on the radar. We are so excited to see his international and national performances come this Fall. Be sure to keep up to date with his recent releases and all press coverage right here at Party Guru Productions.

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