Rezz Rocks V Comes Alive: The Magic of Day One

REZZ with a new set of visuals

Red Rocks concert season is nearing the end of another fantastic year of performances. With over two months left in the season, concertgoers are grabbing tickets to upcoming events before it’s too late. Rezz Rocks V flew by at the end of August with the fifth installment of the two-night event. The show featured collaborative songs, originals by REZZ, and other special treats for the Colorado audience.

REZZ From Past to Present

Isabelle Rezazadeh (aka REZZ) is a Ukranian-Canadian DJ who began her career with just her laptop and SoundCloud at home in Niagara Falls. From laptop DIY to the launch of her label HypnoVizion Records in 2022, Rezazadeh has touched on many facets of the DJing world. She’s worked with names like Skrillex and Deadmau5, and saw new heights after her track “Serenity” was featured on the Mau5trap album We Are Friends, Vol 4. In late 2017, Rezazadeh’s full length debut album Mass Manipulation was released. Her albums Mass Manipulation and Beyond the Senses earned her Electronic Album of the Year twice (in 2018 and 2020) and defined her dark techno style. In July 2023, she released a new album dedicated to all the emo kids past and present titled It’s Not a Phase.

A Lineup Fit for the Handsome Princess

Day one of Rezz Rocks V hit a new level of intense visuals and music. The 2023 lineup had a roster that perfectly ramped up the mood until the final act. On Thursday, August 31st, doors for the show opened at 5 PM, with stands filling up until 7 PM. From start to finish, every head in the crowd could be seen bobbing up and down or side to side on the beat. With their hands in the air for certain anticipated songs, the crowd was electrified by the grace of bass.

Redrum from Portland cast a spell of tech-house warming up our muscles in anticipation for the night ahead. Skeler, coming from Australia, had a flawless transition into some bass-heavy phonk that got our hips swaying. The last act for the first half of the night was Digital Ethos laying down some funky phonk, commanding the crowd to bob like waves on the ocean. The tide of vibes sailed us straight into an intermission as the sun began to set.

The sun’s rays were no longer gracing Red Rocks on the cloudless first day, and the lights came on for Lab Group. The culmination of different minds and backgrounds came together during their opening set. With our musical palates refreshed and eager for more, we got even more than we bargained for.

As the headliner graced the stage, the moment itself felt surreal. REZZ demanded full attention from the audience as she debuted a brand new set of visuals. The crowd went nuts over the live performances of her earlier works and her more recent material. The camera angle on the stageside screens painted the main act like an AI-rendered portrait. Garbed in her signature ponytail, baseball cap, and LED goggles, Rezazadeh put on a mystical display under the blue moon.

Over in a Flash

Rezz Rocks V went off without a hitch, making it a core memory for most attendees according to the buzz in the stands. Both nights held completely different sets, each one including a drone show and well-timed pyrotechnics. By the end of both nights, fans left the amphitheater talking about their anticipation for Rezz Rocks VI, which has yet to be given a date.

Photos by Cait Griffith

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