Mission Ballroom Gets Detoxed by Excision

Excision Mission Ballroom

It’s that time of the year: the time when thousands of bass heads gather in Colorado from near and far to attend annual shows headlined by Excision (real name Jeff Abel). On February 9th, Jeff played one of his famous “Detox” sets at Mission Ballroom for the first time, making history.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Opening Support

A diverse lineup of supporting acts graced the stage and elevated the energy as expected. Lizzy Jane, Whales, Hairitage, and Ravenscoon played energetic, bass-booming sets that made the crowd wild out. At one point, Ravenscoon mentioned that his set marked a full circle moment. He recounted that he’d seen Excision at Cervantes in 2010, and now he’s his opener.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Excision Detox Set

For those who don’t know, an Excision “Detox” set deviates from his usual, heavy-hitting dubstep sets. It incorporates genres outside of dubstep and arguably introduces sounds never heard before. It serves as a proper display of Abel’s full creative range.

Abel’s “Detox” set proved to be versatile, unpredictable, and jam-packed with tunes, leaving people speechless. A few of the subgenres explored in this set were techno, bass house, drum and bass, glitch hop, and experimental bass. Along with that, he also threw in some oldies! All of these were seamlessly mixed to make you think you know what’s coming, only to then get shot into oblivion.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Detox Set Production

Abel is known for his top-tier stage shows, which partially led to his fame. That infamous production, conjoined with the Mission Ballroom sound system, is a match made in dubstep heaven. Sharpshooting lasers and pyro garnished the experience, raising it above the rest.

From front to back, the show was unforgettable and will go down in history. The openers put on their best and synergistically amped up the energy. Abel threw down a heater of a set that encompassed a plethora of phenomenal music. And, of course, Mission Ballroom served as the perfect place for each artist to get the production they deserved.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Who is Excision?

Excision is an early dubstep legend and long-standing household name. Abel started the project in 2006, releasing on multiple notorious labels and collaborating with other artists. Throughout the past few years, Abel has busted out tours worldwide and even created his own festivals. His most recent label is Subsidia, where upcoming bass artists are in the spotlight. Abel is unquestionably a pioneer in dance music and will forever stand as one of the best bass music artists of all time.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Abel continues to set the bar higher by claiming every opportunity to do something new. His set at Mission Ballroom gave familiar fans a new way to experience his production. In the same sense, it gave newbies an unbeatable first-time show! It’s a genuine test of mastery for artists to reinvent themselves while keeping true to their roots. Abel’s passion has shined in his ability to do such, and he continues to be a positive leader in the EDM community.

Photos by Sammantha Drake

A Funky Get Down with SoDown at Mission Ballroom 

On February 3rd, Colorado local SoDown put on his biggest headline show to date at Mission Ballroom.

Ehren Wright, also known as SoDown, is originally from Boulder, Colorado and grew up bumping hip-hop, funk, soul, and reggae. He’s been heavily influenced by the artist Pretty Lights, like many other music lovers in the Centennial State. He then went on to play opening support for Pretty Lights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2017. From there, his career started to take off.

Ehren’s distinct sound pairs uplifting saxophone with vigorous bass and vibey melodies. SoDown is also known for branching out into subcategories like SoChill, SoHeavy, and SoGroovy, which encompass the specific atmospheres Ehren aims to create. Some of his most popular tunes include “Cliffs,” “With You,” and “Alive.” In recent years, SoDown has risen to the top with album releases in 2021 and 2022. He continues to reach new heights, and his Mission Ballroom punctuated his rise in unforgettable fashion. 

Josh Teed

Josh Teed opened the night, and many fans were excited to see him! Not only did he throw down a filthy experimental bass set, but he also perfectly mixed in some live violin. Josh did a fantastic job elevating the crowd’s energy and setting the mood for the rest of the night. He was a fitting choice for opener as he perfectly blends instrumentals and bass just as SoDown does.


Evaluation was the next opener, and few knew what to expect! He nonetheless smashed it with his set. Aligning with the merging of instruments and bass, he played a deep, bass-filled set and even shredded on a guitar. He made for a great addition to the lineup, and we love that he also mixed his instrumental talents with bass!


Jaenga, the next opener, is a Colorado local and fan favorite. Known primarily for his association to the infamous Deadbeats label, his presence is powerful in the Centennial State. Jaenga switched up the energy by bringing wobbly and bouncy tunes into the mix. He engaged the crowd by playing music from artists like Dirt Monkey and Boogie T with his own spin.

kLL Bill

kLL Bill, the B2B duo of kLL sMTH and Mr. Bill, was the last opener and they showcased a versatile set. The previous kLL Bill set in Denver took place at 1STBANK Center in August 2022, and many were excited to have them back! They delivered their usual eccentric freeform bass but also mixed in some bass house as well, which excited the crowd. Overall, they were an excellent addition to the lineup.

SoDown Set and Production

Per usual, SoDown crushed it with an amazing performance and production. This set was a perfect mix of heavy, soulful, and vibey elements with many new and unreleased singles and collabs! Along with older original songs like “Cliffs” and “Alive,” he played banging, new collabs with Inzo, TVBOO, and Ahee. SoDown also surprised the crowd with tracks that seemingly came out of nowhere, like “Blasta” by LSDREAM and Inzo, “Open Your Mind” by Big Gigantic and GRiZ, and CloZee’s remix of “Majesty” by Apashe.

The energy that SoDown brought to Mission Ballroom was undeniably through the roof, only elevated further with each saxophone solo. The production rose to the level of the music as the iconic Mission Ballroom disco ball spun and lit up all night! The evening was packed with beautiful visuals, perfectly synced lasers, and a confetti finale to close it all out. Whether it was your first time seeing SoDown or one of many, he gave it his all, and it showed through the screams of pure bliss that filled Mission Ballroom.

It was a truly uplifting experience to witness SoDown’s biggest headline show thus far with a phenomenal support lineup. It’s been a pleasure to watch him evolve as an artist and raise other emerging artists along with him! SoDown at Mission Ballroom will be a show for the books and we cannot wait to see what he and the supporting act artists have in store for the future.

Photos by Kyle Brim

Dirt Monkey Goes Bananas Bringing the Wonk to Mission Ballroom

On January 21, 2023, Dirt Monkey, a Colorado local and fan favorite, made his way back to Mission Ballroom with a killer support lineup and production. 

Who is Dirt Monkey?

Patrick Megeath, also known as Dirt Monkey, is a Boulder, Colorado-based DJ primarily known for bouncy dubstep tunes that pack a wonky punch. Dirt Monkey’s biggest industry advocates and collaborators include Rusko, Ganja White Night, Boogie T, and Subtronics. The unique sound of Dirt Monkey is a wonkier and crispier spin on old-school dubstep. More recently, he has explored the deep sounds of drum and bass, making him an experienced multi-genre master. His most popular songs include Shut Up, West Coast Wobble, Warp Drive, and Lift Off. Over the past couple of years, Dirt Monkey has received much well-deserved praise over the past couple of years for his growth as an artist and will remain a Colorado fan favorite.

Opening Support
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Green Matter

Green Matter, another Denver local, started the night with an eccentric set filled with heavy-hitting dubstep. This set served as the perfect starter for a bass-filled night, and Green Matter is an artist you want to keep under your radar!

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Kilamanzego was the next opener and mixed things up a bit with a more down-tempo vibe. Previously seen opening up for CloZee on her Red Rocks stop, she came through with melodic and beat-centered tunes that resembled the sound of a jungle-like Flume set. Kilamanzego’s set was unique in the mix of the bass-centered support lineup and did well with switching things up.

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Space Wizard

Space Wizard was next in the opening support and was anticipated by many Denver fans! He turned things up a notch with heavier tunes and debuted a collab with the infamous Svdden Death! Having him on the support lineup was a treat, and we can’t wait until the Svdden Wizard collab is released!

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Jantsen was the last of the support acts of the night! Despite his presence on the lineup attempting to be secretive, most fans could quickly distinguish his name in the blurred spot on the event poster. Jantsen was also highly anticipated and a fan favorite among Dirt Monkey and didn’t disappoint! He came out swinging with old and new bangers, filling the room with a distinctively thick and heavyweight sound.

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Dirt Monkey

As expected, Dirt Monkey threw down a super high-energy set packed with multiple genres and a bunch of wobbles. He laid out a set with deep, dark old, school dubstep going into high-energy drum and bass and even tossed in some funky bass house. At one point, he played a drum and bass remix of the famous song “Rumble” by Skrillex, Four Tet, and Fred Again, which had the crowd getting down like crazy. Overall, Dirt Monkey owned the night by showcasing a wide array of tracks traversing multiple genres. The crowd expected nothing less from such a talented Colorado local, and he blew it out of the water.

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The show’s production was perfect for the opening support and Dirt Monkey! The visuals and lasers were on point with the show’s overall energy and theme and synced well with the tunes played by each act. Most electronic production done at Mission Ballroom always comes out properly, and it was a perfect venue for this show!


Overall, the supporting acts and the don Dirt Monkey came together to create an enjoyable and memorable show for artists and fans alike. Dirt Monkey at Mission Ballroom was a great show to start 2023 and set the bar for many amazing shows to come. We are so proud of the supporting acts and Dirt Monkey and are excited to see what they will do next!

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Liquid Stranger Goes Berserk On Night 3 At Mission Ballroom

On November 19, 2022, Liquid Stranger closed out his three-day show run at Mission Ballroom with a wild Sounds of Wakaan set.

Opening Support
Chef Boyarbeatz

Chef Boyarbeatz was the first opener of the night, and many were very excited! He started the night with deep free-form bass wubs and got the crowd warmed up and moving.

Tape B

Tape B was the next opener and one of the most anticipated by audience members! Since the release of Driptapes Volume 3, many have been raving about Tape B and his quick come-up into the spotlight. He released a new EP titled A Dose of Nostalgia at the beginning of the week, and everyone became more excited to see the spicy tunes played out in his set. This night out of the three was completely sold out, and many people pulled up early to catch Tape B’s set. Tape B’s usual style merges old and new dubstep styles, which he threw down flawlessly while mixing in other artists like Zeds Dead.


Ravenscoon was the next opener, and he came in swinging with energy! He is a fan favorite around the Denver area and brings in a heavy, deep penetrating sound that strikes you in your core. Ravenscoon played a fantastic set that elevated the crowd’s energy and made way for the rest of the night.


Shlump was the next opener, and many were excited to have him as direct support! Known for his wavy extraterrestrial wubs, Shlump brought in a different vibe and got the crowd wiggling their limbs. It was so much fun to see him and refreshing to hear something different from the openers!


Rusko was the last opener before Liquid Stranger. Many were ecstatic to see this legend show up on the support lineup. Although a significant majority of people in the bass scene are still warming up to Drum and Bass, there’s a handful that love it and was happy to hear it from Rusko! Many danced as crazy as the famous Rusko, whose known for taking his shoes off on stage and going bonkers. Having Rusko as direct support was a great way to sprinkle some other genres into the night, and he did terrifically.

Liquid Stranger

On this last night of the three-day run, Liquid Stranger dedicated it to the Sounds of Wakaan. This meant that he was going to play as much music as possible, including his and others’ music on Wakaan. Just like night one, once he started going in, he didn’t let up until the second he was finished. He played all of his songs off his new Dimensions EP which was exciting to see! This made for a different experience that people wouldn’t expect out of a standard Liquid Stranger set. Not only did he play his new music, but he also delved into other subgenres and even played some Mac Miller! In addition, he also mixed some of his older tunes like Gunslinger and Jetpacks with rap songs like Drop It Like It’s Hot. According to fans, this set was one of the heaviest sets they’ve seen from Liquid Stranger!


Overall, the last day of the three-night Liquid Stranger run at Mission Ballroom was amazing! The stacked opening support acts threw down and got the crowd moving. Liquid Stranger’s last set was electrifying and so much fun. We are so proud and happy for the Wakaan collective and the work that was put in to make this weekend so incredible. We look forward to seeing how all of the support acts and Liquid Stranger himself continue to shine.

Photos by Josh Klein

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Liquid Stranger Gets It Poppin’ at Mission Ballroom Night 1

On November 17, 2022 the legendary Liquid Stranger returned to Mission Ballroom for the first day of a 3 night run in Denver, Colorado.

Who is Liquid Stranger?

Liquid Stranger, also known as Martin Staaf of Varberg, Sweden, is a pioneer in the bass music world. With an early background in engineering and producing for jazz and rock bands in the late 90s, he started the Liquid Stranger project in 2003. In his early days, his goal was to fuse different genres of music into intricate soundscapes that encompass all. In 2015, he introduced his new label, Wakaan, which gave free-form bass artists a place to create and release. Liquid Stranger’s sound is ever-changing and incorporates multiple genres, including dubstep, free-form bass, drum and bass, and downtempo. Now in 2022, with a plentiful amount of excellent releases, a successful label, and die-hard fans, it’s safe to say that he is much more than a producer. Martin advocates for free expression, female leadership within Wakaan, and creating a safe space for all.

Opening Support

The first opener of the night was DRINKURWATER, whose been on a quick come-up this year, releasing some heaters! Many were excited to see him on the lineup and have him out in Denver! He played a super high-energy set with hits like WET WET and Ear Tickle that got the crowd prepped for the rest of the night.


The next opener was Sully, and everyone was ecstatic to have him as opening support! Again, with some of his biggest releases this year, he came up very quickly. Coming in hot, he threw hits like his Tape B collab, Impulse, and other hits like Misfits with Liquid Stranger himself. The energy shot through the roof during his set.


Fan favorite and Denver local TVBOO was the next opener on the support lineup. Known for his hilarious personality and antics, his visuals and set followed suit with the craziness. He played an edit of the viral Youtube video of the Harry Potter puppets singing Severus Snape, and the crowd completely lost it! There were also the most ridiculous visuals of TVBOO himself clad in his famous hillbilly outfits being throw down with some wonky tunes that made everyone go wild. 

Zeke Beats b2b Jantsen

The next supporting act was Zeke Beats b2b Jantsen, and many were excited for this b2b because of how amazing both artists are on their own! Many were curious to see how this b2b was going to play out, and they did not disappoint. Their set had each of their logos projected on the screen side by side, which was super awesome to see! Zeke Beats came in with the dirtiest live scratching, and Jantsen came through with his heavyweight sound. The combination of these two legends was so much fun to experience, and the crowd couldn’t help but go nuts. 

Kill The Noise

The last opener before Liquid Stranger was the infamous Kill The Noise! Many weren’t sure what they would hear in this set because of the different genres he usually plays. What an incredible surprise this set was. As the first song dropped, so did everyone’s mouths as they realized this would be one of the heaviest sets of the night. KTN was throwing down dubstep but not your usual dubstep. It was the type of dubstep that started to evolve in 2018 to get deeper, bouncier, and denser. To be brought back to that time period was a pleasure, and the energy was at an all-time high. We’re thrilled that Liquid Stranger switched things up by adding Kill The Noise to the support lineup.

Liquid Stranger

The last opener before Liquid Stranger was the infamous Kill The Noise! Many weren’t sure what they would hear in this set because of the different genres he usually plays. What an incredible surprise this set was. As the first song dropped, so did everyone’s mouths as they realized this would be one of the heaviest sets of the night. KTN was throwing down dubstep but not your usual dubstep. It was the type of dubstep that started to evolve in 2018 to get deeper, bouncier, and denser. To be brought back to that time period was a pleasure, and the energy was at an all-time high. We’re thrilled that Liquid Stranger switched things up by adding Kill The Noise to the support lineup.

This night of the run was the all original throwback set from Liquid Stranger. For many who’ve known and loved Martin since his early days of releasing music, this set was a dream come true. From the moment he stepped on stage from the moment he departed, there was no letting up as banger after banger ripped through Mission Ballroom. The man laid down oldies like Rocket FuelCreatureBurn Like the Sun, and much more. Not only did he play old tunes that many have probably been chasing, but he threw down VIPs of old songs. He played the VIPs of RippleDon’t Stop, and Bombaclaad Star, which he pulled out a Dubstep VIP of that he had forgotten he made! The amount of music he could fit into an hour time slot was amazing! 


This year, the production was seriously top-notch. With Liquid Stranger bringing in the full PK Trinity sound system to Mission Ballroom, it made the biggest difference in the entire experience. The openers are usually quieter than the headliner, but the PKs ensured every artist came in with a bang. Earplugs are always a must at any show, but especially this one because of how penetrating the sound was. Mix the PKs with the incredible laser production and melty visuals, and you’d be sure to transcend. We’re so stoked that Liquid Stranger brought in such a great production and continues to level up!


Overall, Liquid Stranger on the first night of his three-night run at Mission Ballroom was incredible from start to finish. We are so happy to have experienced such excellent opening support acts and a throwback set from him! We can’t wait to see how he will continue to evolve.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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Slander’s Return to Red Rocks on the Thrive Tour For a Second Night

On November 10, 2022, Slander made their return to Red Rocks on their Thrive tour.

Who is Slander?

Since 2014, Slander has steadily been making a name for themselves through their uplifting and vibey sounds. Slander is a duo consisting of Derek Andersen and Scott Land, based out of Los Angeles, CA. Derek and Scott attended Icon Music Collective together, where they met their good friend and biggest inspiration, Tyler Marenri, also known as Nghtmre.

Gud Vibrations

Nghtmre and Slander performed, toured, and collaborated as “Gud Vibrations” while also developing their own unique sounds. You are probably familiar with Slander’s earlier heaven trap hits dating back to 2014 with their We Like to Party remix, Love Is Not Enough remix, and Up All Night remix. Shortly after, Slander and Nghtmre released their first single, Gud Vibrations, which elevated their rise into the spotlight.

The Rise of Slander

After this, Slander released banger after banger with massive hits like Love AgainSuperhumanYou Don’t Even Know MeFirst TimeLove Is Gone, and many more, moving away from the heaven trap side and more into the future bass and dubstep side. Their sound is described as either soulful, euphoric melodies with beautiful lyrics or heavy, girthy bass with a punch. Nonetheless, Slander has become a household name in the EDM community for their ability to make one both headbang and cry in the same set.

Opening Support

Nitepunk opened the second night of Slander’s Red Rocks stop with some funky and vibey trap that helped the crowd get moving. With breakbeat buildups and deep trap drops, Nitepunk started the night in a significant way.


Leotrix switched up the vibe a bit with some high-energy riddim! It was such a refresher to elevate the energy early in the night and bring in the heaviness. Leotrix definitely satisfied the bass heads in the crowd.


For a complete switch-up, Slander booked Dimension as one of the openers for some old-school drum and bass! With the rise of the sub-genre creeping into the bass scene, people could help but get moving with Dimension’s lively sounds. They helped people get moving to stay warm throughout the progressively cold night. 


 A staple in the bass music community and Denver fan favorite, Eptic pulled up as the last opener and brought some old-school bass into the mix. He played out some of his older classics and perfectly mixed in his newer tunes to make for a super fun dubstep set. 


Slander’s return to Red Rocks went a little something like this. Starting with a beautiful intro to Walk On Water and slowly creeping into a fiery bass-filled Move Back drop, Slander did not come to play around. The first half of the set was filled with heavy bass bangers dropping one after another! Slander threw in massive tunes like their collab with Svdden Death called Blood On MeBack to You, and Gravity. Later on, in the set, they moved into their popular sing-song tracks like First Time and Potions. The crowd was singing and screaming at the top of their lungs as they held their friends tight. Later in the set, they switched it up and played their newer dark techno song, Before Dawn, as everyone danced. The night ended with Superhuman as the crowd became illuminated with light. Overall, the crowd’s energy proved to be unbeatable, and the night was filled with many smiles, tears, hugs, and headbanging.


Production this year was still excellent but, compared to previous years, could have been a bit more involved. The infamous Slander “Eye” was in the middle of the stage, always equipped with fire and lasers. The Slander logo was projected onto the rocks as well. The late announcement and weekday dates for the shows may have been indicators of late production planning, but Slander still came through and threw down a fantastic set.

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Rezz Rocks Returns for its 4th Year

On October 28, 2022, the legendary producer Rezz returned to Red Rocks Amphitheater for the 4th annual Rezz Rocks and captivated the crowd. 

Who is Rezz?

Isabelle Rezazadeh is the creator of Rezz and is also known by fans as the infamous space mom. Canadian-born and raised, she got an early start in music at 16 with DJing and soon moved on to producing by teaching herself the basics. After catching the attention of massive stars like Skrillex and Deadmau5 in 2015, she released an EP on Skrillex’s nest imprint and then signed to Deadmau5’s label, Mau5trap.

Musical History

Rezz’s notoriety multiplied with her 2016 EPs and led the way into her full-length debut of Mass Manipulation in August 2017. She quickly became a household name in the EDM world with songs like Selector, Plague, Edge, and Relax. In 2018, she released Certain Kind of Magic with high-profile collaborations with Deathpact, 1788-L, and Fytch. Come 2019, she released her fourth EP, Beyond the Senses, followed by one of her most popular singles, Someone Else. Then in 2021, she banged out her third full-length album, Spiral, which features many fan favorites like Sacrificial and Taste of You.

Music Type

At the beginning of her career, Rezz’s music came to be considered the first of its kind and a new wave of bass music. It’s described as futuristic and dark mid-tempo bass with mild crossovers to techno. Rezz’s music and production are known to induce hypnotic, trance-like states and create a wicked, extraterrestrial atmosphere. A legend in her creations, Rezz always leaves her crowds mesmerized. 

Opening Support

Fise was the first opener of the night, and many were not sure what to expect! But he did a great job setting the mood with some heavy mid-tempo bass heaters. I’m sure many people are excited to see more from him in the future.


Fans were so excited to see Canabliss on the support lineup! She came on during an incredible pastel sunset and threw down some deep wubs that got the crowd moving. She also switched it up with a good amount of drum and bass, which was refreshing to hear.

Kill Script

Kill Script was a great addition to this support lineup, providing some dark, dirty techno! Featuring an excellent visual production with futuristic machines, Kill Script raised the energy with heavy kicks and kept the crowd warm when it started to get cold!


Many were also excited to see Chee on the lineup! He was a great addition with his profound experimental bass beats and track diversity. Chee made for a smooth transition into the next opener. 

Of The Trees

One of the most anticipated openers, Of The Trees, came ripping through next and did not disappoint. A fan favorite and Denver local, Of The Trees, played an incredible set with a super trippy visual production that pumped the crowd with energy.

Rezz’s Set

It’s safe to say that this was a Rezz fan’s dream set. Rezz Rocks opened with the classic voiceover saying, “Rezz, the humans, they won’t understand. They communicate in a different way.” As the crowd screamed, she started playing her first song, Chemical Bond, which is a huge heavy hitter. This set was full of fan favorites like Edge, Taste of You, Sacrificial, Purple Gusher, and so much more. She went back to 2016 and played songs like Plague, which made the crowd go nuts. Rezz also played tunes from other artists like Pretty Lights, Zeds Dead, and Charlesthefirst! It’s important to note that the songs she chose from these other artists were mixed seamlessly into her set and fit perfectly. Footage can be found on Instagram here!


The Rezz Rocks visual production was also top-tier, but who’s surprised about that? The stage was set with fog machines blowing downwards onto the stage and cauldrons of fire surrounding Rezz. There were live cameras on her as she played that projected onto the stage and were incorporated into the visual production that, made for a wild sight to see. As she stood in the middle of the stage with her bright red swirly glasses and her legs swaying under the decks, it was almost as if she became engulfed in the hypnotic visual experience behind her. At any given moment during the set, you could hear screams from left and right in the crowd due to the absolute madness that Rezz was causing! You can catch a glimpse into this crazy setup in her Instagram post here.


Overall, this was an incredible experience! From the support lineup to the legend Rezz herself, the night was filled with grimey music from start to finish. We are so lucky to have seen such a jam-packed Rezz Rocks, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for all the artists involved.

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Mersiv’s Mile High Transmission at Mission Ballroom

Mersiv’s Mile High Transmission at Mission Ballroom

On October 22, 2022, local Colorado producer Mersiv‘s Mile High Transmission reached Denver and made for an outstanding headline show at Mission Ballroom.

Who is Mersiv?

Anderson Benoit Gallegos, also known as Mersiv, has been making big moves in the bass music scene for the past couple of years. Mersiv is known mainly for some of his hits Beautiful and FilthyFire DanceParadise, and his Get To You remix. Since starting his musical voyage in 2015, Mersiv has made his way to massive festivals like Electric ForestShambhala, and Okeechobee. Mersiv is also the creator of MorFlo records, a platform constructed to showcase artists tapping into their flow through art. Although his focus is on bass-heavy sounds, his range extends far and wide, incorporating dreamy down-tempo sounds mixed with vocals. Make no mistake, though, Mersiv is unlike any other in the current bass scene. Mersiv’s heavyweight sound is undoubtedly deep and penetrative straight into the soul, leaving most speechless and wanting more. He’s currently on tour and made his Denver appearance special as Mersiv’s Mile High Transmission, which signified his return to Colorado planned for next year.

Opening Support
Mersiv Slow Down Set

For those familiar with the span of the Mersiv Sound Project, a “Slow Down” set does not happen often. This set mostly features Mersiv’s down-tempo tracks and creates a dreamy atmosphere. Fans were stoked to witness this lighter side of the Mersiv Sound Project because of its vital role at the beginning of the project! This set from Mersiv was the perfect opening to the show and set the energy in the best way.


Still on the come-up but no stranger to the scene, Duffrey was a highly anticipated support act by fans. Following Mersiv’s downtempo set, Duffrey picked up the pace with his eccentric sounds and bouncy beats. Duffrey’s psychedelic sounds, paired with his face-melting visual production, set the mood just right!

Darci (live)

Unlike Duffrey, many were unfamiliar with Darci and did not know what to expect from their 35-minute set. As a live show, Darci consisted of one person on the decks and another singing and rapping live. Darci was a wild card on this lineup but provided a nice break from heavy, bass-forward tunes with some mid-tempo, vibey hip hop, and rap.


The duo Integrate was one of the opening acts people were most excited about! Integrate is made up of Colorado favorites Black Carl and VCTRE. This duo crushed it with deep and thick sounds ripping through the infamous Mission Ballroom sound system. They definitely got the crowd’s energy way up and ready for the rest of the night!  

Coki b2b A Hundred Drums

Fans were also insanely excited about this b2b! Coki’s appearance with A Hundred Drums was a lovely surprise for fans because of his legendary status and contribution to the creation of bass music. This b2b provided the perfect mix of old-school deep-tempo bangers and newer wonky wubs. They also had a unique visual production by Actualize Visuals that had faces melting all over.

Mersiv Throw Down Set and Production

This was one of Mersiv’s biggest headline shows in Colorado, and the team didn’t come to play. Keeping consistent with the transmission theme, the stage consisted of two satellites on each side that shot lasers! The middle of the stage was a ring with circling lights and lasers that corresponded with the transmission theme. For this throwdown set, Mersiv came with some heat from his Pretty Dark Loud album with songs like Nine Tails and Fire Dance, his Smoakland collabs, and some downtempo tunes. Seeing the Mersiv project production coupled with the sound system of Mission Ballroom was indeed an experience. The Mission Ballroom disco ball even made an appearance as it lit up brightly and created the trippiest illusions as it rotated. The set ended with a visual scene where Mersiv Rocks was announced through a space transmission to Mars, and everyone went crazy!


Overall, from start to finish, the support acts, Mersiv himself, and his team put on a truly memorable show, and we can’t wait to see what else we will see from them in the future! Mersiv’s Mile High Transmission at Mission Ballroom was an experience we will never forget.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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Rome In Silver’s Debut Headline show at Meow Wolf

Rome In Silver’s Debut Headline show at Meow Wolf

Get ready to vibe out at Meow Wolf for Rome In Silver’s first headline show in Denver on 10/15! Vinny Pisciotta, known musically as Rome In Silver, has been on the rise for quite a while with his presence on lineups like Bonnaroo 2021, Okeechobee 2022, Lightning in a Bottle 2022, and support on Dabin’s Between Broken 2022 tour. Rome In Silver is known mainly for deep, melodic hits like “Never Be The One,” “Like You,” “Fade,” and “Skin,” to name a few.  


The general vibe of Rome In Silver’s music is vibrant, bass-forward, melodic, and unique. What one could expect in a Rome In Silver set is much more than just one specific vibe or genre. Rome In Silver breaks barriers in his sets by incorporating different genres. Notably, he plays anything from vibey breakbeat drum and bass to experimental wubs, then brings it back to his familiar melodies. No matter where Rome In Silver plays, whoever is present will go on a musical journey through the facets of electronic music. 


Many fans are excited to see how Rome In Silver’s cutting-edge production will play out among the infamous confines of the Meow Wolf venue! After experiencing some of his previous sets, it’s safe to say that his energy matches the immersive nature of Meow Wolf. Despite performing on 10/14, the night before Meow Wolf at Red Rocks, as direct support for Louis The Child, Vinny is excited about this specific event. Specifically, he states, “This is my very first headline show in Denver, so naturally, my excitement level is through the roof. Meow Wolf is going to be one hell of a show!” Rome In Silver has a couple more remaining tour dates through New Year’s Eve. 


Overall, we are very excited to have a talented artist like Rome In Silver make his first headline debut at a fantastic venue like Meow Wolf. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for fans and the experience he will create. We look forward to seeing you all there! Tickets are still available for purchase here!

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