Alison Wonderland: Fire + Icelantic Magic

Alison Wonderland: Fire + Icelantic

Alison Wonderland, one of the biggest names in the the electronic music scene, brought her highly anticipated tour to Denver for a performance at the iconic Mission Ballroom last week.  Known for her emotionally visceral live shows, Wonderland did not disappoint. She delivered a prolific and emotionally explosive lineup and set to her devout fans.

From the moment the doors opened at Mission, the energy was electric. It might have been cold outside, but fans were warm with anticipation. Brad S, a fan who had been to 12 different shows the past two years, told us, “I have never seen the same show twice. Even if the songs are the same, the energy,  the vibes, and the magic are different every time. It’s always so exciting to see where she takes us each time she performs. “

Wonderland is known for bringing an eclectic lineup. Jacoby, Housewife, Sam Blacky, and Channel Tres lit up the stage and stoked the fire and energy of the crowd. There is something different about experiencing a lineup that reaches the hearts of many souls. The music ebbs and flows, taking you on a musical trip. Each fan has the pleasure of feeling that spark and nostalgia, that itch getting scratched. House, bass, trap, sexy dancing, enchanting visuals — it was an all-encompassing and eclectic effort.

From the moment her fingers touched the decks, Wonderland had the crowd in the palm of her story-telling hand, weaving together a mesmerizing mix of her biggest hits, new drops, and arrangement of raw, unfiltered, music. Heavy bass lines and emotive vocals filled the room and had fans dancing and holding their Ws, swaying and headbanging the night away. Wonderland’s mastery of her craft was on full display. The energy and emotions beat back and forth between her and the crowd all night, like a bass-pumping heart 

While Red Rocks Amphitheatre is usually the setting for the Icelantic series, Mission Ballroom was a perfect venue to host such electrifying talent. With its state-of-the-art sound system and immersive lighting, the venue helped bring her music to life, elevating the already magical experience. As the night ended, fans were buzzing about Wonderland’s incredible show, always ready for her next visit to the Mile High City. 

BYO-USB: DJs in Denver

DJ Orca, aka William Parsons, is no stranger to the Denver Music Scene. Not only is he spearheading the “Open Deck” night at Temple, but he’s been immersed in the music for as long as he can remember and is looking to help others do the same. On Thursday, September 29th, he hosted an event at Temple Nightclub that brought some USBs and fantastic talent to the Proverbial “Music Yard.”

Walking in, you feel the energy of all the earnest DJs ready to plug and play.
“I want to create a platform to help local artists get exposure in an industry that is incredibly competitive.” Parsons explains, “you don’t have to know anyone or have a fan base yet; you just show up and let your music speak for itself.”

Local DJs awaiting their turn backstage at Temple.

Over 12 local DJs signed up and showed up to the event, ready to showcase their work for a 15-minute slot. The stage and crowd were both filled with new faces. Both new and up-and-coming DJs had signed up. Up-and-coming DJs like Shashou and Novakn attended. Shashou was a crowd favorite and almost looked to have been physically levitating over the decks with his showmanship. The energy was electric. The smiles of all the DJs who signed up eager to hop on the decks fostered an inclusive vibe.

Parsons hopes to continue this every month at Temple and has hinted at a new setup where anyone can show up and a lottery system will choose the line-up of the evening. This event is only going to get bigger and bigger. The event will continue to grow and will take place monthly at Temple Denver.

DJ Shashou hitting the decks with explosive energy!

There is so much talent around every corner of Denver, don’t be afraid to grab your USB and come to Temple to feel what the magic of the stage can bring you; all are welcome. 

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Frequency Sound Series: Never Not Dancing Takeover

Frequency Sound Series: Never Not Dancing Takeover

Beacon has hosted some fantastic DJs and shows in the heart of Denver for over a year. This immersive art and dance bar has become a go-to staple in the community and attracts an array of shows and installments, one of which is Frequency Sound Series presented by our own Party Guru team.

Frequency Sound Series: Photos by Dru Cook

Frequency Sound Series-

The Frequency Sound Series is a weekly installment where Party Guru curates and books unique lineups each week. “Much like the name, the Frequency Sound Series tunes into different decibels & sounds from week to week, sometimes hitting loud & hard with bass music, bouncing beats with house and at other times being calm and peaceful with experimental genre-bending melodic artists. “
Last week, Never Not Dancing, a new brand and movement, took over Frequency Sound Series event. The lineup, set, and clothing displayed were all created and designed by NND.

Teknika, the CEO of NND, debuts his new EP

NND- A Brand + Movement

Established in 2022, Never Not Dancing operates on two planes. It’s both a multi-functional lifestyle brand for artists and fans and a progressive underground movement rooted in music, creativity, and community. The company promotes genre diversity and wants to bring fans back to an intimate setting with artists on the rise.

Never Not Dancing team includes Richard Alvarado (Teknika) Dru Cook, BonDok Davaabat, Melody Miller, Kai Maulhardt, and Ashli Zornes. Every team member shares their unique skill set and passion for music and the magic it creates.

The lineup curated by NND consisted of JAH SLIM, RPSM, Zareaux, and NND’s very own Teknika. From the moment the doors opened, the dance floor was packed. Guest received a special surprise as well. In addition to the lineup and show, Teknika also released his new EP. The night brought special moments, laughter, and a dance floor full of people who were “never not dancing.”

Surprise guests + Lash Miller, artists who most recently played at Lost Lands, sent guests home with a potent nightcap. They plugged in and lit the room with an impromptu B2B with Teknika. All in all, this was a successful night for all collaborators and fans alike.

Photos by Dru Cook

Frequency Sound Series will continue every Wednesday at Beacon. The line-ups that are set to take on the decks in the upcoming weeks are nothing short of fantastic. Mark your calendars and come see the eclectic music our community has curated.

Photos by (Dru Cook)

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Beacon, Denver