As August approaches, the renowned Temple Denver is all set to deliver a scintillating lineup of events that will leave music enthusiasts craving more. Temple has something special for every music lover, from electrifying EDM performances to hip-hop extravaganzas and soulful beats. Let’s take a sneak peek at the events scheduled for the month.

Thursday, August 3rd – Anjuna Family Takeover

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary evening as Temple Denver hosts the illustrious Anjuna Family Takeover. With a lineup of talented DJs, including Ebb & Flow, IsoDope, Will Power, and Jack-Jack, this event promises to be a euphoric journey into the world of trance and progressive house. Expect ethereal melodies and captivating beats to sweep you off your feet.

Friday, August 4th – Layton Giordani

Techno lovers, prepare for a night filled with pounding beats and hypnotic rhythms as Layton Giordani takes the stage. Known for his enthralling performances, Giordani will grace Temple Denver with his unique sound and energetic presence, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Friday, August 4th – Space Jam w/ Owie in LVL

Friday night continues to sizzle as Temple Denver presents “Space Jam” featuring the talented Owie. In LVL’s intimate and vibrant setting, prepare to dance the night away to a mix of groovy tunes and dynamic electronic sounds. It’s the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in the music and create lasting memories with friends.

Thursday, August 10th – Sounds Of Bass

Calling all bass heads! Temple Denver brings you an electrifying night with bass-heavy beats and infectious energy. The Sounds Of Bass event will feature an exceptional lineup, including Evasive, Breakbeat Mafia, Steve Gonzo, Solo vs Wise, MC Relyt, and Slim_R_I. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience that will keep you moving all night long.

Friday, August 11th – No Mana

Renowned for his exceptional production skills and captivating performances, No Mana is set to take the stage at Temple Denver. With a fusion of progressive and electro-house beats, his set promises to be an electrifying journey through electronic music. Get ready to dance and lose yourself in the infectious melodies.

Thursday, August 17th – Luxury Hip-Hop in LVL

For those seeking sophistication and the finest hip-hop tunes, Temple Denver presents Luxury Hip-Hop in LVL. Dress to impress and enjoy an upscale night filled with smooth beats, top-notch DJ sets, and an ambiance like no other. This event is perfect for those looking to elevate their hip-hop experience.

Friday, August 18th – Bollywood: IndepeDANCE 

Experience the vibrancy and energy of Bollywood as Temple Denver presents IndepeDANCE. Celebrate Indian culture with a fusion of traditional and contemporary music, creating an atmosphere of joy and unity. Prepare to dance to the infectious Bollywood tunes and immerse yourself in the rich cultural experience.

Saturday, August 19th – Sam Feldt

Temple Denver proudly welcomes the immensely talented Sam Feldt for a night of pure magic. Known for his melodic deep house sound and soulful productions, Sam Feldt’s performance will surely touch hearts and captivate the crowd. Take advantage of this opportunity to witness his musical genius up close and personal.

Friday, August 25th – Lady Faith

Prepare to be blown away as Lady Faith takes over Temple Denver with her signature hardstyle beats. Renowned for her high-energy sets and passionate performances, she will keep the energy soaring and the dance floor pumping. Brace yourself for a night of hard-hitting beats and relentless euphoria.

Temple Denver’s August lineup promises a musical odyssey, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. From the captivating rhythms of Layton Giordani and No Mana to the soulful tunes of Sam Feldt and the dynamic energy of Lady Faith, these are events not to miss. Mark your calendars and get ready to dance the night away at Temple Denver this August!

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