Deathpact mask LED lights red background

Who is Deathpact? Although there has been much speculation about the performer’s secret identity, nobody knows. One thing is for sure: on Friday, April 21st – we were all Deathpact. With support from sharlitz web and Deadcrow, the enigmatic artist provided an exhilarating audiovisual experience at the Ogden Theatre that explored the bounds of reality and life (and of course, death).

sharlitz web

To start off the night, sharlitz web transported us to her eerie world of deep bass. Through releases on Wakaan and its downtempo-focused sister label, Sskwan, the producer has been establishing herself as a powerful force in the world of bass music. Coupled with spooky spider imagery, sharlitz web’s brooding, atmospheric set weaved through a wide range of heavy drops and ethereal soundscapes. With plenty of original music and remixes of artists like Kid Cudi and Linkin Park, the crowd was hypnotized from beginning to end.


Up next, was Deadcrow (real name Felix Ruocco) with a hard-hitting barrage of bass music. The Dutch producer increased the energy from the moment he stepped on the stage. Ruocco stunned the crowd with cyberpunk aesthetics and a unique take on bass music. Ranging from hard wave to heavy dubstep, the adrenaline never dropped from maximum level. The setlist included a mix of Deadcrow’s original works (including some unreleased bangers) and remixes of artists like RL Grime and Gesaffelstein.


What is Deathpact? Starting in 2018, the project began releasing original music and collaborations with established acts like REZZ and Zeds Dead. This garnered the attention of the public, but there was not much information to be found. The mystery continued through a series of puzzles, QR codes, and cryptic messages. It all led to a shadowy figure known as Deathpact.

The project has released genre-spanning music and has “materialized” into live performances. There have been plenty of surprises; multiple cloaked figures have performed at certain gigs and multiple shows have occurred at the same time in different cities. As the lore grows, the mystery remains unsolved, and Deathpact continues to push the artistic boundaries of electronic music.

“Life is short. Death is Forever”

Following a brief intermission, Deathpact took the stage in a dark cloak and LED mask. The headliner treated the audience to an existential yet upbeat dance party. Elevating the visual aspect were an array of lights surrounding the stage, accompanied by crisp artwork on the main screen. The most prevalent visual motifs of the night were life vs. death, simulation vs. reality, and… beans.

The performer moved through a wide variety of genres, including their multiple midtempo collaborations with REZZ, and wonky bass remixes of classics like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. The live elements, such as electronic drums, added another layer of depth to the performance.

Deathpact, Deadcrow, and sharlitz web all expanded our perception of bass music, in addition to eye candy that match their respective styles. We can’t wait to see where the next piece of the Deathpact puzzle leads to next.

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